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Fireplace Fitter Bromsgrove Worcestershire (B61): Installing a brand new fireplace or renovating an existing one is a great way to add a touch of charm and character to any dwelling in Bromsgrove. Nippy winter evenings can become enjoyable as you relax in front of your new fireplace listening to the crackling of firewood, and if your fire is combined with a back boiler you can even benefit from piping hot water to boot.

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There are a few crucial considerations you must bear in mind if you are going to to end up with a safe and efficient fireplace, before you commence knocking down the walls of a boarded over fireplace. Work carried out on the flue linings, hearths, chimney breasts and fireplaces of any heating appliances, must conform to Part J of the UK Building Regulations. Planning permission may also be necessary before work commences if your home is listed or in a conservation area.

Fireplaces Bromsgrove Worcestershire (B61)


If you're an enthusiastic and competent DIYer it is possible to refurbish an existing blocked up fireplace, but the likelihood of experiencing structural problems in the majority of cases is high. When your boarded fireplace is uncovered you might find a stable hearth, lintel and chimney breast which requires little more than the services of a chimney sweep to get it all working once again. However, a flue that is blocked and old brickwork that needs structural reinforcement is what you'll most likely find.

Owing to the serious health and fire risk problems that can result from a poorly fitted or renovated fireplace, it is best to rely on the experience and knowledge of an experienced fireplace fitter and builder in Bromsgrove. There must always be airflow into a room where there's a fireplace to guarantee sufficient amounts of oxygen for the fire to burn properly. Carbon monoxide gas (which is dangerous) can build-up and become a problem in an inadequately ventilated space where a fire that is burning inefficiently is installed.

To guarantee a sufficient amount of air flow for the fire to combust safely and effectively, a competent fireplace installation company will assess the situation and fit vents in locations around the room, or beneath the floors, thus solving this issue. Vents might also need to be fitted into blocked or unused chimney flues which can sometimes cause damp spots and staining to to your chimney breast, because of moist, condensed air being trapped.

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It is amazing how much dirt and soot can build up inside an old fireplace and chimney and you will not know exactly what is there until you open it up. A fireplace installer will bring covers for your furniture and supply some form of protection, but it's advisable when possible to remove rugs, carpets and furniture from the area before any work commences. If you are conducting a full renovation of a room or house, the fireplace should be opened up before any plastering or decorating is undertaken. This prevents any discolouration damage to any refurbished work you've already done.


Once you have exposed your old fireplace you'll have a far better idea of what work is needed, and also be able to thoroughly sweep the chimney and clean up any hearth that is still in position. Bringing in a proper chimney sweep to de-soot your chimney will be one of the initial items on your to-do-list. Whilst doing sweeping and cleaning, they will be perfectly positioned to assess the structural stability of your flue and chimney, and recommend what is required to knock it back into shape.

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If it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney all current Building Regulations must be adhered to. This work should be tackled by a skilled craftsman with experience of the Building Regulations and decent working practices.

If it is necessary to adjust the width of opening of your original fireplace to something smaller and more suitable for your design, a lintel support will have to be put in. And after that process, replacing or upgrading the hearth should be the next step in your fireplace installation project in Bromsgrove. The current Building Regulations advise that the fireplace hearth must be set at least 12.5mm above floor level, although in the old days it would quite often have been sunk into the floor. You can pick from a host of favourite sized hearths to complement the decor of your home, or there are made to measure solutions to fit most sizes and styles of fireplace.

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Due to the huge selection of different fireplace styles and designs, selecting the right one will not necessarily be easy. You can find out what is currently available by going on the web or by visiting your nearest fireplace dealership. You should follow the advice of the sales team in relation to which fireplaces will be suitable for your specific chimney, flue and air flow conditions, because some won't be.

An open fireplace option will be appropriate for some rooms and dwellings in Bromsgrove, whilst a multi-fuel or wood burning stove will be a better choice for others. As an example, an attractive inglenook fireplace can be a perfect backdrop for a classic cast iron wood-burner stove, highlighting its charm and deflecting heat back into the room.

For dwellings in Bromsgrove that haven't got a chimney breast, a wood burning or multi fuel stove is a great solution. This form of fireplace can be fitted with a flue that's routed through an external wall and doesn't require a chimney, to be safely installed.


The ambience and charm of a "real" fire can't be matched, however what options are out there if this form of fireplace is not possible in your Bromsgrove property?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - To introduce a great focal point in your living space, these stoves can burn a selection of different fuels, such as gas, coal, wood or oil. These can be used not just for heating a room, but some types like the AGA collection, can supply hot water, provide a useful cooking area and can be used to heat the entire home if they're plumbed into a system of radiators.

Gas Fireplaces - Supplying instant heat and more thermally efficient when compared to wood burning stoves or open fireplaces, there are a multitude of designs and styles to suit any Bromsgrove home. Any gas fire put into your Bromsgrove property must be installed by a Gas Safe heating engineer.

Open Fireplaces - This is the classic fireplace, establishing a stunning focal point for a room, and can be used to burn a number of different fuels, such as wood, briquettes, smokeless coal and coalite nuts. An open fire is wonderful to watch and contemporary fireplaces are no more the draughty, inefficient and smoky objects that they used to be.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These stoves can have contemporary or old-fashioned styling to complement the decor of your property, and they've become extremely popular in many households in Bromsgrove. An added advantage of these is that they can provide steaming hot water for domestic use around the home, or supply heating to another area by way of a radiator, when combined with a back boiler.

Electric Fireplaces - Can be fitted safely and easily by anyone who is reasonable competent and there are designs and styles that are appropriate for just about any room and house in Bromsgrove. Even if your home has a conventional fireplace, an electric fire that seems almost like a "real" fire can be fitted.

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Fireplace installation services can be found in the Bromsgrove area, as well as in: Lickey End, Blackwell, Burcot, Lowes Hill, Finstall, Sidemoor, Dodford, Hewell Lane, Foxlydiate, Hewell Grange, Stoke Heath, Aston Fields, Tardebigge, Stoke Prior, plus these postcode areas: B60 2LF, B60 2AQ, B60 2EG, B60 1GS, B60 2RD, B60 1PQ, B60 2HS, B60 2AW, B60 2NT, B60 2BZ. Fireplace companies from Bromsgrove should have the telephone dialling code 01527 and the postcode B61. Bromsgrove householders have the use of these fireplace services as and when they're in need of them. You can click on the "QUOTE" banner to get more details about the installation of fireplaces in the Worcestershire area.

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If you want to really make a splash with your fireplace, there is no better way than to build one using natural stone. This is a fantastic way to bring a sense of the outdoors, indoors! It could be that your house already has some external stone features, a stone facade or a boundary wall for instance. This may be a way to complement those features on the inside.

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Either full-depth stone or stone cladding can be used to create a stone fireplace. Your budget and taste could influence your choice. Also, slate, granite, quartz, limestone, marble or sandstone, are amongst the different kinds of stone that can be employed to construct a fireplace.

The look of your finished fireplace will depend on the individuality of the stonemason or craftsman who builds it, the kind of stone that is used and the building method (mortar jointed or dry stone). If you've got an understanding of just what you want, get some photos and go over these with your fireplace company before they start.

Stone is not always suitable for a contemporary home, since it has a striking appearance and may rather dominate the look of an area, but obviously that is down to the choice of each individual homeowner - maybe dramatic and spectacular is what you have in mind!

Chimney Sweeping Bromsgrove

It is important to have the chimney swept regularly, regardless of whether you have an open fire or a wood burning stove. To be completely safe, it is wise to clean and sweep your chimney twice a year, especially if you are burning bituminous coal or wood.

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It is always wise to bring in a qualified Bromsgrove chimney sweep if you want to get this job done correctly. While the chimney sweep is cleaning your chimney, he'll also be keeping an eye out for any problems or safety issues, so that they can then be resolved.

Routine sweeping helps prevent a build-up of soot and creosote, a common cause of chimney fires. Along with the risk of fires, you will want to avoid at all costs any chances of carbon monoxide gas seeping back into your house, another frequent result of blocked chimneys.

The importance of hiring an experienced chimney sweep in Bromsgrove, should now be obvious. GO HERE to get chimney sweeping quotes for the Bromsgrove area. You should also be able to access chimney sweeping services in nearby areas.

Brick Fireplaces

For centuries, brick fireplaces have been a classic feature in Bromsgrove homes, and rightly so. They provide warmth, character and a touch of rustic charm that cannot be provided by any other feature. So, if you are considering adding a brick fireplace to your home in Bromsgrove, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, you will need to think about the style of fireplace you want. Conventional brick fireplaces commonly feature a hearth and mantel, while contemporary fireplaces may have a sleeker design with clean lines. You will also need to consider what size of fireplace you want. A fireplace of larger size can create a striking impact in a room, while a smaller fireplace can offer a comfortable and snug corner..

Brick fireplaces can be built using different sorts of bricks. You can choose from a range of brick colours and textures to match the design of your property. It is also a good idea to add additional elements such as tile, stone or wood to complement the brickwork.

Finally, don't forget about the practical considerations. A brick fireplace can be a source of heat for your home, therefore you'll want to ensure that it's properly vented and that it is being used in a secure and safe way.

All in all, a brick fireplace can be an incredible addition to your home in Bromsgrove, providing both functional warmth and aesthetic appeal. With a little planning and consideration, you can create a functional and attractive brick fireplace that will be a centerpiece of your home for many years to come.

Flue Liners

A flue lining is a crucial addition to your chimney structure, allowing it to function more efficiently and improving the safety of your chimney. Flue liners are ducts made of metal, clay or ceramic material which are fitted to the inside of chimneys to carry toxic fumes to the outside. Based on their condition and age, older chimneys in Bromsgrove may have to be re-lined, or may not have a lining at all.

Harmful gases can be formed by the burning of fires and these can easily cause damage to the flue of your fireplace. When you are having your chimney swept, it is wise to get the sweep to check it out for any damage. Rather than expelling those toxic gases outdoors, a broken flue can permit them to leak into your home's living area. When a flue liner is defective it can also subject the chimney structure to intense heat, which can increase the potential risk of a house fire. (Tags: Flue Lining Bromsgrove, Chimney Lining Bromsgrove, Flue Liners Bromsgrove).

Fireplace Inserts Bromsgrove

Fireplace inserts have become a popular choice among property owners in Bromsgrove who wish to upgrade their conventional fireplaces. These inserts have been specifically created to maximise the efficiency of a fireplace by increasing heat output into the room and reducing heat loss. The inconvenience and mess of conventional wood-burning fireplaces are eliminated with these inserts, offering a safer and more comfortable way to enjoy the enchanting effect of a fire.

Electric, gas and wood-burning models are included in the diverse selection of styles and sizes available for fireplace inserts. Opting for gas fireplace inserts provides a low-maintenance and hassle-free choice, while electric inserts offer convenience and adaptability with their remote control and variable settings. For property owners seeking an authentic crackling fire and the fragrance of burning wood, wood-burning inserts make the perfect choice.

Along with their convenience and efficiency, fireplace inserts are designed to be environmentally friendly. They reduce the amount of air pollution caused by conventional fireplaces by producing fewer emissions and burning fuel more efficiently.

Safe and correct installation of a fireplace insert can only be ensured with a professional installation. Offering a range of benefits, fireplace inserts are an excellent investment for any householder seeking to improve the comfort, convenience, and value of their home. Various methods of venting may be required for different types of fireplace inserts, which is an important element to consider.

Bromsgrove Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Bromsgrove

The selection of services and tasks that can be completed by your local fireplace fitter are varied and wide, and will generally include stuff like fireplace surrounds, fireplace installation, fireplace hearths, electric fire baskets in Bromsgrove, fireplace services, chimney strengthening, oak beam fireplaces in Bromsgrove, tiled fireplaces Bromsgrove, fireplace inserts, open fireplaces, chimney sweeping, fireplacequotations, fireplace suites, contemporary fireplaces Bromsgrove, gas fireplaces, marble fireplace surrounds, wood fireplace mantels, fake fireplaces in Bromsgrove, the installation of modern fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces, brick fireplace installations in Bromsgrove, wood & multifuel stove installation, fireplace cleaning, elm fireplace installations in Bromsgrove, chimney repairs in Bromsgrove, marble fireplaces, marble fireplace installation in Bromsgrove, cast fireplaces Bromsgrove, the installation of outdoor fireplaces, built-in gas fires, inglenook fireplace, chimney modifications, fireplace fitting, fireplace packages in Bromsgrove, 2-sided fireplaces in Bromsgrove, and others not listed here. These services are just some of those provided by a local fireplace installer.

Skip Hire Bromsgrove

Skip Hire Bromsgrove

Sometimes it is tricky to estimate the volume of waste which is going to be produced when doing home improvements or refurbishments in Bromsgrove. For your fireplace installations, different levels of waste will be created, depending on your particular circumstances, and the scale and scope of your project. In many instances the tradesperson you are hiring will happily take away the waste that's created during the course of the project, but beware - some of them certainly don't!

When there is a substantial amount of waste, most householders in Bromsgrove tend to hire a skip. No matter what amount of rubbish you have, there will be an appropriate skip size on offer. Mini-skips generally accommodate about 2 cubic yds of rubbish, midi-skips accommodate about 4 cubic yds of rubbish, builders skips accommodate about 6 cubic yds of rubbish and roll-on-roll-off skips accommodate about 20 cubic yds of rubbish. Skip bags usually take something like 1-1.5 cubic yds of rubbish.

If you would like skip hire prices for your current project in Bromsgrove, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

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Also find: Stoke Prior fireplace installers, Finstall fireplace installers, Blackwell fireplace installers, Tardebigge fireplace installers, Hewell Grange fireplace installers, Dodford fireplace installers, Aston Fields fireplace installers, Lowes Hill fireplace installers, Burcot fireplace installers, Sidemoor fireplace installers, Foxlydiate fireplace installers, Stoke Heath fireplace installers, Hewell Lane fireplace installers, Lickey End fireplace installers and more. There are people who fit fireplaces in the majority of these towns and localities. These skilled tradesmen's experience and know-how make them well-suited for the successful installation of fireplaces in your property. The ambiance, warmth and comfort that a fireplace brings to their homes can be experienced by residents with the assistance and help of these dedicated specialists. Local homeowners can obtain fireplace installation quotes by simply clicking here. So, why not get cracking with your fireplace installation today!

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