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Fireplace Fitter Freshwater Isle of Wight (PO40): A fabulous way to add character, charm and a homely feel to any dwelling in Freshwater, is to re-open an old unused fireplace to fit a multi-fuel, open or wood burning fireplace. If you integrate a back boiler with your brand new fireplace, not only can you delight in the ambience and warmth of an open fire on those nippy winter evenings, you'll also be provided with a plentiful supply of boiling hot water.

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There are a few important things to consider before you start any work, in order to create an efficient, attractive and safe fireplace in your house. Any work that is executed on your hearth, chimney breast, flue lining and fireplace must comply with the United Kingdom's building regulations, Part J for heating appliances. If you are in a listed building, or a dwelling that is within a designated conservation, you'll need to find out from the council if you need to get planning permission for a fireplace installation.

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When renovating an old blocked or bricked-up fireplace, there is a pretty good chance of encountering structural problems, thus even if you're a keen DIYer you may find this type of work difficult. When you reveal the old fireplace, you might be lucky and discover that in order to get a fire roaring once more, it needs little more than a decent clean up of the hearth and a quick chimney sweep. What's more typical however is a patch of crumbling brickwork that conceals a stopped up flue, and also requires some form of structural modification before it can be used safely.

An improperly fitted fireplace can cause serious respiratory health problems and fire risk and should only be fitted by a professional fireplace installer in Freshwater with the experience and knowledge to do the job safely. As is laid down in the Building Regulations for fireplaces, there must be enough airflow in a room where a fireplace is installed, because in order for it to burn properly and efficiently, a sufficient quantity of oxygen is needed. Deadly carbon monoxide fumes can soon build up from a fire burning inefficiently in an inadequately ventilated space.

To enable the fireplace to receive plenty of oxygen to burn effectively and safely at all times, it might be necessary for a professional fireplace installation engineer to fit airflow vents in walls and floors. To increase air circulation inside unused chimney flues, the fireplace installation technician may need to fit some vents to stop moist, condensed air becoming trapped and causing stains and damp patches.

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Chimneys are renowned for the quantity of dust and soot that can build-up inside them, consequently when you set out to open up an unused fireplace you can expect it to be a pretty messy affair. Even with dust sheets for your furniture, the risk of damage from soot and grime is still likely and it is advised to remove your belongings and any woven materials before any fireplace renovation work starts. If you're lucky enough to be working on a full home restoration project then it ought to be one of the very first tasks to concentrate on before you re-plaster or decorate the walls. This will limit damage to other stages of your refurbishment project (i.e. plasterwork or freshly painted walls), by dust and chimney soot that's emitted.


With your fireplace revealed, it's time to find out what can be renovated and give the chimney and hearth a thorough clean. If you haven't already done so, you can now contact a local Freshwater chimney sweep. They will be willing to provide you with professional guidance on the chimney and flue after sweeping, as to the condition of the chimney and whether it is advisable to switch the existing liner.

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Following a chimney sweeps examination it may be required to strengthen the chimney breast or install a new flue liner as laid down in Part J of the UK Building Regulations. A reputable fireplace installer and builder in Freshwater will be needed to undertake this task, and will have the knowledge and skills in construction to follow all regulations.

If your building is quite old a concrete supporting lintel might be needed to modify the opening, if it is discovered that the uncovered fireplace is too big for your planned design. The installation, upgrade and repair of the hearth can proceed once the supporting lintel is in position. You might find the original hearth has been set into a floor void, but to be in accordance with current legislation it is required to be raised at least 12.5mm above floor level. You could think about asking your fireplace builder in Freshwater about a tailor-made, bespoke hearth to fit in with your property's design and style, or if you have a standard sized fireplace, there's a wide array of ready-made options in marble, granite and concrete.

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A trip to a fireplace showroom or a browse online will illustrate the alternatives that are available for the different fireplace designs and styles. It's entirely possible that owing to your current flue, chimney and airflow to the room, that certain fireplaces might not be suitable, and it's advisable to follow the advice of your fireplace installer in this respect.

You home's age, and the theme that you're trying to establish for your room, will all help you to determine the design and type of fireplace which is most suitable for you. If you have an old-fashioned inglenook fireplace, a wood burning stove can look stunning in this surrounding, which also has the benefit of deflecting heat into the room from the stone or brick walls that surround the stove.

Even if your Freshwater property doesn't have a chimney breast you still have options for a fireplace feature through the installation of a multi-fuel or wood burning stove. Given that a flue can be taken through an exterior wall and does not require an existing chimney, it's still possible to put in this style of fireplace.


Who does not enjoy the flickering of a natural fireplace on a cold evening, however if your situation doesn't permit this, what are the other alternatives?

Open Fireplaces - This is the traditional fireplace, that can establish an interesting focal point for a room or living space, and can be used to burn different solid fuels, such as briquettes, coalite nuts, wood and smokeless coal. A professionally installed contemporary open fire will be no comparison to the old style smoky fireplace that was bricked up by earlier owners, and its warm elegance is a welcome addition to any house in Freshwater.

Gas Fireplaces - There are a whole host of designs to suit any home in Freshwater, and as they provide immediate heat, they're more efficient (thermally) than wood burner stoves in general. A Gas Safe registered engineer must maintain and fit any gas fire in your home.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Even the tiniest room in Freshwater can benefit from the installment of a wood burning stove, which are available in an array of designs, and can even be fitted freestanding. An added benefit of these devices is that they can provide hot water for domestic use, or provide heating in another room via a radiator, when used in conjunction with a back boiler.

Electric Fireplaces - Anybody who is reasonably competent can quickly and safely install one of these electric fires, and the wide range of styles make these an extremely popular choice for property owners in Freshwater. They can be inset into regular fireplaces, and with "real feel" electric fires it can often be difficult to distinguish from the genuine thing.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you'll doubtless gather from the name, these useful stoves can be fed a variety of different fuels, including gas, oil, wood or coal, and not only that, they can also be an attractive focal point for your home in Freshwater. Some styles, like the AGA range of multi-fuel stoves, can also be used for generating hot water, cooking and heating your entire property.

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Fireplace installation services can be located in the Freshwater area, and in: Shalcombe, Yarmouth, Freshwater Bay, Afton, Norton, Hulverstone, Thorley Street, Totland, Pound Green, Easton, School Green, Chessell, Thorley, Bouldnor, Brook, Norton Green, plus these postcode areas: PO40 9WZ, PO40 0AG, PO40 9DD, PO40 9DH, PO40 9HT, PO40 9EN, PO40 9DG, PO40 9GS, PO40 9AB, PO40 9BL. It's likely that any fireplace companies from the Freshwater area will have the postcode PO40 and the dialling code 01983. This is something you can verify if you prefer to use a locally based fireplace builder. Freshwater homeowners can use and benefit from these fireplace services. To acquire details on fireplaces and fireplace installation near you just click on the "quote" banner.

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For centuries, brick fireplaces have been a classic feature in Freshwater homes, and rightly so. They provide character and a sense of rustic charm that can't be provided by any other feature. So, if you're considering adding a brick fireplace to your home in Freshwater, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Firstly, you'll need to choose the design of fireplace you want. Standard brick fireplaces typically feature a basic design with a mantel and hearth. Nonetheless, you can also go for a more contemporary design with clean lines and a sleek finish.

Brick fireplaces can be constructed from a range of different kinds of brick, each with its own unique texture and colour. You will want to pick a brick that complements the design of your home and fits with the overall aesthetic you're trying to create.

Finally, keep in mind the practical considerations. A brick fireplace can be a source of heat for your property, so you will want to make sure that it's adequately vented and that you're using it safely.

In summary, a brick fireplace can add warmth and character to any room. With proper planning and consideration, you can create an attractive and functional brick fireplace that will enhance your home's design and provide a cosy atmosphere for your family to enjoy.

Hints To Look After Your Open Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Expenses

With all of the current concerns about the environment, the fireplace has lost a little of its glamour, but it still is a favourite feature for many in Freshwater. Sitting near the heat of an open fireplace, brings back many cherished memories for lots of people. There are numerous positive aspects of having a fireplace but there are also a few negative aspects that might need to be taken care of. As energy costs climb, you'll want to ensure that your fireplace is producing heat efficiently. Whilst having a fire going in a fireplace keeps those around it warm, it actually removes warm air from the rest of the room, causing your heater to work harder. If you do not have a fire lit, the damper is supposed to keep heat in. Nevertheless, dampers are usually not particularly successful seals, so a lot of the warm air escapes and enables cold air to enter the property.

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Plenty of householders in Freshwater who have a fireplace don't know how it can impact the cost of heating. As opposed to conserving resources, and heating costs, it can often be adding hundreds of pounds of energy expenditure. Just consider that it's not all bad news seeing that there are options for making your fireplace much more cost-efficient. There are at least 4 easy elements that you are able to do to fix up your fireplace. These should make your fireplace very economical and more efficient.

The first suggestion is to swap your fireplace damper with a new top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is installed toward the top end of your chimney that also behaves the same as a storm door. It will keep the outside air from coming in, and the inside air from escaping, and works in cold or hot weather. The damper is easy to install, and can be bought on the internet. Another thing that can be done is to fit a fire-back at the rear of your fireplace. It is produced from cast iron and is used to help the look of your fireplace whilst protecting the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back gets warmed up by the fire and sends the heat back into the room, consequently improving the fireplace's efficiency.

Another option is to buy a fireplace heater/fan, which draws air into the room and warms it up. These heating devices don't discharge any smoke and can be extremely effective in keeping your home warm and cosy. The last thing that you can do is to fit glass doors, which might be a bit on the expensive side. If you do your homework, you should be able to get a good deal on glass doors and they are not that difficult to install yourself. These doors create a screen between the chimney and living space, not only making the area less for the fire to heat, but also affording some protection.

The advice presented here is not difficult to implement, and all of the required products can be purchased online. Retain your existing fireplace and cut heating expenses by making it more efficient.

Fireplace Inserts

A favourite among homeowners in Freshwater seeking to improve their conventional fireplaces, are fireplace inserts. With the goal of improving fireplace efficiency, these inserts have been designed to minimize heat loss and direct more heat into the room. These inserts offer a more practical and safe way to experience the allure of a fire, without the fuss and untidiness associated with traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

There is a wide assortment of fireplace inserts to choose from, in a variety of designs and sizes, ranging from gas to electric and wood-burning models. Gas fireplace inserts are a low-maintenance and user-friendly option, while electric inserts offer convenience and flexibility with their remote control and variable settings. Property owners who appreciate the true experience of a crackling fire and the fragrance of burning wood will find wood-burning inserts to be the ideal solution.

Their efficiency and convenience aside, fireplace inserts also have environmental benefits. Conventional fireplace pollution is reduced through the efficient burning of fuel and the production of fewer emissions.

A professional installation is necessary for a correct and safe installation of a fireplace insert. A worthwhile investment for any property owner seeking to improve the comfort, convenience, and value of their property, fireplace inserts provide numerous benefits. Fireplace inserts offer a dual benefit of enhancing home comfort and saving homeowners money on heating bills by directing more heat into the room and reducing heat loss. When considering different kinds of fireplace inserts, it is essential to bear in mind that they may require different venting options.

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Tradespeople who specialise in maintaining and installing fireplaces are called fireplace installers. They are skilled craftspeople who can install and repair a variety of fireplace types, including wood-burning, electric and gas fireplaces. It is common for these experts to be employed by construction companies or fireplace manufacturers, but some prefer to work on their own.

To install a fireplace properly, careful preparation, planning, and execution are required. Fireplace installers require familiarity with local building regulations and codes to ensure that the installation is both safe and adheres to relevant standards. Knowing the various materials and tools required for the job is also necessary.

Fireplace installers also provide maintenance services to guarantee that the fireplace operates smoothly. The fireplace maintenance services provided include inspecting the fireplace for potential safety hazards, replacing any damaged parts, and cleaning the chimney.

Significant training and experience are necessary for anyone who wishes to work in the specialised field of fireplace installation. It is important to hire a trustworthy and qualified fireplace installer to ensure that the job is done safely and to the highest standards. The creation of cosy and functional living areas depends on the work of fireplace installers. Fireplace installers' skill and expertise eliminate any worries or concerns property owners in Freshwater may have about enjoying the warmth and comfort of a fireplace. READ MORE HERE: FIREPLACE INSTALLERS

Chimney Sweep Freshwater

It's easy to put off a routine household chore like sweeping the chimney, but if you have an open fire or a wood burner, it's essential that this is done on a regular basis. It's recommended that you clean and sweep the chimney at least once each year.

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This can be a dirty job, so you should always call in a professional Freshwater chimney sweep. An expert chimney sweep won't only clean your chimney but additionally be on the lookout for any safety issues.

Routine sweeping prevents a build-up of ash, creosote and soot, a common cause of chimney fires. Poisonous carbon monoxide gas can also be drawn back into your property if you allow your chimney to become blocked.

You'll undoubtedly now understand the importance of hiring a reliable chimney sweep in Freshwater, and also one who's covered by adequate public liability insurance. For chimney sweeps prices in Freshwater CLICK HERE.

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The selection of tasks that can be accomplished by your local fireplace installer are varied and wide, and will normally include things like wood burning fireplaces, Regency fireplaces Freshwater, wood fireplace mantels, outdoor fireplaces Freshwater, fireplace hearths, traditional gas fires Freshwater, chimney cowl installation, fireplaceestimates, limestone fireplace installations Freshwater, Victorian fireplace installation, inglenook fireplace installations, Regency fireplace installation, marble fireplaces Freshwater, corner fireplaces in Freshwater, wall-mounted electric fires, the installation of modern fireplaces, three-sided fireplaces, fireplace suites, electric fire suites, fire grate conversions in Freshwater, fake fireplaces Freshwater, oak beam fireplaces in Freshwater, wood & multifuel stove installation, fireplace fitting, reclaimed fireplaces Freshwater, elm fireplaces Freshwater, chimney modifications, fireplace removal, fake fireplace installation, contemporary fireplaces Freshwater, modern fireplace installations, traditional fireplaces Freshwater, period fireplaces, outdoor fireplace installation Freshwater, brick fireplaces, and others not listed. If there happen to be other Freshwater fireplace requirements that you need but don't see here, you should give them a mention on the QUOTE FORM provided.

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Fireplaces Around Freshwater: In the past year fireplaces had been fitted in the following Freshwater streets: Millways, Graeme Road, Military Road, Crozier Road, Parkers Hill, Kings Manor Road, Avenue Road, Blackbridge Road, Ronstan Gardens, Bay Road, Guyers Road, Madeira Lane, Wilmingham Lane, Solent Hill, The Sheilings, Highview, Golden Ridge, Farringford Farm Road, Brookside Close, Gate Lane, Cliff End, The Causeway, Cameron Close, Dall Square, Church Place, Sea Veiw Road, Simmonds Close, and in these Isle of Wight postcodes: PO40 9WZ, PO40 0AG, PO40 9DD, PO40 9DH, PO40 9HT, PO40 9EN, PO40 9DG, PO40 9GS, PO40 9AB, PO40 9BL. These places recently saw activity by local installers of fireplaces. Freshwater residents benefited from reliable and professional fireplace services in all cases.

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