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Fireplace Fitter Market Harborough Leicestershire (LE16): An excellent way to add charm to any Market Harborough property is by installing a new fireplace, or restoring an existing one. Cold winter evenings can become a joy as you sit beside your new fireplace listening to the crackle of firewood, and if your fire is used in combination with a back boiler you can also enjoy steaming hot water as well.

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If you're to finish up with an efficient and safe fireplace, there are a few essential points to consider, before you start knocking down the walls of a bricked-up fireplace. For starters, Part J of the UK's Building Regulations will have to be followed in regards to the construction and installation of any fireplaces, hearths, chimney breasts and flue linings that are part of a combustible appliance in your property in Market Harborough. Planning permission may also be needed before work begins if your home is listed or in a conservation area.

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A straightforward remodeling of a current fireplace can be executed by a competent DIY enthusiast, but if any building work is required there is a possibility of encountering structural issues that will need to be dealt with by a professional. When you reveal the old fireplace, you might be lucky and discover that in order to get a roaring fire once again, it needs little more than a thorough chimney sweep and a quick clean out of the hearth. It is far more likely however, that you will reveal a flue that is blocked and a swathe of old brickwork that needs to be structural reinforcement to make it safe.

Using a professional fireplace fitter in Market Harborough is normally advised, as an incorrectly installed fireplace can can cause a fire risk and respiratory health problems. There always has to be enough airflow into a room or space where there is a fireplace to guarantee adequate levels of oxygen enable the fire to burn properly. A fire will not burn properly if there's not enough oxygen, and death can occur when there's a build-up of carbon monoxide gas.

To enable the fireplace to receive plenty of oxygen to combust effectively and safely all the time, it might be necessary for a professional fireplace installation technician to fit airflow vents in walls and floors. Moist, condensed air can often get trapped inside unused chimney flues which could also need to have air vents installed, to prevent issues with damp in the chimney breast.

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Having a fireplace opened up can create large amounts of grime and soot. It's sensible when feasible to remove furniture and carpets from the room before the start of any work, although a fireplace installer will bring covers for for your furniture. Re-opening a fireplace ought to be one of the initial tasks that you do, when it's a part of a bigger home restoration project. The explanation for this is to avoid the chance of any discolouring damage to work that's already been done.


You'll get a far better idea about the restoration work that's necessary, after you've exposed the old fireplace. You'll also be able to sweep the chimney and clean any of the hearth that has survived. Bringing in a proper Market Harborough chimney sweep to clean your chimney will be one of the very first items on the agenda. They will be able to provide you with expert advice on the chimney and flue after sweeping, concerning the state of the chimney structure and if it is advisable to switch the existing lining.

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All of the appropriate Building Regulations must be adhered to, if you need to install a new flue liner or reinforce the chimney. This is not likely to be the type of work that you can do yourself, therefore you'll have to hire an experienced builder or fireplace installer who has experience in good construction practices and an understanding of the relevant Building Regs.

If the dimensions of the existing fireplace are bigger than your requirements, a supporting concrete lintel must be put in. When this stage has been completed, the upgrading or renovation of the existing hearth can be tackled. In earlier times the hearth was set into the floor, however the latest regulations demand that it's raised above the level of the floor. If your fireplace is of non-standard size you may have to purchase a made to measure hearth, however there are a wide range of pre-made hearths in marble, granite or slate.

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You will soon realise that you're spoiled for choice, with the wonderful selection of different choices that are available to you, as soon as step through the door of a good fireplace showroom. The advice and recommendations from your fireplace installers, which will be based on your specific requirements, will enable you to pick a fireplace that's both suitable for your chimney and flue, and suited to your decor.

In order to decide the fireplace design that is the best option for your particular situation, you will have to consider the age of your house in Market Harborough, and the style that you're trying to develop in your room. If you're fortunate enough to have a home with an inglenook fireplace for example, this is the perfect position for a classic cast iron wood-burner stove. This won't only redirect any heat that's generated back into the room effectively, but will also draw your gaze towards the charm and elegance of the stove itself.

A cast iron wood burner is also a great option if you don't have a chimney breast in your Market Harborough property. Since a stainless steel flue can be channeled through an external wall and has no requirement for an existing chimney, it's still quite possible to fit this style of fireplace.


A crackling fire on a cold, dark evening delivers an ambience and charm that cannot be beaten, however what are the other options available to put into in your lovely new fireplace in Market Harborough?

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Wood Burning Stoves - Available in a variety of designs and sizes that can be a freestanding feature if required, these versatile stoves can be employed in rooms both large and small. A model with an integrated back boiler can deliver additional heating by connecting the piping hot water to radiators in cold spots in your property.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you will doubtless guess from the name, these types of stoves can run on a number of different fuels, including wood, gas, coal or oil, and not just that, they can also create an excellent focal point for your living space. Some types, like the AGA range of multi-fuel stoves, are also suitable for cooking, providing hot water and heating your entire house.

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fireplaces come in a multitude of styles to suit your home and are typically more efficient than wood burning stoves. You will need a Gas Safe technician to fit one these fires in your property in Market Harborough.

Open Fireplaces - A crackling fire is a stunning focal point for any room in your home and it has the ability to burn virtually any solid fuel available on the market. Fortunately, today's fireplaces are not the inefficient, smoky and draughty features that they were in the past, and an open fire creates a cosy and warm atmosphere for the occupants to enjoy.

Electric Fireplaces - Straightforward installation and a wide choice of designs make electric fires a popular choice for Market Harborough houses that don't have a chimney. Contemporary electric fires can deliver authentic looking flame effects and even the sound of crackling wood to mimic an open fire when set into into a conventional fireplace.

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Fireplace installers can be located in Market Harborough itself, in these nearby postcodes: LE16 0SE, LE16 7GY, LE16 7DY, LE16 0SP, LE16 0GQ, LE16 0GT, LE16 7BL, LE16 0TD, LE16 7GR, and LE16 7BT, as well as in neighbouring areas like Foxton, Sibbertoft, Wilbarston, Great Oxendon, East Farndon, Clipston, Dingley, Little Bowden, Ashley, Stoke Albany, Theddingworth, Braybrooke, Marston Thrussell, Lubenham, Great Bowden. If a fireplace service has the dialling code 01858 and the postcode LE16, it is very likely that they operate in the Market Harborough area. You ought to verify this if you prefer to use a local fireplace builder. Click the "QUOTE" banner or form to get information on fireplace installation in your location.

Brick Fireplaces Market Harborough

Fireplaces that are made out of brick have been a preferred feature in homes for centuries, and they continue to be a beloved interior design element today. A brick fireplace can add warmth, character, and a little rustic charm to any room. The following are a few things to consider if you're thinking about adding a brick fireplace to your house in Market Harborough.

First and foremost, you'll need to decide on the design of fireplace you want. Conventional brick fireplaces generally feature a simple design with a mantel and hearth. However, you could also go with a more contemporary design with a sleek finish and clean lines.

When it comes to brick selection, there are plenty of options. Bricks come in an assortment of colours and textures, thus you can pick the ideal brick to complement your home's design. You could even think about mixing and matching brick styles to create a unique and different look.

Finally, consider the practical elements of a brick fireplace. Ensure that your fireplace is correctly vented and that you have a functioning chimney. If you want to use the fireplace for heat, consider the addition of a fireplace insert or glass doors to enhance efficiency and safety.

To conclude, a brick fireplace can add charm and warmth to any room. With correct planning and consideration, you can create a functional and beautiful brick fireplace that will enhance your home's design and provide a comfy ambiance for your family to enjoy.

Stone Fireplaces

If you want to really make an impression with your fireplace, there's no better way than to build one using stone. This is a fantastic way to bring a feel of the outdoors, inside! The external areas of your building may already have stone boundary walls, a stone facade, or some other natural stone feature. You could build something on the inside that complements the outside.

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A natural stone fireplace can be built using either full-depth stone or thinner stone cladding. Your taste and price range may determine which one you choose. The kinds of stone that can be used are numerous. Select from slate, granite, sandstone, limestone, quartz or marble.

The exact appearance of your stone fireplace will be affected by the building method (mortar built or dry stone), the type of stone used and the individuality of the stonemason or tradesman who builds it. Choose a style and design that you would like to end up with, and show the fireplace builder some photographs before they begin the project.

A lot of contemporary homes aren't really suited to the look of a natural stone fireplace, mainly because stone can be so striking, and dominate the appearance of an area. However, each individual homeowner has their own taste and preferences, hence it's for them to decide.

Flue Linings

A flue liner or chimney liner is a crucial part of your chimney structure, enabling it to function more efficiently than it otherwise would, and improving the overall safety of your property. Carrying toxic fumes outside a building, a flue liner runs the complete length of a chimney, and can be made from a variety of materials including such things as clay, metal or ceramics. Some older chimneys in Market Harborough might not even be fitted with a liner, or if the current liner is impaired, may have to be relined.

The dangerous fumes and gases which are generated when you burn a fire can cause damage to your fireplace's flue lining. You can either ask the chimney sweep to examine it for damage and potential problems whilst your chimney is being swept, or you could ask your fireplace builder to assess it. The toxic gases which are generated by a fireplace, can seep into your living space if a flue is broken. There is an additional hazard with broken flue linings, in that they might enable intense heat to penetrate the chimney's structure, which can result in fires. (Tags: Flue Liners Market Harborough, Chimney Lining Market Harborough, Flue Lining Market Harborough).

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is a key part of keeping both commercial and home chimney systems in Market Harborough efficient, safe and functional. Chimneys can be damaged over time by the byproducts of combustion, temperature fluctuations, and the effects of the weather. These factors can cause a range of issues that require the attention of a trained professional as soon as possible.

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The chimney structure can develop cracks that necessitate chimney repair. The risk of moisture infiltration and further damage can be increased by these cracks, which undermine the structural integrity of the chimney. Cracks in the chimney can also allow dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide, to escape into the living areas, posing serious health hazards to occupants.

Debris and creosote build-up is another common issue in the chimney flue. Chimney fires and reduced efficiency are both hazards of creosote accumulations. During regular chimney cleaning as part of the repair process, soot, creosote and debris are removed, which reduces fire hazards and ensures adequate airflow.

The process of repairing chimneys can tackle problems including leaks in the chimney. As a result of leaks, the entry of water into the chimney system can cause rusting, deterioration, and damage to the chimney lining. Further structural problems and decreased efficiency can be a consequence of this. The correct approach to repairs includes identifying the leak source, closing any gaps, and applying waterproofing methods to avoid future leaks.

With regards to chimneys, resist the urge for a DIY fix. These can be dangerous and leave hidden problems unresolved. Industry standards and effective repairs are assured when you hire specialist chimney repair services. With accredited chimney technicians, expert assessment of damage leads to customised repair recommendations, ultimately delivering solutions that optimise both performance and safety within your chimney system.

Don't neglect your chimney! Frequent inspections and timely repairs go a long way in ensuring its longevity. By identifying and resolving issues early on, you stop them from becoming more serious and costly to fix. Ignoring necessary repairs can lead to further damage, compromising the functionality of the chimney and increasing the risk of safety hazards.

To summarise, a healthy and safe chimney requires more than merely sweeping. Regular repairs are vital to address problems like the accumulation of creosote, leaks, cracks, and the all-round structural integrity of the chimney. Don't compromise on chimney safety or performance. Professional chimney repair services ensure both, while keeping your chimney compliant with industry regulations and standards. The recipe for a fantastic chimney system? Regular inspections, prompt repairs, and professional assistance. This winning formula guarantees efficient heating, a safe environment, and a comfortable living space. (39607 - Chimney Repairs Market Harborough)

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Also find: Wilbarston fireplace installers, Stoke Albany fireplace installers, Dingley fireplace installers, Theddingworth fireplace installers, Clipston fireplace installers, Ashley fireplace installers, Great Bowden fireplace installers, Braybrooke fireplace installers, Great Oxendon fireplace installers, Marston Thrussell fireplace installers, Sibbertoft fireplace installers, Little Bowden fireplace installers, Lubenham fireplace installers, Foxton fireplace installers, East Farndon fireplace installers and more. There are people who fit fireplaces in practically all of these towns and areas. These seasoned tradesmen's experience and knowledge make them well-suited for the precise installation of fireplaces in your property. With the help of these dedicated specialists, residents can enjoy the warmth, comfort and ambiance that a fireplace brings to their living areas. To obtain fireplace installation quotations, local residents can simply click here. Does your property need a fireplace? Why not get a quote today?

Market Harborough Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Market Harborough

The selection of tasks that can be accomplished by your local fireplace installer are wide and varied, and should include things like fireplaces, tiled fireplaces, elm fireplaces, inset stoves, fireplace removal, the installation of tiled fireplaces in Market Harborough, fireplace cleaning, multifuel & wood burning stove installation, outdoor fireplaces, chimney cowl installation, inglenook fireplace, double-sided stove installation, fake fireplaces, chimney strengthening, fireplace repairs, freestanding stoves, electric fireplace installation, carbon monoxide detector installation, chimney sweeping, fireplace fitting, stone fireplace installation, chimney lining, fireplace replacement, chimney modifications, electric suites, marble fireplaces, bespoke fireplaces, stone fireplaces, fireplace services, fire grate conversions, and others not listed here. In terms of what is available, this is by no means an extensive list of the services which are offered by your local fireplace installer. Market Harborough professionals providing these kinds of fireplace sevices, will provide a complete list when requested. You could perhaps go to this QUOTE FORM and submit your details, if there are other Market Harborough fireplace requirements that you need but cannot find here.

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More Market Harborough Tradespeople: When your Market Harborough property needs refurbishing or improvements, numerous different tradespeople may be required to complete the work, and despite the fact that your current search is for fireplace specialists in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, you may also need the skills of floor screeding in Market Harborough, an odd job man in Market Harborough, a carpenter in Market Harborough, an electrician in Market Harborough, a chimney sweep in Market Harborough, a plumber in Market Harborough, a builder in Market Harborough, a painter and decorator in Market Harborough, a plasterer in Market Harborough, SKIP HIRE in Market Harborough, a tiling specialist in Market Harborough, metalworkers in Market Harborough, a stonemason in Market Harborough, waste removal in Market Harborough, a roofing contractor in Market Harborough, power washing in Market Harborough, a bricklayer in Market Harborough, brick cleaning in Market Harborough, and probably others.

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