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Fireplace Fitter Cranleigh Surrey (GU6): If you are frustrated by rising energy prices and wish to find an alternative solution for heating your property in Cranleigh, why not open up an unused fireplace and put in an economical open, wood burning or multi-fuel fire? If you decide to add a back boiler to your new fireplace, you can not only enjoy the warmth and ambience of an open fire on those chilly winters' evenings, you'll also be provided with lots of steaming hot water.

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There are a few essential considerations you must bear in mind if you are to finish up with a safe and efficient fireplace, before you commence bashing down the walls of a bricked-up fireplace. All work carried out must observe Part J of the UK's Building Regulations, which covers the installation and construction of flue linings, chimney breasts, fireplaces and hearths of any heating appliance. If you live in a listed building you will also have to find out if planning permission is necessary from the local authorities before any work is started.

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If any construction work is needed with your fireplace installation, safety and structural issues may arise that need to be resolved by a professional tradesperson, although a competent and keen do-it-yourselfer might be able to take a shot at a simple refurbishment of a pre-existing fireplace. You may be lucky when you expose the old fireplace and find out that you need little more than a thorough chimney sweep and a quick clean out of the hearth to get your roaring fire once more. What's more common however is a jumble of crumbling, old brickwork covering a blocked flue, and needs some degree of structural reinforcement before it can be safely used.

It is generally recommended to look to the experience and knowledge of a specialist fireplace fitter in Cranleigh, because of the severe fire and health risks that can be caused by an improperly fitted or renovated fireplace. A major factor of the Building Regulations for fireplaces is that sufficient oxygen is available for the fire to burn efficiently and properly. An inefficiently burning fire in a poorly ventilated room can result in a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide gas.

A competent fireplace installation technician will assess the situation at hand and get over this challenge and guarantee an adequate airflow for the fire to burn safely and effectively, by installing vents around the room, or under the floor. To avoid condensed air becoming trapped in blocked off or unused chimney flues and producing staining and damp spots, flue vents may have to be installed by the fireplace installation team to introduce some airflow.

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An enormous amount of dust and soot can be released from an old fireplace upon reopening it for renovation. It's advised to remove your your belongings and any woven materials before any fireplace refurbishment work and chimney cleaning begins, as even with covers and other dust protection for your belongings, the risk of damage from muck and soot is still likely. If you're performing a full renovation of a room or property, the fireplace should be opened up before any decoration or plastering works are tackled. This should limit damage to other phases of your renovation project (i.e. fresh plaster or newly painted walls), by soot and other chimney related dust that is expelled.


You will have a greater understanding of the refurbishment work that's required, once the opening up of the old fireplace is completed. You'll also be in a position to sweep the chimney and clean up any remaining hearth. This will be the perfect time to call a professional Cranleigh chimney sweep to see if they are able to come and look at your fireplace and chimney. They'll be able to provide professional advice on the flue and chimney after sweeping, as to the state of the chimney and if you need to exchange the existing flue liner.

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All the current Building Regulations must be complied with, if it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney. These are tasks that should be done by a skilled tradesman with a good understanding of the pertinent regulations and quality construction skills.

If the size of the original fireplace is bigger than your requirements, a new concrete supporting lintel must be put in. As soon as you have supported the fireplace with your lintel it is now necessary to update or renovate the hearth. To be in line with the latest UK Building Regulations, any hearth should be raised at least 12.5mm above the normal floor level, although you might discover that yours is set into a floor void, as they frequently were in past times. If your fireplace isn't of a standard size you may have to purchase a made to measure hearth, but there are a wide variety of ready to fit hearths in concrete, granite or marble.

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You will quickly discover that you are spoiled for choice, with the vast array of choices that are available to you, when enter a good fireplace dealership. It normally pays to heed the recommendations of the fireplace installation team with regards to which fireplaces will be suitable for your chimney and flue, as some of them won't be.

In order to decide the type and design of fireplace which is most suitable for your particular circumstances, you will have to consider the age of your house in Cranleigh, and the look you're attempting to develop for your room or space. If you have an old-fashioned inglenook fireplace, a cast iron wood burning stove can look striking in this surrounding, and has the added benefit of reflecting the heat back into the room from the brick or stone walls that surround the stove.

For dwellings in Cranleigh that do not have a chimney breast, a wood burning or multi fuel stove is a good alternative. You do not need a chimney breast to experience an authentic fire, providing you've got an exterior wall that can have a flue channelled through it.


If this style of fireplace isn't suitable for your Cranleigh home, what other alternatives are there?

Electric Fireplaces - A wide selection of electric fireplaces to suit pretty much any house in Cranleigh, can easily be fitted by anyone who is reasonable competent. It can be hard to differentiate from the real thing with with the "real" looking feel of some electric fires, and they can be inset into a regular fireplace when that's what is required.

Gas Fireplaces - Their efficiency to heat a space is superior to wood burner or multi-fuel stoves, and there lots of designs to suit all property types. Any gas fireplace in your Cranleigh property must be installed and maintained by a Gas Safe heating technician.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - To create a great focal point in your dwelling in Cranleigh, these stoves can be used with a selection of fuels, such as wood, gas, oil or smokeless coal. One of the most recognised brands of multi-fuel stoves is AGA, and these can provide not only cheap heat for an entire house, but also hot water and cooking facilities.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These have grown to be extremely popular in many households in Cranleigh, and can have classic or modern styling to suit your home's decor. A model with a back boiler will provide extra heating capabilities by transferring the piping hot water to radiators in cold spots in your property.

Open Fireplaces - The traditional fireplace that can use various fuels such as smokeless coal, wood, briquettes and other combustive materials. A skillfully fitted modern open fire will be nothing like the smoky old fireplace that was perhaps boarded up by earlier owners, and its warm charm is a delightful addition to any room in Cranleigh.

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Fireplace installers can be located in the Cranleigh area, together with: Ockley, Itchingfield, Dunsfold, Shamley Green, Forest Green, Alfold, Rudgwick, Hascombe, Wonersh, Chilworth, Walliswood, Ewhurst, Ewhurst Green, The Common, Slinfold, in addition to these postcode areas: GU6 7JB, GU6 8AQ, GU6 7AB, GU6 7BT, GU6 8AL, GU6 7AS, GU6 7FQ, GU6 7AP, GU6 7AA, and GU6 7WH. A couple of hints which suggest that a fireplace service operates in Cranleigh area is if they've got the postcode GU6 and the telephone dialling code 01483. Simply click the "QUOTE" banner or form to get details about fireplaces in your location.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation Cranleigh

For peace of mind in your home, fitting carbon monoxide detectors close to fireplaces is essential. While fireplaces offer a source of heat, their improper ventilation can lead to the production of carbon monoxide. A detector installed in the same room as the fireplace can warn occupants of the presence of this deadly, odourless, colourless gas.

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Installing carbon monoxide detectors is relatively straightforward, yet it must be executed properly. So that false alarms are avoided, detectors should be mounted on the ceiling or wall, ideally at least 15 feet from the fireplace, following the manufacturer's instructions. To guarantee your detector's functionality, testing and yearly battery replacements are essential.

Professional installation offers the advantage of guaranteeing correct placement and operation of your carbon monoxide detectors. By taking this precaution, home and property owners in Cranleigh can significantly reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, protecting their loved ones and enhancing the safety of their living spaces. For ongoing protection, it is essential to maintain both the fireplace and the detector regularly. (Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation Cranleigh)

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The job of installing and maintaining fireplaces is carried out by tradespeople known as fireplace installers. They are skilled craftspeople who can install and repair a variety of fireplace types, including gas, electric and wood-burning fireplaces. These professionals are often employed by fireplace manufacturers or construction companies, but some may also work on their own.

For a fireplace to be installed correctly, there must be meticulous planning, preparation, and execution. To guarantee that the installation of a fireplace is compliant with relevant standards and safe, fireplace installers must be familiar with local building codes and regulations. Knowing the various tools and materials required for the job is also necessary.

Fireplace installers provide maintenance services as well, making sure the fireplace is functioning properly. Services provided for fireplace maintenance include replacement of damaged parts, cleaning the chimney, and inspection for potential safety hazards.

The creation of functional and cosy living spaces depends on the work of fireplace installers. Fireplace installers' mastery and proficiency guarantee homeowners in Cranleigh can appreciate the comfort and warmth of a fireplace without worries or concerns. READ MORE HERE: FIREPLACE INSTALLERS

Flue Liners

An essential element of the chimney system on your home, a chimney or flue liner improves the safety of your chimney while at the same time allowing it to perform more efficiently than it would if it didn't have one. Flue liners are ducts made of ceramic material, metal or clay that are installed inside chimneys to carry toxic fumes to the outside. Chimneys on older properties in Cranleigh might not have flue liners at all, or will need to be re-lined based on their condition and age.

Harmful gases and fumes can be generated by burning fires and these can harm the flue of your chimney. A great time to check for potential issues and damage is while your chimney is being swept and cleaned - so ask your chimney sweep to do this. A broken flue can allow those harmful gases to leak into your house. Intense heat can also be permitted to penetrate into the chimney's structure, generating the possibility of fires.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

If you want to really make an impression with your fireplace, there is no better way than to build one out of natural stone. This is the perfect way to bring a feel of the outdoors, in! Perhaps your home has already got some exterior stone features, a stone facade or a boundary wall for example. This might be a way to complement those features internally.

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There are two ways by which a stone fireplace can be built, and subject to your taste and how much cash you are happy to spend, you can choose from full-depth stone or the stone cladding option. Also, slate, sandstone, quartz, marble, granite or limestone, are among the different sorts of stone which can be used to build a fireplace.

The finished appearance your new fireplace will depend on the building method, the type of stone used and the methodology used by the tradesperson or stonemason who builds it. You should get some photos prepared featuring the sort of design you're looking for, and before any work begins, you can discuss them with your fireplace installer.

Stone is not always a suitable material for a modern day home, as it has a striking appearance and may rather dominate the look of an area, but obviously that's down to the choice of each individual homeowner - perhaps dramatic and spectacular is what you have in mind!

Log Burner Fireplaces Cranleigh

Seeking both aesthetic appeal and effective heating solutions, homeowners increasingly favour log burner fireplaces, also known as wood-burning stoves. These fireplaces offer a charming and rustic touch to any property, creating a cosy atmosphere during the colder winter months. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, log burning stoves are highly efficient, capable of providing substantial warmth with relatively inexpensive fuel costs. Their combination of functionality and beauty makes them a welcome addition to numerous living spaces.

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However, to enjoy the warmth of a wood-burning stove, thorough planning at the outset is vital. First of all, selecting the right model and size that fits your home’s specific requirements is vital. Factors such as ventilation, room size and insulation quality, and ventilation need to be considered. For the stove to be fitted safely and in accordance with local building regulations, installation by a professional is highly recommended. Not only does proper installation assure optimum performance, but it also minimises the dangers of hazards like chimney fires or carbon monoxide leaks.

Owning a log-burning fireplace involves another crucial aspect: maintenance. To avoid the accumulation of creosote, a combustible by-product of burning wood, it is crucial to routinely clean both the stove itself and the chimney. For the system to remain in good working order, it is advisable to have certified specialists perform yearly inspections. Ensuring the safety and longevity of their log burner fireplaces, residents can also savour the cosy ambiance and warmth by observing these maintenance practices. (Log Burner Fireplaces Cranleigh)

Chimney Repair

To uphold the efficiency and safety of fireplaces and heating systems, one must prioritise chimney repair. The wear and deterioration that chimneys undergo over time can give rise to various issues, including cracks, blockages or leaks. Timely repairs play a vital role in preventing potential threats, including fire and exposure to carbon monoxide. In Cranleigh, chimney repair experts address these problems, guaranteeing that the chimney operates optimally and complies with the appropriate safety regulations. Prolonging the chimney's longevity and minimizing the need for expensive future repairs, regular repairs and inspections provide property owners with reassurance and a dependable heating source. (93852 - Chimney Repairs Cranleigh)

Cranleigh Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Cranleigh

You probably came here searching for basic fireplace installation, but your local Cranleigh fireplace fitter can deliver a whole medley of additional tasks, and these could include the installation of Victorian fireplaces in Cranleigh, 3-sided fireplaces, hearth fireplaces, classic fireplaces, wood mantels, limestone fireplace installations, fireplace fitting, stone fireplaces, wood & multifuel stoves, cheap fireplace installation, fireplace design, modern gas fires, brick fireplaces, tiled fireplaces in Cranleigh, outdoor fireplaces, chimney lining, chimney repairs, flue liners, contemporary fireplaces, modern fireplace in Cranleigh, chimney cowl installation, designer fireplaces, fireplaces, marble fireplaces, built-in electric fires, Victorian fireplace installation, oak beam fireplaces, stone fireplace installation, marble fireplace installation, carbon monoxide detector installation, and others. Cranleigh specialists will will be glad to tell you about their whole range of fireplace sevices if you email or phone them.

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Also find: Chilworth fireplace installers, Itchingfield fireplace installers, Shamley Green fireplace installers, Ewhurst Green fireplace installers, Walliswood fireplace installers, Rudgwick fireplace installers, Dunsfold fireplace installers, Wonersh fireplace installers, Alfold fireplace installers, Ockley fireplace installers, Slinfold fireplace installers, Hascombe fireplace installers, Forest Green fireplace installers, The Common fireplace installers, Ewhurst fireplace installers and more. Fireplace installation services are available in all these towns and localities. Possessing the necessary know-how and experience, these skilled tradesmen can adeptly install fireplaces in your home. With these dedicated professionals at their service, residents can bask in the warmth and comforting ambiance a fireplace brings to their homes. Local property owners can get fireplace installation quotations by simply clicking here. Why not start your fireplace installation right away?

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More Cranleigh Tradespeople: When your Cranleigh property needs refurbishing or improvements, a number of different craftsmen may be needed to successfully complete the task, and even though your present search is for fireplace specialists in Cranleigh, you could also need the expertise of an electrician in Cranleigh, a carpet fitter in Cranleigh, a chimney sweep in Cranleigh, a building contractor in Cranleigh, a plumber in Cranleigh, a handyperson in Cranleigh, a tiling specialist in Cranleigh, stone cleaning in Cranleigh, a painter/decorator in Cranleigh, a stonemason in Cranleigh, a roofing contractor in Cranleigh, a carpenter and joiner in Cranleigh, repointing services in Cranleigh, and probably others.

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