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Fireplace Fitter Gloucester Gloucestershire (GL1): Opening up a disused fireplace to put in an open fire, a wood burner or a gas fire is an excellent way to add a bit of charm and a homely feel to your Gloucester home. The addition of a multi-fuel stove or open fire for those chilly winter evenings can even prove cheaper than certain central heating systems, so long as you have a regular source of fuel. If combined with a back boiler it can supply you with a plentiful supply of steaming hot water in the process.

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But before you start smashing down the walls of a blocked up fireplace there are some crucial considerations you must bear in mind if you are to end up with a safe and efficient fireplace. All work carried out must comply with Part J of the Building Regulations, which covers the construction and installation of fireplaces, hearths, flue linings and chimney breasts of any combustible appliance.

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When refurbishing an old bricked-up fireplace, there's a high probability of coming across structural problems, so even if you're a proficient DIYer you may struggle to complete this sort of work. You might be lucky when revealing your old fireplace and discover you need nothing more than a good chimney sweep and a quick clean up of the hearth to get a roaring fire once more. If you're not so blessed, you'll discover a wall of crumbling bricks that's concealing a series of issues, like a broken old lintel or a blocked chimney.

It's usually advisable to take comfort from the experience and knowledge of a specialist fireplace fitter in Gloucester, because of the severe fire and health risks that can be caused by an improperly installed or refurbished fireplace. A key part of the Building Regulations for fireplaces is that enough oxygen is available for the fire to burn efficiently and safely. An inefficiently burning fire in an inadequately ventilated area can result in a build-up of lethal carbon monoxide fumes.

To get past this concern a professional Gloucester fireplace installer will consider the circumstances and fit vents around the room, or underneath the flooring, to ensure a sufficient air flow for the fire to burn properly and safely. To increase air circulation in blocked chimney flues, the fireplace installation technician may also have to install vents to prevent moist, condensed air getting trapped and producing damp patches and staining.

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It's astonishing how much soot and muck can accumulate inside an old fireplace and chimney and you'll not know what is there until you uncover it. It's advised to remove your your furniture and carpets before any fireplace restoration work and chimney cleaning begins, as even with coverings for your furnishings, the likelihood of damage from dust and soot is still likely. If you are carrying out a full renovation of a property or room, the fireplace should be opened up before any plastering or decorating is dealt with. If other work has already been finished, this might be affected by soot and other chimney dirt.


You can clean and sweep the chimney and hearth and see what can and cannot be repaired, once the opening up of the fireplace has been accomplished. If you haven't already done so, you should now get hold of the local Gloucester chimney sweep. A professional chimney sweep will first clean the flue and whilst doing so can check the condition of the chimney and offer advice on whether you need a new flue liner.

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It could be vital to install a new flue liner to observe the current Building Regulations, and construction work may also be required to strengthen the existing chimney and chimney breast. This is not likely to be the kind of work that you can do yourself, therefore you will have to bring in a skilled builder with experience in good working practices and an extensive knowledge of the appropriate Building Regs.

It's possible that a concrete or steel lintel will be required, if the revealed fireplace is of a size that's bigger than your requirements. As soon as you've supported the fireplace with your lintel it is now time to upgrade or renovate the hearth. The circumstances with hearths has changed quite a bit down the years, and whilst in the olden days hearths were usually sunken into the floor, they now need to be set at least 12.5mm above the level of the floor if the current UK Building Regulations are to be followed. You could ask your Gloucester fireplace builder about a tailor-made, bespoke hearth to complement the design and style of your home, or if your fireplace is of a standard size, there's a huge selection of off-the-shelf options in slate, stone and marble.

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A trip to a fireplace showroom or a browse online will demonstrate the choices available for the different fireplace designs and styles. Every fireplace might not be appropriate for your existing chimney and flue therefore it's sensible to accept any advice offered by your sales and installation team in relation to your specific circumstances.

Whether you opt for a wood burner, an open fireplace or a multi-fuel stove will depend on the look you're seeking to create, your current decor and perhaps even, the age of your house in Gloucester. For instance, an attractive inglenook fireplace can be an ideal backdrop to a traditional cast iron wood burning stove, which highlights its character and reflects the heat into the room.

For properties in Gloucester that do not have an existing chimney, a multi-fuel or wood burning stove is a terrific option. As a stainless steel flue can be routed through an exterior wall and has no need of a chimney breast, it is still feasible to install and enjoy this style of fireplace.


A crackling fire on a cold, dark evening delivers an ambience and charm that simply can't be matched, however what else is available to put into in your lovely new fireplace in Gloucester?

Open Fireplaces - Provides a unique focal point for your room and can use an assortment of solid fuels. An open fire is a sight to behold and contemporary fireplaces are no longer the smoky, draughty and inefficient items that they once were.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Provides you with options to use coal, oil, wood and gas to furnish you with a versatile heater for any property in Gloucester. These can be used not only for heating a single room, but some styles such as the AGA collection, can supply hot water, provide a useful cooking area and can be employed for heating the entire property if they're plumbed into a radiator network.

Gas Fireplaces - There are a range of different styles to suit all property types and their effectiveness in warming a room is superior to open fireplaces or wood burning stoves. Must be professionally maintained and fitted by Gas Safe registered (replaced CORGI register in 2009) engineer.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Wood burners have grown to be extremely popular in many households in Gloucester, and can have classic or modern design to match your furnishings. A model with an integrated back boiler will deliver supplementary heating by connecting the heated water to a radiator in a cold room of your property.

Electric Fireplaces - Basic installation and a diverse choice of styles make electric fireplaces an extremely popular choice for Gloucester homes that don't have a chimney breast. They can be set into regular fireplaces, and with the "real" looking feel of modern electric fires it can often be difficult to distinguish from the genuine article.

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Fireplace installers are accessible in Gloucester itself, in these postcodes: GL1 2AG, GL1 2BD, GL1 2BP, GL1 1QH, GL1 1AP, GL1 1NN, GL1 1HD, GL1 1TT, GL1 1PB, GL1 1HG, plus in proximate areas like Highnam, Abbeymead, Saintbridge, Tredworth, Maisemore, Barnwood, Minsterworth, Longlevens, Hartpury, Tuffley, Coney Hill, Wootton, Kingsholm, Longford, Hempsted. Fireplace companies from Gloucester should have the postcode GL1 and the telephone dialling code 01452. This is of course one thing you can verify if you favour using a local fireplace specialist.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Open Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Expenses

With all the current ecological issues, the traditional fireplace has lost some of its former charm, however it's still a favourite feature for many in Gloucester. Sitting in front of the warmth of an open fireplace, revives many precious memories for lots of folks. Having a fireplace has its benefits but there are also a few issues that could have an impact on its performance. With the cost of energy rising year after year, your fireplace has to give out heat in a very cost-effective way. When you have a fire roaring in the fireplace, it can literally take away warm air out of the room, making your heat source work harder. The fireplace damper is expected to keep cold air from entering your home when you haven't got a fire going in the fireplace. The thing is, fireplace dampers are renowned for being inefficient in keeping cold air out, and warm air in.

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Many homeowners that possess a fireplace in their property in Gloucester do not realise how the fireplace can have an effect on their utility bill. Instead of warming a house naturally, a fireplace can in fact add 100s of pounds to the cost of your heating. There is a way to take your inefficient fireplace, and turn it into a heat producing system that your budget will love. Pretty much all you need to do is basically 4 basic things to fix your fireplace. Each of these should make your fireplace very economical and more efficient.

Step one is to take away your fireplace damper and change it for a top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is installed at the top of your chimney which in turn also doubles as a storm door. It does a superb job of retaining warm air in the home during wintertime and cool air from getting out in the summertime. It is not that difficult to install and can be easily bought on the internet. Next, you should have a fire-back in the rear area of your open fireplace. A fire-back is constructed of cast iron and it is actually meant to shield the back wall from fire damage, while making your fireplace look stylish. The fire-back gets warmed up by the open fire and reflects the heat back into the room, hence boosting the overall efficiency of the fireplace.

Another thing that is going to help is a fireplace heater, which heats the air that's being circulated through an internal chamber, and sends it back inside the room. These heaters are enclosed systems, therefore no smoke is discharged, and they really can make a difference in the temperature of your home. And finally, installing glass doors, while a bit on the expensive side, can be beneficial in making your open fireplace economical to run. Searching around, you will be able to locate a bargain, and with clear instructions, you could possibly install them yourself. These glass doors help to stop the heat from escaping and additionally it keeps pets and youngsters from getting burned.

The suggestions presented here aren't terribly tough to accomplish and you should be able to order most of the items you need from the internet. Retain your fireplace and cut heating expenses by making it more efficient.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Why not go some way to bringing the outside in and choose a dramatic looking natural stone fireplace? There could already be some natural stone features on the exterior of your building, a stone boundary wall or facade, perhaps? Your fireplace inside, could complement those features outside.

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Either full-depth stone or a thinner stone cladding can be used to build a natural stone fireplace. Your budget and taste may influence your decision. There are also numerous different types of stone which you can use to build a fireplace, including: sandstone, quartz, slate, limestone, granite or marble.

Just how your stone fireplace looks when it's complete will depend on the kind of stone used, the method of building (dry stone or mortar joints) and the individuality of the tradesman or stonemason who builds it. If you've got an understanding of just what you want, get some photographs and show them to your fireplace installer before they begin.

There is no doubt that natural stone fireplaces are usually more suitable for older properties, and can be somewhat too striking and overwhelming for a more modern dwelling. However the choice, as they say, is yours to make.


Fitted to improve the safety and efficiency of your chimney system, a chimney liner or flu liner is essential and should not be left out in any circumstances. Flue liners are conduits fabricated from ceramic material, metal or clay which are installed inside chimneys to carry fumes to the outside. If you own an older home in Gloucester, it could be that you do not have a flue liner in your chimney at all, or that the existing lining is defective and will need to be replaced.

Your chimney flue lining can soon be weakened by the dangerous gases and fumes which are formed by the burning of a fire. When you're getting your chimney swept, you'll want to get the chimney sweep to check for any damage and potential issues. A flue that has been damaged may enable those harmful gases to penetrate your dwelling, rather than venting them out into the atmosphere. When a flue liner is damaged it can subject the chimney structure to excessive heat, which can increase the risk of a house fire occurring.

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A chimney cowl is a hood-shaped covering for your chimney that adds draft and stops back-up. It's usually produced from galvanised iron and fits over the chimney to keep the wind from blowing smoke back down. A chimney cowl can be found online or in a builder's merchants. Whether you prefer to make an existing one work better, or acquire a brand new one, a chimney cowl will keep your stove or fireplace working at its best.

A chimney cowl can also help to shield your property and keep you safe. There are different types of chimney cowls available, each one has been developed to address different problems. Before buying one, think about a few aspects to make sure you get one that will help safeguard your home. As soon as you know precisely what you need, you can then pick out a chimney cowl based on your needs and budget.

Chimney cowls are also available that are made from commonplace products, such as a stainless steel colander or steel bucket. Chicken mesh can also be used to make a fairly effective cowl. Clay flower pots also make decent chimney cowls. These covers can easily be purchased at a local hardware store or on the web.

Chimney cowls are a simple way to stop birds building nests in your chimney and blocking the whole thing up. They're comparatively cheap and easy to put in. You should make certain you have clear access to the space above the chimney in order to fit one effectively. It can also stop dirt and debris from building up inside the chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in Gloucester if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you. (Tags: Chimney Pot Cowls Gloucester, Revolving Chimney Cowls Gloucester, Chimney Cowl Installation Gloucester, Chimney Cowls Gloucester).

Chimney Sweep Gloucester

The routine sweeping of your chimney is crucial if you've got an open fire or a log burning stove in your property in Gloucester. Chimney sweeping and cleaning should generally be done at least once annually.

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So as to get the work done properly and without lots of mess, the best course of action is to contact a specialist Gloucester chimney sweep, who'll be glad to help you. There are additional benefits to calling in a professional, because if there are any safety issues with your chimney, the chimney sweep is in a good position to spot them.

If you don't regularly sweep your chimney in Gloucester, the resulting accumulation of soot and creosote can easily lead to a chimney fire. Another dangerous situation that you want to avoid is poisonous carbon monoxide gas being drawn back into your house, which can also be caused by a blocked or poorly maintained chimney.

Make sure that your chosen Gloucester chimney sweep is experienced and is also covered by ample public liability insurance. For chimney sweeping prices in Gloucester CLICK HERE. chimney sweeping services are also available in Highnam, Abbeymead, Saintbridge, Tredworth, Maisemore, Barnwood, Minsterworth, Longlevens, Hartpury, Tuffley, Coney Hill, Wootton, Kingsholm, Longford, Hempsted, and in Gloucester itself.

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Family & Friends Recommendations

Family and friends are an excellent source of recommendations, when you're trying to find a contractor in Gloucester for your project or undertaking. So as to choose someone who's perfect for your needs, person to person referrals are generally preferable, and can sometimes allow you to filter out a second-rate contractor or a company that's got a mediocre record for service.

Friends and Family

If you are aware that an acquaintance or member of your family has used a specific fireplace installer, you can get an insight into their punctuality and reliability. They'll also be able to let you know if anything went awry, and how swiftly any problems were rectified. They'll also be in a position to give you details about the quotation process and how precise the original estimate was when compared to the eventual price that was demanded by the installer.

At the end of the day, your family and friends are people you know and can trust in relation to their advice. You may well notice that they'll be hesitant to chat about them, if they have had an unsatisfactory experience in their dealings with a particular contractor or fireplace installer. And a lot of folks, rather than 'slagging off' a poor company who they've dealt with in the past, may even suggest an alternative contractor, because they're happier speaking about a good quality business than a poor one.

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Your local Gloucester fireplace fitter can provide an extensive assortment of tasks, and along with what has already been covered they should be able to do fireplace hearths, cast iron fireplace installations Gloucester, modern fireplace in Gloucester, fake fireplaces in Gloucester, cheap fireplace installation, corner fireplaces Gloucester, fireplace replacement, stone fireplaces, fireplace repairs, traditional fireplaces Gloucester, oak beam fireplaces, wall-mounted electric fires, gas fireplace installations, marble fireplace installation, wood burning fireplace installation, freestanding stoves, 3-sided fireplaces in Gloucester, chimney sweeping, the installation of modern fireplaces in Gloucester, fireplace removal, electric fireplace installation, open fireplaces, fireplace inserts, modern gas fires, period fireplaces, chimney repairs Gloucester, fireplace packages, fireplace refurbishment in Gloucester, timber mantels, Victorian fireplace installation Gloucester, elm fireplaces Gloucester, classic fireplaces, Victorian fireplace installation, the installation of disigner fireplaces, inset stoves Gloucester, and others. Gloucester specialists, when contacted, will be delighted to keep you abreast of the entire range of fireplace services that are available.

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The latest Gloucestershire fireplace installation job postings: Mr and Mrs Bass recently asked for a quote for opening up and repairing an old, boarded up fireplace in a bungalow in Wickwar, Gloucestershire. George Irving from Awre was looking for someone to install an outdoor fireplace in his home. Mariya and Chace Haddock recently requested a quote for fitting a wood burning stove in a detached house in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. Mr and Mrs Herbert recently requested an estimate for fitting a gas fire in a cottage in Woodchester, Gloucestershire. Paige and Cain Wright recently enquired about fitting an open fireplace in a terraced house in Shurdington. Malaika and Ryley Burge recently enquired about getting a price for re-opening and repairing an old marble fireplace in Kemble. Darcy Ohara was looking for someone who can fit a log burner fireplace in Woodmancote, Gloucestershire. Evie-Rose Bacon from Sodbury, Gloucestershire was looking for somebody to install an outdoor fireplace in her cottage.

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The dedicated Wikipedia "fireplace" page is the spot to go to for facts on the various types of fireplace, the evolution of fireplaces, the health effects of fireplaces, the heating efficiency of fireplaces, how fireplaces affect the environment and electric fireplaces. Get ideas for installing a gas fireplace on YouTube here. To see what's happening on social media websites, check this out. To follow discussions about fireplace installation go to the Buildhub Forum here, topics you can discuss include things like chimney designs, understanding building regulations, widening a fireplace, trims for stoves, wood burners and pellet stoves and boilers. To learn a little more about 70 fireplace ideas head here.

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