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Fireplace Fitter Finchley Greater London (N2): Re-opening a disused fireplace to install an open fire, a wood burner or a gas fire is a great way to add a homely feel and a bit of charm to any Finchley property. Chilly winter evenings can become enjoyable as you relax in front of your new fireplace listening to the crackle of firewood, and if your fire is used in combination with a back boiler you can also benefit from cheap hot water to boot.

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Before any actual work commences, for example bashing down the walls of a boarded over fireplace or prising away at a bricked-up chimney breast, there are some all-important things you need to think about. The UK Building Regulations, Part J for heat producing appliances for example, which applies to any work undertaken on flue linings, hearths, fireplaces and chimney breasts. For the installation of a fireplace in a listed building, or one that is situated in a conservation area, you will need to check with your local council if planning permission is required.

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You might be capable of doing some of the renovation work to a pre-existing fireplace if you have the ability to do so, however there is always a problem in finding safety and structural issues which need to be resolved professionally. When your blocked up fireplace is uncovered you might find a sturdy chimney breast, hearth and lintel which requires little more than the services of a chimney sweep to get it working again. If you are not so lucky, you'll discover a wall of crumbling, old bricks that was hiding a litany of issues, like a stopped-up chimney or a broken old lintel.

A poorly installed fireplace can cause significant respiratory health problems and fire risk and should only be fitted by a professional fireplace company in Finchley with the knowledge and experience to do the work safely. As stated in the Building Regulations (Part J) for fireplaces, the airflow in a room must be adequate where there's a fireplace, because in order to burn properly and efficiently, a sufficient level of oxygen is required. Carbon monoxide gas can accumulate in a poorly ventilated area where an inefficently burning fire is installed.

It may be necessary to install airflow vents in floors and walls to allow the fire to get enough oxygen to burn properly and safely all the time. They may have to install air vents into unused chimney flues which can sometimes trap condensing air and result in staining and damp spots on your chimney breast.

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Having a fireplace opened up can create huge amounts of muck and soot. It is advisable to remove any rugs, furniture and carpets from an area where you're planning to open up an old fireplace, to avoid them being affected by muck, soot and dust that will be stirred up during the fireplace installation and chimney cleaning works. If your fireplace is being fitted as part of an overall home restoration project then it should be one of the initial things to be done once you've got the room back to bare walls and floors. By opening a fireplace first you'll avoid any soot from the chimney causing discolouration damage to other parts of your restoration project, such as fresh plaster or paint on walls.


Now that you can see the opening of your fireplace it's time to sweep and clean the hearth and chimney and figure out what is fit for refurbishment. This will be the ideal time to call a local Finchley chimney sweep to find out if it is convenient to come and examine your fireplace and chimney. Aside from cleaning your chimney and flue, they'll also assess the condition of your chimney and flu liner and tell you about any element of the flue and chimney structure that needs replacing.

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It could be necessary to put in a new flue liner to comply with the current UK Building Regulations, and construction work may also be required to reinforce the original chimney and chimney breast. Experience in the right construction practices and an awareness of the Building Regulations will be required by anyone who does this type of renovation work, so what you really need is a qualified builder or fireplace installer and shouldn't try to do it on your own.

It is quite likely that a concrete lintel will need to be installed, if the measurements of the existing fireplace is larger than your needs. When this has been done the next step for your Finchley fireplace installation should be to upgrade the old hearth. In past days the hearth was usually set into a hole in the floor, however the current building regs require it to be raised at least 12.5mm above floor level. You can pick from a variety of favourite sized hearths to complement the decor of your home, or there are tailor-made solutions to fit most sizes and styles of fireplace. Ask your fireplace builder in Finchley about what's currently available.

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Choosing your perfect fireplace can be tricky when faced with the many styles, sizes and shapes available from an online retailer or fireplace showroom. The advice and suggestions from your installation team, which will be in keeping with your particular requirements, will help you to pick a fireplace that's both suited to your existing flue and chimney, and suited to your decor.

You home's age, and the style that you are trying to develop for your room, will all help you to determine the type and design of fireplace that's best for you. If you have an inglenook fireplace, a wood burner can look gorgeous in this surrounding, and has the added benefit of deflecting heat into the room from the brick or stone walls that surround the stove.

If your Finchley home hasn't got a chimney you've still got the option of a fireplace feature by putting in a multi-fuel or wood burning stove. This form of fireplace can be installed with its own stainless steel flue which is taken through an outside wall and does not require a chimney, to be installed and work safely.


Who can deny that they enjoy the flickering of a natural fire on a cool evening, however if your situation doesn't permit this, what alternatives are available?

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Wood Burning Stoves - Available in a vast selection of styles that can be a free standing feature where needed, these versatile stoves can be employed in rooms of any size. When used in conjunction with a back boiler, these can provide extra heating possibilities by transferring the hot water to colder areas of your house by means of a radiator.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Multi-fuel stoves can be used with various different fuels, including oil, gas, coal or wood, to generate an eye-catching focal point in your home in Finchley. If you pick a product from the AGA range of multi-fuel stoves for instance, you can do cooking, get supplied with hot water, and when connected to your central heating system, provide heat for the whole house.

Electric Fireplaces - A wide variety of electric fireplaces to suit any property in Finchley, can easily be fitted by any competent individual. Can be inset into traditional fireplaces, and with "real feel" electric fires it can often be difficult to distinguish one from the real thing.

Open Fireplaces - This is the timeless fireplace, establishing a good focal point for a room or space, and can be used to burn a range of different fuels, such as coal, wood, anthracite nuts nuts and briquettes. In the good old days an open fire may have had the associations with being inefficient, smoky and draughty, but a well fitted contemporary fireplace is a joy to sit in front of and laze in the warm glow it provides.

Gas Fireplaces - More efficient (thermally) than wood burning stoves, gas fireplaces come in a whole host of styles to complement your home in Finchley. Only a Gas Safe heating engineer is qualified to install one of these fires.

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Fireplace installation companies can be found in Finchley itself, in these nearby postcodes: N3 1YD, N3 1QF, N12 0AH, N3 1EY, N3 1YG, N12 0PJ, N3 1XY, N3 1RD, N3 1TX, N3 1UX, and in neighbouring locations like Friern Barnet, West Finchley, Golders Green, Fortis Green, Colindale, Church End, East Finchley, Mill Hill East, Woodside Park, Brent Cross. Fireplace companies from Finchley should have the telephone code 020 and the postcode N2. Confirming this will make certain that you are accessing a locally based fireplace builder.

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The regular sweeping of your chimney is crucial if you've got an open fire or a stove in your house in Finchley. It's advised that you sweep and clean your chimney at least once every year.

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To be confident that the task is being done properly, it is invariably a wise idea to call in a specialist Finchley chimney sweep. There are added benefits to calling in a professional, because if there are any problems or safety issues with your chimney, the chimney sweep is in a good position to spot them.

A chimney fire could easily be caused by a build-up of ash, soot and creosote if this is not removed by sweeping. Blocked or poorly maintained chimneys can also cause another hazardous situation by drawing carbon monoxide fumes back into your house.

This all adds up to the fact that you should always use a professional Finchley chimney sweep, and one who has good public liability cover in case any accidents or damages occur. CLICK HERE to get a chimney sweeps quote in Finchley.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

If you are wanting to achieve a truly dramatic look with your fireplace, how about bringing the outdoors inside with a fireplace created from stone? A stone boundary wall or stone facade might already be a natural feature of your home's exterior areas. This might be a way to complement those features on the inside.

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A natural stone fireplace can be built using either stone cladding or full depth stone. Your budget and taste might influence which of these you choose. There are also various different types of stone which can be employed for building a fireplace, including: limestone, granite, marble, sandstone, slate or quartz.

How your finished fireplace looks, will depend on the type of stone that's used, the building technique (dry stone or mortar built) and the methodology used by the tradesman or stonemason who builds it. Do a bit of research before your fireplace installer begins, and show them some photos of what you've got in mind.

Stone isn't always suitable for a modern property, as it has a striking appearance and could rather dominate the appearance of an area, but of course that's down to the choice of each individual property owner - maybe spectacular is what you have in mind!

Hints To Take Care Of Your Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Expenses

Along with concerns over the environment, the iconic fireplace has lost some of its appeal, although it's still a favourite for many folks in Finchley. Sitting in front of the heat of a fireplace, brings back many treasured memories for a lot of people. There are countless good things about having a fireplace although there are also a few negative aspects that could possibly need to be dealt with. With the cost of energy rising annually, your fireplace has to give out heat in a very cost-effective way. Whilst having a fire alight in a fireplace keeps the people close to it cosy, it actually removes warm air from other parts of the room, causing your heat source to work harder. If you don't have a fire alight, the damper is designed to keep heat in. Unfortunately, fireplace dampers are renowned for being inefficient in keeping warm air in the home and cold air out.

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Many homeowners that possess a fireplace in their property in Finchley do not understand how the fireplace can have an effect on their energy bill. Instead of keeping heating expenses down, it can actually do the complete reverse if one is not careful. However, there are some techniques that can be done that will be able to turn your budget smashing fireplace into something a bit more efficient. There are four simple steps that you can take to change your fireplace into the cost-effective heat sourse you're looking for. These will certainly make your current fireplace more economical, and reduce your heating bills.

The first suggestion is to replace your fireplace damper with a more efficient top sealing damper. This type of damper is positioned towards the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain from coming in. The top sealing damper keeps the air in the home from escaping and works effectively in both hot and cold weather. The damper is easy to set up, and can be bought on the internet. Another thing that can be done is to position a fire-back at the back of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that's intended to enhance the room interior decoration, while protecting the back wall from being damaged by the heat. The fire-back also takes up heat right from the fire and redirects it back into the room, making your fireplace more efficient.

Another option is to get a fireplace fan/heater, which draws cool air in and warms it up. These heating devices are closed systems, so no smoke is released, and they really can make a difference in the temperature of your house. And finally, adding glass doors, even though a bit on the pricey side, can be beneficial in making your open fireplace economical to run. If you do some groundwork, you can definitely get a great deal on glass doors and they aren't too challenging to fit yourself. These doors create a screen between your living space and the hearth, not only stopping the warm air in the room from escaping up the flue, but also providing protection.

These suggestions are not very hard to accomplish and you should be able to purchase most of the items you need from the internet. Look after your fireplace and observe your energy bill fall.

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Friends & Family Recommendations

Obtaining recommendations from relatives and friends is invariably extremely useful when you're searching for a professional contractor for your project or task in Finchley. When it comes to choosing someone who is ideal for your requirements, person to person referrals are often the preferred solution, and are equally effective for pointing a finger at companies with an unsatisfactory track record, and contractors who are not up to the task.

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Asking an acquaintance or family member for feedback also means that you can learn whether anything went awry, how swiftly faults were put right, and what the contractor's attitude was like as a result. Additionally you can get some first hand experience of the timekeeping and reliability of the fireplace fitter. You can get a good idea of how accurate was the initial quotation in comparison with the final price charged. which can often be tricky to get from the contractors themselves unless they have a price guarantee.

Your friends and family are individuals you know, and ultimately in relation to advice, they are the folks you can trust. It's likely that they have had an unsatisfactory experience, if they are reluctant to talk about a certain contractor or fireplace installer. Most people will be perfectly willing to recommend a decent quality contractor, but less inclined to talk about a mediocre one, and might even offer a different company rather than 'besmirch' a far from ideal business they have dealt with previously.

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Fireplace Related Tasks Finchley

Maybe you arrived here trying to find basic fireplace installation, yet your local Finchley fireplace installer can offer an extensive array of additional services, and these might include fireplace packages, fireplaces, Regency fireplaces Finchley, classic fireplaces, three-sided fireplaces, stone fireplace installation, cheap fireplace installation, limestone fireplace installation, marble fireplaces, stone fireplaces, marble fireplace installations, brick fireplaces, cast fireplace installations in Finchley, flue liner installation, traditional fireplace installation, fireplace fitting, fireplace surrounds, the installation of modern fireplaces in Finchley, fireplace restoration, fireplace inserts, corner fireplaces Finchley, chimney cowl installations, hearth-mounted electric fires in Finchley, fireplace removal, chimney modifications, Victorian fireplaces in Finchley, fireplace design, made-to-measure fireplaces Finchley, chimney strengthening, contemporary fireplaces Finchley, oak beam fireplaces, 2-sided fireplaces Finchley, freestanding stoves Finchley, timber mantels, the installation of outside fireplaces, and others I can't think of right now. Finchley professionals will provide a complete list of their fireplace services when requested.

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Also find: Brent Cross fireplaces, Friern Barnet fireplaces, Woodside Park fireplaces, Church End fireplaces, Fortis Green fireplaces, Colindale fireplaces, Golders Green fireplaces, West Finchley fireplaces, Mill Hill East fireplaces, East Finchley fireplace services and more. These and other areas are covered by fireplace installers and associated tradesmen.

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Fireplaces Around Finchley: Households in Brighton Road, St Peters Avenue, Southern Road, Summerlee Avenue, Brendon Grove, Leslie Road, North Circular Road, William Close, Summerlee Gardens, Nursery Road, High Road Great North Road, Chapel Court, Dunstan Close, New Oak Road, Church Road North, Market Place, Withington Road, Lankaster Gardens, Hamilton Road, East End Road, Long Lane, Pulham Avenue, Chambers Gardens, Hampstead Heights, Lincoln Road, Richmond Road, Beresford Road, have needed fireplace installation just recently. Fireplace refurbishment was also undertaken in these Finchley area postcodes: N3 1YD, N3 1QF, N12 0AH, N3 1EY, N3 1YG, N12 0PJ, N3 1XY, N3 1RD, N3 1TX, N3 1UX. Work was undertaken in these areas by installers of fireplaces. Finchley property owners enjoyed high quality and reliable fireplace services in every case.

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More Finchley Tradespeople: Naturally, when you are doing home improvements in Finchley, Greater London, you are likely to need all types of different tradesmen and along with fireplace installers in Finchley, Greater London, you could additionally need a carpenter and joiner in Finchley, a damp proofer in Finchley, a building contractor in Finchley, a chimney sweep in Finchley, waste removal in Finchley, a roofing contractor in Finchley, a handyperson in Finchley, screeding in Finchley, jet washing in Finchley, a painter and decorator in Finchley, a plumber in Finchley, an electrician in Finchley, a stonemason in Finchley, brick cleaning in Finchley, metalworkers in Finchley, a plasterer in Finchley, SKIP HIRE in Finchley, a bricklayer in Finchley, and various other different Finchley tradesmen.

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