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Fireplace Fitter Borough Green Kent (TN15): If you are fed up with soaring energy costs and would like to find an alternative solution for heating your house in Borough Green, why don't you open up that disused fireplace and put in a budget friendly multi-fuel, wood burner or open fire? If you integrate a back boiler with your new fireplace, not only can you delight in the warmth and ambience of an open fire during the chilly winter evenings, you will also be supplied with lots of hot water.

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If you are to create an efficient, attractive and safe fireplace in your dwelling in Borough Green, there are some important things to consider before any work gets under way. The Part J building regulations for heating appliances for example, which has an impact on any work that's conducted on fireplaces, hearths, flue linings and chimney breasts.

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If you've got the skills to do so, and are a competent and keen DIY person you might be capable of doing some of the renovation work on an old fireplace, but the help of a tradesperson may be needed if safety or structural issues arise during the process. It might be your good fortune when you remove the covering from an old fireplace to uncover a hidden gem which requires nothing more than a good clean and a visit from a chimney sweep to get a roaring fire going once again. However, a blocked flue and crumbling brickwork that needs structural reinforcement is what you'll more likely discover.

Due to the acute health and fire risk issues that can result from a poorly installed or renovated fireplace, it is best to benefit from the experience and knowledge of an experienced fireplace fitter in Borough Green. A key part of the Building Regulations for fireplaces is that sufficient oxygen is available in a room for a fire to burn efficiently and safely. Not enough oxygen means that the fire won't burn properly, and an accumulation of carbon monoxide could occur, which can lead to breathing problems or even death.

To ensure an adequate air flow for the fire to combust safely and properly, an experienced fireplace installation technician will evaluate the situation at hand and place vents in locations around the room, or under the floors, thus resolving this problem. Unused and blocked up chimney flues might also have to have air vents installed since they can often trap moist air causing damp to occur inside the chimney breast.

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Having a fireplace opened up can cause huge amounts of dirt and soot to enter your house. To ensure that your stuff does not get affected by the soot, muck and dust that is released during works by a fireplace installer, removing any furniture, rugs and carpets beforehand is generally recommended. If you are performing a complete renovation of a property or room, the fireplace ought to be opened up and worked on before any plastering or decorating is dealt with. The reason behind this is to avoid the chance of any discolouration damage to work that's already been accomplished.


With your fireplace opened up, it's time to find out what can be renovated and to give the hearth and chimney an intensive cleaning. Contacting a proper chimney sweep to clean your chimney will be one of the very first things on the checklist. They'll be able to offer you professional advice on the chimney and flue after sweeping, regarding the condition of the chimney structure and whether it would be advisable to upgrade the existing lining.

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If it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney all relevant UK Building Regulations must be adhered to. Experience in good construction techniques and an extensive knowledge of the Building Regs will be needed by anybody who tackles this kind of construction work, so you really need a competent builder or fireplace installer and should never try to do it yourself.

Once you have supported your fireplace with a lintel it will then be time to upgrade or renovate the hearth. In the past the hearth was sunken into a hole in the floor, however current Building Regulations for the UK demand that it is raised above normal floor level. You could think about asking your Borough Green fireplace builder about a custom-built, bespoke hearth to complement your property's style and design, or if your fireplace is of a standard size, there is a wide array of pre-made, ready to install options in concrete, stone and marble.

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You will quickly discover that you are spoilt for choice, with the huge selection of choices that are available to you, as soon as you step inside a quality fireplace dealership. It is quite possible that due to your existing flue and chimney, that some fireplace designs may not be suitable, therefore it's a good idea to follow the recommendations from your fireplace installer with respect to this.

Certain rooms and homes will be more suited to open fireplaces than a wood burner or multi fuel stove and vice versa. If you're fortunate enough to have a home with an inglenook fireplace for example, this can be an ideal position for a wood burning stove. This won't just deflect the heat back into the room effectively, but will also draw your gaze towards the character and charm of the stove itself.

It's still possible to install a multi-fuel or wood burning stove, even if there is no chimney breast in your Borough Green home. You do not have to have a chimney to benefit from a genuine fire, as long as you've got an external wall which can have a stainless steel flue channelled through it.


You simply can't beat a crackling fire on a cold winter's evening, to create a unique charm and atmosphere in your Borough Green property, but what are the alternatives?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Using a selection of different fuels such as smokeless coal, wood, gas or oil, a multi-fuel stove can be a great focal point in your living space. One of the most widely regarded makes of multi-fuel stoves is AGA, and these products can not only provide you with cheap heat for an entire house, but also hot water and cooking.

Electric Fireplaces - A wide variety of electric fires to complement pretty much any home in Borough Green, can easily be fitted by any reasonable competent individual. It can be difficult to distinguish from the genuine article with with the "real" looking feel of modern electric fires, and they can be installed into a conventional fireplace when required.

Open Fireplaces - This sort of fireplace can be used with a selection of solid fuels (wood, briquettes, smokeless coal), and creates an eye-catching focal point for your room. An open fire is a sight to behold and modern fireplaces are no longer the inefficient, draughty and smoky things that they were in the past.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These stoves can have old-fashioned or cutting-edge styling to suit the decor of your home, and they've recently become extremely popular in many homes in Borough Green. An integrated back boiler is an added benefit and can provide piping hot water for personal use, or to provide heating in other rooms via radiators.

Gas Fireplaces - There are a wide variety of styles to suit any home in Borough Green, and they provide instant heat which is more efficient thermally than a multi-fuel or wood burning stove. The installation and maintenance of gas fires must only be conducted by a Gas Safe authorised contractor in Borough Green.

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It is not only in Borough Green where you can find fireplace fitters - surrounding places like: Offham, Wrotham, Sheet Hill, St Mary's Platt, Ivy Hatch, Culverstone Green, Noah's Ark, Dunk's Green, Trottiscliffe, Seal Chart, Heaverham, Latham, Mereworth, Comp, Kings Hill, Crouch, Ightham, Basted are also covered. Local Borough Green fireplace services will most likely have the postcode TN15 and the telephone code 01732. This could be something that you can confirm if you would like to make certain you hire a local fireplace installer.

Flue Linings

A safety feature that enables your chimney to perform more effectively, a flue liner is an essential element of your chimney system that should not be overlooked. Carrying toxic fumes outside your home, a flue liner runs the full length of a chimney, and can be made from a number of materials including such things as clay, ceramics or metal. Some chimneys in older properties in Borough Green may not even be fitted with a liner, or if the existing lining is damaged, may need to be relined.

The hazardous fumes and gases that are produced when burning a fire can cause damage to your fireplace's flue. Your flue lining must be regularly checked for damage and possible issues each time it's being cleaned. Instead of venting those harmful gases outdoors, a compromised flue can allow them to leak into your living area. There is an additional threat with damaged flues, in that they can permit intense heat to penetrate into the chimney's structure, which might result in fires. (Tags: Flue Lining Borough Green, Chimney Liners Borough Green, Flue Liners Borough Green).

Fireplace Inserts Borough Green

Fireplace inserts have become a popular choice among householders in Borough Green who wish to upgrade their traditional fireplaces. Designed to direct more heat into the room and decrease heat loss, these inserts have been created to improve the efficiency of a fireplace. Alongside a safer and more secure experience, these inserts offer a simpler and more convenient way to enjoy the atmosphere of a fire, without the mess and hassle of traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Ranging from electric to gas and wood-burning models, there is a diverse selection of designs and sizes available for fireplace inserts. Gas fireplace inserts are easy to use and require little upkeep, making them an excellent choice, while electric inserts offer convenience and flexibility with their variable settings and remote control. Ideal for property owners who desire an authentic experience of a crackling fire and the aroma of burning wood are wood-burning inserts.

In addition to their efficiency and convenience, fireplace inserts are also environmentally friendly. They reduce the amount of air pollution caused by traditional fireplaces by producing fewer emissions and burning fuel more efficiently.

A professional installation is essential for a safe and correct installation of a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts are a worthwhile investment for householders looking to enhance the comfort, convenience, and value of their home, offering numerous benefits. Keep in mind that different types of fireplace inserts may require different venting options, which is an important consideration. Seeking professional consultation is crucial for householders in Borough Green to determine the best venting system for their specific fireplace insert, as well as to guarantee proper installation and safety.

Natural Stone Fireplaces Borough Green

When it comes to fireplaces, some householders want to go for that really dramatic look, and what better way to do that, than with a natural stone fireplace. Maybe you have already got a stone feature on the exterior of your home, for instance a boundary wall or stone facade. You could build something on the inside that complements the outside.

Natural Stone Fireplaces Borough Green

It is possible to create a stone fireplace by using either stone cladding or full depth stone, depending on your taste and budget. You will also need to decide what sort of stone you prefer to use for your fireplace, select from: marble, quartz, slate, sandstone, granite or limestone.

Your new fireplace's appearance will depend on the style of building (dry stone or mortar jointed), the methodology used by the tradesman or stonemason who builds it and the sort of stone that's used. Do a bit of research before your fireplace installer begins, and show them some images of precisely what you've got in mind.

Stone is not always suitable for a modern day home, because it has a striking appearance and can rather dominate the look of a room, but obviously that is down to the choice of each individual householder - maybe dramatic and spectacular is what you're looking for!

Log Burner Fireplaces Borough Green

Property owners desiring both effective heating solutions and visual appeal have turned to log burner fireplaces, otherwise known as wood-burning stoves. Offering a charming and rustic touch, these fireplaces create a cosy atmosphere in any dwelling during the colder months. Not only do log burning stoves have visual appeal, but they're also very efficient, offering considerable warmth with cheap fuel expenses. The fusion of functionality and beauty makes them a highly desirable feature in numerous living spaces in Borough Green.

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Nonetheless, installing a log burner fireplace requires careful consideration and planning. First and foremost, selecting the right model and size that fits your property's particular requirements is important. It's essential to consider factors such as room size, ventilation and insulation quality. It is strongly advised to have a professional installation, as this guarantees the stove is installed safely and adheres to local building regulations. Proper installation not only ensures optimal performance but also reduces the risk of hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks or chimney fires.

Maintenance is also a key element when it comes to owning a log burner fireplace. For safe and efficient use, both your stove and chimney require regular cleaning to prevent a build-up of creosote, a substance produced when wood burns. To keep the system functioning as it should, yearly inspections by accredited specialists are advisable. To enjoy the ambiance and warmth of their log burner fireplaces and ensure their longevity and safety, home and property owners should follow these maintenance measures. (Log Burner Fireplaces Borough Green)

Chimney Repair

Efficiency, functionality and safety are all important aspects of chimney systems, both home and commercial, and they can all be maintained through regular chimney repair. The by-products of combustion, weather elements, and temperature fluctuations can all contribute to the deterioration of chimneys with the passage of time. A range of issues that require expert and timely attention can be caused by these factors.

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Cracks in the chimney structure are a common problem that can lead to the need for chimney repair. Such cracks can undermine the structural integrity of the chimney, increasing the risk of moisture seepage and further damage. Cracks in the chimney can also pose serious health hazards to occupants by allowing dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide, to escape into the living areas.

Another issue to be mindful of is creosote and debris build-up in the chimney flue. These accumulations can increase the likelihood of fires in the chimney and reduce the efficiency of the chimney. To reduce fire hazards and ensure proper airflow, soot, creosote and debris should be removed during frequent chimney cleaning as part of the repair process.

The chimney repair process can also tackle problems like chimney leaks. The chimney liner can suffer from rusting, deterioration, and damage as a consequence of water penetrating the chimney system through leakages. Reduced efficiency and additional structural issues could ensue from this. The correct approach to repairs includes identifying the leak source, closing any gaps, and applying waterproofing methods to avoid future leaks.

Understand that trying to do chimney repairs yourself can be hazardous and ineffective. Such DIY solutions may overlook deeper issues. Don't settle for less than the best! Professional repair services guarantee effective work that meets industry standards. Certified chimney technicians possess the expertise to assess damage, recommend the most appropriate repairs, and put in place solutions that ensure both the optimal performance and safety of your home's chimney system.

Prompt repairs and frequent inspections also contribute to extending the life expectancy of your chimney. Early identification and repair keeps repair costs down in the long run. Leaving chimney repairs unresolved is a false economy. It can result in a poorly functioning chimney, more extensive damage and a significant safety risk.

All in all, a healthy chimney requires more than merely sweeping. Routine repairs are essential to address problems such as creosote buildup, leaks, cracks, and the overall structural integrity of the chimney. Seeking professional chimney repair services brings a trio of benefits: improved efficiency, enhanced safety, and guaranteed adherence to industry guidelines. Regular check-ups, swift action on problems, and professional expertise are the keys to a properly maintained chimney. This translates to efficient heating and a safe, comfortable haven in your home. (21016 - Chimney Repairs Borough Green)

Friends & Family

When trying to find a professional contractor for your fireplace project or undertaking, it's always really helpful to ask for recommendations from relatives and friends. If you're really serious about choosing someone who's suitable for your requirements, it's generally acknowledged that personal referrals are often the best method. And in addition to that, they can be very helpful for pointing a finger at local companies with less than glowing records of service, or contractors of an inferior nature.

Friends and Family

By getting this type of testimonial from a friend or family member you can find out the attitude of the contractor if things went awry, how quickly any issues were resolved, and also get an insight into their diligence, reliability and time keeping. You can also get an understanding of how precise was the initial quotation in comparison to the final price. which is normally difficult to obtain from the contractors themselves unless they've got a guaranteed price promise.

Since your friends and family are folks that you know and can trust in regards to their advice, they ought to be your first point of reference. If you find that it's hard to get particulars on a certain contractor or company, it's probably because they have had an unsatisfactory experience in their dealings with them. Even though it might not always be true, in many circumstances people are happier to recommend a decent contractor than they are about a mediocre one, and may even endorse some alternative company rather than 'denigrate' one that did not meet their expectations.

Information and Advice

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Find out more about about electric fireplaces, the history of the fireplace, fireplace heating efficiency, the health effects of fireplaces, the environmental effects of fireplaces and the types of fireplaces, take a look at the Wikipedia fireplace page. Enjoy a basic You Tube guide on how to install and restore a Victorian cast iron fireplace here. If you are keen to read up on ideas for fireplaces click here. Fireplace Installation advice and information is available from internet forums, so to take advantage of this fact you should pop along to the Buildhub Forum, subjects include things like building regulations, widening a fireplace, stove vents, pellet stoves and boilers, wood burning stoves and chimney design. To view how fireplace installers are promoting themselves on social media websites, check this out.

Borough Green Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Borough Green

You most likely arrived here trying to find basic fireplace installation, however your local Borough Green fireplace fitter can provide an extensive range of additional tasks and services, and these might include inset stove installation, fireplace removal, contemporary fireplaces, gas fireplaces in Borough Green, traditional fireplaces, inglenook fireplace installations, marble fireplace installation, chimney cowl installation, fireplace fitting, fireplace quotations, oak beam fireplaces, electric fireplace installations, hearth fireplaces, brick fireplace installations, open fireplaces, period fireplaces, fireplace replacement in Borough Green, stone fireplaces, fireplace packages, chimney repairs, fire grate conversions, fireplaces in Borough Green, bespoke fireplaces in Borough Green, electric fire baskets, gas fireplace installations, fireplace repairs, the installation of modern fireplaces, marble fireplaces, Victorian fireplace installations, outdoor fireplaces in Borough Green, and others I can't think of just now. This is just an illustration of the services that could be available from your local fireplace fitter. You can always click HERE and fill out our simple quote form, if you've got fireplace requirements in Borough Green, that you cannot see here.

Borough Green Skip Hire

Skip Hire Borough Green

It is pretty rare that you will carry out a garden revamp or home improvement project without creating a fair amount of waste that will have to be removed and disposed of. Although on the whole, fireplace installations does not generate all that much waste, it is going to depend on the size of your project and the type of surface that it's being laid on. When you get your quotes you should ask if waste removal has been included, otherwise you will have to arrange this yourself.

Regardless of whether the tradesman is dealing with this or you're doing it yourself, hiring a skip will usually be the best waste removal solution. To suit your exact requirements, you can choose from a whole host of skip sizes. Mini-skips hold around 2 yards of waste, midi-skips hold around 4 yards of waste, builders skips hold around 6 yards of waste and roll-on-roll-off skips hold around 20 yards of waste. Skip bags usually hold 1-1.5 yards of waste.

For Borough Green skip hire quotes GO HERE.

Leave a Review for a Job Well Done

Today, the difference between a business in Borough Green attracting possible customers or seeing them go to a competitor, is having good online reviews and feedback. When the company or person you have used has done an excellent job, you should always leave them an appreciative review to give them a lift and help others to make their choice. In this manner you will be able to benefit both the company itself and its prospective future customers, by sharing your personal knowledge. If reviews helped you to decide on the best fireplace company to use for your fireplace project, you will surely appreciate how helpful this can be. It doesn't actually matter how professional and convincing a certain company's website appeared to be, you may have looked at other possibilities if there weren't any reviews to back it up.

Leaving a Review

However, when you're on a company's own website, precisely how much trust can be put on customer reviews that you see? Are these reviews composed by genuine customers who were satisfied with the services they got, or were they provided by a member of the company?

Checking out Google My Business reviews is a simple way to look for authentic and frank online reviews. Most would agree that this is THE review website to determine the reputation of any company, and also impacts the ranking of a business in search engines. The big Google My Business competitor is Bing Places for Business, which is the 2nd biggest review website for local businesses and services in Borough Green. Helping to increase the profile of the company that worked successfully on your fireplace installation project, leaving an honest review here can also provide a rundown of their reliability and working standards.

Just as effective is leaving feedback on Twitter and Facebook pages relating to the company you would like to endorse. A major part of any small company's media marketing activities will include the effective use of these social media giants. If you add your own supportive reviews, this will help to reinforce their marketing message.

Even though a hand-drafted thank you letter is a bit 'old school' these days, this is still entirely appropriate. These can be gathered together to build a review portfolio which is handy in face to face meetings with potential customers, mounted in a frame for display in company receptions, or scanned and uploaded to the company website. It truly is a great feeling knowing that you may have helped a small local business, regardless of how you created your review.

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Also find: Mereworth fireplace installers, Sheet Hill fireplace installers, Dunk's Green fireplace installers, Trottiscliffe fireplace installers, Culverstone Green fireplace installers, St Mary's Platt fireplace installers, Kings Hill fireplace installers, Seal Chart fireplace installers, Comp fireplace installers, Noah's Ark fireplace installers, Heaverham fireplace installers, Offham fireplace installers, Basted fireplace installers, Ivy Hatch fireplace installers, Ightham fireplace installers, Crouch fireplace installers, Latham fireplace installers, Wrotham fireplace installers and more. Companies who install fireplaces can be found in almost all of these towns and villages. Possessing the necessary experience and know-how, these versatile tradespeople can successfully install fireplaces in your home. The assistance of these dedicated experts allows residents to enjoy the comfort, warmth, and inviting atmosphere of a fireplace in their living spaces. To get fireplace installation quotes, local home and property owners can go here.

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