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Fireplace Fitter Cheadle Staffordshire (SK8): Installing a brand new fireplace or renovating an existing one is an excellent way to add more charm to any property in Cheadle. Not only can you delight in the warmth and comfort of a stove or open fire through the cold winter's evenings, but if you combine a new fireplace with a back boiler, you'll also be provided with a constant supply of hot water.

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If you are to wind up with an efficient and safe fireplace, there are a few crucial considerations you must bear in mind, before you begin knocking down the walls of a blocked up fireplace. Any work that is undertaken on your fireplace, hearth, flue lining and chimney breast must follow the Building Regulations, Part J for heat producing appliances. If you live in a listed building you will also have to ascertain if planning permission is necessary from the local authorities before any work is started.

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If any construction work is necessary in your fireplace installation, structural and safety problems may arise that will need resolving by a professional, although a keen and competent do-it-yourselfer might be able to have a bash at a simple renovation on a pre-existing fireplace. When your blocked up fireplace is uncovered you may be lucky and find a sturdy lintel, hearth and chimney breast which needs little more than a clean by a chimney sweep to get it working again. If you aren't so blessed, you will discover a wall of old bricks that was covering a string of problems, like an old broken lintel or a stopped-up chimney.

Hiring a specialist fireplace fitter in Cheadle is widely recommended, since a fireplace that's wrongly installed can can cause a fire risk and respiratory problems. For a fire to burn correctly in a space where a fireplace is installed, there must be enough airflow to create an adequate amount of oxygen. Carbon monoxide fumes (which are dangerous can build-up in a poorly ventilated area where a fire that is burning inefficiently is installed.

A competent fireplace installation team will assess the situation at hand and overcome this challenge and ensure a sufficient amount of air flow for the fire to burn safely and properly, by fitting vents in locations around the room, or beneath the floors. Condensing air can easily get trapped in unused or blocked chimney flues which may also need to have air vents installed, to prevent problems with dampness and staining in the chimney breast.

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Massive amounts of soot and dust will enter your room when you are re-opening an unused fireplace. In essence, this is an enormously messy task. It is advisable to remove your your furniture and carpets before any fireplace refurbishment work begins, because even with covers and other dust protection for your furniture, the likelihood of impairment from grime and soot is still possible. When it is only part of a larger home refurbishment project, the opening up of a disused fireplace ought to be one of the initial things to be worked on, due to the mess involved. By opening up a fireplace first you'll prevent any chimney soot causing damage to other stages of your restoration project, such as paint on walls or fresh plaster.


You'll get a greater understanding of the refurbishment work that needs to be done, after you've opened up and exposed the old fireplace. You'll also be able to sweep the chimney and clean any remaining hearth. One of the initial items on your to-do-list should be to get in touch with a professional chimney sweep who operates in and around Cheadle. After sweeping, they'll offer specialist advice on the state of the flue liner and chimney structure, and let you know if there are any elements that need replacing.

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All the relevant UK Building Regulations must be adhered to, if it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney. A competent tradesperson with experience of the Building Regs and decent construction techniques will be needed to complete this work.

If it is necessary to change the size of opening of your existing fireplace to something more suitable for your new design, a concrete supporting lintel must be installed. When you've successfully supported the fireplace with your lintel it will then be time to upgrade or repair the hearth. In earlier times the hearth would be sunken into a hole in the floor, but the latest Building Regulations demand that it's raised at least 12.5mm above the normal level of the floor. If your fireplace is not a standard size you might have to choose a bespoke, custom-built hearth, but there are also a whole host of ready to fit hearths in stone, slate or marble.

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Choosing your perfect fireplace can be difficult amongst the various styles that are available from a fireplace showroom or online retailer. It normally pays to follow the advice of the installation and sales team in relation to which fireplaces will be suited to your flue, chimney and ventilation conditions, as some will not be.

You property's age, and the theme that you are trying to establish for your room, will all help you to determine the design and type of fireplace which is most suitable. If you are lucky enough to have a property with an inglenook fireplace for example, this is a perfect position for a classic cast iron wood-burner stove. This won't only deflect the heat back into the room effectively, but will also put the focus on the beauty and charm of the stove.

Even if you do not have a chimney in your Cheadle property, it's still entirely possible to put in a wood burner. An existing chimney is not required since a stainless steel flue is taken straight from the top or rear of the stove and passed through an external wall.


A roaring fire on a dark evening creates a charm and ambience that cannot be beaten, however what else is available to install in your lovely new fireplace in Cheadle?

Gas Fireplaces - There are an assortment of styles to complement any house in Cheadle, and they provide instantaneous heat which is more thermally efficient than a wood burning stove. Must be professionally installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered tradesman.

Open Fireplaces - Provides an attractive focal point for your room and can be used with an assortment of solid fuels. In yesteryear regarded as being smoky, draughty and inefficient, a professionally installed modern open fireplace can create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Electric Fireplaces - Can be fitted safely and quickly by any competent individual and there are styles and designs which are suitable for almost any room and type of home in Cheadle. An electric fire can be installed in your dwelling, even if you have a regular fireplace, and some of them look almost like a "real" fire with crackling sound effects and dancing flames.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you'll no doubt gather from the name, these kinds of stoves can burn a selection of fuels, including smokeless coal, wood, oil or gas, and not just that, they can also create an excellent focal point for your home in Cheadle. The AGA range for example is well known as being capable of providing heat for an entire home, a constant hot water supply and an oven and hob for cooking all in one useful appliance.

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Wood Burning Stoves - A wide variety of styles to go with any kind of home in Cheadle, and can even be freestanding. An integrated back boiler is an added benefit and could provide hot water for use around the home, or to provide heating in another area via a radiator.

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Fireplace installers can be found in the Cheadle area, as well as in: Withington, Heaton Norris, Heaton Mersey, East Didsbury, Davenport, Barlow Moor, Parrs Wood, Heald Green, Adswood, Cheadle Heath, Northenden, Didsbury, in addition to places with postcodes like: ST10 1NG, ST10 1EH, ST10 1QZ, ST10 1BQ, ST10 1BT, ST10 1BP, ST10 1HS, ST10 1NT, ST10 1QG, ST10 1FB. Fireplace companies from Cheadle should have the postcode SK8 and the phone code 01538. This information is invaluable if you wish to check that you're looking at a locally based fireplace installer.

Flue Liners

Fitted to improve the safety and efficiency of your chimney system, a chimney or flue liner is crucial and should never be overlooked whatever the circumstances. Flue liners are conduits manufactured from metal, clay or ceramic material which are fitted to the inside of chimneys to transport fumes to the outside. Based on their condition and age, older chimneys in Cheadle may need to be re-lined, or may not be fitted with a lining at all.

The dangerous fumes and gases which are created when burning a fire can damage your chimney's flue. Whilst it's being cleaned, get the sweep or fireplace specialist to assess your flue lining for any damage or any chances of it deteriorating in the future. A flue that has sustained damage could allow those toxic gases to penetrate your living space, rather than venting them out into the atmosphere. Extreme heat could also be permitted to penetrate into the chimney's structure, creating the potential for fires. (Tags: Chimney Lining Cheadle, Flue Lining Cheadle, Flue Liners Cheadle).

Ways To Lower Your Heating Bill And Keep Your Fireplace In Excellent Shape

With all the current environmental issues, the traditional fireplace has lost a little of its charm, but it's still a favourite feature for many in Cheadle. There is nothing quite like feeling the natural warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter's evening. Having an open fireplace has its perks but there are also several drawbacks which could have an impact on its performance. With the cost of energy increasing annually, your fireplace has to emit heat in a very cost-effective way. When you've got a fire going in the fireplace, it can literally extract warm air away from the room, making your heat source work harder. If there's no fire, a damper is supposed to control the airflow. Nevertheless, dampers are not terribly effective seals, so a lot of the warm air escapes and allows cold air to come into the property.

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A great many householders in Cheadle who have fireplaces don't know how it can impact the cost of heating their home. Instead of warming a residence naturally, a fireplace can in fact add hundreds of pounds to the cost of your heating. Nevertheless, there are a number of techniques you're able to do that will be able to turn your budget busting fireplace into something far more efficient. There are four simple things that you will be able to do to turn your fireplace into the cost-effective heat sourse you're looking for. These will certainly make your present fireplace far more effective, and reduce your heating bills.

Step one is to take out your existing damper and change it for a top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is fitted toward the top end of your chimney which also doubles as a storm door. It does an excellent job of preserving warm air in the property during wintertime and cool air from escaping in the summer months. It doesn't take a lot of time to install and you can get one online. A second thing which can be done is to place a fire-back at the rear of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that's designed to add to the room design, while shielding the back wall from being damaged by the heat. The fire-back actually heats up from the flames and sends the heat back into a room, consequently improving the overall efficiency of the fireplace.

The next thing that could also help is a fireplace heater/fan, which heats the air which is being circulated through an internal chamber, and blows it back towards the room. These heaters are enclosed systems, therefore no smoke is released, and they can really make a difference in the temperature of your house. The final thing that can be done is to fix glass doors, which could be a bit on the expensive side. If you do a bit of groundwork, you can get a good price on glass doors and fit them on your own. These glass doors help to keep the heat from leaking out and additionally it keeps pets and children from being burned.

The guidance we just gave isn't difficult to implement, and most of the products can be purchased online, or from your local stockist. Just do your very best to ensure your fireplace is efficient and watch your heating bills go down.

Brick Fireplaces

For centuries, brick fireplaces have been a classic feature in Cheadle homes, and rightly so. They provide character, warmth and a touch of rustic charm that can't be provided by any other feature. If you're considering adding a brick fireplace to your home in Cheadle, here are a few things you should bear in mind.

First, decide on the design of brick fireplace you prefer. You can go with a conventional design with a hearth and mantel, or a modern pattern with sleek lines and a minimalist design. You can use a brick fireplace as a statement piece, so consider the size and location of your fireplace. A large fireplace can provide a spectacular focal point in a room, whilst a smaller fireplace can provide a snug and cosy nook.

Brick fireplaces can be constructed using different types of bricks. You can pick from a variety of brick colours and textures to match the design of your property. You can also add additional elements such as stone, tile or wood to complement the brick.

Lastly, keep in mind the practical considerations. A brick fireplace can be a way to heat your house, therefore you'll want to make certain it's adequately vented and that you're using it safely.

A brick fireplace can be a functional and beautiful addition to your dwelling in Cheadle. With a little attention to detail and planning, you can create a fireplace that not only provides warmth but also adds character and charm to your home.

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Carbon monoxide detector installation.

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When making plans for any home improvements or refurbishments in Cheadle, you will want to make provision for any waste that is generated. Your specific fireplace installations may create hardly any waste, and then again it could result in a lot. Depending on who you hire to do the job, some tradespeople will include waste removal within the job quotation and will be glad to get rid of it for you.

One of the simplest and most trouble-free ways to dispose of this waste is to hire a skip. Skips are available in all different sizes, so you should be able to get one that's ideal for you. Mini-skips can take roughly 2-3 cubic yards of waste, midi-skips can take roughly 4-5 cubic yards of waste, builders skips can take roughly 6-8 cubic yards of waste (65 bin bags) and roll-on-roll-off skips can take roughly 20-25 cubic yards of waste. Skip bags generally take approximately 1-1.5 cubic yards of waste.

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A forum is an amazing destination to glean information and facts on fireplace installation, so it would be a wise idea to check out the Buildhub Forum (here), topics you can discuss include chimney designs, widening fireplaces, log burners, trims for stoves, building regulations and pellet stoves and boilers. To see the social media reaction to fireplace developments and trends, check this out. You can take a look at the Wikipedia webpage to learn information regarding fireplace heating efficiency, the health effects of fireplaces, the different types of fireplace, the history of the fireplace, wood burning fireplaces and the environmental effects of fireplaces. To check out a fascinating article about fireplace decoration ideas check this out. See a YouTube video on DIY fireplace installation here.

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There are a wide range of tasks that can be accomplished by your local Cheadle fireplace installer including designer fireplaces in Cheadle, brick fireplace installations, open fireplaces in Cheadle, electric fireplaces in Cheadle, fireplace installation in Cheadle, the installation of modern fireplaces, flue lining, corner fireplaces, modern fireplace installations, the installation of tiled fireplaces, marble fireplace surrounds, wood fireplace mantels, cast iron fireplaces in Cheadle, inglenook fireplace Cheadle, carbon monoxide detector installation Cheadle, chimney modifications, fireplace restoration Cheadle, two-sided fireplaces, limestone fireplaces, fireplace services, electric fireplace installation, elm fireplaces Cheadle, fireplaces, stone fireplace installation, Victorian fireplaces Cheadle, hearth fireplaces Cheadle, cheap fireplaces, fireplaceprice quotes, fake fireplace installations, Regency fireplaces Cheadle, fake fireplaces, chimney strengthening, fire grate conversions Cheadle, classic fireplaces, inset stoves, and more. This is just a selection of the services that might be available from your local fireplace installer. Cheadle specialists providing these types of fireplace services, will provide a complete list if you need one. You can CLICK HERE and complete the quote form provided, if there are some other Cheadle fireplace requirements that you need but cannot see here.

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More Cheadle Tradespeople: Cheadle home improvements typically require the expertise of many different craftsmen, and despite the fact that you're currently interested in fireplace specialists in Cheadle, a tiler in Cheadle, an electrician in Cheadle, a painter and decorator in Cheadle, a stonemason in Cheadle, stone cleaning in Cheadle, screeding in Cheadle, SKIP HIRE in Cheadle, a bricklayer in Cheadle, a chimney sweep in Cheadle, a plasterer in Cheadle, a plumber in Cheadle, a handyperson in Cheadle, a carpenter/joiner in Cheadle, pressure washing in Cheadle, a metal worker in Cheadle, waste removal in Cheadle, a roofing contractor in Cheadle, a general builder in Cheadle, may also be required at some stage during your project.

Fireplaces Around Cheadle: In Cedar Close, Baddeley Street, Eaves Lane, Spode Close, Pullman Court, Prince George Street, Harborne Crescent, Tean Road, Breach Lane, Silverstone Avenue, Boundary View, Avon Grove, Bala Grove, Doulton Close, Well Street, Monkhouse, Brookhouse Way, Bassett Close, Draycott Drive, Glebe Court, Millers View, Dale Close, Brookside Court, Lomond Grove, Dairyhouse Lane, Trent Close, Shelsley Road, Paragon Close, The Paddock, as well as these local Cheadle postcodes: ST10 1NG, ST10 1EH, ST10 1QZ, ST10 1BQ, ST10 1BT, ST10 1BP, ST10 1HS, ST10 1NT, ST10 1QG, ST10 1FB. people have just recently needed local fireplace installation. Work was performed in these areas by local installers of fireplaces. Cheadle homeowners enjoyed trusted and reliable fireplace services in every case.

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