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Fireplace Fitter Pencoed Wales (CF35): An excellent way to add some charm to any Pencoed property is by installing a new fireplace, or restoring an existing one. If you combine your new fireplace with a back boiler, you can not only enjoy the warmth and ambience of an open fire on those nippy winters' evenings, you'll also be provided with a plentiful supply of piping hot water.

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However before you begin bashing down the walls of a bricked-up fireplace there are some important considerations you must bear in mind to achieve an efficient and safe fireplace. All work must abide by Part J of the UK's Building Regulations, which addresses the installation and construction of flue linings, hearths, chimney breasts and fireplaces of any heat producing appliance.

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A straightforward renovation of an existing fireplace can perhaps be achieved by a skilled DIYer, however if any construction work is needed there is a chance of encountering structural issues which have to be handled by a professional. If you are lucky when you open up a stopped up fireplace you may find a decent hearth, lintel and chimney breast that needs little more than the services and advice of a chimney sweep to get a toasty fire going. However, a flue that is blocked and old brickwork that needs to be reinforced structurally is what you're most likely to find.

It is normally recommended to rely on the experience and knowledge of a professional fireplace installer in Pencoed, due to the severe health and fire risk problems that can result from a poorly fitted or renovated fireplace. Ensuring that sufficient oxygen is available in a room for the fire to burn properly is a major part of Part J of the Building Regulations for fireplaces. An inefficiently burning fire in an inadequately ventilated space can result in an accumulation of deadly carbon monoxide.

To successfully get around any airflow issues, vents could be installed around the room as part of a fireplace installation, to ensure suitable levels of oxygen are able to reach the fireplace. To enhance air movement inside unused or blocked chimney flues, the fireplace installation team may need to install flue vents to stop moist, condensed air becoming trapped and producing damp areas and staining.

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It's astonishing just how much grime and soot can accumulate inside an old chimney and fireplace and you will not know precisely what's there until you uncover it. Even with dust sheets for your furniture, the risk of impairment from grime and soot is still possible and it is advised to remove your furniture and carpets before any fireplace restoration work begins. Opening up a fireplace ought to be one of the first things that you do, if it's a part of a more extensive renovation project. This will help to prevent damage to other phases of your renovation project (i.e. newly painted walls or fresh plasterwork), by soot and dirt that is expelled.


You'll get a much better idea about the renovation work that is needed, as soon as you have uncovered the old fireplace. You will also be able to get the chimney swept and clean any remaining hearth. This would be the perfect time to make contact with a professional Pencoed chimney sweep to find out whether they can come and have a look at your chimney and fireplace. After cleaning and sweeping, they'll offer guidance and advice about what kind of condition the flue liner and chimney structure is in, and tell you if there are elements that need to be changed.

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It might be essential to fit a new flue liner to observe the Building Regulations, and construction work may also be required to beef up the original chimney and breast. Experience in good working practices and familiarity with the relevant Building Regulations will be essential for anybody who carries out this type of work, so you really want a skilled builder and should never attempt to do this yourself.

Once this stage of the work has been completed, the updating or refurbishment of the hearth can be tackled. The latest regulations demand that the hearth is set at least 12.5mm above floor level, although once upon a time it would have been sunken into the floor. You could ask your Pencoed fireplace builder about a bespoke, custom-built hearth to complement the style and design of your house, or if your fireplace is of a standard size, there's a wide variety of ready to install options in granite, concrete and marble.

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Due to the vast array of different fireplace styles and designs, picking the one which is right for your home won't always be easy. You can find out what is on the market by going on the web or by visiting your nearest fireplace dealership. You should heed the advice of the fireplace installation team in relation to which fireplaces will be appropriate for your particular chimney, flue and ventilation situation, as some won't be.

Certain rooms and houses will be more suitable for open fireplaces than a wood burning or multi-fuel stove and vice versa. A traditional iron wood-burner stove for example, will look amazing when placed in an inglenook fireplace, which reflects any heat that's produced back into the room and highlights its charm and beauty.

If your Pencoed property does not have a chimney breast you've still got the option of a feature fireplace by putting in a multi-fuel or wood burning stove. As a flue can be routed through an external wall and doesn't need a chimney structure, it is still quite possible to install this style of fireplace.


If your circumstances do not allow for the installation of a natural fireplace, what are all the possible alternatives?

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fireplaces are available in a multitude of styles to suit any property and are typically more efficient than wood burning stoves. Only Gas Safe technicians are qualified to install one of these fireplaces.

Electric Fireplaces - Just about any competent person can safely and quickly install one of these electric fireplaces, and the wide assortment of styles make these an extremely popular choice for property owners in Pencoed. When set into a regular fireplace, modern electric fires can imitate an actual fire, with authentic looking flame effects and even the sound of crackling wood.

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Wood Burning Stoves - A wide variety of different styles to match any type of house in Pencoed, and can even be free standing. An added benefit of these stoves is that they can provide steaming hot water for personal use, or provide heating in another room by way of a radiator, when combined with a back boiler.

Open Fireplaces - Being able to burn just about any solid fuel on the market, the open fireplace can provide a flickering fire as an interesting focal point for a room or living area. Being far from the old-fashioned smoky fireplace, an expertly installed open fire provides a cosy and warm environment in any Pencoed property.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you'll no doubt gather from the name, these types of stoves can be fed a variety of different fuels, including gas, smokeless coal, wood or oil, and furthermore, they can also introduce a focal point for your home in Pencoed. These products can be used not simply for heating a single room, but some types such as the AGA collection, can provide useful cooking areas, supply hot water and can be used to heat the whole property if plumbed into a radiator network.

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Fireplace installers are available in Pencoed itself, in these postcodes: , CF35 5LR, CF35 6PT, CF35 6RP, CF35 5NL, CF35 6SZ, CF35 6YD, CF35 6YB, CF35 6NT, and CF35 6SS, as well as in proximate areas like Henre, Coity, Heol-y-Cyw, Ruthin, Brynna, Bryncae, Litchard, Simonstone, Graig Penlynn, Dolau, Bryncoch, Brynnau Gwynion, Llanharan, Coychurch. Pencoed fireplace services should have the dialling code 01656 and the postcode CF35.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Costs

The classic open fireplace has lost a certain amount of of its glamour due to worries about the environment but it is still favoured by many householders in Pencoed. The natural comfort of an open fireplace triggers special recollections for those who've got them. The fireplace can offer a lot of benefits for your property, but there are some important negative aspects that need to be monitored. With energy costs soaring year after year, your fireplace has to give out heat in a very cost-effective way. When you've got a fire going in the fireplace, it can actually take away warm air out from the room, making your heat source work harder. In case you don't have a fire going, the damper is designed to keep heat in. The thing is, fireplace dampers can often be inefficient in keeping warm air in the dwelling and cold air out.

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What the majority of householders in Pencoed usually do not know about their fireplace is that it doesn't do precisely what they assume it is doing. Instead of conserving resources, and heating costs, it can often be adding 100s of pounds of energy costs. There is a way to take your ineffective fireplace, and make it into a heat generating system that will more closely fit your budget. Pretty much all you need to do is only 4 simple things to fix your fireplace. You will recognize that these tips will help to make your fireplace create quality heat and your present energy bill a bit smaller.

The 1st thing that has to be done is to replace the existing damper with a top sealing damper. This type of damper is mounted at the top end of the chimney, and works like a storm door. It stops the outside air from coming in, and the internal air from getting out, and functions in cold or hot weather. This doesn't take a lot of time to install and you can order one online. An additional thing you will be able to do is fit a fire-back in the back of your fireplace. A fire-back is constructed of cast iron and it really is meant to protect the back wall from fire damage, while making your fireplace look classy. The fire-back takes the heat from a fire, and sends it back inside the room, increasing the overall efficiency of the fireplace.

Another way to save money is by using a fireplace fan/heater, which heats the area by pulling the air into a heat chamber and blowing the air back into the room. These heating devices do not discharge any smoke and should be extremely efficient in keeping your home warm and toasty. Lastly, you can install glass doors which could be the most costly option. Hunting around, you will be able to find a good deal, and with an instruction manual, you can even fit them yourself. Such glass doors create a buffer between the hearth and living space, not only making the area less for the fire to heat, but also providing protection.

These suggestions are not that tough to accomplish and you should be able to obtain most of the items you need from the internet. Get the best from your fireplace and watch your energy bill fall.

Chimney Sweeping Pencoed

No matter whether you've got a wood burning stove or an open fire, you must get your chimney swept on a regular basis. It is typically advised that at least once yearly the chimney should be swept and cleaned.

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In order to get the work done correctly and without any mess, the best approach is to contact a professional Pencoed chimney sweep, who'll be happy to help you. This not only means that you chimney is kept clean, the chimney sweep will be able to spot any issues with you chimney.

Routine sweeping helps prevent a build-up of soot, ash and creosote, a common cause of chimney fires. Another dangerous situation that you want to avoid at all costs is carbon monoxide fumes being drawn back into your property, which can also be caused by a badly maintained chimney.

This all adds up to the fact that you should always hire a professional Pencoed chimney sweep, and one who has decent public liability cover in case of any accidents. If you want to find out what it costs to hire a chimney sweep in nearby towns and villages.

Fireplace Installers Pencoed

Tradespeople who specialise in maintaining and installing fireplaces are called fireplace installers. Skilled craftsmen have the expertise to install and repair different kinds of fireplaces, including wood-burning, electric and gas fireplaces. These operatives are typically hired by fireplace manufacturers or construction companies, although some opt for independent work.

The installation of a fireplace requires careful preparation, planning, and execution. A fireplace installer's knowledge of local building regulations and codes is crucial to ensure the installation meets all relevant standards and is safe. They must also be acquainted with the different types of materials and tools needed for the job.

Maintenance services are also offered by fireplace installers to ensure the fireplace is in good working order. The fireplace maintenance services provided include inspecting the fireplace for potential safety issues, replacing any damaged parts, and cleaning the chimney.

Fireplace installation is a field of specialisation that necessitates significant training and expertise. A certified and reliable fireplace installer must be hired to ensure the work is carried out safely and to the highest possible standards. The contribution of fireplace installers is vital in the creation of cosy and functional living spaces. Their skill and expertise make it possible for homeowners in Pencoed to enjoy the comfort and warmth of a fireplace without any worries or concerns. READ MORE HERE: FIREPLACE INSTALLERS

Fireplace Inserts

A favourite among householders in Pencoed seeking to improve their traditional fireplaces, are fireplace inserts. The objective of these inserts is to amplify fireplace efficiency by decreasing heat loss and directing more heat into the room. For those who appreciate the ambience of a fire, these inserts provide a less complicated and safer option, free from the drawbacks of old-fashioned wood-burning fireplaces.

Ranging from gas to electric and wood-burning models, there is a diverse selection of designs and sizes available for fireplace inserts. While gas fireplace inserts are effortless to use and need minimal maintenance, electric inserts offer convenience and flexibility with their remote control and adjustable settings. The authentic feel of a crackling fire and the aroma of burning wood is what makes wood-burning inserts ideal for householders.

Besides their convenience and efficiency, fireplace inserts are also considerate of the environment. They decrease the amount of air pollution caused by traditional fireplaces by producing fewer emissions and burning fuel more efficiently.

To ensure a correct and safe installation of a fireplace insert, it is essential to have a professional installation. Fireplace inserts are a wise investment for householders looking to increase the convenience, comfort, and value of their property, thanks to their numerous benefits. Fireplace inserts can improve home comfort and reduce heating costs by reducing heat loss and directing more heat into the room.

Chimney Repair

The efficiency and safety of fireplaces and heating systems hinge on proper chimney repair. Over time, chimneys can suffer from wear and deterioration, leading to problems such as blockages, cracks or leaks. Averting potential hazards, including carbon monoxide exposure and fire, is dependent on swift repairs. By availing the services of professional chimney repair in Pencoed, these problems can be tackled, ensuring optimal chimney performance and safety compliance. Regular inspections and repairs contribute to extending the chimney's lifespan and decreasing the requirement for expensive future repairs, granting householders peace of mind and a dependable heating source. (71372 - Chimney Repairs Pencoed)

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Also find: Bryncoch fireplace installers, Litchard fireplace installers, Llanharan fireplace installers, Coychurch fireplace installers, Dolau fireplace installers, Heol-y-Cyw fireplace installers, Graig Penlynn fireplace installers, Brynna fireplace installers, Simonstone fireplace installers, Coity fireplace installers, Henre fireplace installers, Ruthin fireplace installers, Brynnau Gwynion fireplace installers, Bryncae fireplace installers and more. Fireplace installation services are available in all these areas. The adept installation of a fireplace in your home is well within the skillset of these professional tradespeople, given their knowledge and experience. The warmth, atmosphere and comfort of a fireplace in their living spaces are made possible for residents through the support of these dedicated experts. Local home and property owners can get fireplace installation quotes by going here.

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More Pencoed Tradespeople: Pencoed home improvement projects usually require the skills of many different craftsmen, and even though you're currently focused on identifying fireplace installers in Pencoed, a general builder in Pencoed, a painter and decorator in Pencoed, a plumber in Pencoed, an electrician in Pencoed, a plasterer in Pencoed, a carpenter in Pencoed, a blacksmith in Pencoed, SKIP HIRE in Pencoed, a tiler in Pencoed, pressure washing in Pencoed, a roofer in Pencoed, waste removal in Pencoed, a bricklayer in Pencoed, a stonemason in Pencoed, a chimney sweep in Pencoed, a handyman in Pencoed, stone cleaning in Pencoed, a flooring company in Pencoed, could also be required at some point during your venture.

Pencoed Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Pencoed

Your local fireplace company can accomplish a number of different tasks and services including oak beam fireplaces, carbon monoxide detector installation, fireplace repairs, gas fireplace installation Pencoed, marble fireplace installations, Victorian fireplaces Pencoed, electric fireplaces, traditional fireplace installation, hearth-mounted electric fires, fireplace hearths, elm fireplace installation, wood burning fireplaces Pencoed, double-sided stove installation, chimney modifications in Pencoed, the installation of tiled fireplaces, elm fireplaces Pencoed, fireplace surrounds, chimney cowl installation, outdoor fireplaces Pencoed, fireplaces, inset stove installations, reclaimed fireplaces Pencoed, Victorian fireplace installations in Pencoed, fireplacequotes in Pencoed, fireplace installation, fire grate conversions, electric fire suites, hearth fireplaces Pencoed, modern fireplace installations in Pencoed, limestone fireplace, chimney strengthening, timber mantels in Pencoed, modern gas fires, marble fireplaces, chimney lining, and more. Pencoed providers will tell you about their whole range of fireplace services. If there happen to be some other Pencoed fireplace requirements that you want but don't find here, you should list them on the QUOTE FORM provided.

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