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Fireplace Fitter Lydney Gloucestershire (GL15): The installation of a brand new fireplace, or the renovation of an existing one is an effective way to add charm to any Lydney dwelling. If you integrate a back boiler with your new fireplace you can even enjoy free hot water as well. Frosty winter's days can become enjoyable as you sit beside your fireplace surrounded the crackling of a burning fire.

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If you are to build a safe, efficient and attractive fireplace in your property in Lydney, there are some important things you must think about before any work commences. Any heat producing appliance installed within the home must comply with Part J of the UK's Building Regulations, and this covers chimney breasts, flue linings, hearths and fireplaces. Additionally, you'll need to check with the local council if planning permission is required before any work is started, if you live in a listed building or a conservation area in Lydney.

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If any building work is associated with your fireplace installation, both safety and structural problems could arise that will need resolving professionally, although a keen and competent do-it-yourselfer might be able to take on a basic renovation on an old fireplace. You may be lucky when revealing your old fireplace and find out that you need nothing more than a thorough chimney sweep and a quick clean out of the hearth in order to get your roaring fire once more. However, a flue that is blocked and crumbling, old brickwork that needs structural reinforcement is what you'll most likely find.

It's usually recommended to benefit from the experience and know-how of a specialist fireplace installer in Lydney, because of the severe fire and health risk issues associated with a poorly installed or refurbished fireplace. Making sure that enough oxygen is available for the fire to burn satisfactorily is a major part of the Building Regulations for fireplaces. Carbon monoxide fumes (which are poisonous can build-up and become a problem in an inadequately ventilated area where an inefficently burning fire is installed.

An experienced fireplace installation crew will analyse the situation and overcome this challenge to ensure an adequate amount of air flow for the fire to combust safely and efficiently, by installing vents around the room, or under the flooring. They may also have to fit vents into unused chimney flues which sometimes trap condensing air and cause damp spots and staining to your chimney breast.

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Chimneys are renowned for the quantity of soot and dirt that can accumulate inside them, thus when you set out to open up a fireplace for restoration you can assume that it will be a rather messy enterprise. It is advised to remove your your furniture and carpets before any fireplace restoration work and chimney sweeping begins, as even with coverings for your furniture, the risk of impairment from grime and soot is still quite likely. If your fireplace is being installed as part of a larger renovation project then it ought to be one of the first things to be worked on after you have got the room back to bare walls and floors. This should help to prevent any impairment by soot and other chimney dirt to any previously completed restoration work.


Now that you can see the fireplace opening it's time to clean and sweep the hearth and chimney and see what is fit for restoring. Contacting a proper chimney sweep to de-soot your chimney is one of the very first items on your to-do-list. After sweeping, they will be able to offer guidance and advice about the state of the chimney structure and flue, and inform you whether there are any sections that need to be repaired.

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All of the current UK Building Regulations must be complied with, if you need to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney structure. These are tasks that need to be done by a competent craftsman with knowledge of the pertinent building regs and sound construction skills.

If the size of the existing fireplace is bigger than your requirements, a supporting concrete lintel should be installed. The repair, upgrade and installation of the fireplace hearth can proceed once the supporting lintel is in place. The present Building Regulations for the UK advise that the hearth must be set above the level of the floor, although in the past it would have been sunken into the floor. You can find custom-made solutions to fit any size and design of fireplace, or you can choose from a range of popular sized hearths to fit in with your decor.

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Browsing on the net or checking out a nearby fireplace dealership will quickly make you realise that there's a vast array of different designs, shapes and sizes of fireplace for you to choose from for your home. It's quite possible that because of your current flue and chimney, that some fireplaces might not be appropriate, therefore it's advisable to follow the advice of your fireplace company in this respect.

Whether you go for an open fireplace, a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner will be based on the all round look you are attempting to develop, your existing decor and perhaps even, the age of your home in Lydney. For instance, a wood burning stove looks great set back in an inglenook fireplace, highlighting the charm and character of the stove and deflecting the heat into the room to good effect.

If your Lydney property doesn't have a chimney breast you still have options for a fireplace feature through the installation of a multi-fuel or wood burning stove. Since a stainless steel flue can be channeled through an exterior wall and doesn't require a chimney, it is still viable to install and enjoy this style of fireplace.


A flickering fire on a cold, dark evening creates an ambience and charm that cannot be beaten, however what are the other options available to install in your lovely new fireplace in Lydney?

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Wood Burning Stoves - Wood burning stoves have grown to be extremely popular in a lot of properties in Lydney, and can have classic or modern design to complement your decoration. When used in conjunction with a back boiler, these stoves can supply additional heating functionality by connecting the heated water to a colder area of your property by way of radiators.

Open Fireplaces - The traditional fireplace that can use different fuels such as wood, smokeless coal, briquettes and other burnable products. A skillfully fitted modern open fire will be no comparison to the smoky old fireplace that was perhaps boarded up by earlier owners, and its warm elegance is a welcome addition to any room in Lydney.

Electric Fireplaces - These are a suitable option any room and home in Lydney, and can be quickly and safely installed by anyone who is reasonably competent. When set into a traditional fireplace, today's electric fires can replicate an actual fire, with real look flames and even the crackling sound of wood.

Gas Fireplaces - There are a wide array of designs to complement any house in Lydney, and they provide instantaneous heat which is more thermally efficient than a wood burning stove. Only Gas Safe contractors are qualified to install these fires.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Using a variety of fuels such as coal, wood, oil or gas, a multi-fuel stove can be made into a stunning focal point in your lounge or kitchen. Some designs, such as the AGA range, can also be used for generating hot water, cooking and heating your whole house.

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You should be able to access fireplace installers in Lydney, and surrounding places such as: Awre, Brockweir, Parkend, Bream, Yorkley, Coalway, St Briavels, Aylburton, Blakeney, Soudley, Sling, Alvington, Clearwell, Whitecroft, Woolaston, Tintern. Postcode areas like , GL15 5BE, GL15 4ES, GL15 5EY, GL15 5AU, GL15 5FP, GL15 5EX, GL15 5EL, GL15 4LR, and GL15 4LG are also covered. A couple of hints which suggest that a fireplace fitter works in Lydney area is if they have the dialling code 01594 and the postcode GL15. If you just click the "quote" banner, you'll be able to get info on fireplaces in your region.

The Best Way To Retain Your Open Fireplace And Reduce Your Heating Bills

The traditional fireplace may have lost a certain amount of of its glamour because of concerns for the environment but it's still favoured by many people in Lydney. There is nothing quite like feeling the natural warmth of an open fireplace on a chilly winter's evening. The fireplace can offer a lot of benefits for your property, but there are a couple of important downsides that may need to be fixed. With energy costs soaring year after year, your fireplace needs to emit heat in a very cost-effective way. When a fire is burning, it may possibly give warmth to people standing close to it, but it can actually pull warm air out of a room, making your heater work even harder. The fireplace damper is meant to prevent cold air from coming in to your home when you don't have a fire in the fireplace. Unfortunately, fireplace dampers can often be inefficient in keeping cold air out, and warm air in.

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Many house owners that have fireplaces in their residence in Lydney don't realize how the fireplace can have an effect on their utility bill. Instead of heating a house naturally, a fireplace can actually add hundreds of pounds to your heating expenses. However it's not all bad news as there are ways to make your fireplace more cost-efficient. There are at least 4 basic points that you can do to improve your fireplace. These definitely will make your fireplace much more economical, and reduce your energy bills.

The first step is to remove your existing damper and swap it for a top sealing damper. This type of damper is located at the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain from coming in. It will keep the inside air from coming out, and the outside air from coming into the house, and performs in hot or cold weather. The product is straightforward to fit, and can be purchased on the web. One more thing you can do is fit a fire-back in the back part of your fireplace. A fire-back is constructed of cast iron and it is meant to shield the back wall from fire damage, while at the same time making your fireplace look more elegant. The fire-back reflects the heat from a fire, and radiates the heat back into the room, enhancing the overall performance of the fireplace.

Another cost saver is a fireplace heater, which heats the room by pulling the air into a heat chamber and returning the air back into the room. These heating devices are closed systems, so no smoke is discharged, and they can really make a difference in the temperature of your house. And finally, installing glass doors, although a bit on the costly side, can be helpful in making your open fireplace economical to run. If you do your research, you can get a good price on glass doors and fit them on your own. Such glass doors form a buffer between your living space and the chimney, not only stopping the air in the room from escaping, but also providing protection to the inhabitants.

All of these tips are simple to implement, and the products can be easily sourced online. Preserve your current fireplace and reduce heating costs by making it more efficient.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is necessary for maintaining the efficiency, safety and functionality of both home and commercial chimney systems in Lydney. Temperature fluctuations, weather elements, and the by-products of combustion can all cause chimneys to wear and tear over the years. These factors can lead to a range of issues that require expert and timely attention.

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The development of cracks in the chimney structure is one of the common problems that necessitate chimney repair. The structural stability of the chimney can be affected by these cracks, which can increase the risk of moisture infiltration and further damage. Cracks in the chimney can pose serious health hazards to any occupants of the building by allowing harmful gases, including carbon monoxide, to escape into the living spaces.

Another problem is that creosote and debris can build up in the chimney flue. The accumulation of creosote in chimneys can reduce efficiency and increase the likelihood of fires, both of which are serious hazards. To reduce fire hazards and ensure adequate airflow, debris, soot and creosote should be removed during regular chimney cleaning as part of the repair procedure.

The chimney repair process can also address problems like chimney leaks. As a result of leaks, the entry of water into the chimney system can cause deterioration, rusting, and damage to the lining. A consequence of this can be further structural problems and decreased efficiency. Addressing repairs appropriately involves identifying the leak's source, sealing openings, and using waterproofing solutions to deter future leaks.

Be aware that tackling chimney repairs yourself can be hazardous and ineffective. These DIY fixes might overlook deeper problems. Peace of mind comes with professional chimney repair services. They guarantee effective work that meets the best industry guidelines. Accredited chimney technicians possess the knowledge and expertise to assess damage, suggest the most appropriate repairs, and implement solutions that ensure both the safety and optimal performance of your home's chimney system.

Don't neglect your chimney! Routine inspections and prompt repairs go a long way in ensuring its longevity. By identifying and addressing problems early on, you prevent them from becoming more severe and expensive to fix. Ignoring or neglecting vital repairs can lead to further damage, compromising the functionality of the chimney and increasing the chance of safety issues.

In brief, ensuring the safety and longevity of your chimney hinges on routine maintenance, including repairs that address cracks, the build-up of creosote, leaks, and all-round structural integrity. Professional repair services play a vital role in ensuring that chimneys are efficient, safe, and compliant with industry standards. For optimal performance from your chimney, prioritise regular inspections, tackle issues quickly, and seek specialist help. This ensures efficient heating, a comfortable living environment, and a safe haven for you and your loved ones. (39607 - Chimney Repairs Lydney)

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Also find: Coalway fireplace installers, Tintern fireplace installers, Soudley fireplace installers, Blakeney fireplace installers, Whitecroft fireplace installers, St Briavels fireplace installers, Parkend fireplace installers, Bream fireplace installers, Sling fireplace installers, Yorkley fireplace installers, Clearwell fireplace installers, Aylburton fireplace installers, Alvington fireplace installers, Woolaston fireplace installers, Brockweir fireplace installers, Awre fireplace installers and more. These and other locations are serviced by fireplace fitters and similar tradespeople. These versatile tradesmen's knowledge and experience make them well-suited for the successful installation of fireplaces in your property. The comfort, warmth and atmosphere that a fireplace brings to their living spaces can be experienced by residents with the help of these dedicated specialists. By going here, local homeowners can get fireplace installation quotes. Would you like to get a fireplace installed on your home? Don't delay - get a quote today!

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