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Fireplace Fitter Chalford Gloucestershire (GL6): Installing a new fireplace or re-opening a disused fireplace in your Chalford home is a good way to add character and a homely feel to any room. So long as you've got a good supply of wood, adding a wood burning stove or open fire for those chilly winter evenings could even prove to be cheaper than a regular central heating system. Combine your fireplace with a back boiler and you'll enjoy supplies of endless hot water to save you even more money.

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There are a few essential considerations you must keep in mind if you're to finish up with an efficient and safe fireplace, before you commence knocking down the walls of a blocked up fireplace. Any heat producing appliance within residential homes in Chalford must conform to Part J of the UK's Building Regulations, and this applies to chimney breasts, hearths, flue linings and fireplaces. If you live in a designated conservation area or a listed building you must check with local authorities if planning permission is necessary for a fireplace installation in your home.

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If you are a competent and keen DIY'er it may be possible to renovate a blocked up fireplace, but the chances of encountering structural problems in the majority of cases is regrettably high. You might find that the lintel, hearth and chimney breast are in good shape, once you have revealed the old fireplace, and the hidden gem that lies beneath needs barely more than a clean by a chimney sweep. What you will most likely discover is a patch of crumbling bricks that hides issues such as a blocked chimney or a lintel that needs replacing.

Owing to the serious health and fire risk problems that can be caused by an improperly installed or restored fireplace, it is advisable to look to the knowledge and experience of a certified fireplace fitter in Chalford. Making sure that sufficient oxygen is available in a room for the fire to burn efficiently is a key part of the Building Regulations for fireplaces. An accumulation of poisonous carbon monoxide gas can result in a space where there is inadequate airflow, and death is a risk when a fire does not burn efficiently.

To allow the fire to get enough oxygen to combust safely and effectively all the time, it may be necessary for a professional fireplace installation crew to fit floors and walls with suitable airflow vents. To prevent condensed air from becoming trapped in unused or blocked off chimney flues and creating staining and damp spots, vents might need to be installed by the installation team to introduce more airflow.

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Having a fireplace opened up can create huge amounts of grime and soot. When feasible it's advisable to remove furniture and carpets from the area before the commencement of any work, although a fireplace installer will bring dust sheets to protect for your home furnishings. The opening up of a disused fireplace ought to be one of the initial things to be worked on, when it is a part of a bigger restoration project. This should limit damage to other parts of your refurbishment project (i.e. fresh plaster or paint on walls), by soot and dirt that's emitted.


You'll have a far better idea about the renovation work that's required, when the opening up of the old fireplace is done. You will also be able to sweep the chimney and clean up any of the hearth that remains. Bringing in a proper Chalford chimney sweep to de-soot your chimney will be one of the initial items on your to-do-list. In addition to cleaning the flue and chimney, they will also consider the condition of the flue liner and chimney and advise you about whether any portion of the flue and chimney structure needs replacing.

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All of the current UK Building Regulations should be followed, if it is necessary to install a new flue liner or reinforce the chimney structure. This is unlikely to be the kind of work that can be accomplished by a DIY person, so you'll need to bring in an experienced builder who is experienced in good working practices and a knowledge of the relevant Building Regulations.

In older buildings you may find that the original fireplace is too big for your needs, which will mean that a supporting concrete lintel will be necessary to modify the opening. After this phase of the work has been completed, the upgrading or restoration of the hearth can be tackled. The circumstances with hearths has somewhat changed down the years, and while in days past hearths were usually sunken into the floor, they now must be set slightly above the normal floor level if you are to abide by the current Building Regulations. You can get bespoke solutions to fit virtually any style and size of fireplace, or you can select from a variety of popular sized hearths to match your decor.

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Choosing your ideal fireplace can be difficult amongst the many designs and styles that are available from a fireplace showroom or online outlet. It usually pays to heed the recommendations of the fireplace company in relation to which fireplaces will be suited to your specific flue, chimney and ventilation situation, as some probably won't be.

Your existing decor, the overall look that you're trying to create and perhaps, the age of your house in Chalford, will to some extent determine if you opt for a wood burner, a multi-fuel stove or an open fireplace. A cast iron wood burning stove for instance, will look fabulous when placed in an inglenook fireplace, which reflects the heat back into the room and emphasises its charm and beauty.

Even if your Chalford property hasn't got a chimney you still have options for a fireplace feature by installing a multi-fuel or wood burning stove. This style of fireplace can be installed with a stainless steel flue that's routed through an outside wall and does not need a chimney, to be installed safely.


If your circumstances don't allow for a natural fireplace to be installed, what are the possible alternatives?

Gas Fireplaces - More efficient (thermally) than multi-fuel stoves or wood burners, gas fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles to complement your house in Chalford. A Gas Safe certified technician must fit and maintain any gas fireplace in your home, (CORGI was replaced by Gas Safe in 2009).

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Running on various different fuels such as oil, wood, coal or gas, a multi-fuel stove can become a unique focal point in your living room or kitchen. One of the most well known brands of multi-fuel stoves is AGA, and these products can not only provide you with low-cost heat for an entire house, but also cooking facilities and hot water.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These stoves can be a free standing feature when necessary, and there is a huge variety to complement any period of house in Chalford. A version with an integrated back boiler will deliver additional heating capabilities by connecting the hot water to a radiator in a cold room of your house.

Electric Fireplaces - Anybody who is reasonably capable can easily and safely put in one of these electric fires, and the wide assortment of models make these a popular choice for homeowners in Chalford. Contemporary electric fires can deliver convincing looking flames and even the crackling sound of wood to replicate a real fire when inset into an old fashioned fireplace.

Open Fireplaces - This is the timeless fireplace, creating a good focal point for a room or living space, and can be used to burn different fuels, such as coalite nuts, coal, briquettes and wood. An expertly fitted contemporary open fire will be nothing like the smoky old fireplace that was blocked up by previous owners, and its glowing charm is a delightful addition to any house in Chalford.

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Fireplace installation companies can be located in Chalford itself, in these nearby postcodes: GL6 8LS, GL6 8FT, GL6 8NJ, GL6 8NG, GL6 8AZ, GL6 8FP, GL5 2UL, GL6 8JP, GL6 8FL, and GL5 2UB, and also in proximate places like Middle Lypiatt, Far Oakridge, Bournes Green, Eastcombe, Chalford Hill, Brimscombe, Oakridge Lynch, Bowbridge, Frampton Mansell, France Lynch, Thrupp, Brownshill, Bussage. If they have the phone code 01453 and the postcode GL6, it is very likely that they work in Chalford or someplace close by. This is handy to know if you need to check that you are hiring a locally based fireplace company.

Stone Fireplaces Chalford

For that truly spectacular look why not consider bringing the outdoors inside with a natural stone fireplace? There might already be some stone features on the external areas of your building, a boundary wall or stone facade, perhaps? These interesting external features could be matched with your stone fireplace indoors.

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A natural stone fireplace can be built using either stone cladding or full depth stone. Your taste and price range may determine which one you choose. The forms of natural stone that can be used are many and varied. Select from sandstone, granite, slate, marble, quartz or limestone.

Your finished stone fireplace's appearance will be affected by the kind of stone used, the methodology used by the stonemason or tradesperson who builds it and the building technique. You should get some images prepared featuring the kind of design you're interested in, and before any work begins, you can show them to your fireplace company.

There is little doubt that natural stone fireplaces are normally more suitable for older buildings, and might be somewhat too striking and overwhelming for the modern home. However the choice, as they say, is yours to make.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are a popular choice for homeowners in Chalford who are looking to upgrade their conventional fireplaces. Increasing heat output into the room and decreasing heat loss, these inserts are tailored to optimize the efficiency of a fireplace. For those who appreciate the ambience of a fire, these inserts provide a less complicated and safer option, free from the drawbacks of conventional wood-burning fireplaces.

There is a wide assortment of fireplace inserts to choose from, in a variety of sizes and designs, ranging from gas to electric and wood-burning models. Gas fireplace inserts are a low-maintenance and user-friendly option, while electric inserts offer flexibility and convenience with their remote control and adjustable settings. Wood-burning inserts are perfect for property owners who yearn for the traditional experience of a crackling fire and the aroma of burning wood.

Besides their convenience and efficiency, fireplace inserts are also helpful to the environment. The amount of air pollution caused by traditional fireplaces is reduced by their efficient burning of fuel and production of fewer emissions.

It is important to have a professional installation to ensure the correct and safe installation of a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts are a wise investment for property owners looking to increase the convenience, comfort, and value of their property, thanks to their numerous benefits. With the ability to direct more heat into the room and reduce heat loss, fireplace inserts not only enhance home comfort but also offer a cost-effective solution to heating bills. To determine the most appropriate venting system for their specific fireplace insert, as well as to ensure proper installation and safety, homeowners in Chalford should seek professional advice.

Chimney Cowl Installation

To maximize draft and stop smoke from backing up your chimney you can install a chimney cowl, which is a hood-shaped cover that fits over the chimney pot. It's purpose is to prevent the wind from blowing smoke down the chimney, and is normally manufactured from galvanised iron. To enjoy the benefits of a fireplace fully, it is advised that you fit a cowl to your chimney.

There are several kinds of chimney cowl available. There are pot hanging cowls that can be installed without the need to remove the chimney pot. They hook up with the flue liner by means of 3 straps, which secure the cowl in position. Another kind of cowl is a weathering cap, which is mounted on the end of the flue. These are bigger than the chimney pot, which guarantees that they stay in place.

Chimney cowls are an effective way to stop birds nesting in your chimney in Chalford. They're relatively cheap and easy to put in. You should make certain that you have easy access to the space above the chimney in order to install one. It can also prevent dirt and debris from accumulating inside the chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in Chalford if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you.

Flue Liners

Put in to improve the efficiency and safety of your chimney set-up, a flue liner or chimney liner is essential and should never be left out in any circumstances. With the purpose of carrying smoke and fumes safely to the outside of a property, flue liners are conduits fabricated from clay, ceramic material or metal which are fitted to the inside of chimneys. Some chimneys in older houses in Chalford may not even have a flue lining, or if the existing liner is damaged, may need to be relined.

The harmful gases which are created when you burn a fire can eat away at your fireplace's flue lining. The perfect time to check for damages is whilst your chimney is being swept - so you should ask your sweep to do this. You need to stop those dangerous gases from leaking into your home, which is exactly what can take place when a flue lining is damaged. Defective flue liners can also trigger house fires - so have them inspected!

Chimney Repair

A critical element in preserving the efficiency and safety of fireplaces and heating systems is chimney repair. Over the years, wear and deterioration can cause chimneys to develop issues like cracks, leaks or blockages. Averting potential hazards, including fire and exposure to carbon monoxide, is dependent on prompt repairs. In Chalford, chimney repair professionals can tackle these issues, guaranteeing optimal chimney function and compliance with the appropriate safety specifications. Regular inspections and repairs also prolong the chimney's life expectancy and reduce the need for expensive repairs down the road, offering property owners peace of mind and an efficient heating source. (39607 - Chimney Repairs Chalford)

Chalford Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Chalford

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Friends & Family

A good idea, when you are looking for a contractor or service for your project in Chalford, is to get friends and relations recommendations. With regards to identifying someone who is ideal for your requirements, personal referrals are generally the preferred solution, and are just as effective for weeding out companies with a below par track record, and contractors who aren't up to the task.

Friends and Family

If you know that an acquaintance or family member has used a specific fireplace installer, you could ask if things went pear-shaped during the work, if so, how rapidly it was addressed, and how the contractor reacted as a result. You will also get a bit of first hand insights into their timekeeping and reliability You can also get a notion of how the final price for the work in comparison with the original quotation they were given, which, unless they offer some sort of guaranteed price promise, is often tricky to get directly from the installers.

Ultimately, the folks that who you know and trust are your friends and family members, so in regards to advice, go to them. If you find that it's hard to get specifics on a certain contractor or fireplace fitter, it's probably because they have had a poor experience in dealing with them. You may face a scenario where some people will be more than happy to talk about a good quality contractor, but less inclined to discuss an inferior one, and rather than 'bad mouth' a far from perfect business they have dealt with in the past, they may even endorse a different company instead.

Leaving a Review for a Job Well Done

When folks in Chalford are searching for services, most of them glance through online reviews to help them to make an informed choice, hence positive reviews are the driving force for any local business. Why don't you take the time to thank someone who has done a decent job, by leaving a review of their performance and workmanship. This has benefits for both the company itself and for possible future clients who may be thinking of hiring them. You should think back to how reading through reviews helped you when you were hunting for someone to do your work. Without those positive reviews, you would possibly have looked somewhere else, even if a specific company website appeared to be really impressive.

Leaving a Review

But, when so called customer reviews are prominently displayed on a company's website, can you actually trust that they're authentic? Are such glowing reviews penned by genuine people who were happy to recommend the services they were given, or were they written by a member of the company?

An easy way to look for sincere and genuine reviews is to check out the Google My Business reviews. For determining the reputation of any company, this is THE go-to review website that is trusted around the globe, and the search engine rankings of a company website can also be impacted by the results. You could also consider visiting Bing Places for Business when seeking to leave a review for a local company in Chalford, and this is far and away the number one competitor of the Google My Business platform. You can help to boost the profile of a company that successfully worked on your fireplace project by posting an enthusiastic review on one or both of these sites, and simultaneously create a rundown of the working standards and trustworthiness which they exhibited.

Leaving feedback on Facebook and Twitter pages is every bit as effective for promoting a company that has performed admirably. A major part of any small business's marketing and promotion strategy will include the effective use of these social media sites. Contributing your own reviews on Twitter or Facebook can help to reinforce their marketing message, and quite possibly generate additional customers.

Those of you who prefer to go 'traditional' can of course send in a hand-written thank you letter instead. Letters like this can be mounted in a frame for display in offices or reception areas, gathered together to make a review portfolio which is useful for one on one meetings with prospective clients, or scanned and uploaded to the reviews page of the business website or Facebook account. The belief that your positive review might have helped a small business to gain more clients and gain visibility in the local Chalford marketplace is reward in itself.

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