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Fireplace Fitter Hexham Northumberland (NE46): A marvelous way to add some character to any Hexham home is by installing a brand new fireplace, or renovating an existing one. So long as you've got a regular source of timber or fuel, adding an open fire or multi-fuel stove for those chilly winter evenings could even be more cost effective than a conventional central heating system. Combine your fireplace with a back boiler and you'll benefit from supplies of endless hot water to save even more money.

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Before you go bashing away at a bricked-up chimney there are a few things you'll need to consider to ensure you can safely install and use your new fireplace. Any heating appliance in the home must adhere to Part J of the Building Regulations, and this applies to fireplaces, chimney breasts, hearths and flue linings. If you are living in a listed building or are in a designated conservation area you should check with local authorities if planning permission is necessary for a fireplace installation in your property.

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If you've got the skills needed, and are decent at do-it-yourself you may be able to do some of the restoration work to an existing fireplace, but professional assistance might be required if structural or safety problems arise during the process. If you're lucky when you expose a stopped up fireplace you might find a decent lintel, hearth and chimney breast that needs little more than the services and advice of a chimney sweep to get it ready for a fire once more. It is far more likely however, that you'll reveal a blocked flue and an area of crumbling, old brickwork that needs to be to be reinforced structurally to make it safe.

If fireplaces are installed improperly there is not only a risk of fire to your property, but there can be health hazards, which is why it is best to employ a specialist Hexham installation team for a fireplace. Airflow has to be adequate in any room which has a fireplace; in fact it's a requirement in the Building Regulations (Part J) that this is the case. A fire won't burn effectively in a room where there is not enough oxygen, and death could occur when carbon monoxide is produced.

To allow the fire to receive ample oxygen to burn effectively and safely all the time, it might be necessary for a specialist fireplace installation engineer to install floors and walls with suitable airflow vents. Moist air can easily get trapped in unused or blocked chimney flues which might also need to have vents installed to enhance air circulation, and avoid problems with damp on the chimney breast.

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Large amounts of dust and soot will enter your room when you are opening up a disused fireplace for renovation. Essentially, this is an extremely messy job. A fireplace installer will bring dust sheets to cover up your furniture and provide a bit of protection, however it's advisable where feasible to remove furniture and carpets from the room before any work starts in earnest. If your fireplace is being installed as part of an overall home renovation project then it should be one of the initial tasks to be completed after you have taken the room back to bare walls and floors. If other remodelling work has previously been accomplished, this might be affected by dust and chimney soot.


With your fireplace revealed, it's time to find out what can be renovated or replaced and to give the chimney and hearth a good clean. The very first thing on your to-do list will be to call in a proper Hexham chimney sweep. Aside from sweeping and cleaning the chimney and flue, they'll also assess the condition of your chimney and flu liner and tell you about any aspect of the chimney structure and flue that needs replacing.

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All the current UK Building Regulations must be followed, if it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney structure. This work needs to be tackled by a qualified person who is acquainted with the current Building Regulations and decent construction practices.

The updating, renovation and installation of the fireplace hearth can proceed as soon as the lintel is in place. Once upon a time the hearth was sunken into the floor, however current Building Regulations in the UK require it to be raised slightly above the normal level of the floor. You will find that there's a wide array of pre-made hearths in granite, concrete or marble, but if your fireplace is not of a standard size you might have to opt for a bespoke hearth, which you can ask your fireplace builder in Hexham about.

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A quick browse online or a trip to a fireplace showroom will demonstrate the choices available for the different styles and types of fireplaces. It normally pays to heed the recommendations of the fireplace company when it comes to which fireplaces will be suitable for your specific flue, chimney and airflow conditions, because some of them certainly won't be.

The all round style that you are attempting to create, your current decor and perhaps even, your home's age, will to some extent determine if you opt for a wood burner, an open fireplace or a multi-fuel stove. If you're lucky enough to have a property with an inglenook fireplace for instance, this is an ideal position for a wood-burner stove. This won't just reflect any heat that is produced back into the room effectively, but will also highlight the charm and beauty of the stove itself.

A wood-burning stove is also a splendid option if you haven't got a chimney breast in your Hexham home. Since a flue can be channeled through an exterior wall and doesn't require a chimney breast, it's still viable to fit this form of fireplace.


The ambience and feel of a log fire cannot be beaten, however what alternatives are available if this type of fireplace is not possible in your Hexham property?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Provides you with options to use wood, coal, oil and gas to deliver a multipurpose stove for any home in Hexham. Some styles, like the AGA range, are also suitable for generating hot water, cooking and heating your whole home.

Electric Fireplaces - A wide variety of electric fires to complement pretty much any house in Hexham, can easily be fitted by any reasonable competent person. Can be set into regular fireplaces, and with the "real" looking feel of some electric fires it can often be difficult to distinguish them from the real thing.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Even the tiniest room in Hexham can benefit from the installation of a wood burning stove, which are available in a range of styles, and can even be installed freestanding. If used alongside a back boiler can provide piping hot water to heat radiators or for other use in your home.

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fireplaces are superior to wood burning stoves when it comes to thermal efficiency, and you can find an array of sizes and designs to complement any house in Hexham. Only Gas Safe technicians are qualified to install one of these fireplaces.

Open Fireplaces - Being able to burn virtually any solid fuel in the marketplace, the open fireplace can provide a flickering fire as a great focal point for a room or living area. In the past an open fire might have had a reputation of being draughty, smoky and inefficient, but a skillfully fitted modern fireplace is a delight to the eye whilst basking in the warm glow it provides.

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You should have no issues finding fireplace installation services in Hexham, and adjacent areas like: Corbridge, Haydon Bridge, Wark, Allendale Town, Slaley, Acomb, Stocksfield, Low Gate, Fellside, Wall, Fourstones, Humshaugh, Sunnyside, Causey Hill, Anick, Barrasford, Newton. Postcode areas like NE46 1QE, NE46 1XE, NE46 1HQ, NE46 1RA, NE46 1XH, NE46 1QN, NE46 1HT, NE46 1US, NE46 1EB, NE46 1PR can also be covered. If they have the telephone code 01434 and the postcode NE46, it's a good bet that they operate in Hexham or somewhere nearby. This is one thing to check if you prefer to use a locally based fireplace company. Hexham residents can utilise these and lots of other comparable services.

Chimney Sweeping Hexham

It is easy to postpone a routine household task like sweeping the chimney, but if you've got a wood burner or an open fire, it's crucial that this is done on a regular basis. Chimneys need to be swept and cleaned at least once yearly, if not more.

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You could sweep your own chimney, if you've got the right equipment, but this is a dirty job and is best left to a professional Hexham chimney sweep if you want it to be done correctly and cleanly. As well as cleaning your chimney, the chimney sweep will be able to identify any problems with your chimney, so that these can be tackled promptly.

Routine sweeping prevents a build-up of ash, soot and creosote, a common cause of chimney fires. Poorly maintained chimneys can also cause another hazardous situation by drawing carbon monoxide fumes back into your property.

Make sure your chosen Hexham chimney sweep is experienced and is also covered by ample public liability insurance. GO HERE to get a chimney sweeps quote in Hexham. You should also be able to get chimney sweeps in Corbridge, Haydon Bridge, Wark, Allendale Town, Slaley, Acomb, Stocksfield, Low Gate, Fellside, Wall, Fourstones, Humshaugh, Sunnyside, Causey Hill, Anick, Barrasford, Newton, and in Hexham, Northumberland. (Tags: Chimney Sweeps Hexham, Chimney Sweeping Hexham, Chimney Sweep Hexham).

The Best Way To Lower Your Heating Bill And Also Keep Your Open Fireplace In Great Shape

With all of the current ecological issues, the open fireplace has lost some of its allure, however it's still a favourite feature for many in Hexham. The natural comfort of an open fireplace invokes very special memories for those who've got them. Having an open fireplace has its many perks and benefits but there are a couple of drawbacks that could have an impact on its usefulness. With the cost of energy increasing significantly year after year, your fireplace needs to emit heat in a very cost-effective way. When a fire is burning, it might provide warmth for people standing around it, but it can in fact pull warm air out of the room, making your heat source work even harder. When there is no fire, a damper is supposed to regulate the airflow. Unfortunately, dampers sometimes have an inefficient seal, so cold air can get in, and warmer air will go out.

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What many folks in Hexham usually do not know about their fireplace is that it does not necessarily do precisely what they imagine it is doing. As opposed to preserving resources, and heating costs, it is generally adding hundreds of pounds of energy expense. However it's not all gloom and doom seeing that there are ways to make your fireplace more cost-efficient. Pretty much all you need to do is only 4 fundamental things boost the performance of your fireplace. These definitely will make your fireplace more economical, and lower your heating bills.

The first tip is to change your current fireplace damper with a top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is installed at the top end of your chimney which also doubles as a storm door. It stops the outside air from coming in, and the internal air from escaping, and functions in hot weather or cold. It does not take much time to install and you can acquire one online. Next, you will need to have a fire-back at the back area of your hearth. This is a cast iron plate which is designed to enhance the room design, while protecting the back wall from being damaged by the fire. The fire-back gets warmed up by the flames and reflects the heat back into a room, hence boosting the overall efficiency of the fireplace.

Another approach is to get a fireplace heater, which draws cool air in and warms it up. These heaters don't produce any smoke and can be very efficient in keeping your family home warm and cosy. The fourth thing that can be done is to install glass doors, which might be the most expensive option. Searching around, you should be able to find a great deal, and with instructions, you could put them in on your own. These doors help to keep the heat from getting away and additionally it keeps pets and youngsters from being burned.

These suggestions are not terribly difficult to accomplish and you should be able to buy most of the items from the internet. Get the best from your fireplace and watch your energy costs tumble.

Brick Fireplaces Hexham

Brick fireplaces have been a popular feature in dwellings for centuries, and they are still a much loved interior design element today. A brick fireplace can add character, warmth, and a bit of rustic charm to any space. Here are some things to consider if you're thinking about adding a brick fireplace to your home in Hexham.

First, decide on the design of brick fireplace you want. You can go with a standard design with a hearth and mantel, or a modern pattern with sleek lines and a minimalist design. You can use a brick fireplace as a statement piece, so think carefully about the size and location of your fireplace. A substantial fireplace can provide an impressive focal point in a room, whereas a smaller fireplace can provide a comfortable nook.

Brick fireplaces can be constructed from a number of different kinds of brick, each with its own unique texture and colour. You'll want to choose a brick that matches the design of your property and matches the overall look that you're trying to achieve.

Finally, don't forget about the functional considerations. A brick fireplace can be an excellent way to heat your dwelling, so you'll want to make certain that it's properly vented and that it is being used in a secure and safe way.

A brick fireplace can be a functional and attractive addition to your property in Hexham. With a little attention to detail and planning, you can build a centrepiece that doesn't just provide warmth but also enriches your home with character and charm.

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Carbon monoxide detector installation.

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Businesses in Hexham have always relied on positive feedback to gain new clients and build their presence locally, however nowadays it is even more vital, and having favourable online reviews is an important part of this process. If the fireplace installer you used provided a high quality service, you can reward their hard work by leaving them an appreciative review. Both potential clients and the company itself can be helped by you sharing your personal experience in this way. You might think back to how reviews helped you decide when you were initially hunting for somebody to do your work. Even if you had visited a company website which looked extremely impressive, you might well have looked at other providers if they didn't have decent reviews.

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However, can the customer reviews be trusted or believed when you are on a company's own website? Did genuine clients write these glowing reviews or did a company employee, looking to push their services, make them up?

A smart way to discover genuine and sincere reviews of any specific service or company in Hexham is to head over to the reviews on Google My Business listings, which are much more likely to be trustworthy. Potential customers in Hexham, and in fact all around the world, check out the reputation of companies every day on this widely trusted website. After Google My Business reviews, the second largest spot for leaving local company reviews is Microsoft's solution - Bing Places for Business. You can help to raise the profile of a company that worked on your fireplace installation project by writing and posting a positive review here, and while doing so create an overall picture of the reliability and standards which they exhibited.

Twitter and Facebook pages are also an excellent place to leave reviews for your business. The marketing and promotional advertising of any small company in Hexham will depend heavily on these social media giants. Your approving reviews will help strengthen their promotional message.

Even in these modern, high-tech times, it is still acceptable to send in a hand-written letter of thanks, if you aren't comfortable with computers. Believe it or not these are still valuable in an online world and can be scanned in for use on websites, or even framed or gathered together to create a portfolio of reviews for face to face meetings with prospective clients. The reward for you is the wonderful feeling that you get, knowing that you've in some small way helped a local business get a foothold in a highly competitive marketplace and hopefully drum up more custom.

Fireplace Installation Help and Guidance

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Click here to discover how to install a fireplace. For more info about the evolution of fireplaces, the different types of fireplace, the health effects of fireplaces, how fireplaces affect the environment, coal burning fireplaces and fireplace heating efficiency, visit Wikipedia (HERE). Fireplace Installation advice and information is readily accessible from online forums, therefore to make the most of this you should pop along to one of the fireplace forums, topics include things like understanding building regulations, chimney designs, stove vents, wood burners, widening fireplaces and pellet boilers and stoves. There is a lot of illuminating info about fireplace installation available on the web these days, and to find out about stylish fireplace ideas check this out. To learn the social media reaction to fireplace trends and developments, check this out.

Family & Friends

Any time you're trying to find professionals for any project or service, it's always extremely helpful to turn to friends and relatives for recommendations. These personal references can be the most effective way to filter out substandard contractors and companies that have lousy track record, and help you to find someone who is a suitable fit for your requirements.

Friends and Family

Getting this type of feedback from an acquaintance or family member will also give you insights into the contractor's time keeping and reliability, and if things went awry, how they were addressed and how speedily they were put right. They'll also be in a good position to provide you with information about how the final price stood up in comparison to the initial quotation that was given, specifics which are typically hard to extract from the installers directly.

Your friends and family members are folks that you know, and ultimately when it comes to advice, they're the people you can trust. It's possible that they've had an unsatisfactory experience, if they're reluctant to talk about a certain contractor or fireplace fitter. And, rather than 'slagging off' a poor contractor, a lot of people might even offer some alternative company, because in general most people will be more than willing to discuss a good quality contractor and less likely to discuss a poor one.

Skip Hire Hexham

Skip Hire Hexham

Let's face it, most home refurbishments or garden makeovers in Hexham usually generate quite a bit of waste. Although on the whole, fireplace installations doesn't generate all that much waste, it does depend on the scale of your project and the type of surface that it's being laid on. In many instances the tradesman you're employing will happily take away the waste that's created in the course of the work, but beware - some of them certainly don't!

When there's a substantial amount of waste, most homeowners in Hexham choose to hire a skip. To suit your exact requirements, you can select from an array of skip sizes. Skips include skip bags to mini-skips, midi-skips to builders skips, and for major jobs or commercial use - roll-on roll-off skips.

To hire a skip for your project in Hexham, GO HERE for a quote.

Hexham Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Hexham

Such things as fireplace packages, fireplacequotations, fireplace design Hexham, cast iron fireplace installation, flue liner installation, fire grate conversions, Regency fireplaces Hexham, chimney sweeping, open fireplaces, fireplace restoration, Victorian fireplace installation, brick fireplaces, cheap fireplaces, fireplace fitting, fireplace inserts, freestanding stoves, fireplace replacement, fireplace installation, fireplace mantels in Hexham, modern fireplace installations in Hexham, inset stove installation, inglenook fireplace in Hexham, period fireplaces Hexham, designer fireplaces in Hexham, traditional fireplaces Hexham, the installation of Victorian fireplaces, contemporary fireplaces Hexham, stone fireplace installations in Hexham, corner fireplaces, elm fireplace installation, Victorian fireplaces Hexham, chimney repairs Hexham, chimney lining, 3-sided fireplaces, wood burning fireplace installation are just a taste of the extensive range of services and tasks that your local Hexham fireplace installer can deliver. You can CLICK HERE and fill out our simple quote form, if there are some other Hexham fireplace requirements that you require but cannot find here.

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Also find: Low Gate fireplace installers, Stocksfield fireplace installers, Slaley fireplace installers, Sunnyside fireplace installers, Barrasford fireplace installers, Fellside fireplace installers, Anick fireplace installers, Acomb fireplace installers, Humshaugh fireplace installers, Wall fireplace installers, Haydon Bridge fireplace installers, Fourstones fireplace installers, Newton fireplace installers, Allendale Town fireplace installers, Wark fireplace installers, Corbridge fireplace installers, Causey Hill fireplace services and more. Tradesmen who install fireplaces serve most of these locations.

Fireplaces Around Hexham: Homeowners who live in the following areas and streets have recently enquired about fireplace installation - Market Street, Eilansgate, St Matthews Road, Canon Savage Drive, Shaftoe Crescent, Bondgate Court, Churchlands, Broadway Gardens, Crescent Avenue, Valebrook, Queens Way, St Hilda's Road, Eastgate, Spittal Terrace, Shaws Park, St Marks Road, Priestlands Crescent, Eastwood Grange Road, East Woodlands, Falstone Way, Langley Avenue, Beaumont Street, Burswell Avenue, Peth Head, Gaprigg Lane, Beaufront Avenue, Kingsgate Terrace, West Hextol Close, Hallgate, as well as the following local Hexham postcodes: NE46 1QE, NE46 1XE, NE46 1HQ, NE46 1RA, NE46 1XH, NE46 1QN, NE46 1HT, NE46 1US, NE46 1EB, NE46 1PR. These locations recently saw activity by local installers of fireplaces. Hexham home and property owners benefited from competent and professional fireplace services on each occasion.

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