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Fireplace Fitter Langport Somerset (TA10): An effective way to add extra charm, character and a homely feel to any dwelling in Langport, is to re-open an old unused fireplace to fit a wood burner, open or multi-fuel fire. The addition of a wood burning stove or open fire for those frosty winter days can even prove to be cheaper than some central heating systems, so long as you have a regular source of wood. If combined with a back boiler it can supply you with plenty of piping hot water in the process.

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There are some essential factors to consider to achieve a safe and efficient fireplace, before you begin knocking down the walls of a boarded up fireplace. All work must comply with Part J of the UK Building Regulations, which addresses the installation and construction of chimney breasts, flue linings, hearths and fireplaces of any combustible appliance. Planning permission may also be needed before work begins if your property is listed or in a conservation area.

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You may be able to do some of the remodeling work to an existing fireplace if you have the skills needed, however safety and structural problems are often found which need to be resolved professionally. When your boarded up fireplace is exposed you may find a sturdy hearth, chimney breast and lintel that needs little more than a clean by a chimney sweep to get it all working again. However, a blocked flue and crumbling, old brickwork that requires structural reinforcement is what you'll more likely discover.

It is generally recommended to draw on the knowledge and experience of a professional fireplace installer in Langport, because of the severe fire and health risks associated with an improperly fitted or refurbished fireplace. Airflow has to be adequate in any room in which a fireplace is to be installed; in fact it is a requirement in the Building Regulations that this is the case. A fire won't burn efficiently in a room where there's not enough oxygen, and death or serious injury could occur when carbon monoxide gas is produced.

A specialist fireplace installation engineer will consider the situation and get over this challenge to ensure a satisfactory air flow for the fire to burn properly and safely, by fitting vents around the room, or under the flooring. To improve the circulation of air within blocked chimney flues, your fireplace installation company may need to fit some flue vents to prevent moist, condensed air getting trapped and causing damp spots and stains.

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Chimneys are notorious for the quantity of soot and grime that can build-up inside them, thus when you go through the process of opening up a fireplace you should anticipate that it will be a rather messy enterprise. It's sensible where possible to remove furniture and carpets from the room before any work commences, although a considerate Langport fireplace installer will bring dust sheets to cover up your home furnishings and supply some form of protection. If you are performing a full restoration of a room or property, the fireplace ought to be opened up before any decoration or plastering works are undertaken. This should help to prevent any discolouring damage by soot and other chimney dirt to any completed work.


Once the old fireplace has been successfully opened up, you'll have a much clearer concept of the sort of refurbishment work that needs to be done. You can also then proceed with sweeping the chimney and cleaning any remaining portions of the hearth. You now ought to get in touch with your chimney sweep, if you haven't already done this, to come and look at the old fireplace and chimney. After sweeping and cleaning, they'll be able to offer guidance and advice about what sort of state the flue and chimney structure is in, and inform you if there are sections that need to be repaired.

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After a chimney sweep's assessment it may be necessary to install a new liner and/or strengthen the chimney breast as set out in Part J of the Building Regulations. This is unlikely to be the type of work that you can do yourself, so you'll need to employ a capable builder with experience in good construction practices and a knowledge of the Building Regs.

And following that, restoring or replacing the hearth should be the next stage of your fireplace renovation project in Langport. The circumstances with fireplace hearths has somewhat changed through the years, and whilst in the "good old days" they were often sunken into the floor, they now must be laid at least 12.5mm above the level of the floor if you are to abide by the current regulations. Off-the-shelf solutions from granite, slate or marble are available to accomplish this, or your fireplace builder in Langport might be able to offer you a bespoke, custom-made hearth to match the style of your room.

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If you visit a fireplace showroom you're spoilt for choice with the array of different options open to you. To help you pick a fireplace that complements your decor, and is also suited to your chimney and flue, it's recommended that you get the guidance and advice of the installation team.

An open fireplace may be perfect for some rooms and dwellings in Langport, whilst a multi-fuel or wood burning stove will be more suitable for others. As an example, an attractive inglenook fireplace can be an eye-catching backdrop to a classic cast iron wood burning stove, which highlights its character and reflects the heat into the room.

For properties in Langport that don't have a chimney, a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner is a good solution. Provided that you have an external wall through which a flue from the stove can be channeled, you don't need a pre-existing chimney in place to be able to enjoy that "real" fire experience.


You simply cannot beat a flickering fire on a damp winter's evening, to create a unique charm and ambience in your Langport home, but what are the alternatives?

Electric Fireplaces - Anyone who is reasonably competent can easily and safely install one of these electric fireplaces, and the wide selection of models make these an extremely popular choice for homeowners in Langport. An electric fire can be installed in your property, even if you've got a conventional fireplace, and many of them look pretty much like a "real" fire with crackling sound effects and dancing flames.

Gas Fireplaces - Available in a wide range of designs to suit your property and are typically more thermally efficient than open fireplaces. You'll need a registered Gas Safe tradesman to fit one these fireplaces in your home in Langport.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Burning a variety of fuels such as wood, smokeless coal, oil or gas, a multi-fuel stove can be made into a unique focal point in your kitchen or lounge. If you choose a product from the AGA range for instance, you can get supplied with hot water, do cooking, and when connected to your radiators or central heating system, heat the whole house.

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Wood Burning Stoves - A wide variety of different styles to suit any period of home in Langport, and can even be freestanding. When used in conjunction with a back boiler, these stoves can supply extra heating possibilities by transferring the hot water to cold areas of your property by means of radiators.

Open Fireplaces - The traditional fireplace which can use various fuels such as briquettes, wood, coal and other combustive materials. Today's fireplaces are not the inefficient, smoky and draughty features that they once were, and an open fire creates a warm, cosy environment for the occupants to enjoy.

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You should have no problem uncovering fireplace fitters in Langport, and surrounding areas such as: Stathe, Huish Episcopi, Wearne, Bere Aller, Combe, Muchelney, Wick, Pibsbury, Bramwell, Stoke St Gregory, Portfield, High Ham, Bowdens, Curry Rivel, Low Ham. Areas with postcodes like TA10 9RP, TA10 9EW, TA10 9PN, TA10 9HJ, TA10 9PG, TA10 9TS, TA10 1AY, TA10 9HA, TA10 9SB, TA10 9RB can also be covered. If a fireplace fitter has the phone code 01458 and the postcode TA10, it's very likely that they hail from somewhere in Langport area. Langport home and business owners have plenty of choices when they are searching for fireplace services.

Flue Liners

Allowing your chimney to perform a lot more effectively, a flue lining is a crucial element of your chimney structure. Installed inside chimneys to transport toxic fumes to the outside, flue liners are conduits made from metal, ceramic material or clay. If you live in an older house in Langport, it could be that you haven't got a flue lining in your chimney at all, or that the old one is impaired and will have to be replaced.

Burning fires can create hazardous gases and fumes which can eat away and harm your chimney's flue. Ensure that your fireplace installer assesses the flue for damage and possible issues. A damaged flue can allow those toxic gases to penetrate your property. When a flue lining is defective it can subject the chimney structure to extreme heat, which can in turn increase the likelihood of a house fire occurring.

Stone Fireplaces

Why not bring the outside in and build a dramatic looking natural stone fireplace? The exterior areas of your building may already have stone boundary walls, a stone facade, or some other natural stone features. This might be a method for complementing those features internally.

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Depending on your budget and taste, it's possible to create a stone fireplace with either stone cladding or full depth stone. The sorts of stone that can be used are numerous. Pick from limestone, slate, sandstone, quartz, marble or granite.

The appearance of your new fireplace will be affected by the kind of stone that is used, the individuality of the craftsman or stonemason who builds it and the style of building (mortar built or dry stone). Gather together some images and go over these with your fireplace company before they begin, if you've got an understanding of precisely what you want.

Although many modern day homes might not suit the look of a stone fireplace, there are lots of stylish designs that use a mixture of metal, stone and timber, which can be particularly eye-catching.

Improve the Cost-Efficiency of Your Open Fireplace in Langport

Sparked by worries about the environment, the iconic fireplace is missing some of its appeal, but it's still a favourite for many people in Langport. The natural ambiance of an open fireplace invokes special remembrances for those who have them. There are countless positive aspects of having a fireplace although there are also several downsides that may need to be taken care of. With power costs rising so rapidly nowadays, your open fireplace should be a good source of heat, and not an inefficient one. When you've got a fire going in the fireplace, it can actually extract warm air out of the room, making your heater work harder. The hearth damper is meant to prevent cold air from coming in to your home when you haven't got a fire going in the fireplace. Unfortunately, dampers often have an inadequate seal, so cool air can get in, and warmer air passes out.

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Plenty of householders in Langport with fireplaces do not realise how it can impact heating costs. Rather than conserving resources, and heating costs, it can often be adding hundreds of pounds of energy expenditure. But it is not all bad news because there are techniques for making your fireplace very cost-efficient. There happen to be four simple things that you could do to turn your fireplace into the cost-effective heat sourse you are searching for. Each of these should make your fireplace very cost effective and more efficient.

The initial thing that has to be done is to replace the damper with a new top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is fitted toward the top end of your chimney which in turn also behaves the same as a storm door. It does a superb job of preserving warm air in the home during wintertime and cool air from getting out in the summertime. This isn't going to take a lot of time to fit and you can get one online. An additional thing you can do is position a fire-back in the back of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that is intended to add to the room interior decoration, while protecting the back wall from damage by the fire. The fire-back also soaks up heat right from the fire and radiates it back inside, making your fireplace more effective.

Another thing that can help is a fireplace fan/heater, which heats the air which is being circulated through an internal chamber, and blows it back into the room. These devices are created as closed systems so they do not give off any smoke, but they are effective in keeping your house warm. And finally, installing glass doors, even though a bit on the costly side, can be beneficial in making your fireplace more cost-efficient. If you do some groundwork, you can definitely get a great deal on glass doors and they are not too challenging to fit yourself. These glass doors help to keep the heat from escaping and also it keeps children and pets from being burned.

All these ideas are easy to implement, and the required products can easily be sourced online. Retain your existing fireplace and decrease heating expenses by increasing it's efficiency.

Chimney Cowl Installation Langport

To improve draft and prevent smoke from backing up in your chimney you can fit a chimney cowl, which is a hood-shaped cover which fits over your chimney pot. It is purpose is to stop the wind blowing smoke down the chimney, and is typically crafted from galvanized iron. This should be an integral part of any fireplace in Langport. You should fit a cowl to your chimney in Langport if you to fully enjoy the many benefits of a fireplace.

A chimney cowl can also help to protect your house and keep you secure. There are several kinds of chimney cowl available, each one is designed to address different issues. Before buying one, consider a few aspects to make certain you get one that will help protect your property. As soon as you know exactly what you need, you can then pick a chimney cowl to match your budget and needs.

You can also find chimney cowls made from everyday products, like a steel bucket or stainless steel colander. Ordinary chicken mesh can also be used to make a cowl. Clay flower pots also make great chimney cowls. These covers can be purchased at a local hardware store or online.

Chimney cowls are a great way to prevent birds building nests in your chimney in Langport. They are reasonably priced and simple to put in. You should make sure that you have clear access to the area above the chimney stack in order to fit one. It can also prevent debris from building up inside your chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in Langport if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you. (Tags: Chimney Cowls Langport, Chimney Cowl Installation Langport, Aerodyne Chimney Cowls Langport, Chimney Pot Cowls Langport).

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Langport businesses have always counted on favourable feedback to gain new customers and develop their local presence, however nowadays it is even more crucial, and having complimentary online reviews is a major part of this process. If you've received outstanding work, you may wish to take the time to thank them with a review of their performance on your fireplace project. This has huge benefits for both the business itself and for prospective customers who are thinking of hiring them. When you were initially trying to find someone to do your work, you might consider how your decision was ultimately swayed by positive reviews. Even if a specific company website looked impressive, without any positive reviews you might well have looked to a rival for your fireplace installation.

Leaving a Review

However how can you really be certain of reviews on a company's website? Are such reviews provided by real clients who were satisfied with the services they got, or were they penned by a company employee?

An effective way to find authentic and honest reviews is to check out the Google My Business reviews. This is THE review website to establish the reputation of any business, and also has an effect on the ranking of a business in search engines. The second biggest review website for local companies in Langport is Bing Places for Business, and this is the main rival to Google My Business. So as to enhance the profile of a company that worked on your project, you could leave a review on either these sites, which will likewise provide an overview of their standards and trustworthiness, which can be beneficial for other local people hunting for similar services.

Reviews and feedback can also be left on Facebook and Twitter, which are excellent and immediately visible ways to congratulate a local business. Most small companies in Langport will depend heavily on these social media sites for their marketing and promotional advertising. If you add your reviews, this will help to strengthen their marketing message.

A hand-drafted thankyou letter is perfectly acceptable if you would rather go 'old school'. These could be mounted in a frame or compiled to create a portfolio of reviews for face to face meetings with potential clients, or scanned for use on company websites. However you create a review it is an awesome feeling to think you have helped a small local business get a foothold in a highly competitive market.

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Discover how to install a wood burning fireplace on YouTube here. Fireplace Installation advice and guidance is readily available from internet forums, therefore to make the most of this you need to pop along to the Buildhub Forum (HERE), discussion threads comprise pellet stoves and boilers, log burning stoves, widening fireplaces, chimney designs, stove vents and understanding building regulations. To discover the social media reaction to fireplace trends, check this out. There is a lot of information about fireplace installation online these days, and to discover more about stylish fireplace ideas head here. Wikipedia is a great place to head if you wish to find out more about fireplaces, their dedicated page discusses the various types of fireplaces, the history of the fireplace, the heating efficiency of fireplaces, the health effects of fireplaces, gas fireplaces and how fireplaces affect the environment.

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Things like outdoor fireplaces Langport, fireplace refurbishment, Regency fireplace installations, electric fireplaces, the installation of modern fireplaces in Langport, marble fireplace surrounds, fireplace removal, Victorian fireplace installations, tiled fireplaces Langport, gas stoves, wood burning fireplace installation, chimney repairs, the installation of tiled fireplaces, marble fireplace installation, wood mantels, fireplace suites, fireplace hearths, Victorian fireplaces, chimney sweeping in Langport, gas fireplaces in Langport, built-in electric fires, chimney modifications Langport, fireplaces, freestanding stoves, fireplace repairs, electric fireplace installations, limestone fireplaces, fireplace fitting, fake fireplace installation, chimney cowl installation, fireplacequotations, Regency fireplaces Langport, fireplace inserts, fake fireplaces, elm fireplaces Langport are just a taste of the number of different services and tasks that your local Langport fireplace installer can provide. Langport companies will provide a full list of their fireplace services when asked. If there happen to be other Langport fireplace requirements that you need but don't find here, you can easily mention them on the QUOTE FORM provided.

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Latest Somerset fireplace installation postings: Andreea Leigh from Cleeve, Somerset asked "are there any professional fireplace fitters near me?". Mr and Mrs Talbot recently enquired about getting a price for the installation of an electric fire in a semi-detached house in Ashwick. Winter and Osman Hayward recently requested a quotation for opening up an old fireplace and installing a new electric fire in Bathford. Tyrese Daniel was looking for a trustworthy fireplace installer near Stratton on the Fosse, Somerset. Mr and Mrs Dowling recently requested a quote for installing a wood burning stove in a bungalow in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. Kira and Jensen Bloggs recently enquired about the possibility of fitting a gas fire in a terraced house in Stoke St Michael, Somerset. Frida King was searching for somebody who can install a log burner fireplace in Stoke St Michael. Keira Rush and Seamus Rush recently enquired about getting a price for the installation of an open fireplace in Kingston St Mary, Somerset.

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In the Somerset area you'll also locate: Kingsbury Episcopi log burner installation, Bathampton fireplace installers, Farrington Gurney fireplace fitters, East Huntspill fireplace fitters, Hutton fireplaces, Westbury Sub Mendip log burner installation, Kewstoke fireplace fitters, Huntspill fireplace installation, Meare fireplace fitters, Wedmore fireplace fitters, Templecombe fireplace fitters, Bishop Sutton log burner installation, Chew Magna fireplace installers, Wedmore fireplace installers, Stoke St Gregory fireplace installation, Cannington fireplace installation, Carhampton fireplace fitters, Bathampton log burner installation, Carhampton fireplace installations, Nunney log burner installation, Blagdon log burner installation, Woolavington fireplace fitters, Bishops Hull log burner installation, Kingston St Mary fireplace fitters, Congresbury fireplace installers, Catcott fireplace installation, Tatworth log burner installation, Stoke St Michael log burner installation, Wraxall fireplace installations, Wick St Lawrence log burner installation. There are a fair few companies and individuals in the Somerset area who will be able to help you with your fireplace installation, and if you're unable to find someone suitable in Langport itself, you should be able to identify a specialist nearby.

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Also find: Pibsbury fireplaces, Wearne fireplaces, Stoke St Gregory fireplaces, Curry Rivel fireplaces, Muchelney fireplaces, Wick fireplaces, Bramwell fireplaces, Combe fireplaces, High Ham fireplaces, Bowdens fireplaces, Portfield fireplaces, Low Ham fireplaces, Huish Episcopi fireplaces, Bere Aller fireplaces, Stathe fireplace services and more.

Fireplaces Around Langport: In the past year fireplaces were fitted in the following Langport streets: Parsonage Close, Stacey's Court, Meadow Close, Whatley Lane, The Embankment, Bush Place, Portcullis Road, Barrymore Close, Four Seasons Mews, Beard's Yard, North Street, Willow Close, Pococks Yard, Cheapside, The Firs, Bow Street, Orchard Vale, Cherry Court, Eastover, Priest Lane, Wincanton Road, Whatley, and in these Somerset postcodes: TA10 9RP, TA10 9EW, TA10 9PN, TA10 9HJ, TA10 9PG, TA10 9TS, TA10 1AY, TA10 9HA, TA10 9SB, TA10 9RB. Work was executed in these areas by local installers of fireplaces. Langport home and business owners were given high quality and reliable fireplace services in all cases.

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