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Fireplace Fitter Kingsnorth Kent (TN23): An effective way to add a touch of character and a homely feel to any property in Kingsnorth, is to reopen a disused fireplace to fit a open, multi-fuel or wood burning fire. As long as there's a ready source of timber or fuel, adding an open fire or multi-fuel stove for those frosty winter evenings can even be more cost effective than certain central heating systems. Combine your fireplace with a back boiler and you can benefit from endless supplies of hot water for even more savings.

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There are some vital considerations to make before you start any work, in order to create an attractive, safe and efficient fireplace in your home. All work must follow Part J of the Building Regulations, which covers the installation and construction of hearths, fireplaces, flue linings and chimney breasts of any combustible appliance. If your dwelling in Kingsnorth is listed or is in a conservation area, planning permission might also be necessary before work can proceed.

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If you have the ability to do so, and are a keen do-it-yourself fanatic you might be capable of doing some of the work in renovating an old fireplace, but the help of a professional may be required if structural issues arise during the process. You might discover that the lintel, chimney breast and hearth are in fine shape, once you have revealed your old fireplace, and the hidden gem beneath requires nothing more than a chimney sweep. What's more commonplace however is an area of old, crumbling brickwork that hides a stopped up flue, and needs some form of structural reinforcement before it can be safely used.

If your home in Kingsnorth has a fireplace installed and it is not put in correctly, there is not only a risk or fire, but also of respiratory health conditions. Therefore, using a specialist fireplace installer is generally recommended in most cases. A major factor of the Building Regulations for fireplaces is that sufficient oxygen is available in a room for a fire to burn efficiently and safely. Carbon monoxide fumes (which are lethal can accumulate in an inadequately ventilated area where a fire that is burning inefficiently is installed.

To overcome this problem a professional installation engineer will assess the situation and install vents around the room, or under the floors, to guarantee a sufficient airflow for the fire to burn safely and efficiently. Moist air can get trapped in blocked chimney flues which may also need to have air vents installed, to avoid issues with damp inside the chimney breast.

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Chimney breasts are renowned for the quantity of soot and muck that can pile up inside them, thus when you open up a fireplace for refurbishing you should assume that it will be a pretty messy enterprise. A fireplace installer will bring covers for your home furnishings and supply a bit of protection, however it is advisable when possible to remove furniture and carpets from the area before any work starts. If your fireplace is being installed as part of an overall home renovation project then it ought to be one of the initial tasks to be done once you have got the room back to bare floors and walls. This helps to prevent any staining damage to any restored work you might have already completed.


You'll get a much better idea about the refurbishment work that needs doing, when you have uncovered the old fireplace. You will also be able to sweep the chimney and clean up any remaining hearth. One of the initial items on your to-do-list should be to contact a professional chimney sweep who covers the Kingsnorth area. They will be willing to provide you with expert advice on the chimney and flue after sweeping, as to the condition of the chimney structure and if it is advisable to swap the existing liner.

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All the relevant UK Building Regulations must be complied with, if it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney structure. These are tasks that need to be done by a capable craftsman with a knowledge of the pertinent building regs and reliable construction skills.

It is entirely possible that a new concrete lintel will need to be installed, if the original fireplace is of a size which is bigger than your requirements. When this has been completed the next phase for your Kingsnorth fireplace installation will be to modernise the existing hearth. You may find your existing hearth has been sunken into a floor void, however to be in accordance with latest legislation it must be raised at least 12.5mm above floor level. You'll find that there is an array of off-the-shelf hearths in marble, concrete or granite, but if your fireplace is of non-standard size you might have to choose a custom-made hearth, which you can ask your Kingsnorth fireplace builder about.

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You'll soon realise that you're spoilt for choice in relation to fireplaces, with the host of different choices that are available, as soon as you step inside a decent fireplace dealership. It's entirely possible that due to your current chimney and flue, that certain fireplaces may not be appropriate, therefore it's a good idea to follow the advice of your fireplace installation company in this respect.

Certain rooms and houses will look better with an open fireplace than a multi-fuel or wood burning stove and vice versa. As an example, a cast iron wood burner looks splendid set back in an old-fashioned inglenook fireplace, which highlights the charm of the stove and also reflects the heat back into the room effectively.

A cast iron wood burner is also a splendid option if you haven't got a chimney breast in your Kingsnorth property. Since a stainless steel flue can be passed through an exterior wall and doesn't require a chimney breast, it is still viable to install and enjoy this form of fireplace.


Who doesn't enjoy the crackling of a natural fire on a dark evening, however if your situation doesn't allow for this, what are the other available options?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Multi-fuel stoves can be used with a range of fuels, including wood, oil, coal or gas, to create a focal point in your property in Kingsnorth. If you opt for a product from AGA, you can get supplied with hot water, do cooking, and when connected to your central heating system, heat your entire property.

Open Fireplaces - The traditional fireplace which can make use of various fuels such as coal, briquettes, wood and other burnable materials. An open fire is a delight to the eye and modern fireplaces are no longer the smoky, draughty and inefficient objects that they used to be.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Even the tiniest room in Kingsnorth can benefit from the fitting of a wood burning stove, which are available in a variety of designs, and can even be installed as a free standing feature. These can provide steaming hot water to heat radiators or for other uses in your house, if coupled with a back boiler.

Electric Fireplaces - A popular choice for property owners in Kingsnorth, these fires can be fitted by virtually any capable individual, safely and quickly. It can be difficult to differentiate from the genuine thing with with "real feel" electric fires, and they can readily be set into traditional fireplaces when required.

Gas Fireplaces - There are many styles to suit all home types and their efficiency to warm a room is superior to wood burning stoves. A Gas Safe certified technician must install and maintain any gas fire in your home.

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Fireplace installation work can be carried out in Kingsnorth and also in nearby places like: Great Chart, Hamstreet, Woodchurch, Shadoxhurst, Brabourne Lees, Sellindge, Mersham, Ruckinge, Hothfield, Sevington, Bethersden, Smeeth, Aldington, Willesborough, together with these postcodes TN25 7FU, TN25 7JF, TN23 3EY, TN25 7FS, TN23 3LU, TN23 3LN, TN23 3EA, TN23 3QQ, TN23 3FQ, and TN23 3JE. Locally based Kingsnorth fireplace fitters will probably have the postcode TN23 and the telephone code 01233. You'll want to check this if you're set on using a locally based fireplace builder. Kingsnorth home and business owners have access to these and other comparable services at any time they need to.

Flue Linings

Fitted to improve the efficiency and safety of your chimney structure, a flue liner is vital and should never be overlooked whatever the circumstances. Carrying fumes to the outside of a building, a flue liner runs the full length of a chimney, and can be manufactured from various different materials including such things as metal, ceramics or clay. There's a fair possibility that if your property in Kingsnorth is quite old, the chimney might not even be fitted with a liner, and even if it is it will probably need replacing.

As a fire is burning in your grate, some toxic gases and fumes are the result, and the flue inside your chimney can be damaged and eaten away and impaired by these fumes. While it's being cleaned, get the fireplace specialist to examine your flue lining for any damages or prospects of it failing in the future. If it is impaired, those toxic gases might seep into your home rather than being properly vented outside. There is an increased risk of house fires when flu liners are compromised, because fierce heat is able to reach the actual structure of the chimney, often with deadly consequences. (Tags: Flue Liners Kingsnorth, Chimney Lining Kingsnorth, Flue Lining Kingsnorth).

Tips To Take Care Of Your Open Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Bill

Along with worries about the environment, the traditional fireplace is missing some of its appeal, but it is still a favourite with many homeowners in Kingsnorth. Sitting in front of the warmth of a fireplace, brings back many treasured memories for a lot of people. There are numerous benefits to having an open fireplace although there are also several drawbacks that may need to be dealt with. With the cost of energy rising annually, your fireplace must emit heat in a cost-effective way. When a fire is burning, it may possibly provide warmth for those standing immediately in front of it, but it can in fact pull warm air out of a room, making your heater work even harder. If there's no fire, a damper ought to control the airflow. Nevertheless, dampers are generally not very successful seals, therefore all the warm air escapes and permits cold air to come into the property.

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Many householders in Kingsnorth who have a fireplace do not understand how it can affect the cost of heating. As opposed to saving resources, and heating costs, it is usually adding 100s of pounds of energy costs. Nevertheless, there are some techniques that you can do that can easily turn your budget smashing fireplace into something a lot more efficient. There happen to be 4 simple things that you can do to make your fireplace into the cost-effective heat sourse you're looking for. You will see that these hints will help to make your fireplace generate quality heat and your heating bill lower.

The very first thing to do is to replace the damper with a new top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is fitted at the top of your chimney which in turn also behaves the same as a storm door. It helps prevent the outside air from coming in, and the internal air from getting out, and performs in hot or cold weather. This isn't going to take a lot of time to fit and you can find one online. Next, you should have a fire-back in the rear part of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that is created to add to the room decor, while protecting the back wall from being damaged by the heat. The fire-back gets warmed up by the open fire and sends the heat back into a room, hence improving the overall efficiency of the fireplace.

Another option is to obtain a fireplace fan/heater, which draws in air in a room and warms it up. These heaters don't discharge any smoke and are be very effective in keeping your property warm and cosy. Finally, it is possible to fit glass doors which will likely be the costliest. Searching around, you should be able to locate a good deal, and with an instruction manual, you could possibly put them in yourself. Glass doors can keep the air in your residence from escaping and it also helps to save your children and pets from fires.

The guidance we just presented is not that hard to implement, and most of the required products can be purchased online, or from your local fireplace stockist. Get the best from your fireplace and watch your energy costs fall.

Natural Stone Fireplaces Kingsnorth

If you want to really make a splash with your fireplace, there's no better way than to build one out of natural stone. This is the perfect way to bring a bit of the outdoors, inside! A boundary wall or stone facade may already be a stone feature of your property's exterior areas. You could create something on the inside that complements the outside.

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You can build a stone fireplace by using either a thin stone cladding or a full-depth stone, and the one that you opt for could be subject to your taste and how much you're prepared to spend. You will also need to decide what sort of stone you favour for your fireplace, select from: quartz, marble, sandstone, slate, limestone or granite.

Your finished fireplace's appearance will be affected by the type of stone used, the methodology used by the stonemason or tradesperson who builds it and the building method (dry stone or mortar joints). Take a look around the internet and find some designs you like, and you can show these to your fireplace builder before they get to work.

A lot of modern homes aren't really suited to the look of a stone fireplace, mostly because stone can be so striking, and dominate the appearance of an area. However, each individual householder has their own taste and preferences, so it's for them to decide.

Chimney Sweeping Kingsnorth

If you have a log burning stove or an open fire in your house, you must have the chimney swept frequently. It is recommended that you sweep and clean your chimney at least once annually.

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To ensure that the job is being conducted properly, it is always a good idea to bring in a qualified Kingsnorth chimney sweep. While the chimney sweep is cleaning your chimney, he will also be on the lookout for any safety issues, so that they can then be quickly resolved.

A build-up of ash, soot and creosote can result in chimney fires if you neglect to sweep your chimney. Another hazardous situation that you want to avoid at all costs is harmful carbon monoxide fumes flowing back into your property, which can also be caused by a badly maintained chimney.

The importance of employing a reputable chimney sweep in Kingsnorth, should now be obvious. You can GO HERE for the latest chimney sweep prices in Kingsnorth. (Tags: Chimney Sweeping Kingsnorth, Chimney Sweep Kingsnorth, Chimney Sweeps Kingsnorth).

Chimney Repair Kingsnorth

Chimney repair is crucial for maintaining the efficiency, safety and functionality of both residential and commercial chimney systems in Kingsnorth. Weather elements, temperature fluctuations, and the byproducts of combustion can all cause chimneys to deterioration with the passage of time. The range of issues that require expert and timely attention can be caused by these factors.

The chimney structure can develop cracks that necessitate chimney repair, which is certainly one of the most common problems you will encounter. Even more damage and undermined structural stability of the chimney can be caused by moisture infiltration, which is increased by such cracks. In addition, serious health hazards to any occupants of the building can be caused by the escape of dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide, from cracks in the chimney.

The build-up of creosote and debris in the chimney flue is another issue that can often occur. Apart from reducing the chimney's efficiency, such accumulations can also increase the potential for chimney fires. Frequent chimney cleaning as part of the repair procedure helps remove soot, debris and creosote, reducing fire hazards and ensuring adequate airflow. (71372 - Chimney Repairs Kingsnorth)

Skip Hire Kingsnorth

Skip Hire Kingsnorth

When you are undertaking any type of home improvements or refurbishments in Kingsnorth, you're likely to produce quite a bit of waste. Some fireplace installations will create hardly any waste, while others could result in quite a lot - it depends on the individual circumstances of your specific project. When you get your quotes you will need to ask if waste removal has been included, otherwise you will have to make your own arrangements.

If this task is being left for you to do, you could consider hiring a skip. Coming in a multitude of sizes, skips can be booked to accommodate the amount of waste that you're likely to produce. Skips range from skip bags to mini-skips, midi-skips to builders skips, and for really large domestic or commercial projects - roll-on roll-off skips.

If you would like skip hire prices for your current project in Kingsnorth, you can do this by CLICKING HERE.

Family & Friends Recommendations

When looking for a professional contractor for your fireplace installation project or undertaking, it's always a good idea to get recommendations from friends and relatives. With regards to finding someone who is perfect for your needs, word of mouth referrals are usually the preferred method, and are just as good for filtering out companies with a dismal levels of performance, and contractors who are not up to standard.

Friends and Family

Getting this type of testimonial from an acquaintance or family member will also give you a good idea about the contractor's reliability and punctuality, and if things went pear-shaped, how they were addressed and how speedily they were rectified. They should also be in a position to tell you whether the company offered a guaranteed price promise for their work, and if not, how accurate the final price was compared to the initial estimate.

Finally, in regards to advice, your friends and relatives are people you know and can trust to be honest and truthful. You may discover that they will be hesitant to talk about them, if they have had an unsatisfactory experience in their dealings with a specific contractor or fireplace fitter. You may face a situation where some folks will be perfectly willing to speak about a good quality contractor, less likely to discuss a lousy one, and rather than 'malign' a far from ideal business that they've dealt with previously, they may suggest some alternative company instead.

Kingsnorth Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Kingsnorth

The assortment of tasks and services that can be undertaken by your local fireplace installer are wide and varied, and will usually include things like chimney strengthening, stone fireplaces, inset stoves, chimney cowl installation in Kingsnorth, fireplace cleaning, chimney repairs, flue lining, fireplace mantels in Kingsnorth, fireplace design Kingsnorth, fireplaceprice quotes, open fireplaces Kingsnorth, modern fireplace, the installation of outside fireplaces, inglenook fireplaces, chimney lining, Victorian fireplaces Kingsnorth, multifuel stove installation Kingsnorth, fireplace inserts, fireplace installation in Kingsnorth, fireplace removal, fireplace replacement in Kingsnorth, hearth fireplaces, oak beam fireplaces, fireplaces, limestone fireplace Kingsnorth, wood burning fireplaces, tiled fireplaces Kingsnorth, marble fireplace installations, double-sided stove installation, traditional fireplaces Kingsnorth, fireplace surrounds, cheap fireplace installation, two-sided fireplaces, gas fireplaces, fireplace restoration, and others not listed. With regards to what is available, this is on no account an extensive list of what can be available from a local fireplace fitter. If there are additional Kingsnorth fireplace requirements that you're looking for but can't find here, you can easily mention them on the QUOTE FORM provided.

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Also find: Willesborough fireplace installers, Brabourne Lees fireplace installers, Mersham fireplace installers, Great Chart fireplace installers, Ruckinge fireplace installers, Aldington fireplace installers, Woodchurch fireplace installers, Sellindge fireplace installers, Bethersden fireplace installers, Shadoxhurst fireplace installers, Sevington fireplace installers, Hamstreet fireplace installers, Hothfield fireplace installers, Smeeth fireplace installers and more. Fireplace installers are ready to serve people living in all of these towns and locations. These seasoned tradesmen possess the know-how and experience necessary to successfully install fireplaces in your home. With the assistance of these dedicated experts, residents can enjoy the warmth, comfort and atmosphere that a fireplace brings to their homes. By clicking here, local homeowners can obtain fireplace installation quotations. Why not start your fireplace installation right away?

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