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Fireplace Fitter Orpington Greater London (BR5): Re-opening up an old fireplace or having a new one installed is an effective way to add some character to any room in your property in Orpington. If you opt to integrate a back boiler with your brand new fireplace, you can not only enjoy the ambience and warmth of an open fire during the cold winters' evenings, you will also be supplied with a plentiful supply of hot water.

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There are a few important things to consider before you begin any work, in order to create an efficient, safe and attractive fireplace in your home. The United Kingdom's Building Regs, Part J for heat producing appliances for starters, which has an impact on any work that is carried out on fireplaces, hearths, flue linings and chimney breasts. If you reside in a listed building or are in a designated conservation area you have to check with local authorities if planning permission is needed for a fireplace installation in your house.

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You might be capable of doing some of the work in remodeling an existing fireplace if you have the ability to do so, but structural and safety issues are often found which need to be resolved professionally. When your boarded fireplace is exposed you might be lucky and find a sturdy hearth, lintel and chimney breast that requires little more than a clean by a chimney sweep to get it working once more. However, what you'll likely discover is a patch of old, crumbling bricks that hides issues such as a lintel that needs to be replaced or a blocked up chimney.

It's usually better to benefit from the know-how and experience of a professional fireplace fitter in Orpington, due to the severe fire and health risk issues associated with an incorrectly fitted or renovated fireplace. Airflow has to be adequate in any room which has a fireplace; in fact it's a requirement in the Building Regulations (Part J) that this is the case. A fire will not burn efficiently if there is not enough oxygen, and death or serious injury could occur when carbon monoxide gas is produced.

To guarantee a satisfactory amount of air flow for the fire to combust safely and efficiently, a competent fireplace installation company will consider the situation at hand and fit vents around the room, or beneath the flooring, thus solving this issue. They might also have to fit air vents in unused chimney flues which can trap condensing air and cause staining and damp spots on your chimney breast.

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It's surprising just how much soot and grime can accumulate inside an old fireplace and chimney and you won't know exactly what's there until you proceed to open it up. To make sure that your stuff does not get damaged by the soot, muck and dust that's emitted during work by a fireplace installer, removing any furniture, rugs and carpets beforehand is recommended. When it is just a part of a more extensive home restoration project, re-opening a disused fireplace should be one of the first things to be worked on, due to the mess that is involved. This will help to prevent any discolouration damage by soot and other chimney dirt to any previously completed restoration work.


With the fireplace uncovered, it's time to find out what needs to be renovated or replaced and to give the hearth and chimney a good clean. Bringing in a proper chimney sweep to clean your chimney will be one of the very first things on your checklist. A decent chimney sweep will firstly clean the flue and whilst doing so will check the structural condition of the chimney and offer you advice on whether a new flue liner is needed.

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Construction may be necessary to reinforce the original breast and chimney, and a new flue lining may also have to be fitted. All of this renovation work will have to adhere to the latest UK Building Regulations which are there for your own safety. A competent craftsman who is familiar with the Building Regulations and good working practices will need to carry out this kind of work.

It is by no means a given that the measurements of the uncovered fireplace will match the design that you have in mind, in which case it may be necessary to lay a concrete or steel lintel. As soon as this has been completed the next phase of your Orpington fireplace installation should be to upgrade the hearth. To remain in line with the current building regs, any hearth must be raised above the normal floor level, although you may discover that yours is sunken into the floor, as they usually were in the old days. Off-the-shelf options from granite, marble or slate are available to accomplish this, or your fireplace builder in Orpington might be able to provide you with a bespoke, custom-made hearth to fit in with your room style.

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If you go to a fireplace dealership you'll find that you are spoilt for choice with the array of different options open to you. The suggestions and advice from your fireplace installers, which will be specific to your requirements, will enable you to choose a fireplace that's both suited to your existing chimney and flue, as well as for your decor.

Certain properties and rooms will look better with an open fireplace than a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner and vice versa. For example, an inglenook fireplace can be a perfect backdrop to a traditional cast iron wood burning stove, which highlights its charm and deflects the heat into the room.

You still have options for a feature fireplace by installing a wood burner stove, even if your Orpington property hasn't got a chimney. Given that a flue can be passed through an exterior wall and has no need of a chimney structure, it's still feasible to install and enjoy this form of fireplace.


Who doesn't enjoy the flickering of an open fireplace on a dark winters' evening, but if your circumstances do not permit this, what alternatives are available?

Open Fireplaces - This is the traditional fireplace, establishing an interesting focal point for any room, and can use different solid fuels, such as briquettes, wood, coal and anthracite nuts nuts. In past times an open fire might have been associated with being smoky, inefficient and draughty, however a well installed contemporary fireplace is a joy to behold while lounging in the warmth it provides.

Electric Fireplaces - These are a suitable option just about any room and type of home in Orpington, and can be quickly and safely installed by any reasonably competent individual. Contemporary electric fires can deliver authentic looking flame effects and and sometimes even the sound of crackling wood to replicate a real fire when inset into a conventional fireplace.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Available in an array of styles and sizes that can be free standing when necessary, these ever-popular stoves can be used in even the smallest of rooms. A model with an integrated back boiler will supply additional heating capabilities by connecting the piping hot water to a radiator in a cold room of your property.

Gas Fireplaces - More heat efficient than multi-fuel stoves or wood burners, gas fires come in a whole host of styles to complement your property in Orpington. The installation and maintenance of gas fires should only be carried out by a Gas Safe heating technician in Orpington.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - To introduce a unique focal point in your property in Orpington, these can be used with an assortment of fuels, such as coal, oil, wood or gas. Some designs, such as the multi-fuel stoves from AGA, can also be used for cooking, providing hot water and heating your entire home.

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It isn't just in Orpington that you can hire fireplace fitters - neighbouring places like: Crockenhill, Chislehurst, Well Hill, St Pauls Cray, Green Street Green, Eynsford, Pratts Bottom, Farningham, Chelsfield, Locksbottom, Keston, St Mary Cray are also covered. If they have the telephone code 01689 and the postcode BR5, it's likely that they hail from Orpington or someplace close by. Verifying that this is the case will make sure you're looking at a locally based fireplace installer. Orpington property owners can use and benefit from these fireplace services.

Flue Liners

A chimney lining or flue lining is an important part of the chimney set-up on your property, enabling it to function far more effectively and improving the overall safety of your chimney. Manufactured from clay, ceramic material or metal, flue liners are conduits that are installed inside chimneys to carry fumes outside. Some chimneys in older properties in Orpington may not even have a flue liner, or if the existing liner is defective, might have to be re-lined.

Your fireplace flue lining can, over time, be compromised by the dangerous gases and fumes that are formed by burning a fire. An excellent time to check for damage and possible issues is whilst your chimney is being swept - so ask your sweep to do this. The dangerous gases that are produced by a fire, can easily penetrate into your house if a flue is compromised. There is an additional threat with broken flue liners, in that they might allow intense heat to penetrate the chimney's structure, which can lead to fires. (Tags: Flue Lining Orpington, Flue Liners Orpington, Chimney Lining Orpington).

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A hood-shaped cover for your chimney, a chimney cowl provides draft and stops backflow in your chimney system. It fits on top of the chimney pot to keep the wind from blowing smoke back down, and is usually manufactured from galvanized iron. The chimney cowl is an important component of any chimney structure. It can be bought in a builder's merchants or on the web. Whether you prefer to make an existing one work more effectively, or buy a new one, a chimney cowl will keep your stove or fireplace working at its best.

A chimney cowl can also help to protect your house and keep you secure. There are various forms of chimney cowl available to purchase, each one has been developed to address different scenarios. Before you buy one, think about a few aspects to make certain you get one that will help protect your home. Once you know precisely what you need, you can then select a chimney cowl to match your budget and needs.

One of the most common forms of chimney cowl is known as the H-style. This design is the most effective at controlling the draught and allows your fireplace to function more efficiently. It is made out of a series of H-shaped pipes that isolate the combustion gases from down draughts. It originally served marine applications, but has become popular among property owners because of its energy-saving attributes.

Another type is the Aerodyne cowl. It works by drawing air into the chimney cowl and reducing downdraught. These are available in an assortment of colours. Its venturi shape draws air into the chimney cowl, creating a drop in air pressure that draws air upward from the fireplace or stove.

Chimney cowls are a simple way to stop birds from building nests in your chimney in Orpington. They're reasonably priced and easy to install. You should ensure you have clear access to the space above the chimney to install one effectively. It can also stop debris from building up inside your chimney. (Tags: Chimney Cowl Installation Orpington, Chimney Cowls Orpington, Chimney Pot Cowls Orpington, Rotating Chimney Cowls Orpington).

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Getting the chimney swept is one thing that householders often forget or put off, but it is crucial to get this done frequently if you've got an open fire or a stove in your Orpington home. It is typically recommended that at least once yearly your chimney should be swept and cleaned.

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This can be a filthy job, so it is best to call in a qualified Orpington chimney sweep. Hiring a chimney sweep doesn't only keep your chimney nice and clean but also highlights any safety issues that there might be with your chimney.

The build-up of soot, ash and wood tar that results from failure to sweep a chimney in Orpington, can easily cause a chimney fire. As well as stopping fires, you will also want to avoid the possibility of poisoning by carbon monoxide gas. When a chimney gets blocked this noxious substance can be drawn back into your house with awful consequences.

Ensure you pick a qualified chimney sweep in Orpington, and check that they're covered by public liability insurance in the event of damages or accidents. CLICK HERE to get chimney sweeping quotes for the Orpington area. (Tags: Chimney Sweeps Orpington, Chimney Sweep Orpington, Chimney Sweeping Orpington).

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In order for businesses in Orpington to obtain work and prosper, they need to get complimentary reviews on their services or work, in fact these days customer reviews are the lifeblood of business. It's helpful for them if you could leave them a review when they have done an excellent job or offered a great service, and obviously it is handy for other folks as well. In this manner you will be able to benefit both the business itself and its potential future clients, by telling of your first hand experience. If you read reviews to locate someone to do your work, you'll understand how helpful that process was. Without those customer reviews, you would likely have looked someplace else, even if a particular company website appeared really professional and convincing.

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However, can you really trust the customer reviews which are prominently shown on a company website? Have these reviews been written by a company employee seeking to push their services, or were they written by actual people?

If you wish to find frank and authentic reviews, a good technique is to look at the Google My Business reviews on a business in Orpington. Many millions of folks check out the reviews on this website each day, so as to determine the standing and reputation companies all over the world. Bing Places for Business is another review website that you could try when leaving reviews for local companies and services in Orpington, and is the key competitor of Google My Business, holding second place in the reviews sector. You will be able to help to enhance the profile of a company that worked on your fireplace installation project by posting a positive review on one or both of these sites, and at the same time establish an outline of the standards and reliability that they provided.

Equally as effective is posting feedback on Twitter and Facebook relating to the company you would like to recommend. These giants of social media will be a leading part of any small company's media marketing activities. Adding your own positive review should go some way to strengthening their marketing message, and will help other individuals who are interested in similar services.

While a hand-written thankyou letter is considered a little bit 'old school', this is still perfectly appropriate. These can be gathered together to form a portfolio of reviews which is useful in one on one meetings with prospective clients, framed for display in reception areas, or scanned and published on the business website. When you've created your review, no matter which method you use, you'll feel great in the knowledge that you did your bit to raise the profile of a local small business and help them to prosper and grow.

Family & Friends

Getting recommendations from friends and family is invariably a great help when you are looking for a professional contractor for your fireplace installation project or undertaking in Orpington. It is widely acknowledged, that word of mouth references are the preferred solution with regards to identifying someone who is ideal for your needs, and can also be a great help in weeding out fireplace contractors who are not up to the task, or Greater London companies with far from glowing service records.

Friends and Family

If you're aware that a relative or friend has used a particular fireplace installer, you can get an insight into their punctuality and reliability. They should also be able to inform you if anything went wrong, and how speedily any errors were addressed. You can get a perception of how the final price for the work in comparison with the initial quotation they were given, which, unless they offer a price guarantee, is frequently difficult to get directly from the installers.

Seeing as your relatives and friends are people you know and trust when it comes to their advice, they should be your first port of call. If you notice that they are unwilling to discuss a particular fireplace installer or contractor, it is likely because they've had an unsatisfactory experience. And a lot of people, rather than 'casting aspersions on' a poor company who they've dealt with in the past, might even offer an alternative contractor, because they are happier speaking about a decent business than an inferior one.

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Your local fireplace fitter can carry out a whole host of tasks and services including marble fireplace surrounds, freestanding stoves, electric fireplace installations Orpington, fireplace cleaning Orpington, inset stoves, brick fireplace installations, Victorian fireplace installations, 3-sided fireplaces, modern fireplace installations, classic fireplaces Orpington, stone fireplaces, fireplace packages, chimney lining Orpington, traditional fireplaces Orpington, fireplace hearths, chimney cowl installation, oak beam fireplaces, electric fire suites, fireplacerates, Regency fireplaces Orpington, marble fireplaces, flue lining in Orpington, brick fireplaces, open fireplaces, fireplace services, reclaimed fireplaces Orpington, wood burning fireplace installations, marble fireplace installations in Orpington, stone fireplace installation, fake fireplaces, timber mantels, fireplace suites, bespoke fireplaces, Victorian fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces, and others. These services are just a few of those on offer from a local fireplace installer. Orpington providers will provide a full-blown list of fireplace services on request.

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More Orpington Tradespeople: Whenever you are considering doing improvements to your property in Orpington, Greater London, it's quite possible that you'll need a number of craftsmen over the course of the project, and while you may currently be searching for a local Orpington fireplace installer, you may also be interested in the services of a heating engineer in Orpington, a bricklayer in Orpington, a plasterer in Orpington, roof cleaning in Orpington, a painter and decorator in Orpington, brick cleaning in Orpington, a roofing specialist in Orpington, a damp proofing specialist in Orpington, a building contractor in Orpington, a blacksmith in Orpington, metalworkers in Orpington, a carpenter/joiner in Orpington, SKIP HIRE in Orpington, an electrician in Orpington, a stonemason in Orpington, a handyman in Orpington, waste removal in Orpington, a chimney sweep in Orpington, and more.

Fireplaces Around Orpington: Fireplace Installation work has recently been done in these Orpington streets and roads - Wichling Close, The Avenue, Mimosa Close, Westwell Close, Crofton Road, Perry Hall Road, Lych Gate Road, Gload Crescent, Hurstlands Drive, Kynaston Road, Nut Tree Close, Dyke Drive, Harrow Gardens, Broomhill Road, Craven Road, Sevenoaks Road, St Aubyns Close, Beagles Close, Glastonbury Close, Petten Close, Finglesham Close, Plantation Drive, Tower Close, Badgers Copse, Charterhouse Road, Broad Walk, High Street, as well as the following Orpington area postcodes: BR5 1HH, BR5 1JN, BR5 1HW, BR5 1EJ, BR2 6EN, BR5 1HD, BR5 1LW, BR5 1AE, BR5 1DE, BR1 2FB. Work was completed in these locations by local installers of fireplaces. Orpington property owners enjoyed the benefits of competent and top quality fireplace services.

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