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Fireplace Fitter Birkenhead Merseyside (CH41): Re-opening an old disused fireplace to fit an open fire, a gas fire or a wood burner is an excellent way to add a homely feel and a bit of charm to any Birkenhead home. As long as there's a regular source of timber, the addition of an open fire or wood burning stove for those chilly winters' days can even prove to be cheaper than a regular central heating system. Combine a back boiler with your fireplace and you will benefit from supplies of endless hot water for even more savings.

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Before any actual work begins, for example prising away at a bricked-up chimney breast or bashing down the walls of a boarded over fireplace, there are some crucial things you need to contemplate. Any heating appliance installed within the home must follow Part J of the UK's buildings regulations, and this applies to flue linings, fireplaces, hearths and chimney breasts. If your house in Birkenhead is a listed building or is situated in a conservation area, planning permission might also be necessary before any work can commence.

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If any construction work is associated with your fireplace installation, structural and safety problems could arise that need to be resolved professionally, although a keen DIY'er may be able to take on a straightforward refurbishment of an existing fireplace. You might be fortunate when revealing your old fireplace and find out that you need little more than a good chimney sweep and a quick clean out of the hearth in order to get a fire roaring once more. It's much more likely however, that you'll uncover a blocked up flue and an area of old, crumbling brickwork that will need to be reinforced structurally to make sure that it's safe.

If a fireplace is installed in your house in Birkenhead and it is not fitted correctly, there isn't only a risk or fire, but also of respiratory health issues. Therefore, using a specialist fireplace fitter is generally recommended in most cases. As is stated in the Building Regulations (Part J) for fireplaces, there must be enough airflow in a room where there is a fireplace, because in order to burn correctly, the right level of oxygen is required. Carbon monoxide gas (which is deadly) can accumulate in an inadequately ventilated area where a fire that is burning inefficiently is installed.

To get past this issue a fireplace specialist in Birkenhead will analyse the circumstances and install vents in the room, or under the floors, to ensure an adequate amount of air flow for the fire to combust safely and effectively. Condensing air can often get trapped in unused chimney flues which might also need to have flue vents installed to enhance air circulation, and avoid problems with damp and staining on the chimney breast.

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When you're re-opening an unused fireplace for a renovation project, you will be surprised by the amount of grime and soot that has piled up inside your chimney. A fireplace installer will bring coverings for your home furnishings and supply a bit of protection, however it is sensible when possible to remove furniture and carpets from the area before any work commences. If you are fortunate enough to be carrying out a complete room renovation then it should be one of the first tasks to complete before re-plastering and decorating the walls. This should limit damage to other parts of your remodelling project (i.e. paint on walls or fresh plaster), by soot and other chimney related dirt that is discharged.


Once the old fireplace has been successfully opened up and revealed, you will get a far clearer concept of the renovation work that is necessary. You can also then proceed with sweeping the chimney and cleaning any repairable parts of the hearth and back panel. This would be the ideal time to get hold of a local Birkenhead chimney sweep to find out if it is convenient to come and examine your chimney and fireplace. Not only will they make certain that your chimney and flue are nice and clean, but they can additionally take a look at the condition of the flue liner and existing chimney and provide guidance about whether you need to upgrade any area of the chimney structure and flue.

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Following an assessment by a competent Birkenhead chimney sweep, and observing the UK Building Regulations, work to strengthen the chimney structure and/or install a new flue liner could be needed. This type of work should be done by a skilled tradesperson who is acquainted with the current Building Regs and decent construction practices.

When this has been done the next step of your fireplace installation in Birkenhead should be to upgrade the old hearth. In the past the hearth was normally set into a hole in the floor, but the current Building Regulations demand that it's raised at least 12.5mm above the level of the floor. You can pick from a wide range of popular sized hearths to match your decor, or there are bespoke options to fit virtually any style and size of fireplace. You should your Birkenhead fireplace builder about exactly what's currently available.

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Browsing on the web or checking out a nearby fireplace outlet will give you a sense of the vast array of different designs and styles of fireplace for you to pick from for your home. It is recommended to seek the professional advice of the fireplace installation team, because all of the available fireplaces will not be suitable for your particular flue, chimney and airflow conditions.

An open fireplace option might be suitable for some rooms and dwellings in Birkenhead, whilst a wood burning or multi-fuel stove will be more suitable for others. For example, a wood burning stove looks great set into an old-fashioned inglenook fireplace, highlighting the character of the stove and deflecting the heat back into the room effectively.

A wood burner is also a good choice if your Birkenhead property does not have a chimney breast. As long as you've got an outside wall through which a stainless steel flue from the stove can be passed, you don't need a chimney in place to enjoy a real fire.


The charm and ambience of a "real" fire cannot be matched, but what options are out there if this kind of fireplace isn't possible within your Birkenhead home?

Gas Fireplaces - Their efficiency to heat a space is superior to wood burner or multi-fuel stoves, and there many styles to suit all types of home in Birkenhead. Only a Gas Safe approved technician is qualified to install one of these fireplaces.

Electric Fireplaces - Virtually any competent person can safely and easily put in one of these fires, and the huge variety of designs make these an extremely popular choice for homeowners in Birkenhead. An electric fire can be installed in your house, even if you've got a conventional fireplace, and many of them look pretty much like a "real" fire with crackling sound effects and dancing flames.

Open Fireplaces - The traditional fireplace that can make use of different fuels such as coal, wood, briquettes and other combustible materials. Previously regarded as being draughty, smoky and inefficient, a well-installed modern open fireplace can create a warm, toasty atmosphere.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Wood burning stoves have grown to be very popular in many homes in Birkenhead, and can have classic or modern styling to match your decor. An added benefit of these is that they can provide steaming hot water for domestic use, or provide heating in another area of the home by way of a radiator, when integrated with a back boiler.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Multi-fuel stoves can be used with a variety of fuels, including gas, oil, wood or coal, to create an attractive focal point in your property in Birkenhead. If connected to your radiator system, some of the multi-fuel stoves (such as those from AGA) can provide you with heat for your entire property, in conjunction with hot water, cooking facilities and even outside barbecues.

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Fireplace installers can be found in the Birkenhead area, as well as in: Moreton, Higher Bebington, New Ferry, Poulton, Seacombe, Claughton, Upton, Thingwall, Oxton, Woodhey, Prenton East, Wallasey, Egerton Park, Rock Ferry, Egremont, Liscard, Prenton, plus these postcode areas: CH26 9DT, CH26 9DN, CH32 9FH, CH41 0AG, CH41 0AS, CH26 9DU, CH41 0DE, CH41 0DS, CH25 9EG, CH30 9DA. It is likely that any fireplace installers in the Birkenhead district is going to have the dialling code 0151 and the postcode CH41. You can simply click on the "QUOTE" banner or form to get more information on fireplaces in the Merseyside area.

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A hood-shaped covering for your chimney pot, a chimney cowl adds draft and helps prevent backflow in your chimney system. It fits on top of the chimney pot to keep the wind from blowing smoke back down, and is usually produced from galvanized iron. A chimney cowl can be purchased online or in a hardware store. A cowl will keep your fireplace or stove working efficiently, whether you prefer to purchase a brand new one or improve the performance of a pre-existing one.

There are several types of chimney cowls available. There are pot hanging cowls that can be installed without removing the chimney pot. They connect to the flue liner via three straps, which secure the cowl in place. Another type of cowl is a weathering cap, which is attached to the end of the flue system. It is larger than the chimney pot, which ensures that it stays in place.

You can also find chimney cowls made from everyday objects, like a stainless steel colander or steel bucket. Chicken wire can also be used to make a cowl. Clay flower pots also make good chimney cowls. These covers can be purchased at a local hardware store or online.

Chimney cowls are a simple way to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in Birkenhead. They are inexpensive and easy to install. You should make sure you have easy access to the area above the chimney to install one. It can also prevent debris from accumulating inside the chimney.

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The age-old open fireplace seems to have lost some of its glamour due to environmental concerns but it's still loved by many householders in Birkenhead. There is nothing quite like feeling the warmth of an open fireplace throughout a chilly winter's evening. Having a fireplace has its many perks and benefits but there are also some downsides which could have an impact on its usefulness. Due to energy costs increasing so rapidly these days, your fireplace must be a reliable source of heat, not one of inefficiency. When you have a fire roaring in the fireplace, it can actually take away warm air out from the room, making your heater work harder. Anytime there is no fire, a damper is supposed to manage the airflow. Unfortunately, dampers have a very inefficient seal, so cold air gets in, and warm air will go out.

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What most homeowners in Birkenhead tend not to know about their fireplace is that it doesn't do what they imagine it is doing. Instead of heating a residence naturally, a fireplace can actually add hundreds of pounds to your heating bills. Just consider that it's not all bad news seeing that there are ways to make your fireplace far more cost-effective. There are at least four basic elements that you could certainly do to improve your fireplace. These will certainly make your current fireplace a lot more effective, and reduce your energy bills.

The initial step is to remove your existing damper and change it for a new top sealing damper. This type of damper is installed at the top of the chimney, and operates like a storm door. The top sealing damper keeps the air in the home from getting away and operates effectively in cold and hot weather. This is not going to take a lot of time to install and you can get one online. One more thing you can do is fix a fire-back in the back of your fireplace. It is made of cast iron and it is used to enhance the look of your fireplace while shielding the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back takes the heat from a fire, and radiates it back into the room, enhancing the overall performance of the fireplace.

Another approach is to obtain a fireplace heater, which draws air into the room and warms it up. These heating devices are closed systems, therefore no smoke is released, and they can really make a difference in the temperature of your property. Lastly, you can put in glass doors which could be the most costly option. Searching around, you will be able to locate a good deal, and with clear instructions, you can even put them in yourself. These doors help to prevent the heat from leaking out and additionally it keeps children and pets from getting burned.

The advice we just presented is not difficult to implement, and most of the items can be purchased on the internet. Get the best from your fireplace and watch your energy bills fall.

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Fireplace Related Tasks Birkenhead

Your local fireplace fitter can accomplish an extensive range of tasks and services including designer fireplaces Birkenhead, brick fireplaces, fake fireplaces, fireplaceprices, fire grate conversions, fireplace services, open fireplaces, gas fireplace installations, contemporary fireplaces Birkenhead, stone fireplace installation, outdoor fireplaces Birkenhead, chimney cowl installations, 3-sided fireplaces, fireplaces, classic fireplaces Birkenhead, chimney strengthening Birkenhead, cast iron fireplace installations, marble fireplace surrounds, the installation of modern fireplaces in Birkenhead, chimney repairs, fireplace repairs in Birkenhead, period fireplaces Birkenhead, electric fireplaces, marble fireplace installations, fireplace restoration, fireplace installation, Victorian fireplaces Birkenhead, traditional fireplaces Birkenhead, fireplace packages, wood burning stove installations, Regency fireplaces Birkenhead, brick fireplace installations, cast iron fireplaces, reclaimed fireplaces Birkenhead, double-sided stoves in Birkenhead, and more.

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When push comes to shove, reviews are the lifeblood of any Birkenhead business, and having decent reviews can mean the difference between gaining a prospective consumer or watching them go somewhere else for their services. If someone you have hired has done a fantastic job, tell others about how they did, by leaving them a nice review and sharing your experience with the world. Both prospective future customers and the business itself can gain benefits from you sharing your first hand knowledge in this way. If like most other people you read reviews to uncover somebody to do your work, you'll truly appreciate how helpful that process was. Even if you'd visited a company website which looks really professional, you may have looked at other providers if they did not have favourable reviews.

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However how can you really believe in customer reviews on a business's website? Were genuine clients involved in writing these, or were they "cooked up" by an employee of the company in order to make them ?

A simple way to look for authentic and frank reviews is to look at the Google My Business reviews. There's no doubt that this is THE place to head to establish a company's reputation, and it's also crucial for the company as it can have an impact on its search engine rankings. Bing Places for Business is another review platform that you could try when submitting reviews for local services and companies in Birkenhead, and is the major competitor of Google My Business, holding second place in the reviews sector. Helping to generate an outline of the standards and dependability of a company that worked on your project, leaving an enthusiastic review here can also assist in boosting their profile in the area.

Some folks would rather post testimonials for a company on Twitter and Facebook, which are just as effective. These giants of social media will play a major role in any small business's advertising campaigns. If you add your reviews, this can help to reinforce their sales message.

Although a hand-drafted thank you letter is a bit 'old school', this is still perfectly acceptable. Letters like this are still valuable, even in an internet crazy world, and can be photographed in for use on business websites. The reality that your positive review might have helped a small business to get more customers and gain visibility in the local Birkenhead marketplace is a reward in itself.

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In the Merseyside area you can also find: Rainford fireplaces, Little Altcar fireplace fitters, Rainford fireplace installers, Hillside log burner installation, Upton fireplaces, Hillside fireplace installation, Billinge fireplace installations, Hoylake fireplace installations, Cronton fireplaces, Melling fireplace fitters, New Brighton fireplace fitters, Whiston fireplaces, Huyton fireplace installations, Windle fireplaces, Tarbock fireplace installation, Halewood fireplace installations, Rainhill fireplace installation, New Brighton log burner installation, Eccleston log burner installation, Litherland log burner installation, Tarbock log burner installation, Halewood log burner installation, Tarbock fireplace fitters, Woodchurch fireplace installers, Knowsley fireplace installers, West Kirby fireplace installers, Lydiate fireplace installation, Billinge fireplaces, Eccleston fireplace installers, Barnston fireplace installers. it's not always possible to uncover somebody suitable in Birkenhead itself when you are looking for fireplace installers, however all across Merseyside there are loads of professionals offering such fireplace services, so locating a specialist nearby should not be too much of a problem.

Skip Hire Birkenhead

Skip Hire Birkenhead

You are probably going to produce quite a lot of waste when you're doing any kind of home refurbishments or improvements in Birkenhead. Although generally speaking, fireplace installations doesn't create all that much waste, it is going to depend on the size and scale of your project and the kind of surface that it's being laid onto. You may have to arrange your own waste removal, since some tradesmen don't include this in their quote.

The easiest way to get rid of this waste is to hire a skip. You ought to be able to get a skip that is suitable for you, as they come in a range of sizes. You can choose from a mini-skip, a midi-skip, a builders skip or a roll-on roll-off skip, or for smaller home projects you could even opt for a skip bag.

To get quotations for all the different sizes of skip GO HERE.

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Fireplaces Around Birkenhead: Fireplace installation was recently required by folks living in Duncan Street, Allerton Grove, Tweed Street, Cambridge Road, Seymour Street, Bentinck Street, Stoneleigh Grove, Connaught Close, Aspendale Road, St Pauls Close, Spruce Close, Scotts Place, Cobden Place, Circular Road, Clarke Avenue, Cleveland Street, Bentinck Close, Dell Grove, Beaconsfield Close, Cedar Street, Simpson Street, Briardale Road, Conway Street, Crocus Avenue, Bidston Avenue, Shewell Close, Beckwith Street East, St Annes Place and these Birkenhead postcodes: CH26 9DT, CH26 9DN, CH32 9FH, CH41 0AG, CH41 0AS, CH26 9DU, CH41 0DE, CH41 0DS, CH25 9EG, CH30 9DA. Work was completed in these areas by installers of fireplaces. Birkenhead householders were given reliable and high quality fireplace services in all cases.

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More Birkenhead Tradespeople: Birkenhead home improvements normally require the expertise of many different craftsmen, and even though you're currently focused on identifying fireplace installers in Birkenhead, a plasterer in Birkenhead, a chimney sweep in Birkenhead, SKIP HIRE in Birkenhead, a cleaner in Birkenhead, a cleaner in Birkenhead, a blacksmith in Birkenhead, a bricklayer in Birkenhead, waste removal in Birkenhead, a carpenter in Birkenhead, a painter/decorator in Birkenhead, a damp proofing specialist in Birkenhead, an electrician in Birkenhead, a stonemason in Birkenhead, a heating engineer in Birkenhead, a roofing contractor in Birkenhead, a builder in Birkenhead, a handyperson in Birkenhead, may also be needed at some stage of your project.

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