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Fireplace Fitter Forsbrook Staffordshire (ST11): Re-opening an old disused fireplace to put in an open fire, a gas fire or a wood burner is a great way to add charm and a homely feel to your Forsbrook property. If you incorporate a back boiler with your new fireplace you can even enjoy free hot water too. Cold winter evenings can become a joy as you relax beside your fireplace listening to the pleasant crackle of firewood.

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To achieve a safe and efficient fireplace, there are a few crucial considerations you must bear in mind, before you start knocking down the walls of a bricked-up fireplace. Any heating appliance installed within residential homes in Forsbrook must follow Part J of the UK's buildings regs, and this covers flue linings, hearths, chimney breasts and fireplaces. If you are in a building that is listed, or a dwelling that stands in an official conservation, you'll have to find out if planning permission is necessary for a fireplace installation.

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If you have the skills to do so, and are accomplished at do-it-yourself you may be able to do some of the work in renovating an old fireplace, but professional assistance might be needed if structural issues arise during the process. When you expose the old fireplace, you could be fortunate and discover that to get a fire roaring once more, it needs little more than a thorough clean up of the hearth and a sweep of the chimney. What is more common however is a swathe of old brickwork that hides a blocked flue, and also requires some degree of structural reinforcement before it can be safely used.

Because of the serious health and fire risk problems that can be caused by a poorly fitted or restored fireplace, it is advisable to look to the knowledge and experience of a competent fireplace installer in Forsbrook. Airflow must be satisfactory in any room which has a fireplace; in fact it is a key requirement of the Building Regulations that this is so. Dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can build up from a fire burning inefficiently in a poorly ventilated room.

To overcome this problem a professional Forsbrook fireplace installer will evaluate the circumstances and fit vents in the room, or underneath the floor, to guarantee a satisfactory amount of air flow for the fire to burn safely and efficiently. Condensed air can frequently get trapped in unused or blocked chimney flues which could also require improved ventilation, to prevent problems with dampness and staining on the chimney breast.

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A substantial amount of muck and soot can be discharged from an old chimney upon opening it up for restoration. So that the rugs, carpets and furniture in an area do not get adversely affected by the soot and dust that is emitted during work by a fireplace installer, it is a good idea to remove them in advance. Because of the mess that's involved, if your fireplace installation is just a part of a bigger refurbishment project, it should be one of the first tasks to be worked on after the room has been brought back to bare floors and walls in preparation. This helps prevent any staining damage to any refurbished work you have already done.


Now that you're able to see the opening of your fireplace it is time to clean and sweep the hearth and chimney and identify what can be restored. You now ought to get in touch with your chimney sweep, if you've not already done so, to come and clean the old chimney and fireplace. They'll be able to offer professional advice on the flue and chimney after sweeping, regarding the condition of the chimney structure and if you need to switch the existing flue liner.

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If it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney all UK Building Regulations must be followed. These are jobs that need to be done by a skilled tradesman with a good understanding of the relevant building regs and reliable construction skills.

In an older building a steel or concrete lintel might be needed to adapt the opening, if you discover that the exposed fireplace is too large for your planned design. The updating, renovation and installation of the fireplace hearth can commence once the supporting lintel is in position. In earlier times the hearth was usually sunken into the floor, but the current building regs demand that it is raised slightly above floor level. If your fireplace isn't of a standard size you may have to choose a made to measure hearth, however there are a wide range of ready-made hearths in slate, granite or marble.

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You will quickly discover that you're spoiled for choice in relation to fireplaces, with the wide array of choices that are available to you, when enter a good fireplace store. It's entirely possible that due to your existing flue, chimney and airflow to the room, that certain fireplace designs may not be appropriate, therefore it's a good idea to follow the advice of your fireplace installer with respect to this.

A multi-fuel stove or a wood burner might be suitable for some rooms and dwellings in Forsbrook, while an open fireplace will be more suitable for others. For example, an inglenook fireplace can be an eye-catching backdrop to a classic cast iron wood burning stove, which highlights its charm and reflects the heat into the room.

Even if you do not have a chimney in your Forsbrook home, it is still entirely possible to put in a wood burner. This style of fireplace can be installed with its own flue that is channeled through an external wall and does not need a chimney, to be installed safely.


A roaring fire on a dark evening delivers an ambience and charm that simply can't be matched, but what are the other options available to fit in your brand new fireplace in Forsbrook?

Electric Fireplaces - Simple installation and a diverse choice of styles make electric fires the obvious choice for Forsbrook houses without a chimney. Contemporary electric fires can deliver "real" looking flame effects and even the sound of crackling wood to imitate a real open fire when inset into a conventional fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fires are a lot better than multi-fuel stoves or wood burners when it comes to thermal efficiency, and there are an assortment of sizes and styles to complement any home in Forsbrook. The installation and maintenance of gas fireplaces must only be carried out by a Gas Safe approved technician in Forsbrook.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As the name implies they can be fired up with with a range of fuels, such as wood, smokeless coal, gas or oil, and become a unique focal point in any kitchen or lounge in Forsbrook. If connected to your radiators or central heating system, some of the multi-fuel stoves (such as AGA) can provide you with heat for your entire property, in addition to hot water, cooking facilities and even outdoor BBQs.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These have grown to be very popular in many properties in Forsbrook, and can have classic or modern design to complement your furnishings. When used together with a back boiler, these can provide added heating possibilities by transferring the heated water to cold areas of your property by way of a radiator.

Open Fireplaces - A flickering fire is a focal point for any room and it has the capability to burn almost any solid fuel that you can buy. In bygone days associated with being draughty, smoky and inefficient, a professionally installed modern open fireplace can be a joy to behold.

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It's not only in Forsbrook itself where you can hire fireplace installation companies - surrounding places like: Cheadle, Boundary, Godleybrook, Caverswall, Saverley Green, Fulford, Tean, Kingsley Moor, Stallington, Meirheath, Cresswell, Cookshill, Draycott in the Moors, Blythe Marsh, Dilhorne, Blythe Bridge are also covered. Fireplace installers from Forsbrook should have the postcode ST11 and the phone code 01782. This is handy to know if you need to confirm that you are hiring a local fireplace company. Forsbrook property owners have lots of choices when they are trying to find fireplace services.


An essential addition to your chimney set-up, a chimney or flue liner improves the overall safety of your chimney whilst enabling it to function more efficiently than it would if it didn't have one. Fitted to the inside of chimneys to carry fumes outside, flue liners are ducts made of ceramic material, metal or clay. There is a reasonable possibility that if your Forsbrook property is really old, the chimney might not even have a flue lining, and even if it does it will almost certainly need to be replaced.

Your chimney flue can, over time, be weakened by the hazardous fumes and gases which are created by the burning of a fire. Whilst it is being cleaned, get the fireplace specialist to check your flue lining for any damages or chances of it malfunctioning in the near future. Instead of venting those dangerous gases outdoors, a busted flue lining can enable them to leak into your home's living area. When a flue liner is impaired it can also subject the actual chimney structure to fierce heat, which can in turn increase the potential risk of a house fire.

Practical Ideas On How To Preserve Your Open Fireplace And Bring Down Your Heating Bills

With all of the current fears about the environment, the fireplace has lost a little of its charm, however it's still a favourite feature for many property owners in Forsbrook. The natural ambiance of an open fireplace stimulates very special recollections for those who have them. There are countless benefits to having a fireplace but there are several negative aspects that may need to be taken care of. As energy costs rise, you need to make sure that your fireplace is producing heat in an efficient way. Whilst having a fire blazing in a fireplace keeps those close to it toasty, it actually removes warm air from other parts of the room, causing your heat source to work harder. If you do not have a fire lit, the damper is supposed to keep heat in. However, dampers often have an inefficient seal, so cold air can get in, and warm air will go out.

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Many house owners that possess a fireplace in their residence in Forsbrook don't realize how the fireplace can cause their energy bills to skyrocket. Instead of heating a residence naturally, a fireplace can essentially add hundreds of pounds to your heating expenses. However, there are several techniques you're able to do that can turn your budget smashing fireplace into something far more efficient. There happen to be 4 simple steps that you can take to turn your fireplace into the cost-effective heat sourse you are searching for. All of these is going to make your fireplace very affordable and more efficient.

The initial step is to remove your existing damper and change it for a new top sealing damper. This type of damper is placed at the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain and snow from coming in. The top sealing damper keeps the air in the property from leaking out and operates effectively in both warm and cold weather conditions. The product is simple to install, and can be bought online. One more thing you will be able to do is fit a fire-back in the back part of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate which is created to enhance the room decor, while protecting the back wall from damage by the heat. The fire-back absorbs the heat from a fire, and radiates the heat back inside the room, improving the overall efficiency of your fireplace.

Another method is to obtain a fireplace heater/fan, which draws cool air in and warms it up. These heaters are enclosed systems, so no smoke is released, and they can really make a difference in the temperature of your house. Finally, you can fit glass doors which could be the most costly option. If you do some groundwork, you can certainly get a good deal on glass doors and they are not too challenging to fit yourself. These doors form a screen between your living space and the hearth, not only stopping the warm air in the room from escaping, but also providing protection to the inhabitants.

These suggestions aren't very hard to do and you can purchase most of the items you need from the internet. Try your very best to ensure your fireplace is efficient and watch your heating bills plummet.

Stone Fireplaces

If you're looking to achieve a truly dramatic look with your new fireplace, what about bringing the outside in with a fireplace made of natural stone? There could already be some stone features on the exterior of your dwelling, a boundary wall or stone facade, perhaps? This could be an effective way to complement those external features inside your home.

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There are 2 ways by which a natural stone fireplace can be constructed, and subject to your personal preference and how much cash you're ready to spend, you can pick from full-depth stone or the stone cladding option. You'll also need to choose what type of stone you would prefer for your fireplace, select from: quartz, limestone, slate, marble, granite or sandstone.

The finished appearance your finished fireplace will depend on the methodology used by the tradesperson or stonemason who builds it, the sort of stone that's used and the method of building. Get some photos and discuss these with your fireplace installer before they start, if you've got an understanding of precisely what you want.

Since it has such a striking presence and can dominate the appearance of a room, stone is not always a suitable material for a modern property. But, spectacular may be precisely what you have in mind - and at the end of the day, the choice is down to you!

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Your local Forsbrook fireplace installer can deliver an extensive assortment of services, and along with what has previously been covered they will be able to do inset stove installation Forsbrook, fireplace restoration Forsbrook, fireplaces, chimney repairs, marble fireplaces, brick fireplaces, fireplace mantels in Forsbrook, the installation of chimney cowls in Forsbrook, chimney sweeping, Regency fireplaces Forsbrook, fireplaceestimates, fire grate conversions, limestone fireplaces in Forsbrook, Victorian fireplaces, fireplace repairs, chimney strengthening, oak beam fireplaces, fireplace suites, freestanding stoves, fireplace removal, cheap fireplaces, flue lining installation, fake fireplace installations in Forsbrook, reclaimed fireplaces Forsbrook, fireplace hearths Forsbrook, electric fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces, inglenook fireplace, fireplace fitting, chimney lining, the installation of disigner fireplaces, contemporary fireplaces Forsbrook, fireplace inserts, gas fireplaces, designer fireplaces Forsbrook, to mention a few. This is just a sample of what can be expected from the local fireplace installer. You could always click HERE and fill in our quote form, if you've got fireplace requirements in Forsbrook, that you can't see here.

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Latest Staffordshire fireplace installation posts: Odin Ireland and Aleeza Ireland recently requested a price quote for fitting a wood burning stove in a detached house in Handsacre, Staffordshire. Shiloh Piper was searching for somebody who can fit a log burner fireplace in Silverdale. Emmanuella and Loki Reed recently enquired about the possibility of opening up an old, boarded up fireplace and fitting a new electric fireplace in a terraced house in Hednesford, Staffordshire. Harry and Elsie-Rose Kershaw recently asked for a quotation for fitting an electric fire in Alsagers Bank, Staffordshire. Leila Forbes and Oliver Forbes recently enquired about getting a price for re-opening an old, boarded up fireplace and fitting a new wood burner in Horninglow. Joy and Ashton Townsend recently requested a price quote for fitting a multifuel fireplace in Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire. Olivia-Grace and Trystan Thorne recently enquired about getting a price for opening up and repairing an old marble fireplace in a detached house in Stone. Juliet Keegan and Macauley Keegan recently enquired about getting a price for fitting an open fireplace in a cottage in Uttoxeter.

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In order for Forsbrook businesses to get work and survive, they need to get positive reviews on their services or work, in fact nowadays customer reviews are the lifeblood of business. If you are satisfied with the performance of someone you've hired, you might want to make an effort to thank them by leaving an enthusiastic review. This has significant benefits for both the company itself and for potential future customers who are thinking of employing them. Let's be honest, reviews were probably useful for you yourself when you were initially looking for somebody to install a fireplace. It does not really matter how outstanding a specific company's website appears to be, you may have looked elsewhere if there weren't any favourable reviews to support it.

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However, can the customer reviews be relied on when you are on a company's own website? Have they been composed by a company employee seeking to push their services, or were they written by actual people?

There's another solution, because Google My Business reviews are a simple way to look for honest and genuine reviews. Millions of folks look at the reviews on this website every day, in order for determining the standing and reputation companies around the globe. When seeking to leave reviews for local services and businesses in Forsbrook, the second largest review site is Bing Places for Business, which is Google My Business's leading competitor. Helping to improve the profile of the company that successfully worked on your fireplace project, leaving a good review here can additionally build a summary of their working standards and dependability.

Leaving reviews on Twitter and Facebook is similarly powerful for promoting a company that has performed well. A big part of any small company's marketing and promotional advertising, these social media sites are a vital aspect of the review process. Adding your own positive review should go some way to strengthening their marketing message, and will help others who are looking for similar services.

Even in these high-tech, modern times, it's still acceptable to send in a hand-drafted letter of thanks, if you are not computer savvy. Still useful in an online world, such letters can be scanned or photographed and used on the website, or added to a review portfolio that can be used in one on one meetings with prospective clients. The reality that your review may have helped a small business to attract more customers and gain credibility in the local marketplace is a reward in itself.

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Fireplaces Around Forsbrook: Fireplace installation was recently requested by householders living in Woodlands Lane, Dolespring Close, Uttoxeter Road, Cedar Avenue, Churnet Road, Ivy Close, Barlstone Avenue, Willow Way, The Avenue, Chapel Street, Springfield Drive, Bancroft Lane, Manifold Road, Trent Road, Chestnut Crescent, Beverley Crescent, Poplar Close, Blithe View, Elmwood Close, Limewood Close, Stallington Road, Birch Grove, Jasmine Close, Ashwood Grove, Mount Place, Brookgate, Blythe Mount Park and these Forsbrook postcodes: ST11 9PU, ST11 9DJ, ST11 9BP, ST11 9BH, ST11 9DA, ST11 9DG, ST11 9AY, ST11 9DB, ST11, ST11 9BQ. Work was undertaken in these areas by local installers of fireplaces. Forsbrook home and business owners enjoyed high quality and competent fireplace services on each occasion.

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