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Fireplace Fitter Brierley South Yorkshire (S72): The installation of a brand new fireplace, or the renovation of an existing one is a fantastic way to add more charm to any house in Brierley. Not only can you enjoy the ambience and warmth of a stove or open fire during the frosty winter days, but if you incorporate a back boiler with your new fireplace, you will also be provided with an adequate supply of piping hot water.

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There are some essential things to consider if you are going to to end up with a safe and efficient fireplace, before you start bashing down the walls of a blocked up fireplace. To start with, Part J of the UK Building Regulations will need to be followed with regards to the installation and construction of any flue linings, fireplaces, chimney breasts and hearths which are part of a heating appliance in your property in Brierley.

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When restoring an old blocked or bricked-up fireplace, there's a high probability of coming across structural issues, thus even if you're a keen DIYer you could easily struggle with this sort of work. If you're lucky when you open up a boarded fireplace you might find a decent lintel, hearth and chimney breast that needs nothing other than the advice and services of a chimney sweep to get it ready for a fire once more. If you're not so blessed, you'll discover a wall of old, crumbling bricks that was covering a series of problems, like a blocked chimney or a broken old lintel.

If a fireplace is installed in your home in Brierley and it's not put in correctly, there's not only a severe fire risk, but also of respiratory health issues. Therefore, using a professional fireplace fitter is widely recommended in most cases. Making certain that sufficient oxygen is available in a room for the fire to burn satisfactorily is a key aspect of the Building Regulations (Part J) for fireplaces. A fire doesn't burn efficiently if there's not enough oxygen, and death or serious injury could occur where carbon monoxide gas builds-up.

To ensure a sufficient amount of air flow for the fire to combust properly and safely, an experienced fireplace installation team will evaluate the situation and fit vents in locations around the room, or under the floors, thus solving this problem. Blocked off and unused chimney flues may also need to have air vents fitted as they can trap moist air causing damp to develop inside the chimney.

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When you're opening up a disused fireplace for a renovation project, you will be amazed at the amount of soot and muck that has built-up there. To make sure that your stuff does not get ruined by the muck, soot and dust that's expelled during the fireplace installation works, removing any rugs, furniture and carpets beforehand is recommended. Because of the mess involved, if the fireplace installation is only part of a bigger home renovation project, it ought to be one of the very first things that you tackle after the room has been brought back to bare floors and walls in preparation. If other restoration work has previously been done, this may be ruined by soot and dirt.


With your fireplace now open, it's time to see what is in a fit state to be restored and give the chimney and hearth a comprehensive clean. One of the first items on your agenda should be to bring in a proper chimney sweep who works in the Brierley area. After cleaning and sweeping, they'll be able to offer professional advice on the state of your chimney structure and flue liner, and inform you whether there are sections that need to be exchanged.

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After a chimney sweeps assessment it may be required to strengthen the chimney breast and/or install a new flue lining as laid down in Part J of the Building Regulations. Experience in good working practices and an awareness of the Building Regulations will be essential for anybody who does this kind of work, so you really want a qualified builder and should never attempt to do this on your own.

It is by no means a given that the size of the uncovered fireplace will match the layout that you've got planned, which means that it may be necessary to fit a steel or concrete lintel. The repair, upgrade and installation of the fireplace hearth can proceed as soon as the supporting lintel is in place. You may find the original hearth has been sunken into a void in the floor, however to abide by latest Building Regulations it is required to be raised slightly above floor level. If your fireplace is not a standard size you might have to choose a custom-built hearth, but there are also a wide range of ready-made hearths in concrete, marble or granite.

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Choosing your perfect fireplace can be challenging amongst the many designs, shapes and sizes available from an online outlet or fireplace showroom. It normally pays to follow the advice of the installers and the sales team with regards to which fireplaces will be suitable for your chimney and flue, because some of them won't be.

In determining the style of fireplace that is most suitable for your specific situation, you'll need to think about the age of your house in Brierley, and the style you're aiming to develop in your room. If you have an old-fashioned inglenook fireplace, a cast iron wood burning stove can look magnificent in this surrounding, and has the added benefit of effectively reflecting heat back into the room from the stone or brick walls that surround the stove.

It is still possible to install a wood burning stove, even if you don't have a chimney breast in your Brierley home. Since a flue can be channeled through an exterior wall and doesn't need a chimney, it's still possible to install and enjoy this type of fireplace.


Who can deny that they enjoy the warmth and glow of an open fireplace on a cold evening, however if your circumstances do not allow for this, what are the other alternatives?

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Wood Burning Stoves - Wood burners have grown to be extremely popular in many homes in Brierley, and can have modern or classic styling to suit your decoration. A back boiler is an extra benefit and can provide hot water for personal use, or to provide heating in other rooms via radiators.

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fires are better than multi-fuel stoves or wood burners when it comes to thermal efficiency, and there are a variety of styles and sizes to complement any home in Brierley. Must be professionally fitted and maintained by Gas Safe registered (previously CORGI registered) engineer.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Provides you with options to use wood, oil, coal and gas to deliver a versatile stove for any home in Brierley. One of the most recognised makes of multi-fuel stoves is AGA, and these can not only provide you with cheap heating for your entire home, but also cooking and hot water.

Open Fireplaces - Provides a unique focal point for your room and can utilise an assortment of solid fuels. Being a far cry from the smoky fireplaces of yesteryear, a professionally installed open fire can provide a warm, toasty atmosphere in any Brierley property.

Electric Fireplaces - A popular choice for householders in Brierley, these fireplaces can be put in by just about any capable person, safely and quickly. Contemporary electric fires can be installed in your property, even if you've got a regular fireplace, and many of them look almost like a "real" fire with crackling sound effects and dancing flames.

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Brick Fireplaces Brierley

Brick fireplaces have long been a favourite in home design. They provide charm, warmth and character to any room. Although traditional brick fireplaces were mostly used for the purpose of heating, they have evolved to become a statement piece in modern homes. Below are some things to think about if you're considering a brick fireplace for your property in Brierley.

First of all, choose the type of brick fireplace you prefer. You can go with a standard design with a hearth and mantel, or a modern pattern with sleek, clean lines and a minimalist design. A brick fireplace can be a statement piece, so think carefully about the location and size of your fireplace. A substantial fireplace can provide an impressive focal point in a room, whilst a smaller fireplace can provide an inviting nook.

When it comes to brick selection, you have plenty of options. Brick comes in a number of colours and textures, therefore you can pick the ideal brick to complement the style of your home. You can even mix and match brick styles to create a unique and distinctive look.

Along with the visual considerations, you'll also want to contemplate the functional aspects of a brick fireplace. Adequate venting is vital for safety, and you might also want to think about adding a fireplace insert or glass doors for improved efficiency. You will also want to ensure the hearth is completely level and that the bricks are properly installed to prevent any possible hazards.

Overall, a brick fireplace can be a splendid addition to your dwelling in Brierley, providing both functional warmth and aesthetic appeal. With a little planning and consideration, you can create a functional and attractive brick fireplace that will be a centerpiece of your home for years into the future.

Chimney Cowls Brierley

To improve draft and help to stop backflow, a chimney cowl is a hood-shaped cap for your chimney. It is normally manufactured from galvanised iron and sits on top of the chimney to keep the wind from blowing smoke back down. It can be purchased online or in a hardware shop. Whether you opt to make an existing one work better, or purchase a new one, a cowl will keep your stove or fireplace working to the best of its ability.

There are several kinds of chimney cowl available. There are pot hanging cowls which can be installed without removing the chimney pot. They attach to the flue liner by way of three straps, which secure the cowl in place. Another sort of cowl is a weathering cap, which is attached to the end of the flue system. It is bigger than the chimney pot, which makes certain that it remains in place.

Chimney cowls are an easy way to stop birds nesting in your chimney and blocking the whole thing up. They're comparatively cheap and easy to install. You should ensure you have clear access to the area above the chimney to fit one effectively. It can also prevent dirt and debris from accumulating inside your chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in Brierley if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you.

Tips On How To Lower Your Heating Bill And Keep Your Fireplace In Great Shape

With worries about the environment, the classic fireplace has lost some of its appeal, but it is still a favourite with many householders in Brierley. There is nothing like feeling the warmth of an open fireplace on a chilly winter evening. The open fireplace provides numerous benefits for your property, but there are some major drawbacks that might need to be fixed. Because of energy costs going up so quickly nowadays, your fireplace needs to be a good source of heat, not one of inefficiency. When a fire is burning, it may give warmth to people standing immediately in front of it, but it can in fact pull warm air out of your room, making your heat source work even harder. In the event you don't have a fire alight, the damper is supposed to keep heat in. Yet, dampers are not terribly effective seals, therefore a lot of the warm air escapes and permits cold air to enter the home.

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Many homeowners that have fireplaces in their home in Brierley don't realise how the fireplace can have an effect on their energy bill. Instead of keeping heating expenses down, it may actually do the exact opposite if one is not careful. There is a way to take your ineffective fireplace, and turn it into a heat generating system that will more closely fit your budget. There tend to be four simple things that you can do to make your fireplace into the cost-effective heat sourse you are searching for. You will appreciate that these hints will help to make your fireplace create quality heat and your current heating bill a bit lower.

The first point is to swap your fireplace damper with a top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is set up toward the top of your chimney which also behaves the same as a storm door. It will keep the outside air from coming in, and the internal air from getting out, and works in cold or hot weather. Its not that challenging to put in and may also be easily purchased on the web. Next, you should fit a fire-back in the rear area of your hearth. A fire-back consists of cast iron and it is actually meant to shield the back wall from fire damage, while making your fireplace look classy. The fire-back absorbs the heat from a fire, and radiates the heat back inside the room, increasing the overall efficiency of your fireplace.

The next thing that is going to help is a fireplace heater/fan, which heats the room air which is being circulated through an internal chamber, and sends it back inside the room. These gadgets are set up as closed systems in order that they don't produce any smoke, but they are very effective in keeping your house warm. Last but not least, it is possible to install glass doors which will likely be the most expensive. If you do your groundwork, you can find glass doors at a good price and mount them yourself. Glass doors is able to keep the air in your property from escaping and also help to save your pets and children from falling into the fire.

The advice we've just given is not that tricky to put into action, and most of the required products can be purchased online, or from your local stockist. Keep your current fireplace and lower heating costs by increasing it's efficiency.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is a crucial aspect of maintaining an efficient and safe fireplace or heating system. Issues such as leaks, cracks or blockages may arise in chimneys due to wear and tear over time. Prompt repairs are essential to prevent potential hazards, including exposure to carbon monoxide and fire. In Brierley, chimney repair specialists address these issues, guaranteeing that the chimney operates optimally and complies with safety specifications. Peace of mind and a reliable heating source are secured by homeowners through regular repairs and inspections, which additionally prolong the chimney's lifespan and curtail the need for costly future repairs. (42587 - Chimney Repairs Brierley)

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You probably arrived here searching for basic fireplace installation, yet your local Brierley fireplace installer can deliver an extensive array of additional services, and these may include hearth fireplaces, fireplace repairs, fireplace replacement, limestone fireplace installation, fireplace inserts, wood burning fireplace installations, fake fireplace installations, corner fireplace installation, outdoor fireplaces Brierley, fireplace suites, multifuel & wood burning stoves, traditional fireplaces Brierley, chimney strengthening, inset stove installations in Brierley, fireplace installation, electric fireplaces, fire grate conversions, oak beam fireplaces, traditional gas fires, carbon monoxide detector installation, corner fireplaces Brierley, cheap fireplace installation in Brierley, freestanding stoves in Brierley, fireplace hearths, cast iron fireplaces, chimney repairs, designer fireplaces, bespoke fireplaces, inglenook fireplace, stone fireplaces, marble fireplaces, gas fireplaces, electric fireplace installation Brierley, fireplace removal, 3-sided fireplaces, and others. These are just a selection of the duties that are handled by a local fireplace installer. If there's something fireplace related, which you need but cannot see listed here, you can go to this QUOTE FORM and tell us what you are searching for.

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