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Fireplace Fitter Fazeley Staffordshire (B78): Opening up an old disused fireplace to install a wood burner, multi fuel or open fire is a great way to add character and a homely feel to any Fazeley home. Nippy winter evenings can become a pleasure as you relax in front of your fireplace surrounded by the crackling of a burning fire, and if your fire is used in combination with a back boiler you can even benefit from free hot water as well.

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If you are going to to end up with a safe and efficient fireplace, there are a few crucial considerations you must keep in mind, before you begin knocking down the walls of a blocked up fireplace. Work carried out on the fireplaces, chimney breasts, hearths and flue linings of any heating appliances, must adhere to Part J of the UK Building Regulations. If you are living in a building that is listed, or a property which is within a conservation, you will need to find out if planning permission is needed for the installation of a fireplace.

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If you're a keen DIYer it might be possible to restore an existing bricked-up fireplace, however the likelihood of running into structural problems in most cases is unfortunately high. You may be lucky and find that the chimney breast, lintel and hearth are in fine shape, once you have uncovered the old fireplace, and that what lies beneath needs nothing more than a chimney sweep. Much more likely you'll come across old brickwork that requires structural modifications and a stopped up flue.

Because of the acute health and fire risk problems that can result from an incorrectly fitted or restored fireplace, it is preferable to rely on the experience and knowledge of a specialist fireplace installer in Fazeley. There always has to be airflow into a room where there's a fireplace to guarantee adequate amounts of oxygen for the fire to burn effectively. Toxic carbon monoxide fumes can soon accumulate from a fire burning inefficiently in a poorly ventilated space.

To get past this problem a professional Fazeley fireplace fitter will consider the situation and fit vents in the room, or under the floors, to guarantee a satisfactory amount of air flow for the fire to burn properly and safely. Moist air can get trapped in unused chimney flues which may also need to have vents installed to improve air circulation, and prevent problems with damp and staining inside the chimney breast.

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Chimney breasts are notorious for the volume of muck and soot that can pile up within them, consequently when you go through the process of opening up an unused fireplace you should expect it to be an exceptionally messy operation. A fireplace installer will bring dust sheets to cover up your home furnishings and provide some form of protection, but it's wise when possible to remove woven floor coverings and furniture from the room before work starts in earnest. Due to the mess involved, if your fireplace installation is only a part of a larger refurbishment project, it should be one of the first things that you do. This should help to prevent any discolouring damage by soot and dirt to any previously completed restoration work.


You will be able to clean and sweep the chimney and hearth and find out what can and cannot be refurbished, as soon as the fireplace has been opened up. Bringing in a proper Fazeley chimney sweep to de-soot your chimney is one of the very first things on the agenda. While cleaning, they'll be in a good position to determine the structural condition of your chimney and flue, and recommend what's needed to knock it back into shape.

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All of the current UK Building Regulations must be adhered to, if you need to strengthen the chimney structure or install a flue lining. A qualified person who is acquainted with the Building Regulations and good working practices will be needed to carry out this work.

It is possible that a supporting concrete lintel will have to be installed, if the measurements of the existing fireplace is larger than your needs. After this step of the work has been completed, the restoration or updating of the hearth can be undertaken. To remain in accordance with the present regulations, any fireplace hearth needs to be set above the level of the floor, although you may find that your hearth is sunken into the floor, as they typically were in the past. You'll find that there's a wide selection of pre-made, ready to fit hearths in marble, stone or concrete, however if your fireplace isn't of a standard size you may have to go with a custom-made hearth, which you could ask your fireplace builder in Fazeley about.

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Checking out a nearby fireplace dealership or browsing on the web will give you a notion of the a huge variety of different designs, shapes and sizes of fireplace for you to choose from. You should follow the advice of the fireplace company with regards to which fireplaces will be suited to your chimney and flue, because some definitely won't be.

Your existing decor, the look you're attempting to create and in some situations, your home's age, will determine whether you go with an open fireplace, a wood burner or a multi-fuel stove. If you have an attractive inglenook fireplace, a wood burner can look stunning set within it, and has the added benefit of effectively reflecting the heat into the room from the stone or brick walls surrounding the stove.

You've still got possibilities for a feature fireplace by putting in a wood burner, even if your Fazeley property doesn't have an existing chimney. This kind of fireplace can be installed with a stainless steel flue that is passed through an outside wall and doesn't need a chimney, to be safely installed.


Who could possibly deny that they enjoy the crackling of a natural fire on a dark evening, but if your circumstances do not allow for this, what alternatives are available?

Gas Fireplaces - Come in a variety of designs to suit any property and are typically more efficient (thermally) than wood burning stoves. The installation and maintenance of gas fires should only be carried out by a Gas Safe heating technician in Fazeley.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Can be fired up with with a variety of fuels, including coal, wood, gas or oil, to generate an excellent focal point in your home in Fazeley. They can be used not just for heating a room, but some styles like the AGA range, can supply hot water, provide a useful cooking area and can be used for heating the entire property if plumbed into a radiator network.

Electric Fireplaces - A wide variety of electric fires to suit any property in Fazeley, can be easily fitted by any reasonable competent individual. Contemporary electric fires can deliver convincing looking flames and and sometimes even the crackling sound of wood to imitate a real fire when set into into a traditional fireplace.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Coming in a broad selection of designs that can be a freestanding feature when necessary, these popular stoves can be used in even the smallest of rooms. An added advantage of these products is that they can provide hot water for domestic use around the home, or provide heating in another room by way of a radiator, when used in conjunction with a back boiler.

Open Fireplaces - This is the timeless fireplace, creating an interesting focal point for a room or living space, and can use a number of different solid fuels, such as briquettes, wood, coalite nuts and smokeless coal. Being far from the smoky old fireplaces of bygone days, an expertly fitted open fire can provide a warm and cosy environment in any Fazeley dwelling.

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Fireplace installation work can be undertaken in Fazeley and also in nearby places like: Two Gates, Belgrave, Dosthill, Weeford, Hints, Drayton Bassett, Bitterscote, Hopwas, Bangley, Tamworth, Bonehill, Cliff, Kettlebrook, Mile Oak, Hockley, and in these postcodes B78 3SP, B78 3SA, B78 3RJ, B78 3TB, B78 3XH, B78 3QU, B78 3RA, B78 3SE, B78, B78 3NA. If a fireplace fitter has the postcode B78 and the telephone dialling code 01827, it's a good bet that they work in the Fazeley area. Fazeley people can use these and other comparable services whenever they need to.

Flue Linings

A safety feature that enables your chimney to function more effectively, a flue liner is a vital part of your chimney set-up that should not be overlooked. Fitted to the inside of chimneys to transport fumes to the outside, flue liners are conduits made from ceramic material, metal or clay. An older chimney in Fazeley may in fact not be fitted with a flue lining at all, or will need to be relined depending on it's age and condition.

The harmful gases that are produced when burning a fire can impair your fireplace's flue lining. You can either get the sweep to inspect it for damage and potential issues while your chimney is being swept, or you could ask your fireplace specialist to examine it. If there is damage, those dangerous gases may be able to seep into your home rather than being safely expelled outdoors. Intense heat may also be permitted to penetrate the chimney's structure, generating the potential for fires. (Tags: Flue Lining Fazeley, Chimney Lining Fazeley, Flue Liners Fazeley).

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To increase draft and prevent smoke from backing up your chimney you can install a chimney cowl, which is a hood-shaped cover that fits over your chimney pot. It's designed to prevent the wind blowing smoke down the chimney, and is normally made of galvanised iron. It's a fundamental part of any fireplace. You should install a cowl on your chimney in Fazeley if you wish to enjoy the many benefits of a fireplace.

A chimney cowl can also help protect your home and keep you safe. There are several types of chimney cowls available on the market, each designed to address different issues. Before you purchase one, consider a few aspects to ensure you get one that will help protect your home. Once you know what you need, you can then choose a chimney cowl based on your budget and needs.

Chimney cowls are a simple way to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in Fazeley. They are inexpensive and easy to install. You should make sure you have easy access to the area above the chimney to install one. It can also prevent debris from accumulating inside the chimney.

Hints To Look After Your Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Expenses

With concerns over the environment, the classic fireplace is missing some of its appeal, although it is still a favourite with many people in Fazeley. There is nothing quite like feeling the genuine warmth of a fireplace throughout a freezing winter's evening. Having an open fireplace has its perks but there are also several drawbacks which could affect its usefulness. As power costs go up, you need to make certain that your fireplace is giving you heat efficiently. When you have a fire going in the fireplace, it can in fact extract warm air out from the room, making your heat source work harder. In the event you do not have a fire, the damper is designed to keep heat in. However, dampers are usually not very successful seals, so a lot of the warm air escapes and enables cold air to enter the property.

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Many homeowners that have fireplaces in their home in Fazeley don't realize how the fireplace can have an effect on their utility bill. Instead of keeping the cost of heating down, it may actually do the precise reverse if one isn't careful. You will find there's a way to take your inefficient fireplace, and remake it into a heat creating system that will more closely fit your budget. There are at least 4 simple things that you could certainly do to fix up your fireplace. You will see that these suggestions will help make your fireplace produce quality heat and your heating bill a bit lower.

The initial thing that must be done is to replace the current damper with a top sealing damper. This style of damper is installed at the top of the chimney, and works like a storm door. It helps prevent the outside air from coming in, and the inside air from getting out, and performs in cold or hot weather. It's not that challenging to fit and can be easily purchased from a fireplace supplier or on the web. Another thing which can be done would be to position a fire-back at the rear of your fireplace. It is made of cast iron and it is used to help the overall look of your fireplace while at the same time protecting the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back reflects the heat from a fire, and sends it back inside the room, improving the overall efficiency of the fireplace.

The next thing that is going to help is a fireplace heater/fan, which heats the room air that is being circulated through an internal chamber, and sends it back into the room. These devices don't release any smoke and can be extremely efficient in keeping your family home warm and cosy. The last and final thing that you can do is to fit glass doors, which may be the most expensive option. If you do some groundwork, you can actually get a good deal on glass doors and they're not too difficult to install yourself. Glass doors will keep the air in your home from escaping up the flue and it also helps to protect your children and pets from falling into the flames.

These suggestions are not that difficult to accomplish and you can order everything you need online. Look after your fireplace and see your energy costs drop.

Chimney Sweep Fazeley

If you have an open fire or a wood burning stove in your house in Fazeley, the routine sweeping of your chimney is imperative. To keep your chimney safe and working correctly, it ought to be swept at least once every twelve months.

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In order to get this job done properly it is wise to bring in a qualified Fazeley chimney sweep. In addition to cleaning your chimney, the chimney sweep will be able to identify any safety issues that exist with your chimney, so that these can be attended to in a timely fashion.

If you don't continually sweep your chimney in Fazeley, the resulting build-up of soot, ash and wood tar could easily lead to a chimney fire. Carbon monoxide gas can also flow back into your house if you allow your chimney to become poorly maintained.

The importance of employing a trustworthy chimney sweep in Fazeley, should now be obvious. GO HERE to get a chimney sweeps quote in Fazeley. (Tags: Chimney Sweep Fazeley, Chimney Sweeping Fazeley, Chimney Sweeps Fazeley).

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In the Staffordshire area you can also find: Anglesey fireplace installation, Caverswall fireplace installations, Great Wyrley log burner installation, Alton fireplace fitters, Longton fireplaces, Alsagers Bank fireplaces, Perton log burner installation, Barton Under Needwood fireplace fitters, Brewood fireplaces, Tunstall fireplace fitters, Alton fireplaces, Wigginton fireplace installations, Whittington fireplace installation, Kinver fireplace installations, Swynnerton fireplace installation, Endon fireplaces, Armitage fireplace fitters, High Offley fireplace installations, Bednall fireplace installations, Bilbrook log burner installation, Fenton fireplace fitters, Bridgtown log burner installation, Perton fireplace installers, Whitmore log burner installation, Longton log burner installation, Essington fireplaces, Alrewas fireplace installation, Colwich fireplace installation, Baldwins Gate fireplace installations, Rolleston on Dove fireplace fitters. it's not always possible to locate someone suitable in Fazeley itself when you are searching for fireplace companies, however in every district of Staffordshire there are a fair few people and companies offering such fireplace services, so finding someone nearby should not be too much of an issue.

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For any Fazeley business, reviews and testimonials are their lifeblood, and the difference between a prospective customer appointing a particular company, or going with someone else, can be whether or not they have great online reviews. When the person or company you have employed has done an exceptional job, it is always nice to leave them an appreciative review to give them a lift and help others to make their choice. Both prospective customers and the company itself can be helped by you recounting your personal knowledge in this manner. Let's face it, reviews were almost certainly useful for you when you were initially hunting for somebody to do your work. Even if you considered a company with an outstanding website, you might well have looked someplace else if this early promise wasn't corroborated by some compelling reviews.

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But, when you're on a company's own website, how can you be certain of the reviews? So as to promote their services, are these reviews written by a company employee, or are they penned by "real" customers?

An easy way to discover sincere and genuine reviews of any particular fireplace company or service in Fazeley is to head over to Google My Business reviews, which are more likely to be trustworthy. Few would argue that this is THE review website to establish the reputation of any company, and also has an effect on the ranking of a business in the search engines. The key competitor of Google My Business and the 2nd biggest review platform for local businesses in Fazeley is Bing Places for Business. Helping to raise the profile of the company that worked on your fireplace project, leaving an appreciative review here can additionally provide an outline of their standards and dependability.

Leaving reviews on Facebook and Twitter is every bit as effective for promoting a company that has performed well. The advertising campaigns of any small business in Fazeley will depend heavily on these social media websites. Your supportive reviews can help to reinforce their promotional message.

You can of course go 'old school' and create a hand-written thankyou letter. These could be framed or compiled to build a portfolio of reviews for one on one meetings with potential clients, or scanned for use on company websites. As soon as you've created your review, whichever method you choose, you will feel good knowing that you played your part in promoting a small local business and helped them to grow and prosper.

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The range of services and tasks that can be undertaken by your local fireplace fitter are varied and wide, and should include things like fireplace fitting, limestone fireplace installation, chimney cowl installations in Fazeley, cheap fireplace installation, freestanding stoves, bespoke fireplaces, fireplace packages, wood burning fireplace installations, flue liners, elm fireplaces Fazeley, fireplace suites, two-sided fireplaces, inset stove installation, stone fireplaces, period fireplaces Fazeley, fireplace repairs, marble fireplace installations in Fazeley, chimney repairs in Fazeley, chimney modifications, fireplace surrounds, electric fire suites in Fazeley, multifuel stoves Fazeley, classic fireplaces Fazeley, brick fireplace installation, contemporary fireplaces Fazeley, fake fireplace installations Fazeley, fireplace replacement, cast iron fireplace installation, cast iron fireplaces Fazeley, designer fireplaces Fazeley, wood burning stove installations in Fazeley, outdoor fireplaces Fazeley, fireplaceprice quotes, tiled fireplaces Fazeley, stone fireplace installation, and others not listed. This is not in any way a comprehensive list of what is provided by a local fireplace fitter. If there are additional Fazeley fireplace requirements that you need but can't see here, you should list them on the QUOTE FORM provided.

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The dedicated Wikipedia "fireplace" page is the place to go to for facts on the heating efficiency of fireplaces, the types of fireplaces, the history of the fireplace, the environmental effects of fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces and the health effects of fireplaces. To understand the social media response to fireplace trends, check this out. There are some high-quality posts about fireplace installation on the internet, consequently if you're interested to learn about fireplace mantels check this out. By studying You Tube videos like this you'll be able to discover how to install a recessed electric fireplace. To see what's happening in the realm of fireplace installation visit the Buildhub Forum (here), topics include things like chimney design, pellet stoves and boilers, widening a fireplace, log burning stoves, understanding building regulations and stove vents.

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Also find: Kettlebrook fireplace installers, Two Gates fireplace installers, Drayton Bassett fireplace installers, Tamworth fireplace installers, Hopwas fireplace installers, Bonehill fireplace installers, Bitterscote fireplace installers, Hints fireplace installers, Belgrave fireplace installers, Cliff fireplace installers, Weeford fireplace installers, Hockley fireplace installers, Dosthill fireplace installers, Bangley fireplace installers, Mile Oak fireplace services and more.

Fireplaces Around Fazeley: In the last year fireplaces were installed in these Fazeley streets: Coronation Avenue, Lichfield Street, Hints Road, Coleshill Street, Reindeer Road, Albert Road, Broomfield Avenue, Buxton Avenue, Heathcote Drive, Price Avenue, Bonehill Road, Tamworth Road, Wrighton Grove, Deer Park Road, West Drive, Dama Road, George Avenue, Yorksand Road, Oak Drive, Fallow Road, Victoria Drive, Watling Street, Caistor Close, Atherstone Street, and in these Staffordshire postcodes: B78 3SP, B78 3SA, B78 3RJ, B78 3TB, B78 3XH, B78 3QU, B78 3RA, B78 3SE, B78, B78 3NA. Work was achieved in these locations by local installers of fireplaces. Fazeley householders benefited from dependable and top notch fireplace services.

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More Fazeley Tradespeople: Okay, so you are presently looking for fireplace specialists in Fazeley, however you may also require a metal worker in Fazeley, an electrician in Fazeley, a carpenter and joiner in Fazeley, a painter/decorator in Fazeley, a flooring company in Fazeley, a plasterer in Fazeley, a heating engineer in Fazeley, a damp proofer in Fazeley, an odd job man in Fazeley, a roofing specialist in Fazeley, a stonemason in Fazeley, a chimney sweep in Fazeley, a building contractor in Fazeley, a bricklayer in Fazeley, waste removal in Fazeley, SKIP HIRE in Fazeley, during the course of any home improvement work in Fazeley, Staffordshire.

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Fireplace installation in B78 area, telephone code 01827.

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