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Fireplace Fitter Ammanford Wales (SA18): The installation of a brand new fireplace, or the renovation of a pre-existing one is an excellent way to add a touch of charm and character to any Ammanford dwelling. If you decide to combine your new fireplace with a back boiler, you can not only delight in the warmth and ambience of an open fire during the nippy winter evenings, you'll also be supplied with plentiful steaming hot water.

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To achieve a safe and efficient fireplace, there are a few important considerations you must bear in mind, before you begin knocking down the walls of a blocked up fireplace. All work carried out must observe Part J of the Building Regulations, which addresses the installation and construction of fireplaces, chimney breasts, hearths and flue linings of any combustible appliance. You'll also need to check with the local authorities if planning permission is needed before any work is started, if you live in or own a listed building in Ammanford.

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If any building work is involved with your fireplace installation, safety and structural problems may arise that will need resolving professionally, although an enthusiastic and competent DIY person might be able to have a bash at a straightforward remodeling of an existing fireplace. It may be that in order to get a fire roaring in your fireplace once more you'll need little more than a quick clean of the hearth and a sweeping of the chimney. However, a stopped up flue and crumbling brickwork that needs to be structurally reinforced is what you are more likely to find.

It's normally advisable to benefit from the know-how and experience of a specialist fireplace fitter in Ammanford, due to the severe fire and health risk issues that can be caused by an incorrectly installed or refurbished fireplace. Airflow has to be adequate in any room that a fireplace is to be installed; and it's a requirement in Part J of the Building Regulations that this is so. A fire will not burn well in a room where there's not enough oxygen, and death or serious injury could occur if there's a build-up of carbon monoxide.

To guarantee an adequate air flow for the fire to burn safely and properly, a competent fireplace installation technician will evaluate the circumstances and place vents around the room, or underneath the flooring, thus resolving this problem. They may also have to install vents into unused chimney flues which can trap condensing air and result in staining and damp spots on your chimney breast.

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When you're opening up a disused fireplace for a restoration project, you may be astonished at the quantity of dust and soot that has accumulated there. It is wise to remove any rugs, carpets and furniture from an area where you're planning to uncover an old fireplace, to prevent them being damaged by dirt, dust and soot that will be whipped up during the fireplace installation work. Because of the mess involved, if your fireplace installation is merely part of a bigger home refurbishment project, it ought to be one of the very first tasks to be done after the room has been brought back to bare floors and walls in preparation. This avoids any staining damage to any restored work you've already finished.


With your fireplace now open, it is time to determine what is in a fit state to be renovated and give the hearth and chimney a good cleaning. Bringing in a chimney sweep to clean your chimney will be one of the very first items on your agenda. A professional chimney sweep will firstly clean the flue and whilst doing so will be able to check the condition of the chimney and provide advice on whether a new flue liner is necessary.

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If it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney all relevant Building Regulations must be adhered to. A qualified craftsman who is familiar with the Building Regs and good construction practices will need to complete this type of work.

In buildings that are older you may discover that the original fireplace is too wide for your needs, in which case a concrete or steel lintel will be necessary to modify the opening. As soon as this has been done the next step of your fireplace installation in Ammanford should be to upgrade the hearth. To stay in line with the latest Building Regulations for the UK, the hearth of a fireplace needs to be laid slightly above the level of the floor, although you might find that your hearth is set into a floor void, as they frequently were in the old days. You will find that there is a wide range of ready to install hearths in stone, marble or concrete, however if your fireplace is not of a standard size you may have to choose a tailor-made hearth, which you could ask your Ammanford fireplace builder about.

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Browsing on the internet or visiting the nearest fireplace dealership will give you a sense of the wonderful selection of different styles and designs of fireplace for your home. To help you select a fireplace that complements your decor, and is also suited to your existing flue and chimney, it's advised that you seek the recommendations of the installation and sales team.

You home's age, and the style that you are trying to develop for your room, should all help you decide on the design and type of fireplace which is most suitable. An old-fashioned iron wood-burner stove for example, will look fabulous when placed in an inglenook fireplace, which redirects any heat that is generated back into the room and draws attention to its beauty and charm.

If your Ammanford home does not have a chimney you still have options for a fireplace feature by putting in a multi-fuel or wood burning stove. You do not have to have a chimney breast to experience a genuine fire, providing that you've got an external wall through which a flue from the stove can be passed.


If your circumstances do not allow for a natural fireplace, what are the possible alternatives?

Gas Fireplaces - More efficient thermally than wood burning stoves, gas fires come in a wide array of styles to complement your home in Ammanford. Only an approved Gas Safe technician is permitted to install these fireplaces.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Burning a selection of fuels such as wood, oil, gas or smokeless coal, a multi-fuel stove can become an excellent focal point in your living room or kitchen. If you go with a multi-fuel stove from AGA, you can get supplied with hot water, do cooking, and when linked up to your radiator system, heat your whole home.

Open Fireplaces - Provides a focal point for any room and can use a variety of solid fuels. An open fire is a delight to the eye and modern fireplaces are no longer the inefficient, smoky and draughty objects they were in the past.

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Wood Burning Stoves - A wide array of different styles to complement any age of house in Ammanford, and can even be free standing. When used in tandem with a back boiler, these kinds of stoves can provide additional heating functionality by transferring the heated water to a cold spot in your property via a radiator.

Electric Fireplaces - Straightforward installation and a wide choice of designs make electric fireplaces the obvious choice for Ammanford homes without a chimney. They can be set into conventional fireplaces, and with "real feel" electric fires it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish them from the genuine article.

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Fireplace installers are accessible in Tycroes, Fforest, Pontarddulais, Garnswllt, Llandybie, Saron, Penygroes, Pontardawe, Glanaman, Carmel, Gorslas, Upper Tumble, Garnant, Maesybont, Hendy, Tumble, Llandyfan, in these postcodes: SA18 3AT, SA18 3BA, SA18 2NR, SA18 3BY, SA18 2PF, SA18 2PE, SA18 2RB, SA18 2LL, SA18 2HG, and SA18 2HJ, as well as in Ammanford itself. Two hints which suggest that a fireplace service operates in Ammanford area is if they have the phone code 01269 and the postcode SA18. This is just one of the things that you can check if you want to make certain that you hire a local fireplace specialist. To find information on fireplaces and fireplace installation near you simply click the "QUOTE" banner.

The Best Way To Lower Your Heating Bill Plus Keep Your Open Fireplace In Great Shape

With concerns over the environment, the classic fireplace has lost some of its charm, but it's still a favourite with many householders in Ammanford. Sitting in front of the comfort of a fireplace, brings back many special memories for a lot of people. The fireplace offers a lot of benefits for your property, but there are also a few major downsides that need to be monitored. Due to power costs going up so rapidly nowadays, your open fireplace needs to be a good source of heat, not one of inefficiency. While having a fire alight in a fireplace keeps the people close to it cosy, it actually removes warm air from other parts of the room, causing your heat source to work harder. The fireplace damper is meant to prevent cold air from coming in to your home when you haven't got a fire in the fireplace. Yet, dampers are generally not very effective seals, consequently all the warm air escapes and allows cold air to enter the property.

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Many homeowners that possess fireplaces in their property in Ammanford do not realise how the fireplace can cause their energy bills to skyrocket. Instead of conserving resources, and heating costs, it is usually adding 100s of pounds of energy expenditure. However, there are a number of techniques that you can do that can easily turn your budget busting fireplace into something more efficient. There happen to be 4 simple steps that you can take to change your fireplace into a cost-effective heat resource. These will make your current fireplace far more economical, and lower your energy bills.

The first step is to remove your existing damper and change it for a top sealing damper. This kind of damper is located towards the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain and snow from coming in. It does an excellent job of retaining warm air in the home during winter and cool air from escaping in the summer months. The product is simple to set up, and can be purchased on the internet. One more thing you can do is fit a fire-back in the back part of your fireplace. It is made of cast iron and is used to improve the overall look of your fireplace while at the same time shielding the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back also absorbs heat right from the fire and sends it back inside, making your fireplace more effective.

The next thing that will help is a fireplace heater/fan, which heats the air which is being circulated through a chamber, and sends it back into the room. These heaters are closed systems, therefore no smoke is discharged, and they can really make a huge difference to the temperature of your property. Lastly, you can put in glass doors which could be the most expensive. Hunting around, you ought to be able to locate a bargain, and with an instruction manual, you can put them in yourself. These glass doors form a screen between the fireplace and living space, not only stopping the heat from escaping, but also offering protection.

All of these suggestions are simple to implement, and the products can be easily found online. Retain your fireplace and reduce heating bills by making it more efficient.

Chimney Sweep Ammanford

If you have a log burning stove or an open fire in your property in Ammanford, the routine sweeping of your chimney is important. It is usually recommended that at least once each year the chimney should be cleaned and swept.

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So as to get this job done correctly you should always bring in a qualified Ammanford chimney sweep. As well as cleaning your chimney, the chimney sweep will be able to spot any safety issues with your chimney, so that these can be dealt with quickly.

Chimney fires can easily be the result of a build-up of soot, ash and wood tar if you forget to sweep your chimney. An equally dangerous situation that can arise as a result of a badly maintained chimney is deadly carbon monoxide gas being drawn back into your property.

All these factors add up to the importance of picking an experienced Ammanford chimney sweep, who's also covered by public liability insurance. CLICK HERE and enter your requirements to get Ammanford chimney sweeps quotes. (Tags: Chimney Sweep Ammanford, Chimney Sweeps Ammanford, Chimney Sweeping Ammanford).

Brick Fireplaces Ammanford

Brick fireplaces have been a favourite feature in dwellings for hundreds of years, and for good reason. They not only provide warmth and comfort during the winter months but also add a classic, rustic touch to any space they are in. There are several points that you'll need to think about if you're considering installing a brick fireplace in your house in Ammanford

First, you'll need to consider the design of fireplace you prefer. Traditional brick fireplaces typically feature a hearth and mantel, whilst modern fireplaces frequently have a sleeker design with clean, sharp lines. You'll also want to consider the size of your fireplace. A larger fireplace can make a spectacular statement in a room, whilst a smaller version can provide a welcoming nook.

Brick fireplaces can be constructed using different sorts of bricks. You can choose between a number of brick textures and colours to match the design of your home. It's also possible to add extra elements such as wood, tile or stone to complement the brickwork.

Lastly, keep in mind the practical considerations. A brick fireplace can be an excellent way to heat your property, therefore you will want to make certain it is properly vented and that you're using it safely.

In summary, brick fireplaces are a timeless addition to any dwelling. They're versatile, durable, and provide comfort and warmth for years to come. If you're considering a fireplace for your home in Ammanford, a brick fireplace is a good choice.

Flue Linings

A vital element of the chimney structure on your home, a flue liner improves the safety of your chimney while enabling it to perform more effectively than it otherwise would. Running the whole length of your chimney, flue liners are ducts manufactured from a variety of materials including such things as clay, stainless steel or ceramics. They transport fumes outside your home. Older chimneys in Ammanford might not have flue liners at all, or will need to be relined depending on their condition and age.

The flue of your chimney can be impaired and eaten away and damaged by the toxic gases and fumes that form as a fire is burning. Your flue must be routinely examined for damage and possible issues each time it is being swept. A busted flue can allow those hazardous gases to seep into your property. Intense heat can also be allowed to penetrate into the chimney's structure, generating the potential for fires. (Tags: Flue Lining Ammanford, Chimney Lining Ammanford, Flue Liners Ammanford).

Ammanford Fireplace Related Tasks

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Your local fireplace installer can accomplish a broad range of services and tasks including wood burning fireplace installation, designer fireplaces, fireplace replacement, fireplace cleaning, inset stoves, Victorian fireplace installations, bespoke fireplaces, the installation of disigner fireplaces, two-sided fireplaces, carbon monoxide detector installation in Ammanford, traditional fireplaces Ammanford, chimney repairs Ammanford, fireplace fitting, the installation of modern fireplaces, marble fireplace surrounds, limestone fireplace installation, wall-mounted electric fires, chimney modifications Ammanford, fireplace design, fireplaces, hearth fireplaces, timber mantels, fireplace hearths, gas fireplace installation, Regency fireplaces Ammanford, wood burning stoves Ammanford, double-sided stove installation, inglenook fireplace installation, fire grate conversions in Ammanford, marble fireplaces, chimney sweeping, cast iron fireplace installations, flue lining inspections in Ammanford, period fireplace installation, cast fireplaces, and others. Listed are just a selection of the tasks that are handled by a locally based fireplace fitter. You could maybe go to this QUOTE FORM and enter your details, if you have other Ammanford fireplace requirements that you need but cannot find here.

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Also find: Upper Tumble fireplace installers, Pontarddulais fireplace installers, Hendy fireplace installers, Saron fireplace installers, Penygroes fireplace installers, Glanaman fireplace installers, Tumble fireplace installers, Fforest fireplace installers, Carmel fireplace installers, Gorslas fireplace installers, Garnswllt fireplace installers, Maesybont fireplace installers, Llandybie fireplace installers, Llandyfan fireplace installers, Pontardawe fireplace installers, Tycroes fireplace installers, Garnant fireplace installers and more. Fireplace installation services are widely available in almost all of these locations. With the requisite experience and know-how, these versatile tradesmen are adept at successfully installing fireplaces in your property. Thanks to the support from these dedicated experts, residents can relish the cosy atmosphere and warmth a fireplace provides in their living environments. If you're a local householder looking to obtain competitive and accurate fireplace installation quotes tailored to your specific needs, just click here. So, there's no reason not to get cracking on your fireplace installation straight away!

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