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Fireplace Fitter Peterborough Cambridgeshire (PE1): A splendid way to add charm to any Peterborough property is by installing a new fireplace, or renovating an existing one. If you choose to combine your fireplace with a back boiler, not only can you take pleasure in the warmth and ambience of an open fire during the nippy winter evenings, you will also be supplied with plentiful hot water.

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However before you begin smashing down the walls of a bricked-up fireplace there are some vital considerations you must bear in mind if you are to end up with an efficient and safe fireplace. All work carried out must comply with Part J of the UK Building Regulations, which covers the construction and installation of flue linings, fireplaces, chimney breasts and hearths of any heat producing appliance.

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If you are a keen do-it-yourselfer it may be quite possible to restore a blocked up fireplace, however the chance of encountering structural issues in many cases is regrettably high. It may be your good fortune when you pull back the boarding surrounding an old fireplace to discover a hidden gem which requires little more than a good clean up and a visit from a chimney sweep to get a roaring fire going. It's much more likely that you will come across old brickwork that requires structural modifications and a stopped up flue.

If your property in Peterborough has a fireplace installed and it's not fitted correctly, there is not just a severe fire risk, but also of respiratory health problems. Therefore, using a specialist fireplace fitter is widely recommended in most cases. As mentioned in the Building Regulations for fireplaces, the airflow in a room must be adequate where there's a fireplace, because in order for it to burn properly and efficiently, the right quantity of oxygen is needed. Toxic carbon monoxide fumes can soon build up from a fire burning inefficiently in an inadequately ventilated room.

To enable the fire to get plenty of oxygen to combust effectively and safely all the time, it may be necessary for a professional fireplace installation team to install floors and walls with airflow vents. Moist air can easily get trapped within blocked chimney flues which might also need to have vents installed to increase air circulation, and prevent issues with dampness and staining on the chimney breast.

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Old chimneys are notorious for the amount of grime and soot that can build-up within them, thus when you go through the process of opening up an unused fireplace for restoration you should expect it to be a pretty messy enterprise. It's a good idea where possible to remove any furniture and carpets from the area before any work commences, although a thoughtful Peterborough fireplace installer will bring covers for your furniture and supply a certain level of protection. Re-opening a fireplace should be one of the initial things that you tackle, when it is a part of a more substantial home renovation project. By opening a fireplace first you'll avoid any soot from the chimney causing damage to other parts of your project, such as fresh plaster or paint on walls.


The time will come to clean and sweep the chimney and hearth and see what is fit for refurbishment, as soon as the fireplace has been opened up. If you have not already done so, you should now contact the local Peterborough chimney sweep. They will be able to provide you with expert guidance on the chimney and flue after sweeping, regarding the state of the chimney and if it would be advisable to swap the existing flue liner.

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After a chimney sweep assessment it may be required to install a new liner and/or strengthen the chimney breast in keeping with Part J of the UK Building Regulations. A competent fireplace installer and builder in Peterborough will be needed to carry out this task, and will have the knowledge and skills in construction to follow all building regulations.

In buildings that are older you might find the exposed fireplace is larger than you need, which will mean that a steel or concrete lintel will be necessary to adapt the opening. And after this process, restoring or replacing the hearth will be the next step in your fireplace installation in Peterborough. To remain in accordance with the present building regs, any fireplace hearth needs to be laid at least 12.5mm above the level of the floor, although you might discover that your hearth is sunk into a floor void, as they normally were in days gone by. You'll find that there is a wide range of pre-formed hearths in marble, concrete or stone, but if your fireplace is of non-standard size you may have to opt for a custom-built hearth, which you should ask your Peterborough fireplace builder about.

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Due to the wide selection of different fireplace styles and designs, choosing the most suitable one may not be that clear-cut. You can see what's on the market by going on the web or by visiting your nearest fireplace outlet. Every fireplace might not be appropriate for your flue and chimney therefore it is wise to accept any help and advice from your installation team in relation to your particular situation.

A wood burner or multi fuel stove will be appropriate for some rooms and homes in Peterborough, while an open fireplace will be a better choice for others. If you are lucky enough to have a home with an inglenook fireplace for instance, this is an ideal position for a cast iron wood-burner stove. This won't just reflect the heat back into the room, but will also draw attention to the beauty and charm of the stove.

For houses in Peterborough that do not have an existing chimney, a multi-fuel or wood burning stove is a good alternative. A pre-existing chimney isn't needed because the flue is fitted to the rear or top of the wood burner and routed through an outside wall.


The charm and ambience of a log fire cannot be surpassed, but what alternatives are available if this form of fireplace isn't possible in your Peterborough home?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As the name suggests they can be fired up with with various fuels, such as oil, smokeless coal, wood or gas, and become a unique focal point in any kitchen or lounge in Peterborough. The AGA style is renowned as being capable of providing heat for an entire home, a constant supply of hot water and a cooker all in one unit.

Open Fireplaces - Can be used with a range of solid fuels, and establishes an interesting focal point for your living area. An expertly installed contemporary open fire is a far cry from the old style smoky fireplace that was bricked up by former owners, and its glowing elegance is a delightful addition to any home in Peterborough.

Gas Fireplaces - There are many designs to suit all types of home and their efficiency to warm a room is better than wood burning stoves. Only approved Gas Safe contractors are permitted to install these fires.

Electric Fireplaces - A wide variety of electric fires to complement any house in Peterborough, can be easily fitted by any competent individual. Today's electric fires can be successfully installed in your house, even if you've got a conventional fireplace, and some of them look almost like a "real" fire with crackling sound effects and dancing flames.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These devices can be a free standing feature when necessary, and there's a huge selection available to complement any period of dwelling in Peterborough. An added advantage of these products is that they can provide piping hot water for use around the home, or supply heating to another area of the home via a radiator, when connected to a back boiler.

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Fireplace installation providers can be found in the Peterborough area, together with: Woodston, Garton End, New Fletton, Westwood, Walton, Stanground, Wansford, Fengate, Paston, Orton Malborne, Bretton, Old Fletton, New England, Longthorpe, Dogsthorpe, in addition to places with postcodes like: PE1 1XR, PE1 1QT, PE1 1JQ, PE1 1SU, PE1 1QL, PE1 1PJ, PE1 1PY, PE1 1RX, PE1 1DD, and PE1 1HU. If a fireplace service has the phone code 1733 and the postcode PE1, you can be fairly certain that they come from somewhere in Peterborough area. If you just click the "quote" form or banner, you will get specifics on fireplace installation in your area.

Chimney Cowl Installation Peterborough

A chimney cowl is a hood-shaped cover that can be installed over your chimney to improve the draft and prevent smoke from backing up your chimney. It is usually made from galvanized iron and its purpose is to prevent the wind blowing smoke down the chimney. You should fit a cowl to your chimney in Peterborough if you wish to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace.

There are several forms of chimney cowl available. There are pot hanging cowls which can be installed without the need to remove the chimney pot. They hook up to the flue liner via 3 straps, which secure the cowl in position. Another style of cowl is a weathering cap, which is mounted on the end of the flue. It is bigger than the chimney pot, which makes sure that it remains in position.

Chimney cowls are a great way to prevent birds from building nests in your chimney and blocking the entire thing up. They're inexpensive and simple to put in. You should ensure that you have easy access to the space above the chimney in order to fit one. It can also stop dirt and debris from building up inside the chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in Peterborough if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you.

Fireplace Inserts Peterborough

The installation of fireplace inserts is a popular option for householders in Peterborough looking to upgrade their conventional fireplaces. These inserts have been specifically created to maximise the efficiency of a fireplace by increasing heat output into the room and reducing heat loss. These inserts offer a more practical and safe way to experience the allure of a fire, without the fuss and untidiness associated with conventional wood-burning fireplaces.

From gas to electric and wood-burning, fireplace inserts are available in various sizes and designs. Easy to use and requiring little maintenance, gas fireplace inserts are a great option, while electric inserts offer convenience and flexibility with their adjustable settings and remote control. Householders who appreciate the true experience of a crackling fire and the fragrance of burning wood will find wood-burning inserts to be the ideal solution.

Fireplace inserts not only provide efficiency and convenience but are also good for the environment. By burning fuel more efficiently and producing fewer emissions, they decrease the amount of air pollution caused by traditional fireplaces.

A professional installation is essential for a safe and correct installation of a fireplace insert. An excellent investment for any property owner seeking to improve the convenience, comfort, and value of their property, fireplace inserts provide numerous benefits.

Brick Fireplaces

Brick fireplaces have been a common feature in dwellings for hundreds of years, and they remain a beloved design element today. A brick fireplace can add warmth, character, and a little rustic charm to any room. Here are a few things to consider if you're thinking about adding a brick fireplace to your house in Peterborough.

Firstly, you'll need to decide on the design of fireplace you prefer. Conventional brick fireplaces commonly feature a simple design with a hearth and mantel. Nonetheless, you can also go with a more modern design with a sleek finish and clean lines.

Brick fireplaces can be constructed using different sorts of bricks. You can choose from a number of brick colours and textures to match your property's design. It's also possible to add extra elements such as stone, tile or wood to complement the brick.

Finally, keep in mind the functional considerations. A brick fireplace can be a source of heat for your house, therefore you will want to make certain that it is properly vented and that you're using it safely.

To summarise, brick fireplaces are a timeless addition to any property. They're durable, versatile, and can provide comfort and warmth for many years. If you're considering a fireplace for your home in Peterborough, a brick fireplace is a wonderful choice.

Improve the Cost-Efficiency of Your Fireplace in Peterborough

With all of the current ecological concerns, the traditional fireplace has lost some of its charm, however it's still a favourite feature for many in Peterborough. Sitting facing the warmth of a fireplace, brings back many treasured memories for lots of folks. The fireplace has numerous benefits for your property, but there are some major drawbacks that may need to be monitored. With energy costs rising each year, your fireplace must emit heat in a very cost-effective way. When a fire is burning, it may give warmth to people standing immediately in front of it, but it can actually pull warm air out of your room, making your heater work even harder. Anytime there is no fire, a damper ought to manage the airflow. Regrettably, dampers have a very ineffective seal, so cold air can get in, and warmer air will go out.

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What most people in Peterborough tend not to understand about their fireplace is that it doesn't do exactly what they imagine it's doing. Instead of conserving resources, and heating costs, it is usually adding 100s of pounds of energy expense. There's a simple way to take your inefficient fireplace, and turn it into a heat producing system that will more closely fit your budget. Pretty much all you need to do is only 4 basic things boost the performance of your fireplace. You will appreciate that these tips will help to make your fireplace create quality heat and your current energy bill lower.

The initial thing that must be done is to replace the damper with a new top sealing damper. This kind of damper is mounted at the top end of the chimney, and operates like a storm door. It does an excellent job of retaining warm air in the house during wintertime and cool air from getting out in the summer months. This will not take a lot of time to install and you can get one online. Another thing that can be done is to place a fire-back at the rear of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that is created to add to the room decor, while saving the back wall from being damaged due to the heat. The fire-back basically heats up from the open fire and sends the heat back into the room, consequently improving the efficiency of the fireplace.

Another thing that could also help is a fireplace heater, which heats the air which is being circulated through a chamber, and sends it back towards the room. These devices don't produce any smoke and can be very efficient in keeping your house warm and toasty. And finally, putting in glass doors, even though a bit on the costly side, can be beneficial in making your fireplace cost efficient. Browsing around, you should be able to locate a bargain, and with clear instructions, you could possibly put them in on your own. Such glass doors form a barrier between the fireplace and living space, not only stopping the warm air in the room from escaping up the flue, but also affording some protection to the inhabitants.

The guidance presented here is not that challenging to put into action, and most of the products can be readily purchased online, or from your local fireplace stockist. Preserve your existing fireplace and lower heating bills by increasing it's efficiency.

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Also find: Wansford fireplace installers, Garton End fireplace installers, Walton fireplace installers, Stanground fireplace installers, Woodston fireplace installers, New Fletton fireplace installers, Longthorpe fireplace installers, New England fireplace installers, Old Fletton fireplace installers, Paston fireplace installers, Fengate fireplace installers, Dogsthorpe fireplace installers, Westwood fireplace installers, Orton Malborne fireplace installers, Bretton fireplace installers and more. There are people who fit fireplaces in all of these areas. These versatile tradesmen possess the knowledge and experience necessary to adeptly install fireplaces in your property. These dedicated specialists can assist residents in experiencing the warmth, atmosphere and comfort that a fireplace brings to their homes. Local residents can obtain fireplace installation quotes by simply clicking here. Today is the ideal time to kick off your fireplace installation.

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Perhaps you arrived here searching for basic fireplace installation, yet your local Peterborough fireplace fitter can offer a large range of additional tasks and services, and these might include cheap fireplaces, the installation of modern fireplaces, wood burning fireplace installation, marble fireplace installation in Peterborough, fireplace services, traditional fireplaces Peterborough, fireplaces in Peterborough, fire grate conversions, fireplace removal, 2-sided fireplaces, electric fireplace installation, traditional electric fires Peterborough, classic fireplaces, freestanding stoves, gas fireplaces, elm fireplaces Peterborough, fireplace installation, double-sided stove installations, oak beam fireplaces in Peterborough, gas fireplace installation, electric fireplaces in Peterborough, outdoor fireplaces Peterborough, contemprary fireplace installations, fake fireplaces, electric fire suites, 3-sided fireplaces Peterborough, reclaimed fireplaces Peterborough, fireplace packages, Victorian fireplaces, fireplace repairs, timber mantels, Regency fireplaces Peterborough, hearth fireplaces, fireplace hearths, tiled fireplaces Peterborough, and more. Peterborough professionals, when approached, will be delighted to keep you abreast of the whole range of fireplace services which are available. If there is something fireplace related, that you need but cannot see listed here, you can always go to this QUOTE FORM and fill out your details.

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