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Fireplace Fitter Croydon Greater London (CR0): Installing a new fireplace or re-opening a disused fireplace in your Croydon home is a wonderful way to add a homely feel and a bit of charm to any room. The addition of a wood burning stove or open fire for those cold winters' evenings can even be more cost effective than some central heating systems, so long as you have a regular source of timber. If combined with a back boiler it can provide you with plenty of piping hot water at the same time.

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Before any actual work commences, for instance smashing down the walls of a boarded over fireplace or prising away at a blocked chimney, there are some important things to contemplate. Work undertaken on the fireplaces, chimney breasts, flue linings and hearths of any heating appliances, must adhere to Part J of the UK Building Regulations. If your house in Croydon is a listed building or is located in a conservation area, planning permission could also be needed before work can start.

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If you have the ability needed, and are decent at DIY you might be able to do some of the remodeling work on an existing fireplace, but professional help might be needed if safety or structural issues arise during the process. You might discover that the lintel, chimney breast and hearth are in good condition, once you've uncovered the old fireplace, and the hidden gem beneath needs little more than the services of a chimney sweep. What is more typical however is a jumble of crumbling, old brickwork that hides a blocked flue, and also requires some degree of structural modification before it can be used safely.

If your dwelling in Croydon has a fireplace installed and it's not correctly put in, there's not only a fire risk, but also of respiratory health issues. Therefore, using a certified fireplace installer is widely recommended. As stated in Part J of the Building Regulations for fireplaces, there must be adequate airflow in a room where a fireplace is installed, because in order to burn satisfactorily, the right level of oxygen is needed. Dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can accumulate from an inefficiently burning fire in a poorly ventilated space.

To overcome this problem a professional installation engineer will consider the situation and install vents in the room, or underneath the flooring, to guarantee a sufficient airflow for the fire to combust safely and properly. Blocked off and unused chimney flues might also need to have air vents installed because they can sometimes trap moist air inside them causing damp to occur inside the chimney breast.

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A huge amount of soot and other muck can be released from a bricked up fireplace upon opening it up for renovation. It's advisable to remove any carpets, furniture and rugs from a room where you are going to expose an old fireplace, to avoid them being damaged by soot, dust and grime that may be stirred up during the fireplace installation works. Because of the mess involved, if your fireplace installation is just a part of a more extensive restoration project, it ought to be one of the first things to be done after the room has been taken back to bare floors and walls in preparation. This stops any discolouring damage to any renovated work you might have already finished.


Now you can see the opening of your fireplace it's time to clean and sweep the hearth and chimney and see what can be refurbished. You should now get hold of your chimney sweep, if you've not already done so, to come and look at the old fireplace and chimney. They'll be able to provide you with professional guidance on the flue and chimney after sweeping, concerning the situation with the chimney and if you need to replace the existing flue liner.

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If you need to strengthen the chimney or install a flue lining all current UK Building Regulations must be adhered to. A competent fireplace installer and builder in Croydon will be needed to perform this work, and will have the skills and knowledge of construction to follow all building regulations.

It is entirely possible that a supporting concrete lintel will be required, if the size of the existing fireplace is larger than your needs. When this phase of the work has been accomplished, the repair or upgrading of the fireplace hearth can be undertaken. You might discover that the original hearth has been set into the floor, but to abide by latest Building Regulations it is required to be raised at least 12.5mm above normal floor level. You can get made to measure solutions to fit any size and style of fireplace, or you can pick from a variety of common size and shape hearths to fit in with your decor.

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If you visit a fireplace outlet you're spoilt for choice with the range of different choices available to you. It's recommended to ask for the professional advice of the sales team, because all of the available fireplaces will not be suitable for your specific flue, chimney and airflow.

Whether you go with a wood burner, an open fireplace or a multi-fuel stove will be determined by the look that you are trying to create, your current decor and in some situations, your home's age. If you've got an old-fashioned inglenook fireplace, a wood burning stove can look spectacular in this surrounding, and has the added benefit of reflecting the heat back into the room from the brick or stone walls surrounding the stove.

It's still viable to install a wood burner stove, even if you don't have a chimney in your Croydon property. A pre-existing chimney isn't needed in this instance because the flue is taken directly from the top or rear of the wood burner and taken out through an exterior wall.


If this type of fireplace isn't appropriate for your Croydon home, what other options are available?

Open Fireplaces - The classic fireplace that can use different fuels such as briquettes, smokeless coal, wood and other combustive materials. An expertly installed modern open fire will be no comparison to the smoky old fireplace that was bricked up by former owners, and its warm charm is a delightful addition to any house in Croydon.

Gas Fireplaces - More thermally efficient than multi-fuel or wood burning stoves, gas fires come in a wide variety of styles to suit your home in Croydon. Gas fireplaces can only be fitted and maintained by a certified Gas Safe registered engineer, (Gas Safe replaced CORGI registration in 2009).

Electric Fireplaces - Simple installation and a diverse choice of styles make electric fires an extremely popular choice for Croydon houses that don't have a chimney breast. They can be set into traditional fireplaces, and with "real feel" electric fires it can often be difficult to distinguish one from the genuine thing.

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Wood Burning Stoves - A multitude of styles to complement any type of home in Croydon, and can even be free standing. If fitted with a back boiler these are able to provide hot water to heat radiators or for use in your home.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As the name indicates multi-fuel stoves can be used with different fuels, such as coal, gas, wood or oil, and become an attractive focal point in any living room or kitchen in Croydon. These stoves can be utilised not just for heating a room, but some designs like the AGA range, can supply hot water, provide a useful cooking area and can be used to heat the whole property if they're plumbed into a radiator system.

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Suggestions To Take Care Of Your Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Expenses

The traditional open fireplace seems to have lost a certain amount of of its allure because of environmental worries but it is still loved by many in Croydon. Sitting in front of the comfort of a fireplace, revives many special memories for lots of folks. Having a fireplace has its advantages but there are a few negative aspects which could affect its usefulness. With energy costs increasing annually, your fireplace must emit heat in a very cost-effective way. When you have a fire going in the fireplace, it can in fact extract warm air out of the room, making your heater work harder. Anytime there is no fire, a damper should control the airflow. Nevertheless, dampers are not particularly efficient seals, consequently all of the warm air escapes and allows cold air to come into the home.

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What many people in Croydon tend not to know about their fireplace is that it doesn't always do exactly what they assume it's doing. Instead of preserving resources, and heating costs, it can often be adding 100s of pounds of energy costs. However, there are several procedures that you can follow that can easily turn your budget smashing fireplace into something a touch more efficient. All you need to do is basically four simple things to fix your fireplace. Each of these is going to make your fireplace very economical and more efficient.

The very first thing to do is to replace the damper with a new top sealing damper. This type of damper is positioned towards the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain from entering. It stops the outside air from coming in, and the internal air from getting out, and works in hot or cold weather. It doesn't take much time to fit and you can order one online. An additional thing that you can do should be to position a fire-back at the rear of your fireplace. It's produced from cast iron and is used to enhance the look of your fireplace while shielding the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back gets warmed up by the open fire and reflects the heat back into the room, consequently enhancing the fireplace's efficiency.

Another method is to buy a fireplace heater/fan, which draws cool air in and warms it up. These heating devices do not discharge any smoke and should be very efficient in keeping your house warm. And finally, installing glass doors, although a bit on the expensive side, can be beneficial in making your fireplace more cost-efficient. If you do a bit of research, you can find glass doors at a reasonable price and install them on your own. Such doors create a barrier between your living space and the fireplace, not only stopping the heat from escaping, but also providing protection.

These suggestions aren't all that difficult to do and you should be able to buy most of the items from the internet. Make the most of your fireplace and observe your energy bills drop.

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For centuries, brick fireplaces have been a classic feature in Croydon homes, and rightly so. They provide warmth, character and a sense of rustic charm that cannot be replicated by any other feature. So, if you are contemplating adding a brick fireplace to your property or home in Croydon, here are a few things to bear in mind.

First, decide on the style of brick fireplace you want. You can opt for a traditional style with a hearth and mantel, or a modern style with sleek, clean lines and a minimalist design. You can use a brick fireplace as a statement piece, so consider the location and size of your fireplace. A substantial fireplace can provide an impressive focal point in a room, whereas a smaller fireplace can provide a welcoming nook.

When it comes to brick selection, there are lots of options. Brick comes in a variety of colours and textures, therefore you can select the ideal brick to complement your property's design. You could even mix and match brick styles to create a unique and distinctive look.

Lastly, keep in mind the practical considerations. A brick fireplace can be an effective way to heat your dwelling, so you'll want to make sure it is correctly vented and that you're using it safely.

In conclusion, brick fireplaces are a timeless addition to any house. They're durable, versatile, and provide comfort and warmth for many years. If you are considering a fireplace for your house in Croydon, a brick fireplace is an awesome choice.

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Your local Croydon fireplace fitter can deliver an extensive range of tasks and services, and together with what has already been covered here they should be able to do wood burning stove installation, flue lining in Croydon, modern gas fires, fireplace suites, elm fireplaces Croydon, Victorian fireplace installations, fireplaceprices in Croydon, traditional fireplace installation, gas fireplace installations, wood burning fireplaces, hearth fireplaces, electric fireplaces, period fireplaces, the installation of outdoor fireplaces Croydon, electric fireplace installations, bespoke fireplaces, classic fireplaces, wood burning fireplace installations, chimney lining, brick fireplace installations, corner fireplaces, electric suites, marble fireplace installations, chimney modifications in Croydon, stone fireplaces Croydon, fireplace removal in Croydon, fireplace fitting in Croydon, three-sided fireplaces in Croydon, limestone fireplace installation in Croydon, electric fire baskets, open fireplaces, two-sided fireplaces, fireplace design, timber mantels, chimney cowl installation, to mention a few. This is merely a small selection of what can be expected from a local fireplace installer.

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