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Fireplace Fitter Shaw Greater Manchester (OL2): Re-opening up an old fireplace or putting in a new one is a wonderful way to add a touch of character to any room of your dwelling in Shaw. Cold winter evenings can become very enjoyable as you sit back in front of your new fireplace listening to the crackle of a burning fire, and if your fire is used in combination with a back boiler you can also enjoy cheap hot water too.

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. Any heating appliance installed within domestic homes in Shaw must conform to Part J of the UK's Building Regs, and this applies to hearths, flue linings, fireplaces and chimney breasts. For a fireplace installation in a building that is listed, or one which is positioned in a designated conservation area, you will need to check with you local planning office if planning permission will be required.

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When refurbishing an old bricked-up fireplace, there's a fair chance of coming across structural issues, so even if you are an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer you could easily struggle with this sort of work. It might be your good fortune when you pull back the covering from a disused fireplace to find a hidden treasure which requires nothing more than a quick clear out and a visit from a chimney sweep to get a roaring fire going once again. What is more typical however is a jumble of crumbling, old brickwork that hides a stopped up flue, and needs some degree of structural reinforcement before it can be used safely.

A wrongly fitted fireplace can cause serious respiratory health problems and fire risk and should only be fitted by a professional fireplace company in Shaw with the knowledge and experience to install it safely. A major part of the Building Regulations for fireplaces is that enough oxygen is available for the fire to burn properly and efficiently. Not enough oxygen means the fire won't burn well, and a build up of carbon monoxide fumes could occur, which can lead to death.

To guarantee an adequate amount of air flow for the fire to burn properly and safely, an experienced fireplace installation team will consider the situation at hand and place vents in locations around the room, or under the flooring, thus resolving this issue. To prevent condensed air becoming trapped in blocked off or unused chimney flues and producing damp spots and staining, vents might need to be fitted by the fireplace installation team to introduce some airflow.

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Chimney breasts are notorious for the amount of dust and soot that can build-up inside them, consequently when you set out to open up a fireplace you should assume that it will be an exceptionally messy affair. Even with covers and other dust protection for your home furnishings, the likelihood of impairment from grime and soot is still likely and it's advisable to remove your furniture and carpets before any fireplace renovation work commences. When it's merely a part of a larger refurbishment project, opening up an unused fireplace should be one of the very first things that you do, because of the mess involved. By opening a fireplace first you'll prevent any soot from the chimney causing damage to other parts of your project, such as paint on walls or fresh plasterwork.


It will be time to sweep and clean the chimney and hearth and work out what is fit for restoring, as soon as the fireplace has been opened up. The first thing on your checklist will be to bring in a competent Shaw chimney sweep. A decent chimney sweep will first of all clean the flue and whilst doing this will inspect the structural condition of the chimney and offer you advice on whether you need a new flue lining.

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It could be vital to fit a new flue liner to observe the all important UK Building Regulations, and construction work might also be required to strengthen the existing chimney and breast. This is not going to be the type of work that you can do yourself, so you'll have to hire an experienced builder or fireplace fitter who is experienced in good construction techniques and a knowledge of the relevant Building Regs.

You can't be certain that the size of the revealed fireplace will tally with the style that you have planned, in which case it may be necessary to put in a new concrete lintel. Once this step has been completed, the renovation or upgrading of the hearth can be dealt with. You might find your existing hearth has been sunken into the floor, however to conform to latest Building Regulations in the UK it must be raised at least 12.5mm above normal floor level. You will find that there's a huge selection of off-the-shelf hearths in marble, stone or slate, however if you have a non-standard sized fireplace you might have to go for a custom-made hearth, which you should ask your fireplace builder in Shaw about.

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If you check out a fireplace outlet you'll find that you are spoilt for choice with the range of different choices open to you. It is entirely possible that owing to your current chimney, flue and airflow to the room, that some fireplaces might not be appropriate, and it's advisable to follow the advice of your fireplace company in this respect.

Whether you opt for a wood burner, an open fireplace or a multi-fuel stove will be determined by the all round look you're aiming to develop, your existing decor and in some situations, your property's age. For instance, an inglenook fireplace can be a perfect backdrop for a classic cast iron wood-burner stove, which highlights its character and deflects the heat into the room.

A cast iron wood burner is also a great choice if your home hasn't got a chimney breast. Your fireplace fitter can take a flue directly from the top or rear of the stove and out through an external wall, therefore a chimney structure is not required.


The ambience and charm of an open fire can't be surpassed, however what options are available if this type of fireplace is not possible in your Shaw home?

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Multi-fuel stoves provide you with options to use gas, oil, wood and coal to furnish you with a multipurpose stove for any property in Shaw. These stoves can be used not just for heating a room, but some styles such as the AGA range, can supply hot water, provide a useful cooking area and can be employed for heating the complete house if they're plumbed into a network of radiators.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These stoves can even be a free standing feature if required, and there's a wide range available to complement any period of home in Shaw. When used in combination with a back boiler, these kinds of stoves can provide additional heating capabilities by transferring the hot water to cold areas of your house via a radiator.

Open Fireplaces - A flickering fire is a unique focal point for any room and it has the capability to burn almost any solid fuel available on the market. In earlier times an open fire might have had a reputation of being smoky, draughty and inefficient, however a skillfully fitted contemporary fireplace is wonderful to watch while basking in the warm glow it provides.

Electric Fireplaces - Straightforward installation and a diverse choice of styles make electric fireplaces the obvious choice for Shaw homes that don't have a chimney. Modern electric fires can deliver "real" looking flame effects and and sometimes even the sound of crackling wood to imitate an open fire when set into into an old fashioned fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces - There are a variety of designs to complement any house in Shaw, and they provide instant heat which is more thermally efficient than a wood burner stove. Gas fires can only be maintained and fitted by a certified Gas Safe registered engineer, (formerly CORGI registered).

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Fireplace installation providers can be accessed in the Shaw area, and in: Balderstone, Slattocks, Crompton, Crompton Fold, Holden Fold, Moorside, Burnedge, Clough, Luzley Brook, Heyside, High Crompton, Shaw Side, Denshaw, Sholver, Chadderton Fold, Grains Bar, Royton, Castleton, in addition to places with postcodes like: OL1 4SS, OL1 4PQ, OL2 7AB, OL2 7LW, OL2 7NL, OL2 7NH, OL2 7HD, OL2 7HR, OL2 7BD, OL2 7AG. Shaw fireplace fitters will generally have the telephone dialling code 01706 and the postcode OL2. Confirming that this is so should guarantee that you are looking at a local fireplace installer.

Flue Linings

Put in to boost the safety and efficiency of your chimney structure, a chimney or flue liner is important and shouldn't be left out whatever the circumstances. With the purpose of transporting toxic fumes safely to the outside of a building, flue liners are ducts made of ceramic material, metal or clay that are installed inside chimneys. There's a pretty good possibility that if your Shaw home is really old, the chimney might not even have a flue lining, and even if it does it will most likely need to be replaced.

Harmful gases and fumes can be formed by burning fires and these gases can eat away at the flue lining of your chimney. When you're getting your chimney swept, it's recommended that you get the sweep to look around for any damage. The toxic gases which are generated by a fire, could seep into your home if a flue is broken. There is an additional hazard with busted flue linings, in that they may allow extreme heat to penetrate into the structure of the chimney, which might contribute to fires.

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Irrespective of whether you've got a wood burning stove or an open fire, you will need to get your chimney swept frequently. To be completely safe, it is wise to clean and sweep your chimney once or twice a year, especially if you are burning wood or bituminous coal.

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It is invariably better to bring in a qualified Shaw chimney sweep if you want to get this done correctly. Bringing in a chimney sweep not only keeps your chimney clean and tidy but also highlights any problems that there may be with your chimney.

A chimney fire could easily be caused by a build-up of ash and soot if this is not removed by sweeping. An equally hazardous situation that can arise as a result of a badly maintained chimney is carbon monoxide gas flowing back into your home.

This all adds up to the fact that you should always hire a dependable Shaw chimney sweep, and one who has good public liability cover in case any damages or accidents occur. To book your chimney sweep in Shaw CLICK HERE. You can also get chimney sweeping done in Balderstone, Slattocks, Crompton, Crompton Fold, Holden Fold, Moorside, Burnedge, Clough, Luzley Brook, Heyside, High Crompton, Shaw Side, Denshaw, Sholver, Chadderton Fold, Grains Bar, Royton, Castleton, and and of course in Shaw.

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A chimney cowl is a hood-shaped cover that fits over the chimney pot to improve the draft and stop smoke from backing up. Often composed of galvanised iron, the chimney cowl is designed to prevent the wind from blowing smoke down the chimney and causing problems. You should install a cowl on your chimney in Shaw if you wish to enjoy the key benefits of a fireplace.

A chimney cowl can also help protect your house and keep you safe. There are several types of chimney cowl available, each one is designed to address different problems. Before you buy one, consider a few factors to make sure you get one that will help safeguard your house. As soon as you know exactly what you need, you can then pick a chimney cowl based on your budget and needs.

One of the most common sorts of chimney cowls is known as the H-style. This style is one of the best for controlling the draught and enables your fireplace to function more efficiently. It is made out of a series of H-shaped pipes that isolate the combustion gases from down draughts. It was originally created for marine applications, but has become popular among homeowners due to its energy-saving functionality.

Another type is the Aerodyne cowl. It works by drawing air into the chimney cowl and lowering downdraught. It is available in an assortment of colours. Its venturi shape draws air into the chimney cowl, creating a drop in air pressure that draws air upward from the stove.

Chimney cowls are a simple way to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in Shaw. They are inexpensive and simple to install. You should ensure you have clear access to the area above the chimney to fit one. It can also prevent dirt and debris from building up inside your chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in Shaw if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is an essential aspect of maintaining the efficiency, functionality and safety of both home and commercial chimney systems in Shaw. Deterioration can occur in chimneys over time due to their exposure to temperature fluctuations, weather elements, and the by-products of combustion. These factors can lead to a number of issues that require timely and expert attention.

Cracks in the chimney structure can be a common problem that calls for chimney repair. Additional damage and compromised structural integrity of the chimney can be caused by moisture seepage, which is increased by these cracks. Any occupants of the building can also be exposed to serious health hazards when harmful gases, including carbon monoxide, escape from cracks in the chimney and into the living spaces. (13096)

Shaw Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Shaw

Your local Shaw fireplace installer can provide a whole range of tasks and services, and along with what's already been covered they will be able to do outdoor fireplaces Shaw, flue liners in Shaw, stone fireplaces, elm fireplaces Shaw, two-sided fireplaces, corner fireplaces Shaw, traditional fireplaces Shaw, fire grate conversions Shaw, inset stove installation, inglenook fireplace installations in Shaw, fireplace services Shaw, reclaimed fireplaces Shaw, fireplace repairs in Shaw, electric fire suites in Shaw, designer fireplaces Shaw, fireplace installation, fake fireplaces, three-sided fireplaces, the installation of modern fireplaces in Shaw, chimney repairs, oak beam fireplaces, gas fireplaces in Shaw, Victorian fireplaces, wood burning fireplace installations, Victorian fireplace installations, fireplace design, Victorian fireplaces Shaw, hearth fireplaces, marble fireplaces, open fireplaces, fireplaces in Shaw, modern fireplace in Shaw, fake fireplace installation Shaw, chimney modifications in Shaw, fireplace surrounds, to mention a few. These services are just a few of those offered by a local fireplace fitter.

Family & Friends

When you have a project or undertaking that requires hiring a contractor or service in Shaw, asking friends and relatives for recommendations is invariably a great help. In an effort to find someone who is suitable for your requirements, person to person references are usually preferable, and can sometimes give you the chance to weed out an inferior contractor or a company that's got a below par record for service.

Friends and Family

Getting feedback from a friend or relative will also mean that you get an insight into the timekeeping and reliability of the contractor, and if anything went pear-shaped, what the contractor's attitude was like and how swiftly were any problems resolved. They'll also be able to provide you with info about how the final bill stood up in comparison with the initial quotation that was given, specifics which are usually tricky to obtain from the installers directly.

Ultimately, the folks that who you know and can trust are your friends and family members, so in relation to advice, rely on them. If you find that it is hard to get particulars on a certain contractor or fireplace fitter, it is probably because they've had a disappointing experience in their dealings with them. A lot of people will be perfectly willing to speak about a decent contractor, less likely to talk about a lousy one, and may suggest an alternative company rather than 'slag off' a below par business they have had dealings with in the past.

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Fireplaces Around Shaw: People living in the following roads and areas have just recently enquired about fireplace installation - Alfred Street, Eskdale Avenue, Edmund Street, Napier Street, Northdowns Road, Greenhill Avenue, Whitehead Street, Bourne Road, Osborne Street, Mark Lane, Narrowgate Brow, Albert Street, Great Meadow, St Mary's Gate, Woodhouse Road, Blair Close, Victoria Gardens, Rufford Close, The Knoll, Bowland Close, Buckstones Road, Capesthorne Drive, Collinge Street, Staveley Close, Hesketh Avenue, Milnrow Road, Brellafield Drive, Buttermere Grove, Thirlmere Grove, as well as these Shaw area postcodes: OL1 4SS, OL1 4PQ, OL2 7AB, OL2 7LW, OL2 7NL, OL2 7NH, OL2 7HD, OL2 7HR, OL2 7BD, OL2 7AG. These locations recently saw activity by local installers of fireplaces. Shaw homeowners enjoyed high quality and reliable fireplace services in every case.

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More Shaw Tradespeople: Of course, whenever you're doing home remodeling in Shaw, Greater Manchester, you'll probably be in need of all sorts of different tradespeople and along with fireplace specialists in Shaw, Greater Manchester, you might also need a stonemason in Shaw, a general builder in Shaw, a cleaner in Shaw, a chimney sweep in Shaw, a bricklayer in Shaw, a painter and decorator in Shaw, an odd job man in Shaw, a tiling specialist in Shaw, a plasterer in Shaw, an electrician in Shaw, waste removal in Shaw, a floor fitter in Shaw, a heating engineer in Shaw, jet washing in Shaw, a blacksmith in Shaw, a roofing specialist in Shaw, a carpenter and joiner in Shaw, SKIP HIRE in Shaw, and several other different Shaw tradesmen.

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Fireplace installation in OL2 area, telephone code 01706.

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