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Fireplace Fitter New Whittington Derbyshire (S43): Opening up an unused fireplace or having a new one installed is an effective way to add some charm to any room of your home in New Whittington. Not only can you take joy from the warmth and comfort of a stove or open fire during the freezing winter evenings, but if you incorporate a back boiler with your new fireplace, you will also be provided with a constant supply of piping hot water.

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In order to build a safe, attractive and efficient fireplace in your home in New Whittington, there are some important things you must think about before you start any work. Any combustible appliance in the home must comply with Part J of the UK's buildings regs, and this applies to hearths, chimney breasts, fireplaces and flue linings.

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If you are an enthusiastic and competent DIY'er it is possible to renovate a bricked-up or closed-off fireplace, but the probability of experiencing structural issues in most cases is high. When you uncover the old fireplace, you might be fortunate and discover that to get a roaring fire once again, it needs nothing more than a decent chimney sweep and a quick clean out of the hearth. What's more common however is a swathe of old brickwork that hides a blocked flue, and also requires some degree of structural modification before it can be used safely.

Hiring a professional fireplace installer in New Whittington is widely advised, as an incorrectly fitted fireplace can can cause a fire risk and respiratory health issues. There must always be enough airflow into a room where there is a fireplace to guarantee sufficient amounts of oxygen for the fire to burn safely. An accumulation of deadly carbon monoxide gas can be the result in a space where there's inadequate airflow, and death is possible where a fire is burning inefficiently.

To get past this issue a professional installation crew will consider the situation and install vents around the room, or beneath the floor, to ensure an adequate amount of air flow for the fire to burn properly and safely. They might have to fit vents in unused chimney flues which sometimes trap moist air and lead to damp spots and staining to your chimney breast.

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Opening up an old fireplace can create large amounts of soot and dust. So that the furniture, rugs and carpets in an area do not get adversely affected by the soot and dust that is emitted during the fireplace installation works, it's highly recommended that you remove them in advance. Due to the mess involved, if the fireplace installation is just part of a bigger restoration project, it ought to be one of the first tasks to be worked on. This will help to prevent damage to other elements of your restoration project (i.e. newly painted walls or fresh plaster), by dirt and chimney soot that's released.


Once the fireplace has been opened up and exposed, you will get a much clearer concept of the sort of renovation work that is needed. You can then also proceed to sweep the chimney and clean any repairable parts of the hearth and back panel. You now need to get hold of your chimney sweep, if you've not already done this, to come and clean the old fireplace and chimney. A professional chimney sweep will first of all clean the flue and while doing this will inspect the structural condition of the chimney and offer you advice on whether a new flue liner is necessary.

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It may be necessary to fit a new flue liner to observe the Building Regulations, and work may also be required to beef up the original chimney and breast. This is not going to be the sort of work that you can do yourself, so you'll need to bring in a skilled builder with experience in good construction techniques and a knowledge of the appropriate Building Regulations.

If the dimensions of the original fireplace are greater than your needs, a new concrete lintel must be installed. When this has been done the next step of your New Whittington fireplace installation should be to update the old hearth. To stay in accordance with the current Building Regulations for the UK, the hearth of a fireplace should be laid above floor level, although you may discover that yours is sunken into the floor, as they quite often were in past times. You will find that there is a wide variety of ready to fit hearths in granite, slate or marble, but if your fireplace is of non-standard size you might have to opt for a custom-made hearth, which you should ask your fireplace builder in New Whittington about.

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Browsing on the internet or visiting the nearest fireplace showroom will swiftly make you realise that there is a wide array of different styles of fireplace for you to pick from. To enable you to select a fireplace that's suitable for your existing flue and chimney, as well as for your home decor, it's advised that you seek the recommendations of the installers and the sales team, which will be based around your needs.

In deciding the style and design of fireplace that is the best option for your particular situation, you'll want to look at the age of your home in New Whittington, and the style that you're attempting to develop in your room. For instance, the most perfect backdrop to a cast iron wood burning stove is an inglenook fireplace, which not only emphasises its character and charm but is also fantastic at deflecting the heat back into the room.

A wood-burning stove is also a good choice if your New Whittington home doesn't have a chimney breast. Your fireplace installer can take a flue directly from the top or rear of the stove and out through an external wall, therefore a chimney breast is not needed.


The ambience and feel of a log fire can't be beaten, however what options are out there if this style of fireplace is not possible in your New Whittington home?

Open Fireplaces - Provides an eye-catching focal point for your room and can utilise a variety of solid fuels. At one time regarded as being inefficient, smoky and draughty, a well-installed contemporary open fireplace can be a joy to behold.

Gas Fireplaces - More efficient thermally than multi-fuel or wood burning stoves, gas fires are available in a wide range of styles to suit your home in New Whittington. Gas fires must only be installed and maintained by a qualified Gas Safe registered technician, (previously CORGI registered).

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Wood Burning Stoves - Available in many different sizes and designs that can be a freestanding feature if required, these stoves can be employed in rooms both large and small. If combined with a back boiler can provide hot water to heat radiators or for use in your house.

Electric Fireplaces - Can be fitted easily and safely by any competent person and there are varieties and styles which are suitable for virtually any room and house in New Whittington. It can often be difficult to distinguish them from the real thing with with the "real" looking feel of modern electric fires, and they can be set into a regular fireplace when required.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you will probably assume from the name, these kinds of stoves can be fed a selection of different fuels, including smokeless coal, gas, oil or wood, and not just that, they can also become a great focal point for your home in New Whittington. If you pick a multi-fuel stove from AGA for example, you can get hot water, do cooking, and when connected to your central heating system, heat your whole home.

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It is not just in New Whittington that you can access fireplace installers - neighbouring areas like: Whittington Moor, Tapton, Tapton Grove, Sheepbridge, Hundall, Hollingwood, Whittington, Barrow Hill, New Brimington, Middlecroft, Nether Handley, Unstone, Newbold, Unstone Green, West Handley, Old Whittington are also covered. New Whittington fireplace companies should have the telephone dialling code 01246 and the postcode S43. Confirming that this is the case should make sure you're dealing with a local fireplace specialist.

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If you really want to make an impression with your fireplace, there's no better way than to build one using stone. This is a great way to bring a sense of the outdoors, inside! A stone facade or boundary wall could already be a natural stone feature of your home's external areas. You could create a feature on the inside that matches those on the outside.

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There are two ways by which a stone fireplace can be constructed, and based on your personal taste and how much money you're able to spend, you can pick from stone cladding or the full-depth stone option. You will also need to decide what sort of stone you favour for your new fireplace, pick from: sandstone, marble, granite, slate, quartz or limestone.

The look of your completed fireplace will be affected by the methodology used by the stonemason or tradesperson who builds it, the style of building (dry stone or mortar built) and the kind of stone used. You should get some photos prepared of the sort of design you're interested in, and before any work commences, you can discuss them with your fireplace installer.

Whilst many modern dwellings might not suit the dominating look of a stone fireplace, there are plenty of stylish designs which use a combination of wood, metal and stone, which can be particularly striking in appearance.

Chimney Cowls New Whittington

A chimney cowl is a hood-shaped cap for your chimney that adds draft and helps to stop backflow. Sitting neatly on top of your chimney pot, and usually made from galvanized iron, it stops the wind blowing smoke back down your chimney. A chimney cowl can be purchased online or in a builder's merchants. Whether you choose to invest in a brand new one or make an existing one work better, a chimney cowl will keep your stove or fireplace working effectively.

There are several types of chimney cowl on the market. There are pot hanging cowls that can be installed without removing the chimney pot. They hook up to the flue liner by way of three straps, which secure the cowl in position. Another style of cowl is a weathering cap, which is mounted on the end of the flue. It is larger than the chimney pot, which makes certain that it remains in place.

Chimney cowls are an effective way to prevent birds nesting in your chimney in New Whittington. They're reasonably priced and simple to put in. You should make sure you have easy access to the area above the chimney stack in order to install one. It can also stop debris from building up inside your chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in New Whittington if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you.

Fireplace Inserts

For those seeking to update their traditional fireplaces, fireplace inserts are a frequently chosen solution. Increasing heat output into the room and decreasing heat loss, these inserts are tailored to optimise fireplace efficiency. The mess and inconvenience of traditional wood-burning fireplaces are eliminated with these inserts, offering a safer and more comfortable way to enjoy the enchanting effect of a fire.

There are numerous sizes and styles of fireplace inserts, including electric, gas and wood-burning models. With minimal maintenance required, gas fireplace inserts are easy to use, while electric inserts offer adaptability and convenience with their adjustable settings and remote control. Wood-burning inserts are ideal for homeowners who prefer the authentic experience of a crackling fire and the scent of burning wood.

Fireplace inserts not only provide efficiency and convenience but are also environmentally friendly. They reduce the amount of air pollution caused by conventional fireplaces by producing fewer emissions and burning fuel more efficiently.

For a safe and correct installation of a fireplace insert, it is important to have it fitted by a professional. Fireplace inserts are a worthwhile investment for householders looking to enhance the comfort, convenience, and value of their home, offering numerous benefits. Various venting options may be required for different kinds of fireplace inserts, which is an important issue to consider. It is important for householders to receive professional consultation regarding the best venting option for their specific fireplace insert, as well as for proper installation and safety.

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For the maintenance and installation of fireplaces, one would seek the services of a fireplace installer. Skilled craftsmen are capable of repairing and installing a range of fireplace types, including wood-burning, gas and electric fireplaces. Employment opportunities for these experts are commonly found within construction companies or fireplace manufacturers, although some choose to work independently.

Careful preparation, planning, and execution are essential components of fireplace installation. A fireplace installer's knowledge of local building regulations and codes is crucial to ensure the installation meets all relevant standards and is safe. In addition, they need to be acquainted with the various materials and tools necessary for the job.

Fireplace installers also offer maintenance services to make certain that the fireplace is in good working condition. This includes cleaning the chimney, replacing damaged parts, and inspecting the fireplace for any potential safety hazards.

Fireplace installers require excellent customer service and communication abilities in addition to their technical abilities. Working in close partnership with customers, fireplace installers offer specialist advice on the ideal fireplace for their home while comprehending their preferences and needs. To work in the specialist field of fireplace installation, one must have extensive training and experience. Creating functional and comfortable living areas is made possible thanks to the expertise of fireplace installers. Fireplace installers' skill and expertise eliminate any worries or concerns property owners in New Whittington may have about enjoying the comfort and warmth of a fireplace. READ MORE HERE: FIREPLACE INSTALLERS

Brick Fireplaces

Brick fireplaces have been a standard feature in homes for centuries, and with good reason. They provide warmth, character and a sense of rustic charm that can't be provided by any other feature. If you're thinking about adding a brick fireplace to your property in New Whittington, here are some things you should bear in mind.

First, choose the style of brick fireplace you want. You can choose a standard style with a mantel and hearth, or a modern style with sleek, clean lines and a minimalist design. You can use a brick fireplace as a statement piece, so think carefully about the location and size of your fireplace. A substantial fireplace can provide an impressive focal point in a room, whilst a smaller fireplace can provide a comfy nook.

Brick fireplaces can be built using different kinds of brick. You can choose between a number of brick colours and textures to match your home's design. It is also a good idea to add extra elements such as wood, stone or tile to accentuate the brickwork.

Finally, keep in mind the functional considerations. A brick fireplace can be a source of heat for your house, therefore you will want to ensure that it's adequately vented and that you're using it safely.

In conclusion, a brick fireplace can add warmth and character to any room. With good planning and consideration, you can create eye-catching and functional brick fireplace that will enhance your home's design and provide a comfortable atmosphere.

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To get more information regarding wood burning fireplaces, the different types of fireplaces, fireplace heating efficiency, the evolution of fireplaces, the environmental effects of fireplaces and the health effects of fireplaces, check out Wikipedia (here). To read a bit more about 70 fireplace ideas head here. To find out the best way to install a wood burning stove you could take a look at You Tube videos such as this. To find out what's happening on social websites, check this out. To follow discussions in relation to fireplace installation go to the Buildhub Forum, discussion topics include things like log burners, stove vents, pellet stoves and boilers, chimney flues, understanding building regulations and widening fireplaces.

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Your local fireplace fitter can perform a wide range of services and tasks including fireplace restoration, modern fireplace installations, hearth fireplaces in New Whittington, wood burning fireplaces, chimney repairs, fireplace installation in New Whittington, Victorian fireplace installation, fireplace surrounds, contemporary fireplaces New Whittington, Victorian fireplaces, multifuel & wood burning stove installations, marble fireplace surrounds, fireplaces, classic fireplaces, chimney strengthening, cheap fireplace installation, chimney modifications, marble fireplace installations in New Whittington, brick fireplaces, three-sided fireplaces New Whittington, stone fireplace installation, stone fireplaces in New Whittington, tiled fireplaces New Whittington, electric fire baskets, electric fireplace installations, fireplace services, reclaimed fireplaces New Whittington, Regency fireplaces New Whittington, designer fireplaces, open fireplaces, fire grate conversions, flue lining inspections New Whittington, Regency fireplace installation, double-sided stove installations, made-to-measure fireplaces, and more. New Whittington professionals, when contacted, will inform you of the whole range of fireplace services that are available. If there are other New Whittington fireplace requirements that you want but cannot see here, you should list them on the QUOTE FORM provided.

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More New Whittington Tradespeople: Home improvement projects in New Whittington will frequently require the expertise of various different tradesmen, and a tiler in New Whittington, a handyperson in New Whittington, an electrician in New Whittington, power washing in New Whittington, a chimney sweep in New Whittington, a plumber in New Whittington, stone cleaning in New Whittington, SKIP HIRE in New Whittington, a bricklayer in New Whittington, a carpenter/joiner in New Whittington, a stonemason in New Whittington, a plasterer in New Whittington, a roofing specialist in New Whittington, a painter and decorator in New Whittington, waste removal in New Whittington, a blacksmith in New Whittington, a carpet fitter in New Whittington, a building contractor in New Whittington may be required although you're currently looking for fireplace specialists in New Whittington, Derbyshire. Follow the links to get quotes for all sorts of home improvement project.

Fireplaces Around New Whittington: Households in May Avenue, Camerory Way, Eckington Road, Highland Road, Caxton Close, Fallowfield Road, Craggon Drive, Sims Croft, Staveley Road, Flintson Avenue, Handley Court, Highgate Close, Dalvey Way, Devonshire Road North, Aviemore Close, Braemar Close, Dixon Croft, Crown Close, Station Lane, Cross Wellington Street, Albert Road, Hardwick Avenue, Cross London Street, Devonshire Avenue North, Dale Bank Crescent, Burnbridge Road, have needed fireplace installation just recently. Fireplace refurbishment was also completed in the following local New Whittington postcodes: S43 2AW, S43 2DF, S43 2DE, S43 2AT, S41 9LN, S43 2AR, S43 2ET, S43, S41 9TA, S43 2AH. Work was done in these places by local installers of fireplaces. New Whittington business and home owners enjoyed professional and dependable fireplace services on each occasion.

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