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Fireplace Fitter Thame Oxfordshire (OX9): Re-opening a disused fireplace to put in an open fire, a wood burner or a gas fire is a wonderful way to add a bit of character and a homely feel to any Thame property. Nippy winters' evenings can become enjoyable as you relax beside your new fireplace listening to the crackle of firewood, and if your fire is used in combination with a back boiler you can even benefit from piping hot water to boot.

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. Any heat producing appliance within domestic homes in Thame must follow Part J of the UK's Building Regs, and this applies to hearths, chimney breasts, flue linings and fireplaces. For a fireplace installation in a building that is listed, or one that sits in a conservation area, you'll need to find out from your local council if planning permission will be necessary.

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You might be able to do some of the remodeling work to a bricked-up fireplace if you've got the skills needed, however there is always a problem in finding safety and structural issues which need to be resolved by a specialist. If you are lucky when you expose a boarded fireplace you might find a decent lintel, hearth and chimney breast that needs little more than the services and advice of a chimney sweep to get it ready for a fire once more. It is a lot more likely however, that you'll reveal a flue that is blocked and an expanse of crumbling brickwork that will need structural reinforcement to make it safe.

Using a specialist fireplace fitter in Thame is generally recommended, because a fireplace that's incorrectly installed can can cause a fire risk and respiratory health problems. Airflow has to be sufficient in any room which has a fireplace; and it is a key requirement of the Building Regulations (Part J) that this is the case. Carbon monoxide fumes (which are toxic can build-up in a poorly ventilated space where an inefficently burning fire is installed.

To ensure adequate oxygen levels are able to reach the fire at all times, and to safely get over any issues with air flow, vents will need to be fitted around the room during the installation of a fireplace. Blocked off and unused chimney flues might also have to have air vents fitted as they can sometimes trap moist air within them and cause damp to develop inside the chimney.

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Massive amounts of soot and dirt will enter your home when you are opening up a fireplace. In essence, this is a really messy job. Where feasible it is advisable to remove rugs, carpets and furniture from the room before the start of any work, although a fireplace installer will bring covers for for your furniture. If you're performing a complete renovation of a property or room, the fireplace should be opened up and worked on before any decoration or plastering works are tackled. By opening up a fireplace first you will stop any soot from the chimney causing discolouration damage to other phases of your project, such as fresh plaster or paint on walls.


The time will come to sweep and clean the chimney and hearth and see what is fit for restoring, once the opening up of the fireplace has been done. Bringing in a proper chimney sweep to clean your chimney is one of the very first things on your agenda. Aside from cleaning your chimney and flue, they'll also consider the condition of the flue liner and chimney and tell you about any aspect of the flue and chimney structure that needs to be replaced.

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All of the appropriate Building Regulations should be adhered to, if you need to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney. Experience in good working practices and an extensive knowledge of the Building Regs will be needed by anyone who tackles this type of construction work, so you really want a skilled builder or fireplace fitter and should never attempt to do it on your own.

If you need to modify the size of opening of your existing fireplace to something more suitable for your design, a concrete supporting lintel will have to be installed. When this has been completed the next phase of your fireplace installation in Thame should be to modernise the old hearth. If the existing hearth is sunken into the floor you will need to raise it above floor level to comply with the most recent UK Building Regulations. You can choose from a selection of favourite sized hearths to match the decor of your home, or there are tailor-made options to fit most sizes and styles of fireplace. Ask your fireplace builder in Thame about what is currently available.

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A quick browse online or a visit to a fireplace showroom will show the options available for the different fireplace designs and styles. Every fireplace may not be suitable for your chimney and flue therefore it is sensible to accept any advice and help offered by your sales and installation team with regards to your specific circumstances.

Some homes and rooms will look better with an open fireplace than a multi-fuel or wood burning stove and vice versa. A cast iron wood burning stove for example, will look amazing when placed in an inglenook fireplace, which redirects the heat back into the room and emphasises its charm and character.

Even if your Thame property doesn't have a chimney you still have options for a feature fireplace through the installation of a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner. Provided that you have an exterior wall through which a flue from the top or back of the stove can be routed, you don't need a pre-existing chimney in place to experience a "real" fire.


Who could possibly deny that they enjoy the warmth and glow of a natural fire on a cool winters' evening, but if your situation doesn't allow for this, what are the other alternatives?

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fireplaces come in a variety of designs to suit any home and are generally more thermally efficient than wood burning stoves. Any gas fireplace put into your Thame property must be installed by a Gas Safe heating technician.

Electric Fireplaces - Anybody who is relatively capable can safely and quickly put in one of these electric fireplaces, and the wide selection of models make these the obvious choice for property owners in Thame. Modern electric fires can provide authentic looking flame effects and even the crackling sound of wood to replicate an open fire when inset into a conventional fireplace.

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Wood Burning Stoves - A wide range of different styles to go with any period of home in Thame, and can even be free standing. If fitted with a back boiler these can provide steaming hot water to heat radiators or for other use around the home.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Multi-fuel stoves can be fired up with with a variety of fuels, including wood, oil, gas or coal, to establish an interesting focal point in your property in Thame. If you decide on a product from AGA for instance, you can get supplied with hot water, do cooking, and when linked up with your radiator system, heat your entire property.

Open Fireplaces - The traditional fireplace which can use different fuels such as coal, briquettes, wood and other flammable materials. In the past an open fire may have been associated with being smoky, inefficient and draughty, however a well fitted contemporary fireplace is a joy to behold while reclining in the warmth it provides.

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Fireplace installers can be accessed in the Thame area, and in: Cuddington, Bledlow, Tetsworth, Milton Common, Haddenham, Nether Winchendon, Moreton, Towersey, North Weston, Long Crendon, Worminghall, Kingsey, Ickford, Tiddington, Oakley, plus these postcode areas: OX9 3BF, OX9 3HB, OX9 3AR, OX9 2DS, OX9 3EB, OX9 3DZ, OX9 3ES, OX9 2FQ, OX9 3DA, OX9 2FH. Fireplace companies from Thame will typically have the postcode OX9 and the phone code 01844.

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A chimney cowl is a hood-shaped covering for your chimney pot that increases draft and helps prevent back-up. It is normally crafted from galvanised iron and fits on top of the chimney to keep the wind from blowing smoke back down. Chimney cowls can be bought online or in a hardware shops. A cowl will keep your fireplace or stove working effectively, whether you decide to purchase a new one or make your current one work better.

There are several kinds of chimney cowls available. There are pot hanging cowls which can be installed without the need to remove the chimney pot. They connect to the flue liner by way of three straps, which secure the cowl in position. Another sort of cowl is a weathering cap, which is mounted on the end of the flue system. These are bigger than the chimney pot, which guarantees that they stay in position.

One of the most common types of chimney cowl is known as the H-style. This pattern is one of the best for stabilising the draught and enables your fireplace to perform more efficiently. It's made out of a series of H-shaped pipes that isolate the combustion gases from down draughts. It was originally designed for marine applications, but has become popular among householders because of its energy-saving attributes.

Another kind is the Aerodyne cowl. It works by drawing air into the chimney cowl and reducing downdraught. It is available in a wide range of colours. Its venturi shape draws air into the chimney cowl, creating a drop in air pressure that draws air upwards from the stove or fireplace.

Chimney cowls are a quick way to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in Thame. They are cheap and easy to put in. You should make certain you have easy access to the space above the chimney to fit one. It can also stop debris from accumulating inside the chimney. (Tags: Chimney Pot Cowls Thame, Chimney Cowls Thame, Chimney Cowl Installation Thame, Rotating Chimney Cowls Thame).

Suggestions To Take Care Of Your Open Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Expenses

Sparked by concerns over the environment, the classic fireplace is missing some of its charm, but it's still a favourite with many folks in Thame. There is nothing like feeling the real warmth of an open fireplace during a chilly winter's evening. There are many perks and benefits to having an open fireplace but there are also a few downsides that could possibly need to be dealt with. As energy costs go up, you should ensure that your fireplace is producing heat efficiently. Although having a fire going in a fireplace keeps the people close to it cosy, it actually removes warm air from the rest of the space, causing your heat source to work harder. The hearth damper is supposed to prevent cold air from entering your home when you don't have a fire in the fireplace. However, dampers often have an ineffective seal, so cool air gets in, and warmer air will go out.

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Many homeowners that have a fireplace in their residence in Thame don't realize how the fireplace can cause their energy bills to skyrocket. Instead of keeping heating charges down, it may actually do the precise opposite if one isn't careful. But it is not all gloom and doom because there are ways to make your fireplace very cost-effective. All you need to do is just four basic things enhance the performance of your fireplace. You will see that these guidelines will help make your fireplace create quality heat and your heating bill a lot lower.

The first suggestion is to swap your existing fireplace damper with a top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is installed toward the top end of your chimney which also doubles as a storm door. It does a good job of keeping warm air in the home during wintertime and cool air from getting out in the summertime. The damper is easy to set up, and can be bought online. Another thing you can do is fix a fire-back in the back part of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that's designed to enhance the room decor, while saving the back wall from being damaged due to the heat. The fire-back also absorbs heat coming from the fire and channels it back into the room, making the fireplace more efficient.

Another method is to obtain a fireplace heater/fan, which draws cool air in and warms it up. These heating devices don't discharge any smoke and are be extremely effective in keeping your family home warm and toasty. And finally, installing glass doors, although a bit on the costly side, can be helpful in making your open fire economical to run. Browsing around, you will be able to find a good deal, and with clear instructions, you could possibly fit them on your own. Glass fireplace doors can keep the air in your house from escaping up the flue and also help to safeguard your pets and children from fires.

All of these tips are straightforward to do, and the products can easily be found on the internet. Keep your fireplace and cut heating costs by increasing it's efficiency.

Leaving a Review for a Job Well Done

When all is said and done, reviews and testimonials are the lifeblood of any business in Thame, and having decent reviews can be the difference between gaining a prospective consumer or watching them go to a competitor for their services. If you've received outstanding work, you might want to make the effort to thank them with a review of their performance on your project. Your first hand knowledge of the business will be beneficial not only to the company, but also to any possible employer. If like most other people you read reviews to pick someone to do your work, you'll realise how helpful that process was. It does not matter how convincing a business's website may look, without those customer reviews you may have looked elsewhere.

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But, how can the so called customer reviews shown on a company's website be relied on? Have these reviews been penned by a company employee attempting to push their services, or were they provided by "real" clients?

Checking out Google My Business reviews is a simple way to look for genuine and frank online reviews. This is the review website that is trusted by millions to discover company reputations, and can impact on their placement in the search engines as well. You could also try Bing Places for Business when looking to leave a review for a local business in Thame, and this is by far the most significant rival to the Google My Business platform. Your review here can build an overall picture of the company that worked successfully on your project and assist in raising their profile.

You could also post company feedback on Twitter and Facebook, which can often be just as good. Most small businesses in Thame will rely heavily on these social media websites for their marketing and promotional advertising. Adding in your own feedback on Twitter or Facebook can help reinforce their sales message, and potentially generate additional prospects.

Of course you could go 'old school' and prepare a hand-drafted thankyou letter. These can be framed or gathered together to create a portfolio of reviews for one on one meetings with potential customers, or photographed for use on their website. Whatever method you choose to provide your review of a company, you will get a warm feeling inside knowing that you have rewarded somebody in return for great service.

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Your local fireplace installer can perform a large range of services and tasks including fireplace restoration, gas fireplaces in Thame, cast iron fireplaces, wood burning fireplace installation, modern fireplace installation, fireplace design, cast iron fireplace installations in Thame, fake fireplace installation, double-sided stove installation Thame, the installation of outside fireplaces, marble fireplace surrounds Thame, Victorian fireplace installation, fireplacerates, marble fireplaces, freestanding stoves Thame, fireplace suites, contemporary fireplaces Thame, limestone fireplace, cheap fireplaces, inglenook fireplace, stone fireplaces, gas fireplace installations, traditional fireplaces Thame, fire grate conversions, inset stoves, designer fireplaces Thame, wood burning stove installations, chimney sweeping in Thame, fireplace cleaning, fireplace removal, Regency fireplaces Thame, classic fireplaces, tiled fireplaces Thame, electric fireplaces, brick fireplaces, and more. If you've got fireplace requirements in Thame, that you do not see here, you should go HERE and submit our quote form.

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Fireplaces Around Thame: Property owners who live in the following areas and roads have just recently requested fireplace installation - Chalgrove Road, Blake Way, Hazelrig Drive, Greyhound Lane, Highfield Close, Youens Drive, Thame Park Road, Lincoln Place, Hamilton Road, Skippon Way, Church Road, Newbarn Close, Butter Market, Conduit Hill Rise, Pennington Place, Elms Road, Croft Close, Pym Walk, Queens Close, Cavendish Walk, Pickenfield, Windmill Road, Park Street, Bannister Road, Simmons Way, Hawthorn Avenue, as well as the following Thame area postcodes: OX9 3BF, OX9 3HB, OX9 3AR, OX9 2DS, OX9 3EB, OX9 3DZ, OX9 3ES, OX9 2FQ, OX9 3DA, OX9 2FH. Work was accomplished in these places by local installers of fireplaces. Thame home and business owners received reliable and top quality fireplace services on each occasion.

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