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Fireplace Fitter Budleigh Salterton Devon (EX9): A fantastic way to add more charm, character and a cozy feel to any dwelling in Budleigh Salterton, is to reopen an old fireplace to put in a wood burning, open or multi-fuel fire. Not only can you delight in the warmth and comfort of a stove or open fire during the cool winter evenings, but if you combine a back boiler with your new fireplace, you will also be provided with abundant piping hot water.

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. To start with, Part J of the UK's Building Regulations will need to be adhered to in relation to the construction and installation of any fireplaces, chimney breasts, hearths and flue linings that are part of a heat producing appliance in your home in Budleigh Salterton. If your dwelling in Budleigh Salterton is listed or is in a designated conservation area, planning permission could also be necessary before any work can commence.

Fireplaces Budleigh Salterton Devon (EX9)


When restoring an existing bricked-up or closed-off fireplace, there is a high probability of encountering structural issues, therefore even if you are good at do-it-yourself you may find this type of work difficult. If you are fortunate when you expose a stopped up fireplace you might find a decent hearth, chimney breast and lintel that needs little more than the services and advice of a chimney sweep to get a toasty fire going. If you aren't so fortunate, you will discover a wall of crumbling, old bricks that is concealing a string of issues, like an old broken lintel or a stopped-up chimney.

Because of the acute fire risk and health issues that can be caused by an improperly fitted or restored fireplace, it is best to look to the knowledge and experience of a certified fireplace fitter and builder in Budleigh Salterton. Making sure that enough oxygen is available in a room for the fire to burn satisfactorily is a key aspect of the Building Regulations for fireplaces. A deficiency of oxygen means the fire won't burn effectively, and carbon monoxide could build up, which can lead to death.

It may be necessary to install airflow vents in floors and walls to allow the fireplace to get ample oxygen to burn effectively and safely at all times. To enhance air movement inside blocked chimney flues, the fireplace installation technician may also have to install some flue vents to stop condensed air getting trapped and causing stains and damp spots.

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It is amazing just how much soot and grime can build up inside an old chimney and fireplace and you won't know exactly what is there until you open it up. It is advisable to remove any rugs, furniture and carpets from an area where you're planning to open up an old fireplace, to prevent them from being affected by soot, dust and dirt that will be disturbed during the fireplace installation work. If you are performing a complete restoration of a room or house, the fireplace ought to be opened up and worked on before any plastering or decorating is undertaken. This stops any staining damage to any refurbished work you've already completed.


Now that you're able to see the fireplace opening it's time to sweep and clean the hearth and chimney and figure out what is fit for refurbishment. This will be the perfect time to get hold of a local Budleigh Salterton chimney sweep to see whether they're able to come and have a look at your fireplace and chimney. They'll be able to offer you professional advice on the flue and chimney after sweeping, concerning the condition of the chimney and if it is advisable to swap the existing liner.

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If you need to strengthen the chimney or install a flue lining all Building Regulations must be complied with. A qualified tradesperson with experience of the Building Regs and good working practices will need to complete this kind of work.

In buildings that are older you may discover that the revealed fireplace is bigger than your needs, which will mean that a concrete or steel lintel will be required to adapt the opening. And after this process, upgrading the hearth will be the next step in your fireplace installation in Budleigh Salterton. Most old fireplace hearths were sunken into the floor. If that's the situation with yours it will need to be raised at least 12.5mm above the normal floor level if it's to comply with the regulations as they stand. You could ask your fireplace builder in Budleigh Salterton about a custom-built, bespoke hearth to fit in with the style and design of your property, or if your fireplace is of a standard size, there's a huge selection of pre-made options in concrete, granite and marble.

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Because of the wide array of different fireplace designs and styles, selecting the one that's right for you won't always be easy. You can find out what is currently available by visiting your nearest fireplace dealership or by going online. It is important to follow the expert advice of the installers and the sales team, since all the available fireplaces won't be suitable for your specific chimney, flue and airflow.

You property's age, and the theme you're trying to establish for your room, will all help you to decide on the type and design of fireplace which is most suitable for you. If you are fortunate enough to have a house with an inglenook fireplace for instance, this is an ideal setting for a classic cast iron wood-burner stove. This won't just redirect any heat that is produced back into the room effectively, but will also draw attention to the character and charm of the stove.

A wood-burning stove is also an effective option if you don't have a chimney breast in your Budleigh Salterton home. Your fireplace fitter can take a flue directly from the rear or top of the wood burner and out through an external wall, therefore a chimney breast isn't required.


The feel and ambience of an open fireplace can't be beaten, however what options are available if this form of fireplace is not possible in your Budleigh Salterton home?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Provides you with options to use coal, gas, wood and oil to deliver a multi-purpose stove for any home in Budleigh Salterton. If you go with something like the AGA range for example, you can do cooking, get supplied with hot water, and when plumbed into your central heating system, provide heat for your whole home.

Open Fireplaces - An open fireplace can be used with a wide array of fuels (briquettes, coal, wood), and establishes a focal point for your room. A professionally installed contemporary open fire will be no comparison to the smoky old fireplace that was boarded up by previous owners, and its glowing elegance is a delightful addition to any room in Budleigh Salterton.

Electric Fireplaces - These are suitable for just about any room and type of home in Budleigh Salterton, and can be quickly and safely fitted by anyone who is relatively competent. It can often be hard to differentiate from the real thing with with the "real" looking feel of modern electric fires, and they can be inset into conventional fireplaces when required.

Gas Fireplaces - Offering instant heat and being more efficient (thermally) when compared to wood burning stoves, there are a wide array of styles and designs to suit any Budleigh Salterton property. You'll need a Gas Safe technician to fit one these fires in your house in Budleigh Salterton.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These stoves can have contemporary or old-fashioned styling to go with the decor of your home, and they've recently become extremely popular in many Budleigh Salterton homes. An integrated back boiler is an extra benefit and could provide piping hot water for personal use, or for heating for the house via radiators.

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Fireplace installation work can be done in Budleigh Salterton and also in: Sidford, Dalditch, Knowle Village, Aylesbeare, Lympstone, Yettington, Woodbury, East Budleigh, Newton Poppleford, Woodmanton, Kersbrook, Littleham, Sidbury, Otterton, together with these postcodes EX9 6NR, EX9 6PG, EX9 6LT, EX9 6BG, EX9 6JP, EX9 6HG, EX9 6HB, EX9 6NT, EX9 6HJ, and EX9 6QQ. It's very likely that any fireplace services in the Budleigh Salterton district is going to have the postcode EX9 and the telephone dialling code 01395.

Suggestions To Take Care Of Your Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Expenses

With all the current green concerns, the open fireplace has lost some of its charm, but it still is a favourite feature for many in Budleigh Salterton. There's nothing like feeling the natural warmth of a fireplace during a freezing winter's evening. The open fireplace provides numerous benefits for your property, but there are also some major drawbacks that need to be fixed. As power costs increase, you'll want to make certain that your fireplace is giving off heat efficiently. When a fire is burning, it might give warmth to those who are standing close to it, but it can in fact pull warm air out of your room, making your heat source work even harder. When there is no fire, a damper ought to manage the airflow. Yet, dampers are not very efficient seals, consequently a lot of the warm air escapes and allows cold air to come into the room.

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What many householders in Budleigh Salterton may not understand about their fireplace is that it doesn't necessarily do what they think it is doing. Instead of keeping the cost of heating down, it may actually do the precise reverse if one is not careful. There is a way to take your ineffective fireplace, and make it into a heat generating system that will more closely fit your budget. There are at least 4 easy elements that you can do to fix up your fireplace. You will recognize that these hints will help make your fireplace create quality heat and your energy bill a lot lower.

The initial step is to take away your existing fireplace damper and change it for a top sealing damper. This form of damper is mounted at the top end of the chimney, and works like a storm door. It does a superb job of keeping warm air in the property during wintertime and cool air from escaping in the warmer months. The seal is easy to set up, and can be bought on the web. Next, you should fit a fire-back at the back section of your hearth. This is a cast iron plate that's intended to enhance the room design, while shielding the back wall from being damaged by the heat. The fire-back reflects the heat from a fire, and radiates the heat back into the room, increasing the overall performance of the fireplace.

Another means to cut down on fuel bills is to use a fireplace heater/fan, which heats the room by pulling the air into a heat chamber and returning the air back into the room. These heaters are sealed systems, so no smoke is emitted, and they can really make a difference in the temperature of your property. And finally, putting in glass doors, even though a bit on the costly side, can be effective in making your open fire economical to run. If you do your groundwork, you can find a good price on glass doors and fit them on your own. Such glass doors form a screen between your living space and the fireplace, not only making the area less for the fire to heat, but also affording some protection to the inhabitants.

The guidance we've just given isn't difficult to implement, and most of the items can be readily purchased online, or from your local fireplace stockist. Keep your fireplace and decrease heating bills by making it more efficient.

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For any Budleigh Salterton business, reviews and testimonials are their lifeblood, and the difference between a prospective customer employing a particular fireplace company, or going elsewhere, can be whether they have good online reviews or not. Why not take some time to thank someone who has done a good job, by leaving them a review of their workmanship and performance. This has significant benefits for both the business itself and for prospective future customers who may be thinking of hiring them. You should think back to how studying reviews helped you out when you were hunting for someone to install a fireplace. Without those customer reviews, you would likely have looked at other providers, even if a specific company website appeared to be really professional.

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But, can the customer reviews be trusted when you're on a business's own website? Did genuine clients who were satisfied with the service publish these glowing reviews, or were they written by an over-zealous employee trying to gain more work?

There is another solution, because the reviews on Google My Business listings are an easy way to look for authentic and honest reviews. This is the review website that's trusted by millions to discover company reputations, and affects their position in the search engines as well. The key rival to Google My Business and the 2nd biggest review area for local businesses in Budleigh Salterton is Bing Places for Business. Helping to boost the profile of the company that worked successfully on your project, leaving an honest review here can additionally establish an outline of their working standards and trustworthiness.

Feedback and reviews can also be left on Twitter and Facebook, which are excellent and immediately visible ways to publicise a local company. Such social media sites can be quite influential and will form a key part of the media and marketing promotions of most small companies in Budleigh Salterton. Their marketing message will be reinforced by your feedback and give a starting place for friends and relations who are interested in similar services.

If you aren't all that computer savvy you can always just send in a hand-written thank you letter to the company in question. These could be put in a frame or compiled to form a review portfolio for one on one meetings with potential clients, or photographed for use on their website. Whichever method you use to provide your review of a company, you'll get a warm feeling inside knowing that you've helped someone in return for good service.

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Fireplace Related Tasks Budleigh Salterton

Your local fireplace fitter can accomplish a large range of services and tasks including fireplace replacement, outdoor fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, gas fireplace installations, cast iron fireplaces, gas fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, marble fireplaces, multifuel stove installations in Budleigh Salterton, inglenook fireplace in Budleigh Salterton, hearth fireplaces, fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, fireplace packages, Victorian fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, designer fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, inset stove installations, fireplace installation Budleigh Salterton, wood burning fireplaces, two-sided fireplaces, fireplaceestimates in Budleigh Salterton, elm fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, Victorian fireplace installations in Budleigh Salterton, electric fireplace installation, cast iron fireplace installations, chimney sweeping in Budleigh Salterton, period fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, cheap fireplace installation Budleigh Salterton, Regency fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, chimney modifications, electric fireplaces, wood burning fireplace installation, wood burning stove installations, corner fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, oak beam fireplaces Budleigh Salterton, fireplace surrounds, freestanding stoves, modern fireplace installations Budleigh Salterton, and others. These services are just a few of those available from the local fireplace installer. You can always click HERE and complete the quote form provided, if you've got fireplace requirements in Budleigh Salterton, that you cannot find here.

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If you want to discover more information on on fireplace designs check this out. To learn the kind of social media marketing that is done on fireplaces, check this out. Wikipedia is as good a spot as any to visit if you want to find out more about fireplaces, their page addresses the heating efficiency of fireplaces, the environmental effects of fireplaces, the various types of fireplaces, the evolution of fireplaces, the health effects of fireplaces and electric fireplaces. To follow discussions about fireplace installation go to the Buildhub Forum, threads include things like chimney flues, wood burners, stove vents, widening fireplaces, building regulations and pellet stoves and boilers. Watch a simple YouTube guide on how to restore and install a Victorian cast iron fireplace range here.

Friends & Family

A great idea, whenever you are looking for a contractor or service for your project in Budleigh Salterton, is to get friends and family recommendations. If you're really serious about identifying someone who is perfect for your requirements, it is widely acknowledged that personal references are frequently the best solution. And not only that, they can also be extremely helpful for pointing a finger at local companies with less than glowing track records, or contractors with bad reputations.

Friends and Family

If you know that a relative or friend has used a specific contractor, you can get an insight into their timekeeping and reliability. They'll also be able to tell you if anything went pear-shaped, and how quickly any errors were resolved. You can get a good idea of how the price charged for the work compared to the initial estimate they were given, which, unless they have some type of guaranteed price promise, can often be difficult to obtain directly from the contractors.

Ultimately, in relation to advice, your friends and family members are people you know and can depend on to be truthful and honest. If you find that they're unwilling to talk about a particular contractor or fireplace fitter, it is probably because they've had an unsatisfactory experience. You may face a scenario where some people will be more than happy to speak about a good contractor, less likely to talk about a lousy one, and rather than 'denigrate' a below par business they have had dealings with previously, they might offer an alternative company instead.

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Also find: Yettington fireplace installers, Sidford fireplace installers, Newton Poppleford fireplace installers, Lympstone fireplace installers, Littleham fireplace installers, Woodbury fireplace installers, Otterton fireplace installers, Woodmanton fireplace installers, Aylesbeare fireplace installers, Sidbury fireplace installers, East Budleigh fireplace installers, Kersbrook fireplace installers, Knowle Village fireplace installers, Dalditch fireplace installers and more. The majority of these areas are serviced by people who fit fireplaces. The adept installation of a fireplace in your home is well within the skillset of these versatile tradesmen, given their experience and know-how. These dedicated experts can help residents experience the comfort, atmosphere and warmth that a fireplace brings to their homes. By simply clicking here, local residents can obtain fireplace installation estimates.

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