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Fireplace Fitter Melton Mowbray Leicestershire (LE13): A marvelous way to add some character to any Melton Mowbray home is by the installation of a new fireplace, or the renovation of an existing one. Nippy evenings in winter can become enjoyable as you relax beside your fireplace listening to the crackle of a burning fire, and if your fire is combined with a back boiler you can also enjoy cheap hot water as well.

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There are some things that you'll need to do to ensure you can safely install and use your new fireplace, before you start prising away at a bricked up chimney. For starters, Part J of the UK Building Regulations will have to be adhered to in regards to the installation and construction of any chimney breasts, flue linings, hearths and fireplaces that are part of a heat producing appliance in your house in Melton Mowbray. If your building in Melton Mowbray is listed or is in a conservation area, planning permission might also be needed before any work can begin.

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If any construction work is necessary in your fireplace installation, safety and structural issues could arise that will need resolving professionally, although a skilled DIY-er might be able to take a shot at a simple remodeling of an old or existing fireplace. When your blocked up fireplace is exposed you might find a sturdy hearth, lintel and chimney breast which requires little more than a chimney sweep to get it working again. What's more typical however is a jumble of crumbling brickwork that hides a stopped up flue, and needs some degree of structural reinforcement before it can be used safely.

Using a certified fireplace installer in Melton Mowbray is widely advised, as a fireplace that is poorly installed can can cause a fire risk and respiratory problems. As stated in the Building Regulations for fireplaces, the airflow in a room must be adequate where a fireplace is installed, because in order for it to burn efficiently, a sufficient amount of oxygen is needed. Carbon monoxide fumes (which are poisonous can accumulate in an inadequately ventilated area where a fire that is burning inefficiently is installed.

To allow the fire to get plenty of oxygen to combust efficiently and safely all the time, it may be a requirement for an experienced fireplace installation team to fit airflow vents in walls and floors. Condensed air can frequently get trapped in unused or blocked chimney flues which may also need to have flue vents installed to enhance air circulation, and prevent issues with dampness in the chimney breast.

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It is surprising just how much soot and grime can build up inside an old fireplace and you won't know what is there until you proceed to open it up. It's advisable to remove your your carpets and furniture before any fireplace restoration work and chimney sweeping starts, as even with dust sheets for your furniture, the chance of impairment from dirt and soot is still quite likely. If you are carrying out a complete restoration of a room or house, the fireplace should be opened up and worked on before any decoration or plastering works are tackled. This should help to prevent damage to other parts of your refurbishment project (i.e. plasterwork or freshly painted walls), by soot and other chimney dirt that is released.


Once you've opened up your old fireplace you'll have a greater understanding of the work that is needed, and also be in a position to sweep the chimney and clear out any sections of hearth that is still in position. One of the initial items on your checklist should be to phone a proper chimney sweep who operates in and around Melton Mowbray. They'll be willing to provide you with professional guidance on the chimney and flue after sweeping, as to the situation with the chimney structure and whether it would be advisable to replace the existing flue liner.

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Construction work may be needed to strengthen the original chimney and breast, and it may also be necessary to fit a new flue lining. All this repair work will need to follow the latest Building Regulations which are there for your safety. A competent tradesman who is familiar with the Building Regs and good construction practices will need to carry out this type of work.

If your home is quite old a concrete supporting lintel might be required to adapt the size of the opening, if it is found that the uncovered fireplace is too big. And after this, restoring or replacing the hearth will be the next stage of your fireplace installation project in Melton Mowbray. In the old days the hearth would be set into a hole in the floor, but the current UK Building Regulations require it to be raised slightly above the level of the floor. Ready-made options from granite, marble or concrete are available to achieve this, or your fireplace builder in Melton Mowbray may be able to offer you a bespoke, custom-made hearth to complement the style of your room.

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A quick browse online or a visit to a fireplace showroom will reveal the options that are available for the different fireplace styles and designs. It's important to seek the expert advice of the fireplace installers, as all fireplaces will not be suited to your specific chimney, flue and airflow.

In establishing the type and design of fireplace which is most appropriate for your circumstances, you'll want to look at the age of your house in Melton Mowbray, and the style you're attempting to create for your room or space. If you have an inglenook fireplace, a wood burner can look amazing set within it, and also has the benefit of deflecting heat into the room from the stone or brick walls surrounding the stove.

Even if your Melton Mowbray property doesn't have a chimney breast you still have options for a fireplace feature by putting in a wood burning or multi fuel stove. This style of fireplace can be installed with a flue that is taken through an outside wall and doesn't require a chimney, to be installed and work safely.


A roaring fire on a winter's evening creates a charm and ambience that simply can't be matched, however what are the other available options to install in your new fireplace in Melton Mowbray?

Gas Fireplaces - There are a range of different designs to suit all home types and their effectiveness in warming a room is better than open fireplaces or wood burning stoves. Must be professionally maintained and installed by a Gas Safe certified tradesman.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you'll probably deduce from the name, these kinds of stoves can burn a selection of different fuels, including smokeless coal, oil, wood or gas, and furthermore, they can also create an interesting focal point for your home in Melton Mowbray. If plumbed into your central heating system, some of the multi-fuel stoves (such as the AGA range) can provide you with heating for your entire property, as well as cooking facilities, hot water and even outside BBQs.

Open Fireplaces - This is the traditional fireplace, creating a great focal point for your room, and can use various different solid fuels, such as wood, briquettes, coal and anthracite nuts nuts. In times past thought of as being draughty, inefficient and smoky, a professionally installed modern open fireplace can be a joy to behold.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These have become "the in thing" in many households in Melton Mowbray, and can have modern or classic styling to complement your furnishings. A back boiler is an added benefit and could provide steaming hot water for personal use, or to provide heating for the house via radiators.

Electric Fireplaces - A wide variety of electric fireplaces to suit pretty much any house in Melton Mowbray, can be easily fitted by anyone who's reasonable competent. An electric fire can be successfully installed in your house, even if you've got a traditional fireplace, and some of them look almost like a genuine fire with dancing flames and even crackling sound effects.

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Fireplace fitters can be obtained in Melton Mowbray itself, in the following postcodes: LE13 0AQ, LE13 0FB, LE13 0JF, LE13 0BZ, LE13 0LD, LE13 0PN, LE13 0JL, LE13 0FJ, LE13 0FD, and LE13 0EL, plus in neighbouring locations like Brooksby, Scalford, Saxby, Burton Lazars, Welby, Frisby on the Wreake, Holwell, Kirby Bellars, Asfordby Hill, Shoby, Asfordby Valley, Asfordby, Saxelbye, Hoby, Great Dalby, Grimston, Brentingby. A couple of pointers which indicate that a fireplace service hails from the Melton Mowbray area is if they've got the postcode LE13 and the telephone code 01664. You will want to confirm this if you're focused on using a local fireplace specialist. Melton Mowbray property owners can use and enjoy these fireplace services.


Enabling your chimney to function much more effectively, a flue or chimney lining is a vital part of the chimney set-up on your house. Fitted to the inside of chimneys to transport smoke and fumes to the outside, flue liners are conduits manufactured from clay, ceramic material or metal. Chimneys on older properties in Melton Mowbray might not have flue linings at all, or will need to be relined in accordance with their condition and age.

Dangerous gases can be formed by the burning of fires and these gases can easily eat away at the flue of your chimney. Your flue needs to be routinely checked for damage and potential issues whenever it's being swept. You have to stop those harmful gases from leaking into your home, which is exactly what can happen when a flue lining is faulty. There is likewise the danger of fires in the home because a compromised flue can let intense heat penetrate the chimney's structure. (Tags: Chimney Liner Melton Mowbray, Flue Lining Melton Mowbray, Flue Liners Melton Mowbray).

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Regardless whether you have a wood burning stove or an open fire, you must get your chimney swept regularly. It is advised that you clean and sweep the chimney at least once per year.

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This can be a messy job, so it is best to call in a qualified Melton Mowbray chimney sweep. A competent chimney sweep will not only clean your chimney but additionally keep an eye out for safety issues.

A chimney fire could easily be brought on by a build-up of ash, creosote and soot if this is not removed by sweeping. Poisonous carbon monoxide gas can also be drawn back into your house if you allow your chimney to become blocked or poorly maintained.

In the unlikely event that any damages or accidents occur while you're having your chimney swept, make certain your chosen Melton Mowbray chimney sweep has public liability cover. To arrange your chimney sweep in Melton Mowbray GO HERE. (Tags: Chimney Sweeping Melton Mowbray, Chimney Sweep Melton Mowbray, Chimney Sweeps Melton Mowbray).

Tips To Look After Your Open Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Costs

The classic fireplace seems to have lost some of its glamour as a result of environmental worries but it is still loved by many folks in Melton Mowbray. There's nothing quite like feeling the warmth of an open fireplace during a freezing winter's evening. There are countless perks and benefits to having an open fireplace however there are several downsides that may need to be taken care of. As power costs increase, you should make sure that your fireplace is giving you heat efficiently. When a fire is burning, it may provide warmth for people standing close to it, but it can in fact pull warm air out of the room, making your heat source work even more. If there is no fire, a damper is supposed to manage the airflow. Unfortunately, dampers have a very inefficient seal, so cool air gets in, and warmer air will go out.

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What many property owners in Melton Mowbray usually do not realise about their fireplace is that it doesn't always do what they think it is doing. Instead of heating a home naturally, a fireplace can essentially add 100s of pounds to your heating expenses. You will find there's a way to take your less than efficient fireplace, and turn it into a heat generating system that your budget will love. There are at least 4 basic things that you can do to improve your fireplace. You will see that these guidelines will help to make your fireplace create quality heat and your present energy bill lower.

Step one is to take away the old damper and change it for a new top sealing damper. This type of damper is located towards the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain and snow from coming in. The top sealing damper will keep the air in the home from escaping and works incredibly well in both warm and cold weather conditions. It is not that hard to install and may also be easily purchased online. Another thing you will be able to do is fix a fire-back in the back part of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that's created to enhance the room design, while shielding the back wall from damage by the heat. The fire-back absorbs the heat from a fire, and sends it back into the room, enhancing the overall performance of your fireplace.

Another method is to buy a fireplace fan/heater, which draws air into the room and warms it up. These heating devices don't produce any smoke and can be very successful in keeping your property warm and cosy. Lastly, you may put in glass doors which could be the most expensive. If you do your homework, you should be able to get an excellent deal on glass doors and they aren't that hard to put in yourself. Glass fireplace doors will keep the air in your house from escaping and it also helps to safeguard your pets and children from fires.

These suggestions aren't all that difficult to do and you should be able to buy everything you need online. Get the best from your fireplace and see your energy bill drop.

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It's very rare that you will undertake a home improvement project or a garden revamp without generating quite a lot of waste that will have to be removed and disposed of. Whether or not a lot of waste is created by your fireplace installations will depend on the specifics of your particular project, sometimes there'll be a lot of waste, other times not much at all. Some tradespeople make allowances for waste removal when they prepare their quotes, and if this isn't mentioned ask if this is included, if not you will need to make your own arrangements.

One of the easiest and most trouble-free ways to dispose of this waste is to hire a skip. You should be able to get a skip that's perfect for you, because they come in a multitude of different sizes. Most skip hire companies in Melton Mowbray provide mini-skips, midi-skips, builders skips and roll-on-roll-off skips, and for different projects skip bags are also available.

To check the current prices of skip hire in Melton Mowbray GO HERE.

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Also find: Grimston fireplace installers, Kirby Bellars fireplace installers, Frisby on the Wreake fireplace installers, Great Dalby fireplace installers, Shoby fireplace installers, Holwell fireplace installers, Burton Lazars fireplace installers, Scalford fireplace installers, Asfordby Valley fireplace installers, Brooksby fireplace installers, Asfordby fireplace installers, Brentingby fireplace installers, Asfordby Hill fireplace installers, Saxby fireplace installers, Saxelbye fireplace installers, Welby fireplace installers, Hoby fireplace installers and more. There are people who fit fireplaces in just about all of these towns and localities. The adept installation of a fireplace in your property is well within the capabilities of these professional tradespeople, given their experience and knowledge. With the assistance of these dedicated experts, residents can enjoy the ambiance, comfort and warmth that a fireplace brings to their homes. If you're a local home or business owner looking to obtain competitive and accurate fireplace installation quotes tailored to your specific needs, just click here. Would your property benefit from the installation of a fireplace? Get a quote today!

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