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Fireplace Fitter Whitby North Yorkshire (YO21): Fitting a new fireplace or re-opening an old disused fireplace in your Whitby home is a great way to add a homely feel and a bit of charm to any room. The addition of an open fire or wood burning stove for those frosty winters' evenings can even prove cheaper than a conventional central heating system, as long as you've got a good source of wood or fuel. If combined with a back boiler it can supply you with plentiful steaming hot water in the process.

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Before any real work proceeds, for example prising away at a blocked chimney or bashing down the walls of a boarded up fireplace, there are some important things you need to contemplate. Any heat producing appliance installed in the home must follow Part J of the Building Regulations, and this applies to chimney breasts, hearths, fireplaces and flue linings. Planning permission may also have to be sought before work commences if your home is listed or in a conservation area.

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If you've got the ability to do so, and are decent at do-it-yourself you may be able to do some of the remodeling work on an existing fireplace, but professional assistance may be required if structural or safety issues arise during the process. You may be fortunate when uncovering your old fireplace and find out you need little more than a thorough chimney sweep and a quick clean up of the hearth in order to get your fire roaring once more. What you'll most likely discover is a patch of old bricks that hides issues such as a blocked chimney or a lintel that needs replacing.

If your dwelling in Whitby has a fireplace installed and it's not fitted correctly, there's not just a serious risk of fire, but also of respiratory problems. Therefore, using a professional fireplace installer is generally recommended. According to the Building Regulations, a room with a fireplace must have adequate oxygen and airflow to allow the fire to burn properly and efficiently. Carbon monoxide fumes (which are deadly can build-up in a poorly ventilated area where an inefficently burning fire is installed.

To guarantee suitable levels of oxygen reach the fire at all times, and to effectively get over any airflow issues, vents might be installed around the room during the installation of a fireplace. Moist, condensed air can get trapped within unused or blocked chimney flues which could also need to have flue vents installed to improve air circulation, and prevent issues with dampness and staining on the chimney breast.

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Large amounts of dirt and soot will enter your home when you're opening up an unused fireplace for restoration. A fireplace installer will bring dust sheets to cover up your home furnishings and supply some form of protection, but it is wise where possible to remove rugs, carpets and furniture from the room before work begins. If it is just a part of a bigger home restoration project, re-opening a fireplace ought to be one of the first things to be worked on, due to the mess that's involved. This should help to avoid any impairment by soot and other chimney dirt to any previously completed renovation work.


Once you've exposed your old fireplace you will have a better understanding of the work that is needed, and also be able to sweep the chimney and clean any hearth that can be re-used. The very first thing on your agenda will be to contact a proper Whitby chimney sweep. A decent chimney sweep will first of all clean the flue and while doing this can inspect the condition of the chimney and offer advice on whether a new flue liner is necessary.

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After a chimney sweep examination it may be necessary to install a new liner and/or strengthen the chimney breast as laid down in Part J of the UK Building Regulations. A qualified tradesman with experience of the Building Regs and decent working practices will be needed to complete this work.

When this step of the project has been completed, the upgrading or restoration of the hearth can be undertaken. If the existing hearth is set into the floor you will need to raise it to comply with the most recent UK Building Regulations. Pre-made options from granite, marble or slate are available on the market to achieve this, or your fireplace builder in Whitby should be able to offer a bespoke, tailor-made hearth to match your room style.

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You will soon realise that you are spoiled for choice, with the wide array of different choices that are available to you, as soon as step through the door of a high quality fireplace store. You should generally heed the advice of the fireplace company in relation to which fireplaces will be suited to your particular chimney, flue and airflow situation, as some will not be.

The overall look you're attempting to create, your current decor and perhaps, the age of your house in Whitby, will to some degree affect whether you opt for a multi-fuel stove, an open fireplace or a wood burner. If you've got an attractive inglenook fireplace, a cast iron wood burning stove can look striking set within it, which also has the benefit of reflecting heat back into the room from the stone or brick walls that surround the stove.

Even if you don't have a chimney in your Whitby home, it's still entirely possible to install a wood burner stove. You do not have to have an existing chimney to benefit from a real fire, providing that you have an exterior wall which can have a flue routed through it.


Who doesn't enjoy the warmth and glow of a natural fire on a cold winters' evening, however if your situation doesn't permit this, what are the other alternatives?

Electric Fireplaces - These are perfect for just about any room and house in Whitby, and can be quickly and safely fitted by anyone who is fairly competent. It can be hard to distinguish from the real thing with with "real feel" electric fires, and they can be installed into a conventional fireplace when required.

Gas Fireplaces - There are a wide array of styles to suit any property in Whitby, and they provide instant heat which is more efficient (thermally) than a multi-fuel stove or wood burner. The installation and maintenance of gas fires should only be carried out by a Gas Safe approved tradesperson in Whitby.

Open Fireplaces - An open fireplace can be used with a variety of different solid fuels, and provides a great focal point for your living area. Being far from the smoky old fireplaces of bygone days, a modern, expertly installed open fire provides a cosy and warm environment in any Whitby property.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Provides you with options to use oil, gas, coal and wood to deliver a versatile heater for any property in Whitby. The AGA range for instance is well known as being capable of providing heating for the entire home, a constant supply of hot water and an oven and hob all in one single appliance.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These have grown to be very popular in a lot of households in Whitby, and can have modern or classic design to complement your home's decor. When used in combination with a back boiler, these can provide extra heating possibilities by connecting the hot water to colder areas of your property by way of radiators.

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Fireplace installation work can be carried out in Whitby and also in: Sneaton, Ugglebarnby, Newholme, High Hawkser, Stainsacre, East Row, Sleights, Raithwaite, Saltwick Bay, Ruswarp, Robin Hoods Bay, Aislaby, Iburndale, Dunsley, High Stakesby, Briggswath, together with these postcodes YO21 1QU, YO21 1QZ, YO21 1EB, YO21 1XH, YO21 1JZ, YO21 1QH, YO21 3AX, YO21 1HT, YO21 1JR, and YO21 1HJ. Whitby fireplace services should have the telephone code 01947 and the postcode YO21.

Flue Linings

Enabling your chimney to operate a great deal more effectively, a flue liner or chimney liner is a crucial part of your chimney system. Transporting smoke and fumes outside your home, a flue liner runs the entire length of your chimney, and can be manufactured from a variety of materials including stainless steel, clay or ceramics. Some older chimneys in Whitby might not even have a flue liner, or if the existing lining is damaged, may have to be relined.

While a fire is burning, some toxic gases are the result, and the flue within your chimney can be eaten away and harmed and harmed by these fumes. When you are having your chimney swept, it's a no-brainer get the sweep to look around for any damage and possible problems. Instead of venting those harmful gases outdoors, a broken flue lining can allow them to seep into your living area. When a flue liner is defective it can also expose the actual chimney structure to intensive heat, which can in turn increase the risk of a house fire.

Brick Fireplaces Whitby

Fireplaces that are made out of brick have been a preferred feature in buildings for centuries, and they're still a much loved interior design element today. A brick fireplace can add warmth, character, and a little rustic charm to any room. Here are some things to consider if you're thinking about adding a brick fireplace to your property in Whitby.

For starters, decide on the design of brick fireplace you prefer. You can choose a standard style with a mantel and hearth, or a modern pattern with a minimalist design and sleek lines. A brick fireplace can be a statement piece, so think carefully about the location and size of your fireplace. A larger fireplace can provide a stunning focal point in a room, whereas a smaller fireplace can provide a comfy nook.

Brick fireplaces can be built with an assortment of different types of brick, each with its own unique texture and colour. You'll want to choose a brick that complements the style of your property and matches the overall look that you're trying to create.

Finally, don't forget about the practical considerations. A brick fireplace can be a source of heat for your property, so you will want to ensure it's adequately vented and that you're using it safely.

To conclude, a brick fireplace can add character and warmth to any room. With correct planning and consideration, you can create a beautiful and functional brick fireplace that will enhance your home's design and provide a cosy ambiance for your family to enjoy.

Fireplace Inserts Whitby

Fireplace inserts have become a popular choice among homeowners in Whitby who wish to upgrade their conventional fireplaces. Designed to direct more heat into the room and decrease heat loss, these inserts have been created to improve the efficiency of a fireplace. These inserts provide a more practical and safer alternative to conventional wood-burning fireplaces, making it more convenient to enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a fire.

From electric to gas and wood-burning, fireplace inserts are available in various sizes and styles. While gas fireplace inserts are effortless to use and need minimal maintenance, electric inserts offer flexibility and convenience with their remote control and variable settings. Wood-burning inserts are the best choice for homeowners who desire the genuine experience of a crackling fire and the aroma of burning wood.

Their convenience and efficiency aside, fireplace inserts also have environmental benefits. They decrease the amount of air pollution caused by conventional fireplaces by producing fewer emissions and burning fuel more efficiently.

Professional installation is important to guarantee a safe and correct installation of a fireplace insert. A worthwhile investment for any householder seeking to improve the convenience, comfort, and value of their home, fireplace inserts provide numerous benefits. Homeowners should consult with a professional to determine the best venting system for their specific fireplace insert, as well as to ensure proper installation and safety.

How To Retain Your Open Fireplace And Bring Down Your Heating Bills

The age-old open fireplace seems to have lost a little bit of of its allure due to environmental concerns but it is still favoured by many in Whitby. The natural warmth of an open fireplace stimulates very special memories for those who have them. The open fireplace provides many benefits for your home, but there are some important downsides that might need to be addressed. As power costs increase, you need to make certain that your fireplace is giving off heat efficiently. When a fire is burning, it may possibly give warmth to those standing immediately in front of it, but it can in fact pull warm air out of the room, making your heat source work even harder. If there is no fire, a damper ought to control the airflow. The thing is, fireplace dampers are renowned for being inefficient in keeping warm air in the home and cold air out.

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Many homeowners that currently have a fireplace in their residence in Whitby do not realize how the fireplace can have an effect on their utility bill. Rather than saving resources, and heating costs, it can often be adding hundreds of pounds of energy expense. But it is not all bad news seeing that there are ways to make your fireplace much more economical. There happen to be 4 simple things that you will be able to do to make your fireplace into a cost-effective heat resource. All of these will make your fireplace very economical and more efficient.

Step one is to take away the old fireplace damper and swap it for a new top sealing damper. This kind of damper is placed at the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain and snow from entering. The top sealing damper helps to keep the air in the property from getting away and works very well in cold and warm weather. This doesn't take much time to install and you can find one online. One more thing you could choose to do is place a fire-back in the back of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate which is designed to add to the room design, while protecting the back wall from being damaged by the heat. The fire-back takes the heat from a fire, and radiates it back inside the room, increasing the efficiency of the fireplace.

Another option is to get a fireplace fan/heater, which draws air into the room and warms it up. These clever devices don't discharge any smoke and should be very successful in keeping your property warm and toasty. The last thing that you can do is to fix glass doors, which could be the most expensive option. If you do your homework, you should be able to get a great deal on glass doors and they aren't too challenging to put in yourself. Such glass doors create a screen between your living space and the hearth, not only stopping the heat from escaping, but also providing protection.

Every one of these suggestions are straightforward to do, and the required products can be sourced on the internet. Preserve your existing fireplace and decrease heating costs by making it more efficient.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

When it comes to fireplaces, some householders like to achieve a truly spectacular look, and what better way to do that, than with a fireplace made from natural stone. Perhaps your property has already got some natural exterior features, a stone boundary wall or facade for example. This might be a way to coordinate those natural features on the inside.

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A natural stone fireplace can be created using either full-depth stone or thinner stone cladding. Your budget and taste might influence which one you pick. You will also need to choose what kind of stone you prefer for your new fireplace, pick from: granite, slate, quartz, sandstone, marble or limestone.

Just how your stone fireplace looks when it is complete will depend on the methodology used by the craftsman or stonemason who builds it, the kind of stone used and the method of building (mortar joints or dry stone). If you've got an idea about precisely what you want, get some images and show them to your fireplace company before they begin.

There's little doubt that natural stone fireplaces are generally more suitable for older buildings, and could be somewhat too striking and overwhelming for a modern home. But the choice, as they say, is yours to make.

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Get tips on installing a gas fireplace on You Tube here. To ask or answer questions concerning fireplace installation check out a fireplace installation forum, discussion topics include widening a fireplace, pellet stoves and boilers, log burning stoves, chimney designs, building regulations and stove vents. To determine how freplace fitters are promoting themselves on social media, check this out. To learn more about 70 fireplace ideas head here. For more information regarding the history of the fireplace, how fireplaces affect the environment, fireplace heating efficiency, wood burning fireplaces, the different types of fireplaces and the health effects of fireplaces, it is recommended that you head over to Wikipedia and search for "Fireplace".

Skip Hire Whitby

Skip Hire Whitby

You are probably going to generate quite a bit of waste when you're doing any type of home improvements or renovations in Whitby. Although generally speaking, fireplace installations doesn't create all that much waste, it will depend on the size of your project and the type of surface that it is being laid onto. If the tradesman you use doesn't take care of the waste removal, and it has not been included on your quotation, this is something that you are going to have to deal with.

When there's quite a lot of waste, most people in Whitby choose to hire a skip. You'll need to choose the right size skip, as there are a number of different sizes available. You can select from a mini-skip, a midi-skip, a builders skip or a roll-on roll-off skip, or you could even go with the skip bag option.

CLICK HERE and enter your details to get Whitby skip hire quotes.

Whitby Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Whitby

Perhaps you arrived here hunting for basic fireplace installation, but your local Whitby fireplace installer can deliver an assortment of additional services and tasks, and these might include fireplace replacement in Whitby, fireplace inserts in Whitby, contemporary fireplaces Whitby, two-sided fireplaces, chimney lining in Whitby, carbon monoxide detector installation in Whitby, open fireplaces in Whitby, period fireplaces Whitby, classic fireplaces in Whitby, cheap fireplace installation Whitby, tiled fireplaces Whitby, flue liners, tiled fireplace installation, fake fireplace installation, fireplace repairs, three-sided fireplaces, chimney repairs, traditional fireplaces Whitby, chimney strengthening Whitby, multifuel & wood burning stove installations in Whitby, Victorian fireplaces, limestone fireplaces, the installation of modern fireplaces, wood burning fireplace installation in Whitby, modern fireplace installation, Regency fireplaces Whitby, double-sided stove installation, cast iron fireplace installation, stone fireplaces in Whitby, timber mantels Whitby, fireplace removal Whitby, fireplace services Whitby, electric fireplace installations, reclaimed fireplaces Whitby, Victorian fireplace installation in Whitby, and others. Whitby professionals providing these sorts of fireplace services, will provide a full-blown list if you need one.

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Also find: Saltwick Bay fireplace installers, High Stakesby fireplace installers, Dunsley fireplace installers, Sleights fireplace installers, Stainsacre fireplace installers, East Row fireplace installers, Iburndale fireplace installers, Newholme fireplace installers, Raithwaite fireplace installers, Ruswarp fireplace installers, Sneaton fireplace installers, Robin Hoods Bay fireplace installers, Aislaby fireplace installers, Briggswath fireplace installers, High Hawkser fireplace installers, Ugglebarnby fireplace installers and more. Fireplace installation services are widely available in practically all of these towns and areas. In your home, these seasoned tradesmen can put their expertise and know-how to use for successfully installing fireplaces. The help and assistance of these dedicated specialists allows residents to enjoy the warmth, comfort, and inviting atmosphere of a fireplace in their living areas. By clicking here, fireplace installation quotes are readily accessible to local homeowners. Would your property benefit from the installation of a fireplace? Get a quote today!

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