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Fireplace Fitter Girvan Scotland (KA26): Opening up an unused fireplace or having a new one installed is a great way to add a bit of charm to any room in your house in Girvan. If you choose to combine your new fireplace with a back boiler, not only can you take pleasure in the ambience and warmth of an open fire or stove on those chilly winters' evenings, you will also be provided with plentiful boiling hot water.

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There are a few important things to consider before you begin any work, in order to create an efficient, attractive and safe fireplace in your house. Any work that's undertaken on your chimney breast, fireplace, hearth and flue lining must comply with the Building Regulations, Part J for heating appliances.

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When refurbishing an existing bricked-up fireplace, there is a high probability of stumbling on structural issues, therefore even if you're an accomplished DIY person you could easily struggle with this sort of work. You might be fortunate when you uncover the old fireplace and find you need little more than a thorough clean out of the hearth and a chimney sweep in order to get your fire roaring once more. What is more typical however is a jumble of old brickwork that conceals a blocked flue, and needs some form of structural modification before it can be used safely.

If your property in Girvan has a fireplace installed and it is not correctly put in, there is not only a fire risk, but also of respiratory health issues. Therefore, using a certified fireplace installer is generally recommended. So that a fire can burn properly in a space with a fireplace, there has to be enough airflow to create a good level of oxygen. Lethal carbon monoxide fumes can soon accumulate from an inefficiently burning fire in a poorly ventilated room.

To ensure a sufficient air flow for the fire to burn safely and efficiently, an experienced fireplace installation team will evaluate the circumstances and fit vents around the room, or underneath the floor, thus resolving this issue. To increase air circulation in unused or blocked chimney flues, the fireplace installation technician might also need to install flue vents to stop moist, condensed air becoming trapped and producing staining and damp patches.

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A substantial amount of dust and soot can be discharged from a blocked up fireplace when reopening it for renovation. It is advisable to remove any furniture, carpets and rugs from a room where you're planning to open up an old fireplace, to avoid them from being affected by dust, muck and soot that might be stirred up during the fireplace installation works. If you are conducting a full renovation of a room or house, the fireplace should be opened up and worked on before any plastering or decorating is undertaken. By opening up a fireplace first you'll avoid any chimney soot causing damage to other phases of your renovation project, such as paint on walls or fresh plasterwork.


With your fireplace now open, it is time to see what can be renovated and to give the hearth and chimney a comprehensive clean. One of the very first items on your agenda should be to bring in a decent chimney sweep who operates in and around Girvan. After sweeping, they'll offer professional advice on the state of the flue and chimney structure, and let you know whether there are components that need to be repaired.

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If you need to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney all relevant Building Regulations must be adhered to. This work needs to be tackled by a competent craftsman with experience of the current Building Regs and decent working practices.

If the size of the existing fireplace is bigger than your needs, a new concrete lintel will need to be put in. When your new lintel is safely in position you can now proceed with the upgrade, installation and repair of the fireplace's hearth. The present UK Building Regulations demand that the hearth is set above the normal floor level, although in the old days it would have been sunken into the floor. Pre-made solutions from marble, granite or concrete are available on the market to accomplish this, or your fireplace installer in Girvan may be able to offer you a bespoke, tailor-made hearth to fit in with the design of your room.

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Browsing on the internet or visiting a nearby fireplace showroom will swiftly make you realise that there's a vast array of different styles of fireplace for you to choose from for your home. You should generally follow the recommendations of the fireplace company in relation to which fireplaces will be suited to your specific flue, chimney and ventilation situation, because some will not be.

Whether you go with a wood burner, an open fireplace or a multi-fuel stove will depend on the overall style that you're attempting to establish, your current decor and perhaps even, your property's age. For example, an inglenook fireplace can be an ideal backdrop for a traditional cast iron wood-burner stove, highlighting its character and reflecting heat back into the room.

For homes in Girvan that haven't got a chimney, a wood burning stove is a splendid option. A pre-existing chimney isn't needed in this instance as a stainless steel flue is taken straight from the rear or top of the stove and passed through an exterior wall.


Who can deny that they enjoy the crackling of an open fireplace on a cool winters' evening, but if your circumstances do not allow for this, what are the other available options?

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Wood Burning Stoves - These devices can be a free standing feature where needed, and there's a wide array to suit any kind of property in Girvan. A model with an integrated back boiler will deliver supplementary heating by connecting the hot water to a radiator in a cold spot of your property.

Gas Fireplaces - More thermally efficient than wood burning stoves, gas fireplaces come in a whole host of styles to complement your house in Girvan. Have to be professionally maintained and fitted by Gas Safe registered (replaced CORGI register in 2009) tradesman.

Open Fireplaces - Provides an eye-catching focal point for any room and can utilise a range of solid fuels. A skillfully installed open fire is far from the old style smoky fireplace that was perhaps bricked up by earlier owners, and its warm charm is a welcome addition to any house in Girvan.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you'll likely guess from the name, these stoves can be fed a selection of fuels, including smokeless coal, oil, wood or gas, and not just that, they can also be a focal point for your living space. If you opt for a multi-fuel stove from the AGA range, you can do cooking, get supplied with hot water, and when linked up to your radiators or central heating system, heat your whole home.

Electric Fireplaces - Basic installation and a diverse choice of designs make electric fires the obvious choice for Girvan properties without a chimney. Can be inset into traditional fireplaces, and with the "real" looking feel of modern electric fires it can often be difficult to distinguish them from the genuine thing.

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Fireplace installation work can be carried out in Girvan and also in nearby places like: Dailly, Ardwell, Pinmore, Dipple, Maidens, Glendrissaig, Glendoune, Grangeston, Maybole, Pinwherry, Chapeldonan, Turnberry, Barr, Colmonell, Ballantrae, together with these postcodes KA26 9AJ, KA26 0BX, KA26 9HD, KA26 9ES, KA26 0DZ, KA26 9AN, KA26 0DF, KA26 0YF, KA26 9DY, and KA26 0DY. Local Girvan fireplace services will probably have the postcode KA26 and the phone code Dialling code 01465. You should check this if you favour using a local fireplace fitter.

Chimney Cowls Girvan

A chimney cowl is a hood-shaped cover that fits over the chimney pot to increase the draft and prevent smoke from backing up. It's usually made of galvanised iron and designed to prevent the wind blowing smoke down the chimney. If you wish to fully enjoy the benefits of a fireplace, you should fit a cowl to your chimney in Girvan.

A chimney cowl can also help protect your dwelling and keep you safe. There are numerous sorts of chimney cowls available on the market, each is designed to address different scenarios. Before buying one, consider a few factors to ensure that you get one that will help protect your house. As soon as you know precisely what you need, you can then select a chimney cowl to match your budget and needs.

One of the most common types of chimney cowls is the H-style. This style is one of the best for controlling the draught and enables your fireplace to function more efficiently. It is made out of a series of H-shaped pipes that isolate the combustion gases from down draughts. It was originally designed for marine applications, but has become popular among homeowners because of its energy-saving functionality.

Another kind is the Aerodyne cowl. It works by drawing air into the chimney cowl and lowering downdraught. It is available in a number of colours. Its venturi shape draws air into the chimney cowl, creating a drop in air pressure that draws air upward from the fireplace.

Chimney cowls are a quick way to stop birds from nesting in your chimney in Girvan. They're cheap and simple to put in. You should make sure you have clear access to the space above the chimney to install one. It can also stop debris from building up inside your chimney. Ask your local fireplace installer in Girvan if they can fit a suitable chimney cowl for you.


A vital addition to the chimney system on your home, a chimney liner or flu liner improves the overall safety of your chimney whilst enabling it to function more effectively than it would otherwise. With the objective of carrying fumes to the outside of a building, flue liners are ducts fabricated from ceramic material, metal or clay which are fitted to the inside of chimneys. Older chimneys in Girvan might not have linings at all, or will need to be relined determined by their age and condition.

The flue of your chimney can easily be damaged and eaten away and harmed by the dangerous gases that form whilst a fire is burning. Make sure that your fireplace specialist inspects the flue for damage and potential issues. If there is damage, those dangerous gases might be able to seep into your living area rather than being properly vented outdoors. Impaired flue liners can also cause house fires - so have them checked out! (Tags: Flue Liners Girvan, Flue Lining Girvan, Chimney Liner Girvan).

Improve the Cost-Efficiency of Your Fireplace

The classic fireplace has lost a little bit of of its allure as a result of worries about the environment but it is still favoured by many in Girvan. There's nothing like feeling the natural warmth of a fireplace during a freezing winter's evening. The open fireplace has numerous benefits for your property, but there are some important downsides that need to be fixed. Because of energy costs increasing so swiftly nowadays, your fireplace should be a good source of heat, not one of inefficiency. When you have a fire going in the fireplace, it can in fact remove warm air away from the room, making your heat source work harder. In the event you do not have a fire lit, the damper is intended to keep heat in. Unfortunately, fireplace dampers are renowned for being inefficient in keeping warm air in the dwelling and cold air out.

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Many homeowners that have fireplaces in their property in Girvan do not realize how the fireplace can cause their utility bills to skyrocket. Rather than keeping the cost of heating down, it could actually do the precise opposite if one is not careful. However it's not all hopeless as there are ways to make your fireplace much more cost-efficient. There are at least 4 easy points that you could certainly do to improve your fireplace. You will see that these guidelines will help to make your fireplace generate quality heat and your energy bill lower.

The very first thing to do is to replace the existing damper with a new top sealing damper. This type of damper is placed at the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain from coming in. The top sealing damper keeps the air in the home from leaking out and will work very well in both cold and warm weather conditions. It isn't very difficult to fit and may also be easily purchased online. A second thing that you can do is to place a fire-back at the back of your fireplace. This is a cast iron plate that's intended to add to the room interior decoration, while protecting the back wall from being damaged due to the fires. The fire-back also soaks up heat coming from the fire and channels it back into the room, making the fireplace more efficient.

Another option is to get a fireplace fan/heater, which draws air into the room and warms it up. These devices are put in place as closed systems in order that they do not produce any smoke, but they're extremely effective in keeping your house warm. Finally, you may install glass doors which could be the most expensive. If you do a bit of research, you can find glass doors at a good price and mount them yourself. Glass fireplace doors is able to keep the air in your house from escaping and also help to protect your pets and children from falling into the fire.

All these suggestions are simple to implement, and the required products can easily be found online. Try your very best to keep your fireplace efficient and see your heating bills plummet.

Natural Stone Fireplaces

You could always think about bringing the outdoors inside, and build a fireplace out of natural stone, which is an effective way to achieve a truly spectacular look. There may already be some natural stone features on the exterior of your house, a boundary wall or stone facade, perhaps? This may be a way to coordinate those features on the inside.

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You can construct a natural stone fireplace by using either a thin stone cladding or a full-depth stone, and the one you opt for may be influenced by your personal preference and how much money you are able to spend. The kinds of stone that can be used are numerous. Pick from limestone, granite, slate, marble, quartz or sandstone.

The appearance of your finished fireplace will depend on the individuality of the tradesperson or stonemason who builds it, the type of stone that is used and the method of building. Gather together some photographs and discuss these with your fireplace installer before they start work, if you have an understanding of just what you want.

Although some modern houses might not suit the look of a natural stone fireplace, there are plenty of contemporary designs that use a blend of wood, stone and metal, that can be particularly striking.

Chimney Sweeping Girvan

The regular sweeping of your chimney is imperative if you've got a stove or an open fire in your house in Girvan. Chimney sweeping should generally be done at least once every year.

Chimney Sweep Girvan

It's invariably better to bring in a professional Girvan chimney sweep if you want to get this work done properly. A skilled chimney sweep will not only clean your chimney but also be on the lookout for safety issues.

A chimney fire could easily be brought on by a build-up of soot and creosote if this is not removed by sweeping. As well as stopping fires, you'll also want to avoid the chance of poisoning by carbon monoxide fumes. When a chimney gets blocked this toxic substance can seep back into your property with horrible consequences.

Check that your chosen chimney sweep in Girvan is properly covered by public liability insurance, and is experienced in this field. To obtain a price for chimney sweeping in Girvan CLICK HERE. You can also get chimney sweeping done in neabry locations.

Log Burner Fireplaces Girvan

Wood-burning stoves, often referred to as log burner fireplaces, have gained popularity among householders in Girvan who desire both efficient heating solutions and aesthetic appeal. Creating a cosy atmosphere during the wintertime, these fireplaces offer a charming and rustic touch to any building. Capable of providing considerable warmth with comparatively inexpensive fuel costs, wood-burning stoves, as well as being visually attractive, are highly efficient. Because they're both beautiful and practical, they make a perfect fit for many properties.

Log Burner Fireplaces Girvan

Nevertheless, careful planning and consideration is required when installing a wood-burning stove. To begin with, it is vital to pick the proper model and size tailored to your property's specific needs and requirements. You must take into account aspects like insulation quality, room size and ventilation. Ensuring compliance with local building regulations and safe installation, professional fitting of the stove is strongly recommended. Proper installation not only ensures optimum performance but also reduces the chance of hazards like carbon monoxide leaks or chimney fires.

Maintenance plays a vital role in the ownership of a wood-burning fireplace. Don't let creosote accumulate! This flammable byproduct of wood burning can be prevented with frequent cleaning of both your stove and chimney. Qualified professionals should conduct annual inspections to ensure the system is maintained properly. Ensuring the safety and longevity of their log burner fireplaces, property owners can also savour the warmth and cosy ambiance by observing these maintenance measures. (Log Burner Fireplaces Girvan)

Chimney Repair

Fireplaces and heating systems rely on effective chimney repair to maintain safety and efficiency. Wear and deterioration over time can lead to problems such as leaks, cracks or blockages in chimneys. Essential for averting potential threats such as exposure to carbon monoxide and fire, timely repairs are crucial. Addressing these issues, chimney repair experts in Girvan ensure the chimney operates optimally and meets safety standards. Regular repairs and inspections contribute to extending the chimney's longevity and decreasing the requirement for costly future repairs, granting home and property owners peace of mind and a dependable heating source. (21016 - Chimney Repairs Girvan)

Girvan Skip Hire Services

Skip Hire Girvan

Let's be honest, most home improvements or garden revamps in Girvan usually produce quite a bit of waste. For your fireplace installations, different quantities of waste will be created, depending on your individual circumstances, and the scale and scope of your project. When you get your price quotes you will need to ask if the waste removal has been included, otherwise you will have to arrange this yourself.

If this job is left for you to do, you could look at hiring a skip. No matter what volume of rubbish is involved, there will be a perfect skip size available. Mini-skips generally hold 2-3 yards of waste, midi-skips hold 4-5 yards of waste, builders skips hold 6-8 yards of waste and roll-on-roll-off skips hold 20-25 yards of waste. Skip bags normally hold 1-1.5 yards of waste.

To check on the current skip hire prices in Girvan GO HERE.

Friends & Family Recommendations

Getting recommendations from relatives and friends is invariably a great help when you're searching for a professional contractor for your fireplace project or undertaking in Girvan. To find someone who is suitable for your needs, and to point a finger at bad contractors and companies with lousy service records, person to person referrals are frequently the best way to go.

Friends and Family

Getting the feedback of a family member or friend also means you can determine whether anything went wrong, how speedily faults were put right, and what the contractor's attitude was like. Moreover you can get an insight into the time keeping and reliability of the contractor involved. They'll be able to advise you how accurate the original quotation was in comparison to the final price, which, unless they offer some form of price promise, is often hard to obtain from the installers themselves.

Finally, in regards to advice, your friends and relations are people you know and trust to be truthful and honest. If they have had a poor experience in dealing with a specific contractor or fireplace fitter, they might be reluctant to chat about them in any great detail. And, rather than 'casting aspersions on' a substandard contractor, many people may even endorse an alternative company, because in general most people will be more than happy to discuss a decent quality contractor and less inclined to discuss an inferior one.

Leave a Review

In order to acquire work and do well in business, local companies need to get excellent online reviews, because these are what people in Girvan rely on these days to uncover businesses they can trust. If the fireplace installer you used provided an excellent service, you can reward their endeavours by leaving an appreciative review. Sharing your first hand knowledge in this manner can help both the company itself and any prospective clients down the line. If you think back to the strategies you used to find somebody to install a fireplace, you will appreciate how checking out reviews helped you yourself. It matters not how convincing a business's website looks, without those reviews you may well have looked elsewhere.

Leaving a Review

However, how can the customer reviews on a company's website be trusted? Are such reviews provided by actual clients who were satisfied with the services they received, or were they penned by a member of the company?

An effective way to discover frank and authentic reviews of any specific company or service in Girvan is to head over to Google My Business reviews, which are much more likely to be reliable. There is no doubt that this is THE place to go for determining a company's reputation, and it's also important for the business because it can have an impact on its rankings in the search engines. The second biggest review platform for local businesses in Girvan is Bing Places for Business, and this is the big rival to Google My Business. Helping to establish a summary of the working standards and reliability of a company that successfully worked on your fireplace installation project, leaving an appreciative review here can also help to improve their profile in the area.

You could also post company testimonials on Twitter and Facebook pages, which can be just as effective. A major part of any small company's advertising campaigns, such social media websites are an important part of the review process. If you add your own supportive reviews, this can help to reinforce their sales message.

A hand-drafted thankyou letter is just as acceptable if you prefer to go 'old school'. Such letters can be compiled to build a portfolio of reviews which is beneficial in one on one meetings with potential clients, photographed and uploaded to the company website, or put in a frame for display in offices or reception areas. Whichever strategy you choose to provide a review, it's wonderful to feel that you have perhaps helped a small business get a foothold in the local marketplace.

Girvan Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Girvan

The assortment of services and tasks that can be undertaken by your local fireplace installer are varied and wide, and will include stuff like the installation of outdoor fireplaces, made-to-measure fireplaces, modern fireplace installations in Girvan, fireplace removal, fireplace hearths, Regency fireplaces, electric fireplaces, chimney cowl installation, limestone fireplaces, classic fireplaces, built-in gas fires, double-sided stove installation, fireplace services, fireplace restoration, fireplace cleaning, hearth-mounted electric fires, carbon monoxide detector installation, reclaimed fireplaces, oak beam fireplaces, fireplace quotations in Girvan, freestanding stoves, chimney repairs, tiled fireplaces, chimney lining in Girvan, cheap fireplace installation, gas fireplaces in Girvan, fireplace surrounds in Girvan, electric fire baskets, fireplace fitting, traditional fireplaces, and others not mentioned here. Listed are just a small portion of the duties that are performed by a local fireplace fitter.

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Also find: Maybole fireplace installers, Grangeston fireplace installers, Chapeldonan fireplace installers, Pinmore fireplace installers, Pinwherry fireplace installers, Dailly fireplace installers, Barr fireplace installers, Ballantrae fireplace installers, Glendrissaig fireplace installers, Maidens fireplace installers, Turnberry fireplace installers, Glendoune fireplace installers, Ardwell fireplace installers, Dipple fireplace installers, Colmonell fireplace installers and more. These and other towns and villages are serviced by fireplace fitters and associated professionals. Possessing the necessary knowledge and experience, these seasoned tradespeople can adeptly install fireplaces in your property. These dedicated specialists can assist residents in experiencing the comfort, warmth and atmosphere that a fireplace brings to their living spaces. Local home and property owners can get fireplace installation quotations by simply clicking here. Does your home need a fireplace? Get a quote today!

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