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Fireplace Fitter Peasedown St John Somerset (BA2): Re-opening an old disused fireplace to fit a wood burner, a gas fire or an open fire is a great way to add a homely feel and a bit of charm to any Peasedown St John property. The addition of an open fire or wood burning stove for those frosty winters' evenings can even prove less expensive than a regular central heating system, so long as you have a ready source of wood or fuel. If combined with a back boiler it can provide you with plenty of piping hot water at the same time.

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There are some important things you will need to do to make sure you can install your new fireplace in a safe and efficient way, before you start prising away at a bricked up chimney. All work carried out must observe Part J of the UK's Building Regulations, which covers the installation and construction of chimney breasts, flue linings, hearths and fireplaces of any heating appliance. If you are living in a designated conservation area or a listed building you should check with the local council to find out if planning permission is required for installing a fireplace in your property.

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When renovating an existing blocked up fireplace, there's a fair chance of stumbling on structural problems, therefore even if you are fairly good at do-it-yourself you could easily find this type of work difficult. You may be lucky and discover that the chimney breast, hearth and lintel are in good condition, when you have pulled back the boarding surrounding your old fireplace, and that what lies beneath requires barely more than a visit by a chimney sweep. What you will likely find is a wall of old, crumbling bricks that hides issues such as a blocked chimney or a lintel that requires replacement.

It is normally better to rely on the know-how and experience of a professional fireplace installer in Peasedown St John, on account of the severe health and fire risks that can result from an improperly installed or refurbished fireplace. According to the Building Regulations, a room with a fireplace must have sufficient airflow and oxygen to allow the fire to burn safely. Dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can develop from an inefficiently burning fire in a poorly ventilated space.

To overcome this concern a fireplace specialist in Peasedown St John will consider the situation and install vents in the room, or beneath the floors, to ensure a satisfactory air flow for the fire to burn safely and properly. They may also have to fit vents in unused chimney flues which sometimes trap moist air and cause staining and damp spots on your chimney breast.

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Having a fireplace opened up can cause large amounts of soot and muck to enter your room. It is advisable to remove your your furniture and carpets before any fireplace restoration work commences, because even with coverings for your furnishings, the chance of impairment from dust and soot is still quite likely. If you're performing a full renovation of a property or room, the fireplace ought to be opened up and worked on before any decoration or plastering works are undertaken. This will help to avoid any harm by dirt and chimney soot to any completed work.


Once you've revealed your old fireplace you'll have a greater understanding of what work needs to be done, and also be able to sweep the chimney and clean up any parts of hearth that remains in place. The first item on your checklist should be to call in a decent Peasedown St John chimney sweep. They will be willing to provide you with professional advice on the chimney and flue after sweeping, regarding the situation with the structure of the chimney and if it is advisable to replace the existing liner.

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Following a chimney sweeps assessment it may be necessary to strengthen the chimney breast or/and install a new flue liner as set out in Part J of the Building Regulations. A competent fireplace installer in Peasedown St John will be required to carry out this task, and will have the skills and knowledge of construction to closely follow all building regulations.

It's entirely possible that a concrete lintel will have to be installed, if the revealed fireplace is of a size that's larger than your needs. And after that, upgrading the fireplace hearth should be the next step in your fireplace renovation project in Peasedown St John. You may find your existing hearth has been set into a void in the floor, but to conform to current Building Regulations it is required to be raised slightly above normal floor level. To achieve this, there are pre-made options made from slate, granite or marble, or you might choose a tailor-made, bespoke hearth to match your room design, which your Peasedown St John fireplace builder should be able to help you with.

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Because of the host of different fireplace sizes, shapes and styles, picking the best one won't necessarily be easy. You can see what's available by going online or by visiting your nearest fireplace dealership. Not all fireplaces will be suitable for your flue and chimney and it is wise to accept any help and advice offered by your sales and installation team in relation to your particular circumstances.

In choosing the type of fireplace that is the best option for your specific situation, you'll have to look at the age of your house in Peasedown St John, and the theme you are aiming to create for your room or space. If you're fortunate enough to have a house with an inglenook fireplace for example, this is the ideal position for a wood burning stove. This won't only redirect the heat back into the room effectively, but will also draw your gaze towards the charm and beauty of the stove.

If your Peasedown St John property doesn't have a chimney breast you've still got the option of a fireplace feature by putting in a wood burning or multi fuel stove. It's possible to take a stainless steel flue straight from the back or top of the wood burner and out through an external wall, therefore a chimney isn't necessary.


If your situation doesn't allow for the installation of a natural fireplace, what are all the possible options?

Electric Fireplaces - Anybody who is relatively competent can safely and easily install one of these fireplaces, and the broad range of models make these a popular choice for property owners in Peasedown St John. Contemporary electric fires can deliver "real" look flames and even the crackling sound of wood to replicate an open fire when set into into an old fashioned fireplace.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These devices can be freestanding, and there is a vast range to suit any period of house in Peasedown St John. If fitted with a back boiler can provide steaming hot water for radiators or for use around the home.

Open Fireplaces - This is the classic fireplace, establishing a stunning centrepiece for a room, and can use a range of different solid fuels, such as briquettes, coalite nuts, coal and wood. An open fire is wonderful to watch and modern fireplaces are no more the inefficient, smoky and draughty objects they were in the past.

Gas Fireplaces - There are a variety of different designs to suit all types of house and their effectiveness in warming a room is superior to open fireplaces or wood burning stoves. You will need a Gas Safe authorised contractor to fit one these fireplaces in your home in Peasedown St John.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you'll doubtless deduce from the name, these stoves can run on a number of different fuels, including oil, coal, wood or gas, and not just that, they can also introduce an eye-catching focal point for your living space. If connected to your radiator system, some multi-fuel stoves (such as the AGA range) can provide you with heating for the whole house, together with hot water, cooking facilities and even outdoor barbecue grills.

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Fireplace installation work can be undertaken in Peasedown St John and also in nearby places like: Combe Hay, Priston, Tunley, Dunkerton, Old Mills, High Littleton, Faulkland, Camerton, Combe Dpwn, Clandown, Timsbury, Marksbury, Wellow, Haydon, South Stoke, as well as in these postcodes BA2 8JP, BA2 8DR, BA2 8EU, BA2 8TR, BA2 8JR, BA2 8DQ, , BA2 8EJ, BA2 8HJ, and BA2 8HR. It is likely that any fireplace fitters from the Peasedown St John area is going to have the phone code 01761 and the postcode BA2. Clicking the "QUOTE" banner will enable you to acquire fireplaces and fireplace installation info for your area.

How To Preserve Your Fireplace And Reduce Your Heating Bills

With all the current ecological concerns, the traditional fireplace has lost a little of its former charm, but it's still a favourite feature for many in Peasedown St John. Sitting beside the comfort of an open fireplace, brings back many precious memories for lots of people. There are countless benefits to having an open fireplace although there are also some negative aspects that might need to be taken care of. With energy costs increasing so quickly nowadays, your open fireplace should be a reliable source of heat, not one of inefficiency. Whilst having a fire blazing in a fireplace keeps the people around it cosy, it actually removes warm air from the rest of the space, causing your heat source to work harder. If there's no fire, a damper is supposed to manage the airflow. Yet, dampers are not terribly effective seals, so a lot of the warm air escapes and enables cold air to come into the home.

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Many homeowners that possess fireplaces in their residence in Peasedown St John don't understand how the fireplace can cause their utility bills to skyrocket. Rather than conserving resources, and heating costs, it can often be adding 100s of pounds of energy costs. Nevertheless, there are some techniques that can be done that can easily turn your budget smashing fireplace into something more efficient. Pretty much all you need to do is only 4 simple things to fix your fireplace. These will certainly make your present fireplace more economical, and reduce your energy bills.

The 1st thing to do is to replace the damper with a new top sealing damper. This form of damper is positioned towards the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain from entering. The top sealing damper helps to keep the air in the property from getting away and works very well in both cold and hot weather conditions. The seal is easy to fit, and can be purchased online. Another thing you can do is fit a fire-back in the back part of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that is intended to enhance the room interior decoration, while shielding the back wall from damage by the fire. The fire-back takes the heat from a fire, and radiates the heat back towards the room, increasing the overall performance of the fireplace.

Another approach is to buy a fireplace heater, which draws in air in a room and warms it up. These heaters are sealed systems, hence no smoke is discharged, and they can really make a difference in the temperature of your home. The last and final thing you're able to do is to install glass doors, which might be a bit on the expensive side. If you do your homework, you should be able to get an excellent deal on glass doors and they are not that challenging to fit yourself. These glass doors help to stop the heat from leaking out and also it keeps pets and young ones from being burnt.

All of these suggestions are straightforward to implement, and the products can be sourced online. Make the most of your fireplace and watch your energy costs drop.

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A hood-shaped cover for your chimney, a chimney cowl adds draft and helps to stop backflow in your chimney system. Sitting neatly over your chimney pot, and typically produced from galvanized iron, it stops the wind blowing smoke back down your chimney. A chimney cowl can be bought online or in a hardware store. A cowl will keep your fireplace or stove working effectively, whether you opt to buy a new one or improve the performance of an existing one.

There are several types of chimney cowls available. There are pot hanging cowls that can be installed without removing the chimney pot. They connect to the flue liner via three straps, which secure the cowl in place. Another type of cowl is a weathering cap, which is attached to the end of the flue system. It is larger than the chimney pot, which ensures that it stays in place.

One of the most common types of chimney cowls is the H-style. This style is the most effective at stabilizing the draft and allows your fireplace to function more efficiently. It is made from a series of H-shaped pipes that isolate the combustion gases from down drafts. It originally served marine applications but has become popular among homeowners due to its energy-saving functionality.

Another type is the Aerodyne cowl. It works by drawing air into the chimney cowl and reducing downdraught. It is available in a variety of colours. Its venturi shape draws air into the chimney cowl, creating a drop in air pressure that draws air upward from the stove.

Chimney cowls are a simple way to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in Peasedown St John. They are inexpensive and easy to install. You should make sure you have easy access to the area above the chimney to install one. It can also prevent debris from accumulating inside the chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in Peasedown St John if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you. (Tags: Chimney Cowls Peasedown St John, Chimney Cowl Installation Peasedown St John, Spinning Chimney Cowls Peasedown St John, Chimney Pot Cowls Peasedown St John).

Flue Liners

A chimney or flue liner is a crucial element of your chimney structure, allowing it to function a lot more efficiently and improving the safety of your chimney. With the purpose of carrying smoke and fumes safely to the outside of a building, flue liners are ducts made from metal, ceramic material or clay which are installed inside chimneys. If you reside in an older building in Peasedown St John, it could be that you do not have a flue lining in your chimney at all, or that the existing one is impaired and will need to be replaced.

The burning of fires creates harmful gases and fumes which can damage and eat away at your chimney's flue. When you're getting your chimney swept, you should get the chimney sweep to check for any damage and potential problems. Instead of expelling those harmful gases outside, an impaired flue lining can enable them to leak into your home's interior. There is an increased potential for house fires when flu linings are compromised, since excessive heat is able to reach the chimney structure, sometimes with deadly results.

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Both commercial and domestic chimney systems in Peasedown St John need regular chimney repair to ensure safety, functionality and efficiency. The deterioration of chimneys over the years is caused by a combination of weather elements, temperature fluctuations, and the by-products of combustion. The range of issues that require expert and timely attention can be caused by these factors.

Cracks in the chimney structure are a common problem that can lead to the need for chimney repair. Such cracks can increase the risk of moisture penetration, which can lead to further damage and compromise the structural stability of the chimney. Furthermore, serious health hazards to any occupants can be caused by the escape of dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide, from cracks in the chimney. (13096)

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Decent online reviews and testimonials are the driving force for any business in Peasedown St John, and having complimentary ones can be the difference between a prospective customer appointing a certain fireplace company or going with a competitor. If somebody you've hired has done a good job, tell others how they did, by leaving them a positive review and relating your experience. This has huge benefits for both the company itself and for potential future clients who may be thinking of using them. Let's face it, reviews were probably helpful for you yourself when you were initially looking for somebody to install a fireplace. Even if a company website appeared extremely professional and convincing, if it wasn't supported by compelling reviews, you may have looked at other possibilities.

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However, when you are on a company's own website, exactly how much reliance can be put on so called customer reviews that are displayed? Have these reviews been provided by a member of the company looking to promote their services, or were they provided by actual people?

If you wish to find genuine and frank reviews, an excellent strategy is to go through the Google My Business reviews on a company in Peasedown St John. Trusted, because this also impacts on the search engine rankings of a business, this is THE review website to determine a business's reputation. The major Google My Business rival is Bing Places for Business, which is the 2nd biggest review website for local companies in Peasedown St John. So as to increase the profile of a company that worked on your fireplace project, you can leave a positive review on either (or both of) these websites, which will in addition establish an overall picture of their reliability and working standards, which can be beneficial for other folks searching for the same services.

Reviews and feedback can also be left on Facebook and Twitter, which are excellent and instantly visible ways to publicise a local business. Such social media platforms can be very influential and will form a big part of the media and marketing promotions of many small companies in Peasedown St John. Your feedback will help strengthen their sales message, and if you've given recommendations to friends and relatives who are interested in services of a similar nature, this will give them a starting point for their hunt for the ideal tradesman.

Even in these high-tech, modern times, an 'old school' hand-drafted thankyou letter is still acceptable. These are easy to scan for use on websites, and are still important in an internet crazy world. They could even be framed or gathered together to create a portfolio to show to prospective clients in one on one meetings. The reality that your review might have helped a small business to attract more customers and gain a foothold in the local marketplace is reward in itself.

Peasedown St John Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Peasedown St John

Most likely you came here searching for basic fireplace installation, however your local Peasedown St John fireplace fitter can deliver a broad range of additional tasks, and these might include elm fireplaces Peasedown St John, brick fireplaces Peasedown St John, fireplace packages, chimney modifications, oak beam fireplaces, Victorian fireplaces Peasedown St John, fireplace inserts, fireplace repairs, stone fireplace installations in Peasedown St John, inglenook fireplaces in Peasedown St John, fireplace hearths, limestone fireplace installations, the installation of chimney cowls, gas fireplaces, fireplaces, electric fire baskets in Peasedown St John, marble fireplaces in Peasedown St John, marble fireplace installation, freestanding stoves, wood burning fireplaces, fireplace design, Victorian fireplaces, fireplace suites Peasedown St John, traditional fireplaces Peasedown St John, fireplace mantels, chimney repairs, fireplace surrounds Peasedown St John, reclaimed fireplaces Peasedown St John, cheap fireplace installation, Victorian fireplace installation Peasedown St John, fireplace replacement, corner fireplaces Peasedown St John, the installation of Victorian fireplaces, contemporary fireplaces Peasedown St John, classic fireplaces Peasedown St John, and others. Peasedown St John professionals will inform you of their whole range of fireplace services.

More Advice and Guidance

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There's so much information about fireplace installation on the web these days, and to learn about stylish fireplace designs head here. See how to install a wood burning fireplace on YouTube here. Forums exist on the majority of topics, and fireplace installation is no different, therefore take a peek at the ever popular Buildhub Forum, threads include understanding building regulations, stove vents, pellet stoves and boilers, chimney designs, widening a fireplace and wood burning stoves. You can visit the Wikipedia webpage to learn information regarding how fireplaces affect the environment, the evolution of fireplaces, the health effects of fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces, the types of fireplace and the heating efficiency of fireplaces. To check out the latest on fireplaces on social websites, check this out.

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Also find: Timsbury fireplace installers, South Stoke fireplace installers, Old Mills fireplace installers, Dunkerton fireplace installers, Combe Dpwn fireplace installers, Clandown fireplace installers, High Littleton fireplace installers, Tunley fireplace installers, Wellow fireplace installers, Marksbury fireplace installers, Camerton fireplace installers, Priston fireplace installers, Combe Hay fireplace installers, Faulkland fireplace installers, Haydon fireplace installers and more. It is possible to get fireplaces installed in almost all of these towns and villages. Possessing the necessary experience and knowledge, these seasoned tradespeople can successfully install fireplaces in your property. The ambiance, comfort and warmth that a fireplace brings to their homes can be experienced by residents with the assistance of these dedicated specialists. By clicking here, fireplace installation quotes are accessible to local homeowners. Would your property benefit from the installation of a fireplace? Get a quote today!

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More Peasedown St John Tradespeople: Peasedown St John home improvements generally require the expertise of various different tradespeople, and although you are currently interested in fireplace fitters in Peasedown St John, an electrician in Peasedown St John, a roofer in Peasedown St John, a damp proofing specialist in Peasedown St John, a handyman in Peasedown St John, a bricklayer in Peasedown St John, a chimney sweep in Peasedown St John, a plumber in Peasedown St John, a building contractor in Peasedown St John, a carpenter and joiner in Peasedown St John, a flooring specialist in Peasedown St John, a cleaner in Peasedown St John, a stonemason in Peasedown St John, a plasterer in Peasedown St John, a painter and decorator in Peasedown St John, SKIP HIRE in Peasedown St John, waste removal in Peasedown St John, may also be required at some stage during your project.

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