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Fireplace Fitter Newton Abbot Devon (TQ12): Opening up an old fireplace or putting in a new one is an effective way to add some character to any room of your house in Newton Abbot. If you incorporate a back boiler with your new fire you can even enjoy a plentiful supply of piping hot water as well. Cold winter's evenings can be an enjoyable experience as you relax in front of your fireplace surrounded the crackling of firewood.

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However before you begin knocking down the walls of a bricked-up fireplace there are some important things to consider to achieve an efficient and safe fireplace. Work undertaken on the flue linings, hearths, chimney breasts and fireplaces of any heat producing appliances, must conform to Part J of the Building Regulations. Also, you will need to check with the local council if planning permission is required before any work can commence, if you own a listed building or live in designated conservation area in Newton Abbot.

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If any construction work is needed with your fireplace installation project, safety and structural problems may arise that have to be resolved professionally, although a keen and competent DIY fanatic might be able to take on a simple remodeling of an old fireplace. You may find that the chimney breast, hearth and lintel are in good condition, once you have exposed the old fireplace, and the hidden treasure beneath needs barely more than a clean by a chimney sweep. It's much more likely however, that you will reveal a blocked flue and an expanse of crumbling, old brickwork that needs to be to be reinforced structurally to ensure that it's safe.

Employing a specialist fireplace installer in Newton Abbot is generally advised, since a fireplace that is wrongly installed can can cause a fire risk and respiratory health issues. There must always be airflow into a room or space where there is a fireplace to guarantee adequate quantities of oxygen allow the fire to burn safely. A fire doesn't burn effectively if there is not enough oxygen, and death can occur if there's a build-up of carbon monoxide.

To ensure an adequate airflow for the fire to burn safely and effectively, a specialist fireplace installation technician will consider the circumstances and fit vents around the room, or under the flooring, thus solving this issue. To prevent condensed air becoming trapped in unused or blocked off chimney flues and creating damp spots and staining, flue vents may have to be fitted by the fireplace installation team to improve the airflow.

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Old chimneys are notorious for the volume of grime and soot that can pile up inside of them, therefore when you open up a fireplace you should expect it to be a fairly messy enterprise. It's advisable to remove any furniture, carpets and rugs from an area where you're going to open up an old fireplace, to avoid them being affected by soot, dust and grime that will be stirred up during the fireplace installation works. If you're fortunate enough to be carrying out a complete room renovation then it ought to be one of the initial tasks to focus on before re-plastering and decorating the walls. By opening up a fireplace first you'll stop any chimney soot causing discolouration damage to other parts of your project, such as paint on walls or fresh plasterwork.


Now you can see the opening of your fireplace it is time to sweep and clean the chimney and hearth and figure out what is fit for restoring. One of the initial things on your checklist should be to get hold of a local chimney sweep who operates in the Newton Abbot area. A chimney sweep will first of all clean the flue and whilst doing so will be able to inspect the condition of the chimney and provide advice on whether a new flue liner is required.

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Following an examination by an experienced Newton Abbot chimney sweep, and in accordance with the Building Regulations (Part J), work to install a new liner and/or strengthen the chimney breast could be required. This is unlikely to be the kind of work that can be accomplished by a DIY person, so you'll need to bring in an experienced builder or fireplace installer who has experience in good construction practices and a knowledge of the Building Regulations.

In buildings that are older you might find the original fireplace is larger than your needs, in which case a supporting concrete lintel will be required to adapt the opening. As soon as you have successfully supported the fireplace with your lintel it will then be time to repair or update the hearth. In days past the hearth was usually sunken into a hole in the floor, but the latest Building Regulations in the UK demand that it's raised at least 12.5mm above the level of the floor. You'll find that there is a wide array of pre-made hearths in marble, granite or concrete, however if you have a non-standard sized fireplace you may have to go with a tailor-made hearth, which you should ask your Newton Abbot fireplace builder about.

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Due to the huge selection of different fireplace styles, choosing the best one won't necessarily be easy. You can check out what's currently on the market by going online or by visiting your nearest fireplace showroom. It's possible that owing to your existing flue, chimney and airflow to the room, that some fireplaces may not be suitable, and it's advisable to follow the advice of your fireplace installer in this respect.

The overall look you are aiming to create, your existing decor and perhaps even, the age of your house in Newton Abbot, will to some extent determine whether you decide on an open fireplace, a wood burner or a multi-fuel stove. For instance, a wood burner looks wonderful set into an inglenook fireplace, which highlights the character and charm of the stove and also deflects the heat into the room effectively.

It is still possible to install a wood burner, even if you do not have an existing chimney in your Newton Abbot home. Providing that you have an external wall through which a stainless steel flue from the stove can be routed, you don't need a chimney structure to benefit from that "real" fire experience.


If your situation does not allow for a natural fireplace to be installed, what are all the possible alternatives?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you'll probably assume from the name, these useful stoves can burn a variety of different fuels, including gas, oil, wood or smokeless coal, and not only that, they can also be an eye-catching focal point for your living space. If you opt for a product from the AGA range for example, you can get hot water, do cooking, and when linked up to your radiator system, heat the whole house.

Open Fireplaces - Having the ability to burn just about any solid fuel in the marketplace, the open fireplace can produce a crackling fire as an eye-catching centrepiece for any room or living space. A skillfully fitted contemporary open fire will be nothing like the smoky old fireplace that was boarded up by former owners, and its glowing charm is a welcome addition to any room in Newton Abbot.

Gas Fireplaces - There are an array of styles to suit any house in Newton Abbot, and they provide instant heat which is more efficient (thermally) than a wood burner stove. Gas fireplaces can only be installed and maintained by a certified Gas Safe registered technician, (Gas Safe replaced CORGI registration in 2009).

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Wood Burning Stoves - These can even be a freestanding feature where needed, and there's a wide variety to suit any period of dwelling in Newton Abbot. When used together with a back boiler, these types of stoves can supply added heating capabilities by transferring the heated water to a cold spot in your house via radiators.

Electric Fireplaces - A wide variety of electric fireplaces to suit any property in Newton Abbot, can easily be fitted by any reasonable competent individual. Can be inset into conventional fireplaces, and with "real feel" electric fires it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from the genuine article.

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You should have no problem locating fireplace fitters in Newton Abbot, and surrounding areas such as: Ogwell, West Ogwell, East Ogwell, Penn Inn, Milber, Netherton, Combeinteignhead, North Wilborough, Abbotskerswell, Wolborough, Wilborough, Two Mile Oak, Highweek. Postcode areas like TQ12 1DL, TQ12 1JR, TQ12 1LB, TQ12 1PB, TQ12 1EF, TQ12 1AB, TQ12 1LU, TQ12 1AR, TQ12 1NP, and TQ12 1FG are also covered. Fireplace installers from Newton Abbot will generally have the dialling code 01626 and the postcode TQ12. To acquire details about fireplaces and fireplace installation in your area click on the "QUOTE" banner.

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A favourite among property owners in Newton Abbot seeking to improve their traditional fireplaces, are fireplace inserts. To enhance the efficiency of a fireplace, these inserts have been devised to direct more heat into the room and reduce heat loss. For those who appreciate the ambience of a fire, these inserts provide a less complicated and safer option, free from the drawbacks of old-fashioned wood-burning fireplaces.

There is a wide assortment of fireplace inserts to choose from, in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from gas to electric and wood-burning models. Gas fireplace inserts are a low-maintenance and user-friendly option, while electric inserts offer convenience and flexibility with their variable settings and remote control. Ideal for homeowners who desire an authentic experience of a crackling fire and the aroma of burning wood are wood-burning inserts.

Besides their efficiency and convenience, fireplace inserts are also considerate of the environment. The amount of air pollution caused by traditional fireplaces is reduced by their efficient burning of fuel and production of fewer emissions.

Professional installation is important to guarantee a correct and safe installation of a fireplace insert. A worthwhile investment for any property owner seeking to improve the comfort, convenience, and value of their property, fireplace inserts provide numerous benefits.

Stone Fireplaces Newton Abbot

Why not bring the outdoors inside and build a spectacular looking stone fireplace? It's possible you have already got some natural stone features on the exterior of your building, for example a stone facade or boundary wall. This could be a way to complement those natural features internally.

Natural Stone Fireplaces Newton Abbot

Depending on your taste and budget, you can build a stone fireplace using either full-depth stone or thinner stone cladding. You will also need to choose what kind of stone you favour for your new fireplace, select from: quartz, marble, limestone, sandstone, granite or slate.

Precisely how your finished fireplace looks, will depend on the methodology used by the stonemason or craftsman who builds it, the sort of stone used and the method of building. If you have a good idea of precisely what you want, get some photos and discuss these with your fireplace company before they begin.

A lot of modern day properties are not really suited to the look of a natural stone fireplace, mainly because stone has got such a striking appearance, and can dominate the look of an area. However, each individual householder has their own preferences and taste, so it is for them to choose.

The Best Way To Keep Your Open Fireplace And Bring Down Your Heating Bills

With worries about the environment, the iconic fireplace has lost some of its appeal, but it's still a favourite with many property owners in Newton Abbot. The natural comfort of an open fireplace invokes very special recollections for those who have them. There are countless benefits to having an open fireplace but there are also several drawbacks that may need to be dealt with. Due to energy costs increasing so swiftly nowadays, your fireplace should be a source of heat, and not an inefficient one. When a fire is burning, it may give warmth to those who are standing in close proximity to it, but it can actually pull warm air out of your room, making your heater work even harder. If there's no fire, a damper should regulate the airflow. However, dampers have a very inadequate seal, so cold air can get in, and warmer air will go out.

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What many homeowners in Newton Abbot tend not to understand about their fireplace is that it doesn't always do exactly what they think it's doing. Rather than keeping heating costs down, it can actually do the precise opposite if one isn't careful. However it's not all bad news because there are ways to make your fireplace much more cost-effective. All you need to do is basically four basic things boost the performance of your fireplace. These is going to make your fireplace very economical and very efficient.

The first point is to swap your existing fireplace damper with a top sealing damper. This kind of damper is positioned near the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain and snow from entering. The top sealing damper will keep the air in the home from getting away and works remarkably well in both warm and cold weather conditions. The damper is easy to fit, and can be bought on the internet. An additional thing that you can do would be to position a fire-back at the rear of your fireplace. A fire-back consists of cast iron and it really is meant to protect the wall behind from fire damage, while at the same time making your fireplace look more elegant. The fire-back actually heats up from the fire and reflects the heat back into a room, hence improving the fireplace's efficiency.

Another way to save money is by using a fireplace fan/heater, which heats the space by drawing the air into a heat chamber and returning the air back into the room. These gadgets are created as closed systems so they do not produce any smoke, but they are effective in keeping your house warm. And finally, putting in glass doors, although a bit on the pricey side, can be effective in making your open fireplace cost efficient. If you do your research, you can find glass doors at a reasonable price and mount them on your own. Glass fireplace doors will keep the air in your home from escaping up the flue and it also helps to save your children and pets from fires.

The information presented here isn't difficult to put into action, and all of the required products can be readily purchased online, or from your local stockist. Get the best from your fireplace and observe your energy costs drop.


A safety feature that allows your chimney to operate more efficiently, a chimney liner or flu liner is a crucial part of your chimney set-up that should never be neglected. Fitted to the inside of chimneys to carry toxic fumes to the outside, flue liners are ducts made of ceramic material, metal or clay. A chimney on an older home in Newton Abbot may not be fitted with a flue lining at all, or will need to be relined subject to it's age and condition.

Your chimney flue can soon be damaged by the dangerous fumes and gases which are generated by the burning of a fire. Your flue lining should be routinely examined for possible problems and damage each time it is being cleaned. If it is damaged, those toxic gases might be able to seep into your living area instead of being safely expelled outdoors. There is likewise the risk of fires in the home as an impaired flue can enable extreme heat to penetrate the chimney's structure. (Tags: Flue Liners Newton Abbot, Flue Lining Newton Abbot, Chimney Lining Newton Abbot).

Newton Abbot Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Newton Abbot

Your local fireplace installer can accomplish a whole range of tasks including fire grate conversions, fireplace hearths, the installation of modern fireplaces Newton Abbot, fireplace fitting Newton Abbot, fireplaces in Newton Abbot, the installation of tiled fireplaces Newton Abbot, brick fireplaces, traditional fireplace installations, 2-sided fireplaces, fireplace packages, hearth fireplaces, chimney repairs, chimney strengthening, wall-mounted electric fires, oak beam fireplaces Newton Abbot, open fireplaces, stone fireplace installations, fireplace repairs, made-to-measure fireplaces, chimney modifications in Newton Abbot, period fireplaces, gas fireplaces Newton Abbot, Victorian fireplace installation, chimney cowl installation, fireplace cleaning, modern fireplace installation, gas stoves, electric fire baskets, designer fireplaces, fireplace inserts, Regency fireplaces Newton Abbot, contemporary fireplaces Newton Abbot, wood burning fireplace installations, marble fireplace installations, freestanding stoves, and others. Newton Abbot professionals will provide a full list of their fireplace services when asked. If there's something fireplace related, which you need but do not see listed here, you can go to this QUOTE FORM and fill out your details.

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Also find: Abbotskerswell fireplace installers, Wilborough fireplace installers, Milber fireplace installers, North Wilborough fireplace installers, Combeinteignhead fireplace installers, Wolborough fireplace installers, Ogwell fireplace installers, Highweek fireplace installers, Penn Inn fireplace installers, Netherton fireplace installers, West Ogwell fireplace installers, East Ogwell fireplace installers, Two Mile Oak fireplace installers and more. Pretty much all of these areas are serviced by people who fit fireplaces. The adept installation of a fireplace in your property is well within the skillset of these professional tradespeople, given their knowledge and experience. Thanks to the support from these dedicated experts, residents can relish the warmth and cosy atmosphere a fireplace provides in their living environments. By simply clicking here, fireplace installation quotes are accessible to local householders. So, there's no reason not to get cracking on your fireplace installation straight away!

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