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Fireplace Fitter Irvine Scotland (KA11): If you're fed up with high energy prices and wish to find an alternative solution for heating your home in Irvine, why not open up a disused fireplace and put in a budget friendly multi-fuel, open or wood burning fire? If you integrate a back boiler with your new fireplace you can even enjoy a plentiful supply of piping hot water too. Chilly winter's evenings can be a pleasurable experience as you sit beside your fireplace listening to the crackling of a burning fire.

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There are some things you will need to do to make sure you can install your new fireplace in an efficient and safe way, before you start prising away at a bricked up chimney breast. The Part J Building Regulations for combustible appliances for starters, which applies to any work that's conducted on hearths, flue linings, chimney breasts and fireplaces. If your home in Irvine is a listed building or is situated in a conservation area, planning permission could also be necessary before any work can begin. You will need to check with the local authorities about this.

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If any construction work is needed with your fireplace installation project, both safety and structural issues may arise that have to be resolved professionally, although an enthusiastic and competent DIY fanatic might be able to have a bash at a basic remodel of a pre-existing fireplace. If you are fortunate when you open up a blocked up fireplace you might find a decent lintel, chimney breast and hearth that involves little more than the advice and services of a chimney sweep to get it ready for a fire once more. It is much more likely however, that you will find a flue that is blocked and an expanse of crumbling, old brickwork that will need structural reinforcement to make it safe.

Because of the serious health and fire risk problems that can result from an improperly fitted or renovated fireplace, it is best to avail yourself of the knowledge and experience of an experienced fireplace fitter and builder in Irvine. According to the Building Regulations, a room with a fireplace must have ample oxygen and airflow for the fire to burn properly. Not enough oxygen means the fire will not burn properly, and a build up of carbon monoxide fumes could occur, which can cause breathing problems or even death.

To get past this problem a professional Irvine fireplace fitter will assess the situation and fit vents in the room, or beneath the flooring, to ensure a satisfactory airflow for the fire to combust effectively and safely. Moist air can frequently get trapped inside blocked or unused chimney flues which might also need to have air vents installed, to avoid issues with damp inside the chimney breast.

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When you're re-opening a disused fireplace for refurbishing, you will probably be surprised by the magnitude of the soot and dirt that has accumulated there. Even with dust sheets for your furniture, the chance of impairment from soot and dirt is still possible and it's advisable to remove your carpets and furniture before any fireplace renovation work begins. If you are installing a fireplace as part of an overall home restoration project then it ought to be one of the initial things to be completed after you've got the room back to its bare floors and walls. This will prevent damage to other parts of your restoration project (i.e. wallpapered walls or fresh plaster), by soot and dirt that is expelled.


With your fireplace uncovered, it is time to see what needs to be renovated or replaced and to give the hearth and chimney a comprehensive clean. If you haven't already done so, you should now get in touch with the local Irvine chimney sweep. Besides cleaning your chimney and flue, they will also assess the condition of the chimney and flu liner and inform you whether any element of the flue and chimney structure needs replacing.

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After a chimney sweeps examination it may be necessary to strengthen the chimney breast or install a new flue lining as laid down in Part J of the UK Building Regulations. Experience in good working practices and an extensive knowledge of the appropriate Building Regs will be needed by anybody who does this sort of construction work, so what you really need is a competent builder and should not attempt to do it yourself.

If you need to adjust the width of opening of your existing fireplace to a more suitable size for your new design, a supporting concrete lintel must be installed. When this has been done the next phase of your fireplace installation in Irvine should be to upgrade the existing hearth. If the current hearth is set into the floor you'll have to raise it to conform to the latest building regs. You could think about asking your Irvine fireplace builder about a custom-built, bespoke hearth that will fit in with your property's style and design, or if your fireplace is of a standard size, there is a whole host of ready to install options in granite, marble and slate.

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If you pay a visit to a fireplace dealership you'll find that you have plenty of choice with the wide range of different choices open to you. It's possible that because of your existing chimney and flue, that some fireplaces might not be suitable, and it's a good idea to follow the recommendations from your fireplace company in this respect.

Certain houses and rooms will look better with an open fireplace than a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner and vice versa. A traditional cast iron wood-burner stove for example, will look splendid when positioned in an inglenook fireplace, which redirects any heat that is produced back into the room and emphasises its character and charm.

Even if you don't have a pre-existing chimney in your Irvine property, it's still entirely possible to install a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner. Providing that you've got an exterior wall through which a flue from the stove can be passed, you don't need to have a pre-existing chimney structure to be able to enjoy that "real" fire experience.


A crackling fire on a cold evening creates an ambience and charm that simply can't be beaten, however what other options are available to install in your new fireplace in Irvine?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Can be used with a range of fuels, including oil, gas, wood or coal, to generate an eye-catching focal point in your property in Irvine. The AGA style is renowned as being able to provide heating for an entire house, a supply of hot water and a hob and oven for cooking all in one useful appliance.

Open Fireplaces - A roaring fire is a focus for any room and it has the capacity to burn almost any solid fuel that is available. In the old days associated with being draughty, inefficient and smoky, a professionally installed modern open fireplace can be a joy to behold.

Gas Fireplaces - Their efficiency to warm up a room is much better than wood burner stoves, and there numerous styles to complement all types of home in Irvine. The maintenance and installation of gas fireplaces must only be carried out by a registered Gas Safe tradesman in Irvine.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These stoves come in contemporary or traditional designs to match your decor, and they have become very popular in many Irvine households. An additional benefit of these is that they can provide steaming hot water for use around the home, or provide heating in another area of the home via a radiator, when connected to a back boiler.

Electric Fireplaces - Straightforward installation and a diverse choice of designs make electric fires a popular choice for Irvine houses that don't have a chimney. An electric fire can be installed in your house, even if you've got a conventional fireplace, and some of them look almost like an authentic fire with crackling sound effects and dancing flames.

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Fireplace fitters are available in West Kilbride, Crosshouse, Drybridge, Kilmaurs, Lawthorn, Saltcoats, Dundonald, Knockentiber, Girdle Toll, Dreghorn, Bourtreehill South, in the following postcodes: KA11 1DL, KA11 1HY, KA12 0LL, KA11 1DD, KA12 0BD, KA11 1DF, KA12 0LB, KA11 1DE, KA12 0DW, and KA12 0HG, as well as in Irvine itself. If they have the dialling code 01294 and the postcode KA11, it is likely that they work in Irvine or someplace close by. This is something you can confirm if you prefer to hire a local fireplace installer. To get information on fireplaces near you just click the "quote" banner or form.


Installed to boost the safety and efficiency of your chimney structure, a flue or chimney liner is vital and should not be left out in any circumstances. Manufactured from ceramic material, clay or metal, flue liners are conduits that are installed inside chimneys to carry fumes outside. A chimney on an older structure in Irvine might not be fitted with a flue lining at all, or will need relining based on it's age and condition.

Hazardous gases and fumes can be produced by burning fires and these gases could harm the flue of your chimney. Be certain that your fireplace specialist inspects the flue for potential problems and damage. If there is damage, those dangerous gases might be able to seep into your home rather than being safely expelled outside. Impaired flues can also lead to house fires - so have them looked at!

The Best Way To Lower Your Heating Bill Plus Keep Your Open Fireplace In Good Shape

The age-old fireplace seems to have lost a little bit of of its allure as a result of worries about the environment but it is still favoured by many in Irvine. The natural warmth of an open fireplace invokes very special memories for those who've got them. The open fireplace offers many benefits for your property, but there are several major downsides that might need to be addressed. With energy costs rising substantially annually, your fireplace needs to emit heat in a cost-effective way. When you've got a fire roaring in the fireplace, it can literally remove warm air out from the room, making your heat source work harder. The hearth damper is expected to keep cold air from entering your home when you haven't got a fire going in the fireplace. Unfortunately, dampers have a very ineffective seal, so cool air gets in, and warm air can get out.

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Many homeowners that have fireplaces in their home in Irvine don't realise how the fireplace can have an effect on their utility bill. Rather than keeping the cost of heating down, it could actually do the complete reverse if one is not careful. Just consider that it's not all bad news seeing that there are ways to make your fireplace more cost-effective. There are at least 4 basic points that you could certainly do to fix up your fireplace. These will certainly make your present fireplace much more effective, and lower your energy bills.

The first step is to take out your existing damper and swap it for a new top sealing damper. This type of damper is placed towards the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain and snow from entering. It helps prevent the inside air from getting out, and the outside air from entering, and works in cold or hot weather. The product is straightforward to fit, and can be purchased online. Next, you ought to have a fire-back at the back section of your fireplace. It is made of cast iron and is used to enhance the look of your fireplace whilst protecting the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back actually heats up from the open fire and sends the heat back into the room, thus boosting the overall efficiency of the fireplace.

The next thing that will help is a fireplace heater/fan, which heats the room air that's being circulated through a chamber, and blows it back towards the room. These heating units are enclosed systems, therefore no smoke is discharged, and they can really make a difference in the temperature of your property. The last thing you're able to do is to install glass doors, which could be a bit on the expensive side. If you do your homework, you can definitely get a great deal on glass doors and they're not too difficult to install yourself. Glass fireplace doors will keep the air in your residence from escaping up the flue and it also helps to protect your pets and children from fires.

These suggestions aren't that hard to do and you should be able to purchase most of the items from the internet. Retain your current fireplace and reduce heating costs by increasing it's efficiency.

Chimney Sweeping Irvine

It is best to have your chimney swept regularly, irrespective of whether you've got a wood burning stove or an open fire. Chimney cleaning and sweeping should typically be done at least once yearly.

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To be confident that the work is being done properly, it's always a good idea to call in a professional Irvine chimney sweep. Employing a chimney sweep not only keeps your chimney nice and clean but also highlights any safety issues that there might be with your chimney.

A build-up of soot, ash and wood tar can cause chimney fires if you neglect to sweep your chimney. As well as stopping fires, you'll also want to prevent the possibility of poisoning by carbon monoxide fumes. When a chimney becomes blocked this toxic substance can seep back into your home with terrible consequences.

This all adds up to the fact that you should always employ a professional Irvine chimney sweep, and one who has decent public liability cover in case of any accidents or damage. GO HERE to get chimney sweeping quotes for the Irvine area. chimney sweeping services are also available in nearby villages and towns.

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A chimney cowl is a hood-shaped cover for your chimney pot that increases draft and prevents backflow. It sits over the chimney pot to keep the wind from blowing smoke back down, and is normally made out of galvanized iron. For any chimney system in Irvine, it's a key component. Chimney cowls can be purchased in a builder's merchants or online. Whether you opt to acquire a brand new one or make your current one work better, a chimney cowl will keep your stove or fireplace working effectively.

There are several sorts of chimney cowl on the market. There are pot hanging cowls which can be installed without removing the chimney pot. They connect to the flue liner by means of three straps, which secure the cowl in place. Another style of cowl is a weathering cap, which is mounted on the end of the flue. It is bigger than the chimney pot, which makes sure that it remains in position.

You can also find chimney cowls made from commonplace objects, like a steel bucket or stainless steel colander. Chicken wire can also be used to make a fairly effective cowl. Clay flower pots also make good chimney cowls. These products can be readily purchased on the web or at a local hardware store.

Chimney cowls are an easy way to stop birds nesting in your chimney in Irvine. They are cheap and easy to put in. You should make certain that you have clear access to the area above the chimney to install one. It can also stop dirt and debris from building up inside your chimney.

Irvine Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Irvine

Most likely you arrived here hunting for basic fireplace installation, yet your local Irvine fireplace installer can deliver a wide range of additional services, and these may include fireplace installation in Irvine, electric fireplaces, designer fireplaces Irvine, fireplace hearths in Irvine, fireplace repairs, double-sided stove installations Irvine, Victorian fireplaces Irvine, period fireplaces, electric fireplace installation, fireplace refurbishment, fire grate conversions, fireplace services Irvine, traditional fireplaces Irvine, fake fireplace installations in Irvine, open fireplaces, chimney strengthening, wood burning stoves, wood burning fireplaces, contemporary fireplaces Irvine, fireplaceprice quotes in Irvine, inglenook fireplace installation, cheap fireplace installation, modern fireplace installation, fireplace design, stone fireplaces, chimney repairs, outdoor fireplaces Irvine, hearth fireplaces, marble fireplaces in Irvine, cast iron fireplace installation, bespoke fireplaces, inset stove installation in Irvine, gas fireplaces, tiled fireplaces Irvine, corner fireplaces Irvine, and others.

Irvine Skip Hire

Skip Hire Irvine

Let's be honest, the majority of home improvements and garden makeovers in Irvine often generate a substantial amount of waste. Some fireplace installations will generate hardly any waste, whilst others could result in quite a lot - it will be determined by the individual circumstances of your particular project. In many instances the tradesperson you are employing will gladly take away the waste that's generated in the course of the project, but beware - some of them certainly don't!

If you are like most householders in Irvine, you'll hire a skip to dispose of this waste. If you've never hired a skip before, you might not know that skips come in a multitude of different sizes and volumes. The different sizes of skip include mini-skips, midi-skips, builders skips and roll-on-roll-off skips, and for different projects skip bags are also available.

CLICK HERE and enter your requirements to get Irvine skip hire quotes.

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Also find: West Kilbride fireplace installers, Dreghorn fireplace installers, Dundonald fireplace installers, Knockentiber fireplace installers, Girdle Toll fireplace installers, Drybridge fireplace installers, Bourtreehill South fireplace installers, Crosshouse fireplace installers, Saltcoats fireplace installers, Kilmaurs fireplace installers, Lawthorn fireplace installers and more. These and other places are catered for by fireplace fitters and associated tradesmen. With the requisite experience and know-how, these skilled tradesmen are adept at adeptly installing fireplaces in your home. Residents, with the help of these committed professionals, can experience the warmth, ambiance and comfort a fireplace adds to their living areas. Local homeowners can get quotes by clicking here. Why not get started with your fireplace installation right away?

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