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Fireplace Fitter Englefield Green Surrey (TW20): Fitting a brand new fireplace or opening up a disused fireplace in your Englefield Green property is a splendid way to add a homely feel and a bit of character to any room. Cold winter evenings can become enjoyable as you sit back in front of your new fireplace surrounded by the crackling of firewood, and if your fire is used in combination with a back boiler you can even benefit from steaming hot water as well.

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Before any serious work begins, for instance prising away at a blocked chimney or demolishing the walls of a boarded over fireplace, there are some important things you need to think about. To start with, Part J of the UK Building Regulations will have to be followed with regards to the construction and installation of any chimney breasts, hearths, flue linings and fireplaces that are part of a combustible appliance in your property in Englefield Green. Planning permission may also be needed before work commences if your home is listed or in a conservation area.

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You may be capable of doing some of the renovation work to a pre-existing fireplace if you have the skills to do so, however there is always a problem in finding structural and safety problems that need to be resolved by a specialist. It might be that so as to get a fire roaring once more you need nothing more than a quick clean up of the hearth and a visit from a chimney sweep. More likely you'll discover old brickwork that requires structural modifications and a stopped up flue.

If a fireplace is installed improperly there's not just a fire risk to your home, but there can be health hazards, which is why it is advisable to hire a professional Englefield Green installation team for fireplaces. Airflow must be satisfactory in any room in which a fireplace is to be installed; and it's a key requirement of the Building Regulations that this is the case. If there is not enough airflow then it is possible that a fire will not burn efficiently and cause carbon monoxide to build up, which can be deadly.

It could be necessary to install airflow vents in floors and walls to enable the fire to get enough oxygen to burn effectively and safely at all times. Moist, condensed air can get trapped inside unused chimney flues which may also need to have flue vents installed to improve air circulation, and prevent problems with dampness and staining inside the chimney breast.

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Having a fireplace opened up can create a lot of of grime and soot. It is advised to remove your your carpets and furniture before any fireplace renovation work and chimney sweeping commences, because even with dust sheets for your home furnishings, the likelihood of impairment from soot and dirt is still quite likely. If you are performing a full renovation of a room or house, the fireplace should be opened up and worked on before any plastering or decorating is dealt with. This should help to prevent any damage by soot and other chimney dirt to any completed work.


You will get a greater idea about the restoration work that is required, as soon as you've opened up and exposed the old fireplace. You will also be in a position to sweep the chimney and clean any of the hearth that remains. One of the very first things on your agenda should be to get hold of a decent chimney sweep who operates in and around Englefield Green. A professional chimney sweep will first clean the flue and whilst doing this will be able to inspect the structural condition of the chimney and provide you with advice on whether a new flue liner is required.

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All the current UK Building Regulations should be followed, if it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney. Experience in the right construction practices and an awareness of the Building Regulations will be needed by anyone who does this sort of renovation work, so what you really want is a competent builder and should never try to do it yourself.

In an older building a new concrete lintel may be required to modify the size of the opening, if you find that the uncovered fireplace is too wide. Once your concrete lintel is safely in position you can now get on with the installation, repair and upgrade of the hearth. In past days the hearth would be set into the floor, however the latest Building Regulations require it to be raised slightly above normal floor level. You could ask your Englefield Green fireplace builder about a bespoke, made to measure hearth to fit in with the design and style of your dwelling, or if you have a standard sized fireplace, there is a wide range of ready-made options in granite, marble and slate.

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Due to the wide range of different fireplace designs and styles, selecting the one which is right for your home will not always be easy. You can check out what's currently on the market by going on the web or by visiting your nearest fireplace dealership. It's quite possible that owing to your current chimney and flue, that some fireplace designs may not be appropriate, therefore it's a good idea to follow the recommendations from the fireplace installer in this respect.

Some homes and rooms will be more suited to open fireplaces than a wood burner or multi fuel stove and vice versa. If you have an old-fashioned inglenook fireplace, a cast iron wood burner can look striking in this surrounding, and also has the benefit of effectively deflecting the heat into the room from the brick or stone walls that surround the stove.

It's still possible to put in a multi-fuel or wood burning stove, even if there isn't a chimney in your Englefield Green property. You don't need an existing chimney to enjoy a genuine fire, providing that you have an exterior wall through which a flue from the wood burner can be passed.


You can't really beat a roaring fire on a cold winter evening, to create a unique charm and ambience in your Englefield Green home, but what other options exist?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As the name suggests multi-fuel stoves can be fired up with with a range of fuels, such as gas, wood, coal or oil, and become a unique focal point in any kitchen or lounge in Englefield Green. If you choose something like AGA for instance, you can do cooking, get hot water, and when plumbed into your central heating system, provide heat for the whole house.

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Wood Burning Stoves - A wide selection of different styles to suit any type of house in Englefield Green, and, if necessary, can even be a freestanding feature. When used in conjunction with a back boiler, these kinds of stoves can provide additional heating possibilities by transferring the hot water to a colder area of your home by way of a radiator.

Open Fireplaces - Having the capability to burn just about any solid fuel that's available to purchase, the open fireplace can produce a flickering fire as an eye-catching focal point for a room or living area. A professionally fitted open fire will be nothing like the smoky old fireplace that was perhaps blocked up by earlier owners, and its warm charm is a welcome addition to any home in Englefield Green.

Electric Fireplaces - Basic installation and a varied choice of styles make electric fires a popular choice for Englefield Green houses that don't have a chimney breast. When inset into a traditional fireplace, today's electric fires can replicate a genuine fire, with "real" looking flame effects and sometimes even the sound of crackling wood.

Gas Fireplaces - Providing instant heat and being more thermally efficient when compared with wood burners, there are a wide variety of styles and designs to suit any Englefield Green property. You will need an approved Gas Safe tradesperson to install one these fires in your property in Englefield Green.

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It's not only in Englefield Green where you're able to hire fireplace installers - neighbouring places like: Ashtead, Egham, Old Windsor, Egham Wick, Staines-upon-Thames, Thorpe, Winkfield, Stanwell, Laleham, Wraysbury, Sunningdale, Bishops Gate, Thorpe Green, Virginia Water, Sunninghill, Lyne, Coopers Hill are also covered. A couple of pointers which indicate that a fireplace builder hails from the Englefield Green area is if they have the postcode TW20 and the phone code 01784. This is perhaps something to verify if you prefer to hire a local fireplace builder.

Chimney Sweep Englefield Green

No matter whether you've got a wood burner or an open fire, it is important to get your chimney swept frequently. Chimneys need to be cleaned and swept at least once every year, if not more.

Chimney Sweep Englefield Green

This can be a dirty job, so you should always bring in a professional Englefield Green chimney sweep. Bringing in a chimney sweep not only keeps your chimney clean and tidy but also highlights any problems that there might be with your chimney.

A build-up of ash, soot and creosote can result in chimney fires if you fail to sweep your chimney. Another hazardous situation that you want to avoid at all costs is carbon monoxide fumes being drawn back into your house, which can also be caused by a poorly maintained chimney.

The importance of hiring an experienced chimney sweep in Englefield Green, should now be apparent. To check the current prices of chimney sweeps in Englefield Green GO HERE.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Fireplace

With all of the current worries about the environment, the traditional fireplace has lost some of its glamour, but it still is a favourite feature for many property owners in Englefield Green. Sitting facing the comfort of an open fireplace, brings back many special memories for a lot of people. Having an open fireplace has its perks but there are also a handful of issues which could affect its performance. Because of power costs rising so swiftly these days, your open fireplace needs to be a reliable source of heat, not one of inefficiency. When a fire is burning, it may warm up those standing near it, but it can actually pull warm air out of a room, making your heat source work even more. When there is no fire, a damper ought to regulate the airflow. The thing is, fireplace dampers can often be inefficient in keeping warm air in the home and cold air out.

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Many homeowners that possess fireplaces in their property in Englefield Green don't understand how the fireplace can cause their utility bills to skyrocket. Rather than preserving resources, and heating costs, it's usually adding 100s of pounds of energy expense. Nevertheless, there are a number of techniques you're able to do that will be able to turn your budget busting fireplace into something more efficient. Just about all you need to do is basically 4 simple things to fix your fireplace. These is going to make your fireplace very affordable and very efficient.

Step one is to remove your current fireplace damper and change it for a top sealing damper. This type of damper is located at the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain and snow from entering. It will keep the internal air from escaping, and the outside air from coming into the house, and performs in hot weather or cold. The product is simple to install, and can be obtained online. Next, you should fit a fire-back at the back area of your hearth. A fire-back consists of cast iron and it is actually meant to shield the back wall from fire damage, whilst making your fireplace look elegant. The fire-back also absorbs heat right from the fire and channels it back into the room, making the fireplace more effective.

Another way to save money is by using a fireplace fan/heater, which heats the space by drawing the air into a chamber and recycling the air back into the room. These devices do not produce any smoke and should be extremely effective in keeping your home warm and toasty. The last and final thing that you can do is to install glass doors, which could be your biggest expense. If you do your homework, you can actually get an excellent deal on glass doors and they're not that challenging to install yourself. These glass doors form a buffer between the hearth and living space, not only stopping the heat from escaping, but also providing protection to the inhabitants.

All these ideas are easy to do, and the required products can easily be sourced online. Retain your current fireplace and reduce heating costs by increasing it's efficiency.


A vital part of your chimney structure, a flue liner improves the safety of your chimney while allowing it to perform more effectively than it would if it didn't have one. Channelling fumes to the outside of your home, a flue liner runs the entire length of the chimney, and can be made out of various different materials including such things as clay, ceramics or metal. There's a pretty good chance that if your property in Englefield Green is really old, the chimney may not even have a lining, and even if it does it will very likely need a replacement.

Burning fires create hazardous fumes and gases which can cause serious harm to the flue of your chimney. Ensure that your fireplace specialist assesses the flue lining for damage and possible issues. You have to stop those hazardous gases from seeping into your home, which is exactly what can transpire when a flue lining is faulty. When a flue liner is compromised it can also expose the actual chimney structure to intensive heat, which can in turn increase the potential risk of a house fire. (Tags: Chimney Liners Englefield Green, Flue Lining Englefield Green, Flue Liners Englefield Green).

Stone Fireplaces

For that really spectacular look why not think about bringing the outside in with a stone fireplace? A boundary wall or stone facade could already be a natural stone feature of your home's exterior areas. Your fireplace inside, could coordinate with those natural features outside.

Natural Stone Fireplaces Englefield Green

You can create a natural stone fireplace by using either a thin stone cladding or a full-depth stone, and the one you choose could be subject to your personal taste and how much cash you are willing to spend. Also, limestone, slate, marble, sandstone, granite or quartz can be used to construct a fireplace.

The finished appearance your completed fireplace will be affected by the individuality of the tradesperson or stonemason who builds it, the method of building and the kind of stone which is used. If you have an understanding of just what you want, get some photographs and go over these with your fireplace company before they begin.

While many modern day properties may not suit the dominating look of a natural stone fireplace, there are lots of stylish designs which use a combination of timber, stone and metal, which can be particularly striking.

Chimney Cowl Installation Englefield Green

To add draft and stop back-up, a chimney cowl is a hood-shaped covering for your chimney. Sitting neatly on top of your chimney pot, and typically created from galvanized iron, it helps to stop the wind blowing smoke back down your chimney. It can be found in a hardware shop or on the web. Whether you prefer to make a pre-existing one work better, or invest in a brand new one, a cowl will keep your fireplace or stove working to the best of its ability.

There are several types of chimney cowl on the market. There are pot hanging cowls that can be installed without the need to remove the chimney pot. They connect to the flue liner via three straps, which secure the cowl in place. Another type of cowl is a weathering cap, which is mounted on the end of the flue. It is larger than the chimney pot, which makes sure that it remains in position.

One of the most common sorts of chimney cowls is the H-style. This pattern is one of the best for controlling the draught and enables your fireplace to perform more efficiently. It is made from a series of H-shaped pipes that isolate the combustion gases from down draughts. It originally served marine applications, but has become popular among property owners due to its energy-saving attributes.

Another type is the Aerodyne cowl. It works by drawing air into the chimney cowl and reducing downdraught. These are available in a variety of colours. Its venturi shape draws air into the chimney cowl, creating a drop in air pressure that draws air upward from the stove. Other types of chimney cowl include: anti-downdraught chimney cowls, static chimney cowls, spinning chimney cowls, bonnet chimney cowls, aspirotor chimney cowls and birdguards.

Chimney cowls are a simple way to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in Englefield Green. They're cheap and easy to put in. You should make sure that you have clear access to the space above the chimney to install one. It can also prevent dirt and debris from accumulating inside the chimney.

Chimney Repair Englefield Green

Fireplaces and heating systems rely on effective chimney repair to maintain safety and efficiency. With the passing of time, chimneys can suffer from wear and tear, leading to issues such as cracks, leaks or blockages. Repairs carried out in a timely manner are essential to avoid potential threats like carbon monoxide exposure and fire. In Englefield Green, chimney repair professionals can address these issues, guaranteeing optimal chimney function and compliance with safety specifications. Regular inspections and repairs also prolong the chimney's life expectancy and reduce the need for costly repairs in the future, offering homeowners peace of mind and a dependable heating source. (69031)

Surrey Fireplace Installation

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Englefield Green Skip Hire

Skip Hire Englefield Green

When you're performing any sort of improvement work on your garden or home in Englefield Green, there is almost certain to be a certain amount of waste generated which will have to be taken away. While fireplace installations is not one of those tasks that typically generates lots of waste, that's not invariably the case, and the amount will depend on the scale of your installation. You might need to make your own arrangements for waste removal, because a lot of tradespeople don't include this in the quote.

The most popular technique that property owners in Englefield Green use to dispose of such waste is to hire a skip from a local skip hire company. Different sizes of skip are available to accommodate the amount of waste that you've got. For modest projects you can choose skip bags and mini-skips, for larger home refurbishments and landscaping work there are midi-skips and builders skips, and for industrial use or really huge projects, roll-on roll-off skips are the best alternative.

GO HERE and enter your requirements to get Englefield Green skip hire quotes.

Family & Friends

Obtaining recommendations from family and friends is always extremely useful when searching for a professional contractor for your fireplace project or task in Englefield Green. To find someone who's suitable for your requirements, and to filter out third-rate fireplace contractors and companies with poor levels of performance, word of mouth referrals are generally the way to go.

Friends and Family

If you're aware that a relative or friend has used a particular contractor, you can get first hand experience of their reliability and punctuality. They should also be able to tell you if anything went pear-shaped, and how quickly any errors were addressed. They'll be able to tell you how the final price in comparison with the original estimate they were presented with, or whether the contractor offers a guaranteed price promise.

At the end of the day, your friends and relatives are people you know and can depend on in relation to their advice. If you find that it is hard to get details on a specific contractor or fireplace installer, it's probably because they've had a poor experience in their dealings with them. A lot of people will be perfectly willing to speak about a good quality contractor, but less likely to talk about a poor one, and rather than 'besmirch' a below par business they have dealt with previously, they might suggest a different company.

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Fireplace Related Tasks Englefield Green

Your local fireplace company can accomplish a whole medley of tasks and services including elm fireplaces Englefield Green, designer fireplaces Englefield Green, brick fireplace installations, cheap fireplaces, fireplace replacement, chimney repairs, the installation of modern fireplaces in Englefield Green, tiled fireplaces Englefield Green, fireplace suites in Englefield Green, marble fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces in Englefield Green, freestanding stoves in Englefield Green, chimney strengthening, corner fireplaces Englefield Green, Victorian fireplace installations, traditional fireplaces Englefield Green, fireplace restoration, fireplace surrounds, fireplaces, fireplace cleaning, hearth fireplaces, multifuel stove installation Englefield Green, gas fireplace installations, fireplace packages, fireplace fitting, marble fireplace surrounds, gas fireplaces Englefield Green, chimney lining in Englefield Green, fireplace inserts, double-sided stoves, open fireplaces Englefield Green, fireplacequotes, fake fireplace installations Englefield Green, wood burning fireplace installation, fireplace hearths, and more. This is in no way an extensive list of what is available from the local fireplace fitter. Englefield Green specialists will will be more than happy to update you with their entire range of fireplace services if you call them. If you have fireplace requirements in Englefield Green, that you don't see here, you could go HERE and enter your details on the quote form provided.

Please Leave a Review

So as to acquire work and succeed in business, local companies and services need to get excellent online reviews, as these are what people in Englefield Green depend on these days to uncover businesses they can trust. When the company or person you have used has done a good job, it is always nice to leave them a review to give them a lift and help others to make their choice. Prospective future clients can benefit from hearing your personal experience, and obviously there are benefits for the business too. If you read reviews to find somebody to do your work, you'll realise how useful that can be. Even if a company website looked really impressive, if it was not backed up by decent reviews and feedback, you might well have looked at other possibilities.

Leaving a Review

However, when you are on a business's own website, how can you place reliance on the so called customer reviews? They might have been "made up" by an employee of the company, aiming to get more leads, or were they written by real clients?

Looking at Google My Business reviews is a great way to look for frank and authentic online reviews. Many millions of potential clients consider the reviews on this website every day, so as to discover the standing and reputation companies around the world. Bing Places for Business is another review site that you could try when submitting reviews for local businesses in Englefield Green, and is the serious rival to Google My Business, holding 2nd place in the reviews sector. In order to raise the profile of a company that worked effectively on your project, you could leave a glowing review on either (or both of) these platforms, which will in addition establish an outline of their trustworthiness and working standards, which can be beneficial for other local people looking for the same services.

Some of you might prefer to leave testimonials for a company on Facebook and Twitter pages, which are just as effective. A major part of any small company's marketing and promotion strategies, these social media sites are an important aspect of the review process. Your positive reviews will help to strengthen their sales message, and if you have offered recommendations to friends and relatives who are trying to find similar services, this will give them a starting point for their search for the ideal tradesman.

Going 'old school' and traditional is of course still appropriate, and you can hand write a thankyou letter and post it in to the company. These are still handy in an internet crazy world and can be scanned in for use on websites, or possibly even framed or compiled to form a portfolio of reviews for face to face meetings with prospective clients. It truly is an amazing feeling knowing that you may have helped a small local business, regardless of how you created your review.

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Latest Surrey fireplace customer enquiries: Abdirahman Rooney was trying to find someone who can install a log burner fireplace in Chilworth, Surrey. Mr and Mrs Mccullough recently enquired about getting a price for re-opening an old, bricked up fireplace and installing a new wood burning stove in a semi-detached house in Abinger, Surrey. Peggy Horton was searching for a professional fireplace installer near Long Ditton. Nyah Macgregor and Andre Macgregor recently asked for a quotation for the installation of a multi fuel stove in Lightwater. Umar Gorman in Ash Vale, Surrey asked the question "are there any good fireplace fitters near me?". Indiana and Brayden Chandler recently asked for a quote for the installation of an electric fire in Shamley Green. Mr and Mrs Pierce recently enquired about installing an open fireplace in Shalford. Constance Bowen from Englefield Green, Surrey was looking for someone to fit a designer fireplace in her property.

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Fireplaces Around Englefield Green: In the previous 12 months fireplaces were professionally installed in these Englefield Green streets: Larchwood Drive, Kingsley Avenue, St. David's Drive, Swallowfield, Ham Lane, Willson Road, Blays Close, Heronfield, Chestnut Close, Sycamore Walk, Kings Lane, Bagshot Road, Hanover Close, Brackendale Close, Pinehurst, Magna Road, Priest Hill, Corby Close, Cooper's Hill Lane, St Jude's Road, Fircroft Road, Rhododendron Ride, Holly Close, Elmbank Avenue, Laburnum Place, Beauforts, Notley End, Beechtree Avenue, and in these Surrey postcodes: SL4 2JB, TW20 0HQ, TW20 0HP, TW20 0JF, TW20 0EL, TW20 0NL, TW20 0RG, TW20 0TB, TW20 0PQ, TW20 0JL. Work was done in these places by installers of fireplaces. Englefield Green business and home owners received high quality and dependable fireplace services on every occasion.

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