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Fireplace Fitter Holyhead Wales (LL65): Installing a new fireplace or restoring an existing one is a great way to add a touch of character to any home in Holyhead. Provided that you've got a ready source of timber or fuel, adding an open fire or multi-fuel stove for those cold winters' evenings could even prove to be more cost effective than traditional central heating systems. Combine a back boiler with your fireplace and you'll be able to enjoy supplies of endless hot water for even more savings.

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Before any serious work begins, for example prising away at a blocked chimney breast or knocking down the walls of a boarded up fireplace, there are some important things to contemplate. For starters, Part J of the Building Regulations will need to be followed in relation to the construction and installation of any chimney breasts, hearths, flue linings and fireplaces that are an integral part of a heating appliance in your premises in Holyhead. For a fireplace installation in a building that is listed, or one that stands in an official conservation area, you'll need to check with your local council if planning permission will be required.

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When restoring an old blocked up fireplace, there is a fair probability of coming across structural problems, therefore even if you are a seasoned DIY person you could find this sort of work difficult. It may be that in order to get a fire roaring in your fireplace once again you need nothing more than a quick clean up of the hearth and a visit from a chimney sweep. However, what you'll most likely find is a pile of crumbling, old bricks that hides issues such as a blocked chimney or a lintel that requires replacement.

Employing a certified fireplace fitter in Holyhead is widely advised, because an incorrectly installed fireplace can can cause a fire risk and respiratory health issues. As mentioned in the Building Regulations for fireplaces, there must be adequate airflow in a room where there is a fireplace, because in order for it to burn safely, the right volume of oxygen is needed. If the airflow is not sufficient then it's possible that a fire will not burn efficiently and cause carbon monoxide to build up, which can be lethal.

A professional fireplace installation company will analyse the circumstances and overcome this challenge to ensure a sufficient airflow for the fire to combust safely and effectively, by installing vents in locations around the room, or under the floor. Moist air can often get trapped inside blocked or unused chimney flues which could also need to have vents installed to improve air circulation, and prevent problems with damp and staining inside the chimney breast.

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Large amounts of muck and soot will enter a room when you are having a disused fireplace opened up. Basically, this is an especially messy job. To make sure that your possessions do not get harmed by the muck, soot and dust that is expelled during the fireplace installation works, removing any rugs, furniture and carpets in advance is recommended. If it's just part of a more extensive refurbishment project, the opening up of an old fireplace should be one of the first things to be worked on, due to the mess involved. This should help to prevent damage to other elements of your restoration project (i.e. painted walls or fresh plasterwork), by soot and other chimney related dust that is released.


You will have a greater understanding of the refurbishment work that needs to be done, when you have exposed the old fireplace. You will also be able to get the chimney swept and clean any remaining hearth. Contacting a chimney sweep to de-soot your chimney will be one of the first items on the to-do-list. They will not only make sure that your chimney and flue are completely clean, but they can also determine the condition of the chimney and flue liner and provide advice about whether you need to replace any section of the flue and chimney.

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If you need to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney all relevant UK Building Regulations must be adhered to. This sort of work needs to be completed by a competent tradesman who is acquainted with the appropriate Building Regulations and decent working practices.

There is no guarantee that the measurements of the old fireplace will tally with the layout that you've got in mind, which means that it might be necessary to install a new concrete lintel. When this phase has been completed, the upgrading or refurbishment of the hearth can be undertaken. The legislation relating to fireplace hearths has changed quite a bit down the years, and whilst in past times hearths were normally sunk into floor voids, they now must be set at least 12.5mm above floor level if you are to abide by the current Building Regulations. To achieve this, there are pre-made options in marble, stone or concrete, or you might choose a bespoke, custom-made hearth to match your room design, which your fireplace builder in Holyhead will help you with.

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Browsing on the internet or checking out a nearby fireplace outlet will swiftly make you realise that there is a host of different shapes, designs and sizes of fireplace for your home. To help you choose a fireplace that goes with your home decor, and is also appropriate for your existing flue and chimney, it is advised that you follow the recommendations of the installation team and the salespeople.

Whether you go for an open fireplace, a wood burner or a multi-fuel stove will be determined by the overall style you are seeking to establish, your existing decor and in some cases, your property's age. For instance, an inglenook fireplace can be a wonderful backdrop to a classic cast iron wood burning stove, which highlights its character and reflects the heat into the room.

It's still possible to put in a wood burner stove, even if you don't have an existing chimney in your Holyhead home. As a stainless steel flue can be passed through an external wall and doesn't require an existing chimney, it is still possible to put in this type of fireplace.


The charm and look of an open fire can't be matched, however what options are out there if this style of fireplace isn't possible in your Holyhead property?

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fires are superior to wood burning stoves with regards to thermal efficiency, and there are an array of sizes and designs to complement any home in Holyhead. Only a Gas Safe technician is permitted to install one of these fireplaces.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Coming in a whole host of styles which can be freestanding when necessary, these popular stoves can be installed in rooms of almost any size. A model with an integrated back boiler will provide supplementary heating capabilities by connecting the piping hot water to radiators in cold spots in your property.

Electric Fireplaces - Straightforward installation and a varied choice of designs make electric fireplaces a popular choice for Holyhead homes without a chimney. Even if your house has a regular fireplace, an electric fire that seems almost like a "real" fire can be installed.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Running on an assortment of fuels such as smokeless coal, wood, gas or oil, a multi-fuel stove can become an attractive focal point in your living room or kitchen. One of the most widely regarded makes of multi-fuel stoves is the AGA range, and these products can provide not only low-cost heating for your entire home, but also hot water and cooking facilities.

Open Fireplaces - An open fireplace can be used with a selection of different fuels (wood, briquettes, smokeless coal), and creates a focal point for your room. In past times associated with being inefficient, smoky and draughty, a well-installed contemporary open fireplace can create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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Fireplace fitters can be obtained in Holyhead itself, in these nearby postcodes: LL65 1LT, LL65 1SJ, LL65 1BT, LL65 1SF, LL65 1RN, LL65 1ED, LL65 1BP, LL65 1SN, LL65 1LP, LL65 1PF, as well as in surrounding areas like Trearddur Bay, Llanfaelog, Kingsland, Bodedern, Penrhos, Mountain, Gwalchmai, Llaingoch, Anglesey, Rhosneigr, Bryngwram, South Stack, Four Mile Bridge. If a fireplace fitter has the postcode LL65 and the dialling code 01407, you can safely assume that they hail from the Holyhead area. This could be something that you can confirm if you want to guarantee that you hire a locally based fireplace company. Holyhead people can use and benefit from these fireplace services.

Chimney Sweeping Holyhead

If your home in Holyhead has a stove or an open fire, it is imperative that you have your chimney swept regularly. To be fully safe, it's best to sweep your chimney twice yearly, particularly if you are burning wood or coal.

Chimney Sweep Holyhead

So as to get the work done correctly and without mess, the preferred approach is to contact a qualified Holyhead chimney sweep, who will be glad to help you. Not only does this mean that you chimney is kept nice and clean, the chimney sweep will be on hand to spot any problems with you chimney.

Regular sweeping prevents a build-up of ash, soot and wood tar, a common cause of chimney fires. Carbon monoxide gas can also flow back into your house if you allow your chimney to become badly maintained.

This all adds up to the fact that you should always employ a dependable Holyhead chimney sweep, and one who has decent public liability cover in case of any accidents or damages. To find out the current prices of chimney sweeps in Holyhead CLICK HERE. chimney sweeps are also available in Trearddur Bay, Llanfaelog, Kingsland, Bodedern, Penrhos, Mountain, Gwalchmai, Llaingoch, Anglesey, Rhosneigr, Bryngwram, South Stack, Four Mile Bridge, and and of course in Holyhead itself. (Tags: Chimney Sweeping Holyhead, Chimney Sweep Holyhead, Chimney Sweeps Holyhead).

Improve the Efficiency of Your Fireplace

The traditional fireplace has lost some of its glamour because of environmental worries but it's still favoured by many in Holyhead. Sitting near the heat of a fireplace, revives many precious memories for a lot of people. Having a fireplace has its many perks and benefits but there are also a few negative aspects which could have an impact on its usefulness. With power costs rising so swiftly these days, your open fireplace must be a reliable source of heat, not one of inefficiency. When a fire is burning, it might provide warmth for those who are standing right in front of it, but it can actually pull warm air out of a room, making your heat source work even more. In case you do not have a fire lit, the damper is designed to keep heat in. However, dampers are generally not particularly efficient seals, so all the warm air escapes and permits cold air to enter the home.

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Many homeowners that possess a fireplace in their property in Holyhead don't understand how the fireplace can have an effect on their utility bill. As opposed to saving resources, and heating costs, it is usually adding 100s of pounds of energy expense. Just consider that it's not all gloom and doom because there are options for making your fireplace very cost-effective. There are 4 simple things that you will be able to do to turn your fireplace into the cost-effective heat sourse you're looking for. Each of these is going to make your fireplace very economical and very efficient.

The first tip is to change your existing fireplace damper with a new top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is installed at the top of your chimney that also acts like a storm door. It does a superb job of preserving warm air in the property during winter and cool air from getting out in the warmer months. The seal is simple to fit, and can be obtained on the internet. Another thing that you can do should be to fit a fire-back at the back of your fireplace. A fire-back is constructed of cast iron and it is meant to protect the back wall from fire damage, while at the same time making your fireplace look more elegant. The fire-back reflects the heat from a fire, and sends it back inside the room, enhancing the efficiency of the fireplace.

Another method is to obtain a fireplace heater, which draws air into the room and warms it up. These heating devices are sealed systems, therefore no smoke is released, and they really can make a huge difference to the temperature of your house. The final thing that you can do is to fix glass doors, which could be a bit on the expensive side. Searching around, you should be able to locate a great deal, and with instructions, you could put them in yourself. Glass fireplace doors is able to keep the air in your home from escaping and also help to safeguard your pets and children from accidentally falling into the fire.

These suggestions are not very difficult to accomplish and you should be able to buy all of the items from the internet. Take care of your fireplace and see your energy bill drop.

Stone Fireplaces

If you want to really make heads turn with your fireplace, there is no better way than to build one using stone. This is an excellent way to bring a sense of the outdoors, inside! There might already be some natural stone features on the exterior areas of your house, a stone boundary wall or facade, for example? Your fireplace inside, could complement those natural features on the outside.

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Subject to your taste and budget, it is possible to build a stone fireplace using either full-depth stone or thinner stone cladding. There is also a wide variety of stone types that you can choose between, including: marble, limestone, sandstone, granite, quartz or slate.

The exact appearance of your stone fireplace will depend on the methodology used by the stonemason or craftsman who builds it, the sort of stone that is used and the method of building. Gather together some pictures and discuss these with your fireplace company before they start, if you've got an understanding of just what you want.

As it has such a striking presence and can dominate the appearance of a room, stone is not always suitable for a contemporary property. However, dramatic could be precisely what you are looking for - and at the end of the day, the choice is yours!

Leaving a Review for a Job Well Done

Reviews and feedback are the driving force for any Holyhead business, and a great online review can mean the difference between a possible customer hiring a fireplace company, or moving on to a competitor. You might want to take some time to thank somebody who has done a good job, by posting a review of their workmanship and performance. This has benefits for both the company itself and for prospective customers who might be considering using them. If reviews helped you to decide on who to use for your fireplace project, you'll understand how this can be useful. Without those reviews, you would possibly have looked someplace else, even if a certain company website appeared extremely outstanding.

Leaving a Review

However, when reviews are plainly displayed on a company website, can you actually have faith that they're genuine? Have these reviews been composed by a company employee aiming to push their services, or were they written by "real" customers?

If you want to find honest and genuine reviews on any fireplace company in Holyhead, an excellent solution is to check out the Google My Business reviews. There's no doubt that this is THE place to go for determining the reputation of any business, and it is also crucial for the company since it can affect its search engine ranking positions. The major Google My Business rival is Bing Places for Business, which is the second largest review website for local businesses in Holyhead. A summary of the dependability and working standards of a company that successfully worked on your fireplace installation project can be created by leaving a glowing review here, and in the process you will help raise their profile the area.

Some folks would rather leave feedback for a company on Twitter and Facebook, which are just as effective. A major part of any small company's advertising strategy will include the effective use of these social media giants. Their message can be reinforced by your reviews and give a starting place for friends and relatives who are interested in services of a similar nature.

Those people who would rather go 'traditional' can of course send in a hand-drafted thankyou letter instead. Letters like this can be gathered together to form a portfolio of reviews which is beneficial in face to face meetings with potential clients, scanned and uploaded to the business website, or mounted in a frame for display in reception areas. Regardless of how you create a review it's a great feeling to think you might have helped a local small business get another foothold in the highly competitive market.

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Recent Wales fireplace job posts: Jonty and Zoha Shaw recently enquired about re-opening and repairing an old brick fireplace in Pembrey, Wales. Julian Dale and Viktoria Dale recently requested a price quote for opening up an old, bricked up fireplace and fitting a new electric fire in Pembroke. Mario Mathers in Talysarn was searching for someone who can renovate a Regency style fireplace in his home. Mr and Mrs Crabb recently enquired about getting a price for the installation of an electric fireplace in Abercynon. Taran Holland in Aberporth, Wales asked the question "are there any decent fireplace fitters near me?". Willow and Krish Torres recently enquired about getting a price for installing a wood burner in a terraced house in Rhuddlan, Wales. Ella-May Kearns in Abercarn, Wales was searching for somebody to renovate an outdoor fireplace in her property. Jiya Batty and Mateusz Batty recently enquired about re-opening an old, boarded up fireplace and installing a new wood burning stove in Llechryd.

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The selection of services and tasks that can be undertaken by your local fireplace fitter are wide and varied, and should include things like gas fireplace installation in Holyhead, wood burning stove installation, three-sided fireplaces in Holyhead, electric fire baskets, hearth fireplaces, the installation of chimney cowls, oak beam fireplaces, fireplace suites, electric fireplaces, fire grate conversions, made-to-measure fireplaces, multifuel stoves, chimney lining, cheap fireplace installation, fireplace design in Holyhead, marble fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces in Holyhead, fireplace packages in Holyhead, the installation of outside fireplaces, fireplace hearths, fireplace installation, stone fireplace installations, chimney modifications, marble fireplace surrounds Holyhead, wood burning fireplaces, the installation of modern fireplaces in Holyhead, inset stove installations Holyhead, Victorian fireplaces Holyhead, brick fireplaces in Holyhead, fireplace mantels, gas fireplaces Holyhead, outdoor fireplaces Holyhead, wood burning fireplace installations, electric fireplace installations Holyhead, fireplacequotes Holyhead, and others not mentioned here. These services are just a few of those on offer from your local fireplace fitter.

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Fireplaces Around Holyhead: Households in Tre Hwfa Road, Penllech-nest, Llys Treseifon, Tara Street, Cecil Street, Ffordd Hen Ysgol, Newry-fawr, Maes Y Mynydd, Arthur Street, Lhassa Street, Garreglwyd Park, North West Street, Hedsor Street, Digney Close, Stryd Williams, Forge Hill, Ffordd Morawelon, Porth-y-felin Road, George Street, St Cybi Street, Cae Rhos, Marine Square, Arthur St East, Lon Newydd, Cae Braenar, Roland Street, have needed fireplace installation just recently. Fireplace restoration was also undertaken in these Holyhead area postcodes: LL65 1LT, LL65 1SJ, LL65 1BT, LL65 1SF, LL65 1RN, LL65 1ED, LL65 1BP, LL65 1SN, LL65 1LP, LL65 1PF. Work was carried out in these locations by local installers of fireplaces. Holyhead home and business owners enjoyed the benefits of reliable and high quality fireplace services.

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