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Fireplace Fitter Lyme Regis Dorset (DT7): Opening up an old disused fireplace to fit a wood burner, a gas fire or an open fire is a splendid way to add character and a homely feel to any Lyme Regis home. So long as there's a regular supply of timber, the addition of an open fire or wood burning stove for those chilly winters' days could even be cheaper than certain central heating systems. Combine a back boiler with your fireplace and you will be able to benefit from constant supplies of hot water for even more savings.

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If you're going to build a safe, efficient and attractive fireplace in your home in Lyme Regis, there are some vital things you must think about before you start any work. The UK's Building Regulations, Part J for heating appliances for starters, which deals with any work which is carried out on hearths, flue linings, chimney breasts and fireplaces. If you live in a designated conservation area or a listed building you should check with the local authorities to see if planning permission is necessary for a fireplace installation in your home.

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When renovating an existing bricked-up fireplace, there's a high probability of encountering structural problems, thus even if you're an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer you could find this work difficult. When your boarded fireplace is uncovered you may find a stable chimney breast, lintel and hearth that requires little more than a clean by a chimney sweep to get it all working once again. What's more commonplace however is an area of old brickwork covering a stopped up flue, and also requires some form of structural modification before it can be used safely.

Due to the acute health and fire risk issues that can be caused by an incorrectly fitted or restored fireplace, it is preferable to avail yourself of the knowledge and experience of a specialist fireplace installer in Lyme Regis. Airflow must be sufficient in any room which has a fireplace; and it's a key requirement of the Building Regulations (Part J) that this is the case. A fire will not burn well in a room where there's not enough oxygen, and death can occur when there's a build-up of carbon monoxide fumes.

An experienced fireplace installation company will analyse the situation and get past this issue and ensure a sufficient air flow for the fire to burn effectively and safely, by fitting vents in locations around the room, or under the floor. Unused and blocked up chimney flues may also have to have air vents fitted because they can sometimes trap moist air within them causing damp to develop inside the chimney breast.

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A huge amount of soot and dust can be discharged from an old fireplace upon opening it up for renovation. Even with dust sheets for your home furnishings, the likelihood of impairment from soot and grime is still possible and it's advisable to remove your furniture, rugs and carpets before any fireplace renovation work commences. If you are lucky enough to be carrying out a complete renovation then it should be one of the first jobs to work on before re-plastering and decorating the walls. This avoids any discolouration damage to any restored work you may have already completed.


Now that you can see the opening of your fireplace it is time to sweep and clean the chimney and hearth and work out what is fit for refurbishment. The first item on your agenda will be to contact a proper Lyme Regis chimney sweep. They'll not only make sure your chimney and flue are clean, but they can additionally assess the state of the flue liner and existing chimney and offer guidance if you need to replace any part of the chimney and flu, such as the flue lining.

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Following a chimney sweep examination it may be necessary to strengthen the chimney breast or/and install a new flue liner as laid down in Part J of the Building Regulations. Experience in the right working practices and a knowledge of the appropriate Building Regulations will be required by anybody who tackles this sort of renovation work, so you really want a qualified builder and should not try to do this yourself.

It is entirely possible that a concrete lintel will need to be installed, if the existing fireplace is of a size which is wider than your requirements. When this phase of the project has been completed, the refurbishment or upgrading of the hearth can be tackled. The latest building regs say that the fireplace hearth must be set slightly above floor level, although in past times it would have been set into a void in the floor. You could think about asking your Lyme Regis fireplace builder about a custom-made, bespoke hearth that will match your property's design and style, or if you have a standard sized fireplace, there's a wide array of ready to install options in marble, concrete and stone.

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A trip to a fireplace showroom or a browse online will show the options available for the different designs and styles of fireplaces. It's recommended to get the professional advice of the sales team, as all of the available fireplaces won't necessarily be suited to your particular flue, chimney and airflow.

Whether you decide on a multi-fuel stove, a wood burner or an open fireplace will be based on the overall look you're trying to develop, your existing decor and in some cases, the age of your house in Lyme Regis. As an example, an inglenook fireplace can be a perfect backdrop to an old-fashioned cast iron wood-burner stove, which highlights its character and reflects the heat into the room.

A wood burner is also an excellent option if you don't have a chimney breast in your Lyme Regis home. You don't need a chimney structure to enjoy a real fire, as long as you have an outside wall through which a flue from the wood burner can be channelled.


Who doesn't enjoy the warmth and glow of a natural fire on a cold winters' evening, but if your circumstances do not permit this, what are the other available options?

Electric Fireplaces - These are appropriate for almost any room and type of property in Lyme Regis, and can be safely and quickly installed by any reasonably competent person. It can often be difficult to distinguish from the genuine article with with "real feel" electric fires, and they can be set into regular fireplaces when that is what's required.

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Wood Burning Stoves - A whole host of styles to complement any kind of home in Lyme Regis, and, if required, can even be a free standing feature. A version with an integrated back boiler will supply extra heating capabilities by connecting the hot water to a radiator in a cold spot of your home.

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fireplaces are superior to wood burners with regards to their thermal efficiency, and you will find a whole host of sizes and styles to complement any home in Lyme Regis. Any gas fireplace in your Lyme Regis property must be installed by a certified Gas Safe technician.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Burning a number of different fuels such as gas, oil, smokeless coal or wood, a multi-fuel stove can become a great focal point in your lounge or kitchen. If you decide on a product from the AGA range of multi-fuel stoves, you can get hot water, do cooking, and when connected to your central heating system, provide heat for the whole house.

Open Fireplaces - Provides a unique focal point for your room and can use a range of solid fuels. An open fire is lovely to see and contemporary fireplaces are no longer the smoky, draughty and inefficient objects that they were in the past.

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Fireplace installers can be found in Morcombelake, Axmouth, Wootton Fitzpaine, Hawkchurch, Charmouth, Chideock, Pinhay, Marshwood, Catherston Leweston, Musbury, Uplyme, in these nearby postcodes: DT7 3LP, DT7 3JB, DT7 3PW, DT7 3HG, DT7 3HN, DT7 3BN, DT7 3NE, DT7 3LS, DT7 3TH, and DT7 3HL, and also in Lyme Regis itself. If they've got the dialling code 01297 and the postcode DT7, it is fairly likely that they operate in Lyme Regis or somewhere close by. Affirming that this is so should make certain that you are hiring a local fireplace specialist. Lyme Regis property owners have the use of these fireplace services anytime necessary.

Stone Fireplaces

If you are trying to achieve a truly dramatic look with your fireplace, what about bringing the outside in with a fireplace made from stone? It's possible the exterior of your building already boasts some natural features, such as boundary walls or a stone facade. Why not match those features on the inside of your home?

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There are 2 ways by which a stone fireplace can be constructed, and according to your personal preference and how much money you're willing to spend, you can choose between stone cladding or the full-depth stone option. There are also a range of different kinds of stone which can be employed to build a fireplace, including: quartz, marble, limestone, granite, slate or sandstone.

The finished appearance your finished fireplace will be affected by the individuality of the stonemason or craftsman who builds it, the building technique (dry stone or mortar joints) and the kind of stone that's used. You should get some pictures prepared featuring the sort of design you're looking for, and before work begins, you can discuss them with your fireplace builder.

As it has such a striking appearance and can dominate the look of a room, stone is not always a suitable material for a modern day property. However, dramatic and spectacular could be just what you have in mind - and at the end of the day, the choice is down to you!

Improve the Efficiency of Your Fireplace

With worries about the environment, the classic fireplace has lost some of its appeal, but it is still a favourite with many homeowners in Lyme Regis. There is nothing quite like feeling the genuine warmth of an open fireplace on a cold winter evening. The open fireplace offers numerous benefits for your property, but there are also a couple of significant downsides that need to be fixed. Due to energy costs rising so quickly nowadays, your fireplace must be a good source of heat, and not an inefficient one. When a fire is burning, it might provide warmth for those who are standing immediately in front of it, but it can in fact pull warm air out of your room, making your heater work even more. Anytime there's no fire, a damper is supposed to control the airflow. Nevertheless, dampers are not terribly efficient seals, consequently all of the warm air escapes and enables cold air to enter the room.

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A great many property owners in Lyme Regis who have fireplaces don't understand how it can impact the cost of heating. Instead of managing the heating of a house naturally, a fireplace can actually add 100s of pounds to your heating bills. However, there are several techniques that can be done that can easily turn your budget busting fireplace into something a bit more efficient. Pretty much all you need to do is basically 4 fundamental things to fix your fireplace. All of these should make your fireplace very economical and very efficient.

The first point is to swap your current fireplace damper with a more efficient top sealing damper. This type of damper is placed near the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain and snow from entering. It helps prevent the inside air from coming out, and the outside air from coming into the house, and functions in hot weather or cold. The damper is simple to set up, and can be bought on the web. A second thing that you can do is to position a fire-back at the rear of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that's created to add to the room interior decoration, while shielding the back wall from being damaged due to the fires. The fire-back also takes up heat from the fire and redirects it back inside, making the fireplace more effective.

Another approach is to obtain a fireplace fan/heater, which draws cool air in and warms it up. These heating units are enclosed systems, therefore no smoke is released, and they can really make a huge difference to the temperature of your home. The final thing you're able to do is to install glass doors, which could be a bit on the expensive side. Searching around, you ought to be able to find a bargain, and with instructions, you can even put them in on your own. These glass doors help to stop the heat from leaking out plus it keeps children and pets from being burnt.

These suggestions are not very hard to accomplish and you should be able to obtain most of the items you need from the internet. Retain your existing fireplace and reduce heating costs by making it more efficient.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and efficient fireplace or heating system. As time goes by, chimneys can experience wear and deterioration, leading to problems like blockages, leaks or cracks. Essential for averting potential threats such as carbon monoxide exposure and fire, prompt repairs are crucial. Addressing these problems, professional chimney repair services in Lyme Regis ensure the chimney operates optimally and meets safety regulations. Extending the chimney's lifespan and reducing the necessity for costly repairs in the future, regular repairs and inspections afford home and property owners peace of mind and a dependable heating source. (71372 - Chimney Repairs Lyme Regis)

Help and Guidance

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To see what is occurring in the world of fireplace installation visit the Buildhub Forum, discussions include stove vents, wood burning stoves, understanding building regulations, widening fireplaces, pellet boilers and stoves and chimney design. You can pay a visit to the Wikipedia fireplace webpage to learn info regarding how fireplaces affect the environment, wood burning fireplaces, the health effects of fireplaces, the types of fireplaces, the history of the fireplace and the heating efficiency of fireplaces. See a You Tube video clip on do-it-yourself fireplace installation here. To learn a bit more about 70 fireplace ideas check this out. To discover fireplace photos and related social media marketing, check this out.

Friends & Family

It's always a good idea when you're trying to find a professional contractor for your fireplace project to ask family and friends if they can give recommendations. These person to person referrals can be one of the best ways to filter out third-rate fireplace contractors and companies with lousy reputations, and help you identify someone who is a suitable fit for what you need.

Friends and Family

Getting the advice of a family member or friend also means that you can find out if anything went wrong, how speedily mistakes were rectified, and what the contractor's attitude was like. Additionally you can get first hand experience of the time keeping and reliability of the contractor involved. They should be able to advise you how precise the original estimate was in comparison with the final price, which, unless they've got some form of price promise, is usually tricky to obtain from the installers themselves.

Your friends and relations are folks that you know, and ultimately in relation to advice, they are the folks you can trust. If you find that it's difficult to get specifics on a particular contractor or fireplace fitter, it's likely because they have had a disappointing experience in dealing with them. And a lot of people, rather than 'slagging off' a poor company who they have had dealings with previously, may even offer an alternative contractor, because they're happier talking about a good business than a lousy one.

Lyme Regis Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Lyme Regis

Your local Lyme Regis fireplace fitter can provide an assortment of tasks and services, and together with what has previously been covered here they will be able to do period fireplace installation, fireplaceprices Lyme Regis, contemporary fireplaces Lyme Regis, outdoor fireplaces Lyme Regis, marble fireplaces, cast fireplace installations, bespoke fireplaces in Lyme Regis, traditional fireplaces Lyme Regis, fireplace refurbishment, modern fireplace installation, gas fireplaces, inset stove installation, Victorian fireplace installation, fireplace services in Lyme Regis, Victorian fireplaces Lyme Regis, chimney lining, tiled fireplaces Lyme Regis, chimney repairs, marble fireplace surrounds, double-sided stove installation, oak beam fireplaces Lyme Regis, 2-sided fireplaces, fireplace design Lyme Regis, fireplace repairs in Lyme Regis, limestone fireplace installations Lyme Regis, fireplace packages, stone fireplaces, reclaimed fireplaces Lyme Regis, three-sided fireplaces, wood burning fireplace installation, Victorian fireplaces, fireplace fitting, chimney modifications, electric fire baskets, fireplace removal, to mention a few. Lyme Regis specialists will provide a full list of fireplace services if you need one.

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Also find: Chideock fireplace installers, Charmouth fireplace installers, Wootton Fitzpaine fireplace installers, Musbury fireplace installers, Axmouth fireplace installers, Uplyme fireplace installers, Catherston Leweston fireplace installers, Pinhay fireplace installers, Morcombelake fireplace installers, Marshwood fireplace installers, Hawkchurch fireplace installers and more. Fireplace installation services are widely available in pretty much all of these localities. With the requisite know-how and experience, these versatile tradespeople are adept at adeptly installing fireplaces in your home. With the help of these dedicated professionals, residents can enjoy the comfort, warmth and atmosphere that a fireplace brings to their living spaces. By simply clicking here, fireplace installation quotes are readily available to local householders.

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