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Fireplace Fitter Alfreton Derbyshire (DE55): Opening up a disused fireplace to install a wood burner, a gas fire or an open fire is a great way to add a bit of charm and a homely feel to any Alfreton home. The addition of a multi-fuel stove or open fire for those frosty winter evenings can even prove to be more cost effective than certain central heating systems, as long as you have a regular source of fuel. If combined with a back boiler it can supply you with plentiful steaming hot water at the same time.

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There are some vital things you must think about before you commence any work, in order to create an efficient, attractive and safe fireplace in your property. Any combustible appliance installed within domestic homes in Alfreton must adhere to Part J of the UK's buildings regs, and this covers flue linings, chimney breasts, hearths and fireplaces. If you are living in a listed building or are in a designated conservation area you must check with the local council to see if planning permission is necessary for a fireplace installation in your home.

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If you're a competent and enthusiastic DIY'er it may be quite possible to restore a bricked-up fireplace, but the likelihood of running into structural issues in many cases is regrettably high. If you are fortunate when you open up a blocked up fireplace you may find a decent chimney breast, lintel and hearth that needs little more than the services and advice of a chimney sweep to get a toasty fire going. What is more typical however is a jumble of old, crumbling brickwork that conceals a stopped up flue, and also requires some form of structural reinforcement before it can be safely used.

Employing a specialist fireplace fitter in Alfreton is normally recommended, because an improperly fitted fireplace can can cause a fire risk and respiratory health conditions. A major part of the Building Regulations for fireplaces is that sufficient oxygen is available in a room for a fire to burn efficiently and safely. An accumulation of poisonous carbon monoxide gas can occur in a room where there's not enough airflow, and death or serious injury is possible when a fire does not burn effectively.

It may be necessary to install airflow vents in walls and floors to enable the fire to receive ample oxygen to burn safely and efficiently all the time. They might have to install air vents in unused chimney flues which can sometimes trap condensing air and lead to staining and damp spots on your chimney breast.

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It's amazing how much soot and grime can accumulate inside an old fireplace and you won't know exactly what is there until you open it up. It is good practice to remove any rugs, furniture and carpets from an area where you're planning to open up an old fireplace, to avoid them from being affected by soot, dirt and dust that will be stirred up during the fireplace installation and chimney cleaning work. If you are fortunate enough to be carrying out a complete home restoration project then it should be one of the very first tasks to concentrate on before re-plastering and decorating the walls. This avoids any staining damage to any restored work you might have already completed.


Now that you are able to see the opening of your fireplace it's time to sweep and clean the chimney and hearth and work out what can be refurbished. Contacting a proper chimney sweep to clean your chimney is one of the very first items on the checklist. They'll be willing to offer professional advice on the chimney and flue after sweeping, concerning the state of the structure of the chimney and if it would be advisable to swap the existing lining.

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If you need to strengthen the chimney or install a flue lining all relevant Building Regulations must be adhered to. These are projects that should be done by a competent craftsman with a good understanding of the pertinent building regs and sound construction skills.

If it is necessary to adjust the width of opening of your existing fireplace to a more suitable size for your new design, a concrete supporting lintel should be put in. When you've supported the fireplace with your lintel it is now time to upgrade or renovate the hearth. In past times the hearth would be set into a hole in the floor, but current building regs demand that it is raised above floor level. If your fireplace isn't of a standard size you might have to purchase a bespoke, custom-built hearth, but there are also a wide variety of "off-the-shelf" hearths in marble, concrete or slate.

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Choosing your ideal fireplace can be challenging when faced with the different styles and designs that are available from a fireplace showroom or online store. The advice and suggestions from your sales and installation team, which will hinge on your specific requirements, will enable you to pick a fireplace which is both suited to your existing chimney and flue, as well as for your decor.

Some rooms and houses will be more suitable for an open fireplace than a wood burner or multi fuel stove and vice versa. If you've got an inglenook fireplace, a wood burner can look amazing set inside it, and also has the benefit of effectively reflecting heat back into the room from the stone or brick walls surrounding the stove.

A wood-burning stove is also an effective option if you haven't got a chimney breast in your Alfreton home. This kind of fireplace can be fitted with its own flue which is routed through an external wall and doesn't require a chimney, to be installed safely.


A crackling fire on a cold, dark evening creates an ambience and charm that simply cannot be matched, but what other options are available to put into in your lovely new fireplace in Alfreton?

Open Fireplaces - Provides a stunning focal point for any room and can use a number of different solid fuels. A skillfully installed open fire will be nothing like the smoky old fireplace that was bricked up by previous owners, and its warm charm is a delightful addition to any property in Alfreton.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As the name implies they can be fired up with with various fuels, such as oil, coal, wood or gas, and become an attractive focal point in any lounge or kitchen in Alfreton. They can be used not merely for heating a single room, but some designs like the AGA collection, can supply hot water, provide a useful cooking area and can be used to heat the whole property if they are plumbed into an existing radiator system.

Electric Fireplaces - Can be fitted safely and easily by any competent person and there are designs and styles which are appropriate for just about any room and type of home in Alfreton. Modern electric fires can deliver "real" looking flame effects and even the sound of crackling wood to replicate a real open fire when inset into a traditional fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces - There are many styles to suit all types of property and their efficiency to warm a room is superior to wood burners. Gas fires must only be maintained and installed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer, (previously CORGI registered).

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Wood Burning Stoves - A wide variety of styles to suit any type of house in Alfreton, and can even be a freestanding feature. A model with an integrated back boiler can provide supplementary heating by connecting the piping hot water to radiators in cold rooms in your home.

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Fireplace installation services can be located in the Alfreton area, and in: Shirland, Blackwell, Higham, Stonebroom, South Wingfield, Fourlane Ends, Ironville, Westhouses, Leabrooks, Oakerthorpe, Riddings, Crich, Pye Bridge, Fritchley, in addition to these postcode areas: DE55 1ZR, DE55 1EE, DE55 1ZU, DE55 1BH, DE55 1EX, DE55 2AH, DE55 1EG, DE55 1EQ, DE55 1BW, and DE55 1DS. Fireplace installers from Alfreton should have the telephone dialling code 01773 and the postcode DE55. This is one thing you can confirm if you prefer to hire a locally based fireplace installer. If you simply click on the "quote" banner or form, you'll be able to get specifics on any aspect of fireplace installation in your region.


A chimney or flue liner is a vital part of the chimney set-up on your house, allowing it to perform more efficiently than it would otherwise, and improving it's overall safety. Crafted from metal, clay or ceramic material, flue liners are ducts that are fitted to the inside of chimneys to carry smoke and fumes outside. Depending on their condition and age, older chimneys in Alfreton may need to be re-lined, or might not have a flue liner at all.

Harmful gases and fumes are produced by burning fires and these can damage the flue of your fireplace. Your flue needs to be regularly checked for damage and possible issues every time it's being swept. If it is compromised, those harmful gases could possibly seep into your home instead of being safely expelled outdoors. There is an added risk with damaged flues, in that they might enable extreme heat to penetrate into the structure of the chimney, which might lead to fires.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Open Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Costs

With all the current concerns about the environment, the open fireplace has lost a little of its charm, but it's still a favourite feature for many people in Alfreton. The natural comfort of a fireplace triggers special recollections for those who have them. The fireplace offers numerous benefits for your home, but there are a few important negative aspects that may need to be fixed. As power costs go up, you'll want to ensure that your fireplace is producing heat efficiently. When a fire is burning, it may possibly warm up people standing immediately in front of it, but it can actually pull warm air out of your room, making your heater work even more. When there is no fire, a damper should control the airflow. Often times though, fireplace dampers are often very inefficient in keeping warm air in the dwelling and cold air out.

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Many homeowners that have a fireplace in their property in Alfreton do not realise how the fireplace can have an effect on their energy bill. As opposed to preserving resources, and heating costs, it is generally adding 100s of pounds of energy expense. However it's not all hopeless seeing that there are options for making your fireplace very cost-efficient. Just about all you need to do is just 4 basic things to fix your fireplace. These definitely will make your fireplace much more economical, and reduce your energy bills.

The 1st thing that should be done is to replace the current damper with a new top sealing damper. This type of damper is installed at the top end of the chimney, and operates like a storm door. It stops the outside air from coming in, and the inside air from escaping, and works in hot or cold weather. The damper is straightforward to set up, and can be bought online. A second thing you're able to do should be to fit a fire-back at the back of your fireplace. It is made of cast iron and is used to help the look of your fireplace whilst shielding the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back also absorbs heat from the fire and returns it back into the room, making the fireplace more effective.

The next thing that can help is a fireplace heater, which heats the room air that's being circulated through an internal chamber, and blows it back into the room. These devices do not release any smoke and can be extremely efficient in keeping your family home warm. And finally, installing glass doors, even though a bit on the costly side, can be helpful in making your open fireplace economical to run. Browsing around, you will be able to find a bargain, and with instructions, you can install them on your own. Such doors create a buffer between your living space and the chimney, not only making the area less for the fire to heat, but also offering protection to the inhabitants.

Every one of these suggestions are straightforward to implement, and the required products can be found online. Look after your fireplace and watch your energy bill fall.

Chimney Sweeping Alfreton

If you've got an open fire or a wood burner in your home, it is advisable to get the chimney swept regularly. To be fully safe, it's best to sweep and clean your chimney twice a year, especially if you're burning wood or coal.

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To ensure that the job is being conducted properly, it is invariably a good idea to call in a qualified Alfreton chimney sweep. While your chimney is being cleaned, the sweep will also keep an eye out for any safety issues or problems that there might be with your chimney.

The build-up of ash, creosote and soot that results from failure to sweep a chimney in Alfreton, can easily result in a chimney fire. As well as the risk of a fire, you'll want to avoid at all costs any chances of harmful carbon monoxide gas flowing back into your house, another common result of badly maintained chimneys.

The importance of hiring an experienced chimney sweep in Alfreton, should now be obvious. For Alfreton chimney sweeping quotes GO HERE. You can also access chimney sweeps in nearby towns, villages and locations.

Chimney Repair Alfreton

Chimney repair is a key part of keeping both home and commercial chimney systems in Alfreton efficient, safe and functional. Deterioration can occur in chimneys with the passage of time due to their exposure to temperature fluctuations, weather elements, and the by-products of combustion. These factors can lead to a range of issues that need to be addressed quickly and by an experienced professional.

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One of the common problems that require chimney repair is the development of cracks in the chimney structure. The risk of moisture seepage and additional damage can be increased by such cracks, which undermine the structural stability of the chimney. Additionally, serious health hazards to any occupants of the building can be caused by the escape of dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide, from cracks in the chimney.

Debris and creosote build-up in the chimney flue is another commonplace issue. Chimney fires and efficiency losses are both caused by creosote accumulations. To reduce fire risks and ensure adequate airflow, frequent chimney cleaning as part of the repair procedure helps remove debris, soot and creosote.

Dealing with chimney leaks is possible within the scope of the chimney repair process. Leaking leading to water intrusion in the chimney structure can result in the rusting, deterioration, and damaging of the chimney lining. This can result in further structural problems and decreased efficiency. Identifying the source of the leak, sealing openings, and applying waterproofing treatments are essential steps in proper repairs to prevent future leaks.

When it comes to chimneys, resist the urge for a DIY fix. These can be high-risk and leave hidden issues unresolved. Hiring professional chimney repair services is vital to make sure that repairs are carried out effectively and to trade standards. Qualified chimney technicians possess the expertise and know-how to assess damage, suggest the most appropriate repairs, and implement solutions that ensure both the optimal performance and safety of your home's chimney system.

To keep your chimney functioning for years to come, schedule regular inspections and address any issues in a timely manner. By identifying and addressing problems early doors, you reduce the chance of them becoming more severe and expensive to fix. By ignoring or neglecting repairs, you expose your chimney to a three-way threat: reduced functionality, increased damage and a greater chance of safety hazards.

To conclude, a comprehensive chimney maintenance plan should encompass repairs for problems like leaks, cracks, the accumulation of creosote, and overall structural integrity, all of which are critical for a well-functioning chimney. Don't compromise on chimney safety or performance. Professional repair services ensure both, whilst keeping your chimney compliant with industry regulations and standards. Routine inspections, prompt repairs, and professional attention for your chimney are all important investments in your well-being. The rewards? Effective heating, a safe home, and a comfy living space. (39607 - Chimney Repairs Alfreton)

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Fireplace Related Tasks Alfreton

There are a wide array of tasks that can be conducted by your local Alfreton fireplace fitter including fireplace cleaning in Alfreton, chimney sweeping, oak beam fireplaces, hearth fireplaces Alfreton, wood burning stoves, electric fire suites, fireplace design, brick fireplace installation, fireplace replacement, fake fireplace installations, Victorian fireplace installations, fireplace mantels in Alfreton, fireplace inserts in Alfreton, inset stoves, stone fireplaces in Alfreton, fireplace refurbishment, brick fireplaces, fireplace surrounds, classic fireplaces Alfreton, wood burning fireplaces Alfreton, fireplace packages, stone fireplace installation, marble fireplaces Alfreton, marble fireplace installations in Alfreton, contemporary fireplaces, cheap fireplace installation in Alfreton, cast iron fireplaces, open fireplaces, fireplace repairs, the installation of chimney cowls in Alfreton, fireplaceestimates, made-to-measure fireplaces, traditional fireplaces, fire grate conversions, double-sided stove installation Alfreton, and lots more. Listed are just a handful of the activities that are handled by people fitting fireplaces. Alfreton providers will be happy to tell you about their full range of services.

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Also find: Higham fireplace installers, Oakerthorpe fireplace installers, Blackwell fireplace installers, Ironville fireplace installers, Stonebroom fireplace installers, Riddings fireplace installers, Fritchley fireplace installers, Pye Bridge fireplace installers, Crich fireplace installers, Shirland fireplace installers, South Wingfield fireplace installers, Westhouses fireplace installers, Leabrooks fireplace installers, Fourlane Ends fireplace installers and more. There are people who fit fireplaces in almost all of these areas. To successfully install fireplaces in your home, these versatile tradesmen have the necessary know-how and experience. These dedicated experts can help residents experience the ambiance, comfort and warmth that a fireplace brings to their living areas. If you're a local householder looking to obtain accurate and competitive fireplace installation quotes tailored to your particular needs, you just have to click here.

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More Alfreton Tradespeople: Whenever you're considering doing improvements to your home in Alfreton, Derbyshire, the chances are you'll need a number of different tradesmen during the course of the project, and while you may be currently looking for a local Alfreton fireplace installer, you may also be interested in the services of a tiler in Alfreton, a chimney sweep in Alfreton, a carpenter and joiner in Alfreton, a stonemason in Alfreton, a blacksmith in Alfreton, a builder in Alfreton, a roofer in Alfreton, an odd job man in Alfreton, a metal worker in Alfreton, an electrician in Alfreton, waste removal in Alfreton, SKIP HIRE in Alfreton, a bricklayer in Alfreton, a heating engineer in Alfreton, a plasterer in Alfreton, a painter and decorator in Alfreton, and more.

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