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Fireplace Fitter Carryduff Northern Ireland (BT8): Fitting a brand new fireplace or re-opening a disused fireplace in your Carryduff home is a great way to add charm and a homely feel to any room. If you integrate a back boiler with your new fireplace you can even enjoy a plentiful supply of piping hot water as well. Freezing winter's evenings can be a pleasurable experience as you sit back in front of your fireplace listening to the crackle of firewood.

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Before any real work commences, for instance bashing down the walls of a boarded over fireplace or prising away at a bricked-up chimney breast, there are some crucial things you need to think about. Work which is done on the fireplaces, flue linings, hearths and chimney breasts of any combustible appliances, must adhere to Part J of the Building Regulations. If you own a listed building you'll also have to ascertain if planning permission is necessary from the local authorities before any work can commence.

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If any construction work is needed with your fireplace installation project, safety and structural issues may arise that need to be resolved professionally, although a skilled DIYer may be able to have a bash at a straightforward renovation on an old fireplace. You could be lucky when revealing your old fireplace and find out you need nothing more than a decent chimney sweep and a quick clean up of the hearth to get your roaring fire once more. If you aren't so blessed, you'll discover a wall of old, crumbling bricks that was concealing a litany of problems, like an old broken lintel or a blocked chimney.

Due to the serious fire risk and health issues that can be caused by an incorrectly installed or restored fireplace, it is better to avail yourself of the knowledge and experience of a skilled fireplace fitter and builder in Carryduff. As is stated in the Building Regulations (Part J) for fireplaces, there must be enough airflow in a room where a fireplace is installed, because in order to burn safely, the right volume of oxygen is necessary. Lethal carbon monoxide can soon accumulate from a fire burning inefficiently in a poorly ventilated space.

A professional fireplace installation company will evaluate the situation at hand and overcome this issue and guarantee an adequate amount of air flow for the fire to combust properly and safely, by fitting vents in locations around the room, or underneath the floors. Flue vents may also need to be fitted into blocked chimney flues which can cause stains and damp areas on to your chimney breast, due to moist, condensed air being trapped.

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Chimneys are notorious for the huge quantity of soot and muck that can accumulate within them, consequently when you go through the process of opening up an unused fireplace for renovation you should assume that it will be an extremely messy affair. It's advised to remove your your furniture, rugs and carpets before any fireplace refurbishment work commences, because even with covers and other dust protection for your home furnishings, the chance of impairment from soot and muck is still quite likely. If you are carrying out a complete restoration of a house or room, the fireplace should be opened up and worked on before any plastering or decorating is dealt with. This will help to prevent any damage by soot and dirt to any completed work.


Once the fireplace has been successfully opened up and exposed, you will have a much clearer concept of the kind of restoration work that needs to be done. You can also then proceed to sweep the chimney and clean any remaining parts of the hearth. This will be the perfect time to get hold of a local Carryduff chimney sweep to find out if it's convenient to come and inspect your chimney and fireplace. After sweeping and cleaning, they will be able to offer advice and guidance on the state of your flue liner and chimney structure, and tell you if there are parts that need to be replaced.

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If it is necessary to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney all relevant UK Building Regulations must be adhered to. An experienced fireplace installer and builder in Carryduff will be required to complete this task, and will need the skills and knowledge of construction to closely follow all regulations.

It's quite likely that a new concrete lintel will be required, if the existing fireplace is of a size that is larger than your requirements. Once your new concrete lintel is safely in place you may now get on with the updating, renovation and installation of the hearth. To be in accordance with the present regulations, the hearth of a fireplace should be laid above floor level, although you might find that your hearth is sunken into the floor, as they normally were in the olden days. You can pick from an array of popular size and shape hearths to match the decor of your home, or there are tailor-made solutions to fit virtually any style and size of fireplace.

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Checking out a nearby fireplace dealership or browsing on the web will give you an indication of the vast array of different designs and styles of fireplace for you to choose from. It's crucial to get the professional advice of the fireplace installation team, as all fireplaces won't be suited to your particular flue, chimney and airflow situation.

An open fireplace option will be appropriate for some rooms and properties in Carryduff, whilst a multi-fuel or wood burning stove will be a better choice for others. For instance, an inglenook fireplace can be a perfect backdrop for a traditional cast iron wood burning stove, highlighting its character and deflecting heat back into the room.

Even if you do not have an existing chimney in your Carryduff property, it is still possible to install a wood burner stove. As a stainless steel flue can be passed through an exterior wall and has no requirement for a chimney structure, it is still possible to put in this type of fireplace.


The ambience and feel of a "real" fire can't be surpassed, however what options are available if this sort of fireplace isn't possible within your Carryduff home?

Gas Fireplaces - More efficient thermally than wood burners or multi-fuel stoves, gas fires come in an array of styles to complement your house in Carryduff. The maintenance and installation of gas fireplaces must only be conducted by an approved Gas Safe heating engineer in Carryduff.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - To create a stunning focal point in your living space, these stoves can burn a selection of fuels, such as smokeless coal, wood, oil or gas. The AGA range for instance is well known as being capable of providing heating for an entire house, a supply of hot water and a hob and oven for cooking all in one useful appliance.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Wood burning stoves have become extremely popular in a lot of homes in Carryduff, and can have classic or modern design to complement your decor. An integrated back boiler is an added benefit and could provide piping hot water for use around the home, or for heating in other rooms via radiators.

Electric Fireplaces - An obvious choice for many householders in Carryduff, these fires can be fitted by just about any competent person, in a safe and easy manner. It can often be difficult to tell one from the genuine article with with "real feel" electric fires, and they can readily be set into a regular fireplace when required.

Open Fireplaces - This is the traditional fireplace, creating an eye-catching focal point for your room or space, and can use different fuels, such as coalite nuts, briquettes, wood and coal. Being very different from the smoky fireplaces of yesteryear, an expertly installed open fire provides a cosy and warm atmosphere in any Carryduff home.

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Fireplace installation work can be carried out in Carryduff and also in nearby places like: Moneyreagh, Lisbane, Whiterock, Saintfield, Drumbeg, Ballygowan, Lisnastrean, Annahilt, Hillsborough, Drumalig, Crossnacreevy, Ballylesson, Drumbo, Killinchy, and in these postcodes BT8 8NW, BT8 8QW, BT8 8DW, BT8 8DA, BT8 8BT, BT8 8DP, BT8 8PB, BT8 8FL, BT8 8HZ, BT8 8NX. Carryduff fireplace fitters will usually have the postcode BT8 and the dialling code 028. Checking that this is so will make certain you're considering a local fireplace company. Clicking the "QUOTE" banner or form will enable you to obtain fireplaces info for your area.


A vital part of the chimney set-up on your property, a flue liner or chimney liner improves the safety of your chimney whilst allowing it to perform more efficiently than it otherwise would. Carrying smoke and fumes to the outside of a building, a flue liner runs the whole length of the chimney, and can be made out of an assortment of materials including metal, ceramics or clay. Chimneys on older properties in Carryduff may not have linings at all, or will need to be relined based on their condition and age.

While a fire is burning in your grate, some toxic gases and fumes are the result, and the flue within your chimney can be impaired and eaten away by these fumes. While it's being cleaned, get the chimney sweep or fireplace specialist to examine your flue lining for any impairment or any prospects of it failing in the foreseeable future. A busted flue can enable those harmful gases to seep into your living space. There's additionally the danger of fires in the home since a broken flue can enable intense heat to penetrate the chimney's structure. (Tags: Flue Lining Carryduff, Flue Liners Carryduff, Chimney Liners Carryduff).

Chimney Sweeping Carryduff

If you've got an open fire or a stove in your property in Carryduff, the routine sweeping of your chimney is crucial. Chimneys should be swept and cleaned at least once every twelve months, if not more.

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The best course of action to get this done is to contact a specialist Carryduff chimney sweep, who will carry out the work correctly and without any mess. A skilled chimney sweep will not only clean your chimney but additionally keep an eye out for any safety issues and other problems.

Routine sweeping helps prevent a build-up of ash, creosote and soot, a common cause of chimney fires. An equally hazardous situation that can arise as a result of a blocked chimney is odourless carbon monoxide fumes flowing back into your property.

All of these factors add up to the importance of choosing a reliable Carryduff chimney sweep, who is also covered by public liability insurance. To get chimney sweeping prices in Carryduff GO HERE. chimney sweeps are also available in Moneyreagh, Lisbane, Whiterock, Saintfield, Drumbeg, Ballygowan, Lisnastrean, Annahilt, Hillsborough, Drumalig, Crossnacreevy, Ballylesson, Drumbo, Killinchy, and in Carryduff itself.

Stone Fireplaces Carryduff

As fireplaces go, some home owners want to go for that really spectacular look, and what better way to do that, than by building a natural stone fireplace. Maybe your building already has some exterior natural stone features, a stone boundary wall or facade for instance. You could create something on the inside that matches the outside.

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A stone fireplace can be built using either stone cladding or full depth stone. Your taste and spending budget could influence which of these you pick. The types of natural stone that can be used are many and varied. Pick from granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, quartz or slate.

Your completed fireplace's appearance will depend on the kind of stone which is used, the methodology used by the craftsman or stonemason who builds it and the style of building. Gather together some pictures and go over these with your fireplace builder before they start work, if you have an understanding of exactly what you want.

Because it has such a striking presence and can dominate the appearance of a room, stone is not always a suitable material for a contemporary home. But, spectacular could be just what you are looking for - and at the end of the day, the choice is down to you!

How To Keep Your Fireplace And Bring Down Your Heating Bills

The traditional fireplace may have lost a little bit of of its allure as a result of concerns for the environment but it's still favoured by many in Carryduff. There is nothing quite like feeling the warmth of a fireplace throughout a chilly winter's evening. Having a fireplace has its many perks and benefits but there are also a handful of negative aspects which could affect its performance. With the cost of energy soaring each year, your fireplace must emit heat in a cost-effective way. When a fire is burning, it might provide warmth for those standing in close proximity to it, but it can actually pull warm air out of a room, making your heater work even harder. In the event you don't have a fire lit, the damper is designed to keep heat in. Regrettably, dampers often have an inefficient seal, so cold air can get in, and warmer air goes out.

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What many property owners in Carryduff usually do not know about their fireplace is that it does not do exactly what they think it's doing. Rather than keeping heating charges down, it could actually do the exact opposite if one is not careful. Nevertheless, there are several procedures that can be followed that will be able to turn your budget smashing fireplace into something more efficient. Pretty much all you need to do is basically 4 basic things to fix your fireplace. You will see that these suggestions will help make your fireplace create quality heat and your energy bill lower.

The initial thing that must be done is to replace the current damper with a top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is fitted toward the top of your chimney which in turn also acts like a storm door. The top sealing damper will keep the air in the house from getting away and will work very well in warm and cold weather. The seal is straightforward to set up, and can be purchased on the internet. Another thing you can do is fit a fire-back in the back part of your fireplace. A fire-back is constructed of cast iron and it really is meant to protect the back wall from fire damage, whilst making your fireplace look more stylish. The fire-back also soaks up heat coming from the fire and radiates it back inside, making the fireplace more efficient.

Another method is to obtain a fireplace heater, which draws in air in a room and warms it up. These clever devices don't produce any smoke and can be extremely effective in keeping your home warm and toasty. The last and final thing that you can do is to install glass doors, which may be the most expensive option. If you do some groundwork, you should be able to get a great deal on glass doors and they are not too challenging to put in yourself. These doors help to keep the heat from leaking out and also it keeps pets and young ones from being burned.

All of these ideas are easy to implement, and the required products can be easily sourced on the internet. Retain your current fireplace and cut heating costs by making it more efficient.

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To get to know about the hottest fireplace trends on social websites, check this out. Go to Wikipedia to get more facts on fireplaces. Click here to see how to install a fireplace. By performing a brief online search you should be able to discover plenty of helpful articles about fireplace installation, fireplace decoration and fireplace designs - we just noticed this interesting one on fireplace design ideas click here. A great deal of information and facts on fireplace installation is obtainable on one of the fireplace installation forums, so why don't you head over to the Buildhub Forum (here), subjects include things like trims for stoves, building regulations, wood burning stoves, widening a fireplace, chimney design and pellet stoves and boilers.

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Family & Friends Recommendations

When searching for professionals for any project or service, it's invariably a great help to look to relatives and friends for recommendations. In order to choose someone who's perfect for your requirements, personal references are normally preferable, and can frequently give you the opportunity to filter out a second-rate fireplace contractor or a company with a terrible reputation.

Friends and Family

Getting the advice of a friend or relative also means that you get an insight into the punctuality and reliability of the fireplace fitter, and if things went pear-shaped, what the contractor's attitude was like and how rapidly were any mistakes put right. They will be in a position to advise you how accurate the original estimate was in comparison to the eventual price, which, unless they've got a guaranteed price promise, is often difficult to obtain from the installers directly.

At the end of the day, in regards to advice, your friends and family are folks that you know and trust to be honest. It's probable that they have had a disappointing experience, if they are hesitant to talk about a particular contractor or company. It is generally the case that most people will be perfectly happy to discuss a good contractor and less likely to mention a poor one. They may even offer some alternative company, rather than 'malign' a below par one they have previously dealt with.

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You most likely arrived here trying to find basic fireplace installation, yet your local Carryduff fireplace installer can offer an assortment of additional tasks and services, and these may include fireplace restoration, electric fireplace installations, electric fireplaces Carryduff, tiled fireplaces Carryduff, fireplaceestimates, fake fireplaces, traditional fireplaces Carryduff, gas fireplace installation, three-sided fireplaces, gas stoves, fireplace replacement, Regency fireplaces Carryduff, fireplace removal Carryduff, fireplace suites, fireplace packages, stone fireplace installation, bespoke fireplaces in Carryduff, electric fire suites Carryduff, period fireplaces Carryduff, outdoor fireplaces Carryduff, designer fireplaces Carryduff, fake fireplace installation, fireplace installation, fireplace fitting, Victorian fireplace installation, double-sided stove installations, freestanding stoves in Carryduff, gas fireplaces, cheap fireplace installation, chimney repairs, open fireplaces, Victorian fireplaces, the installation of chimney cowls, marble fireplace surrounds in Carryduff, fireplace inserts, and more. This is merely a sampling of what can be done by your local fireplace fitter. Carryduff specialists will provide a complete list of their fireplace services when requested. If you've got fireplace requirements in Carryduff, that you can't find here here, you can go HERE and enter your details on our quote form.

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Also find: Drumbeg fireplaces, Lisbane fireplaces, Ballygowan fireplaces, Whiterock fireplaces, Crossnacreevy fireplaces, Hillsborough fireplaces, Moneyreagh fireplaces, Saintfield fireplaces, Killinchy fireplaces, Drumalig fireplaces, Annahilt fireplaces, Ballylesson fireplaces, Lisnastrean fireplaces, Drumbo fireplace services and more. These and other areas are served by fireplace installers and related tradespeople.

Fireplaces Around Carryduff: Households in Beechmount Road, Killynure Crescent, Killynure Road West, Killynure Green, Stevensons Lane, Mourne View, Blenheim Drive, Lisdoonan Close, Queensway, Burnview Drive, Drumlin Manor, Winchester Drive, Meadowvale Close, Baronscourt Close, Hawthorn Manor, Killynure Close, Queenside, Queensfort Court, Baronscourt Link, Ballynagarrick Road, Edgar Road, Muskett Court, Hillsborough Court, Queensbrae, Frankhill Park, Baronscourt Road, Baronscourt Manor, Thorndale Way, have needed fireplace installation just recently. Fireplace refurbishment was also done in the following Carryduff area postcodes: BT8 8NW, BT8 8QW, BT8 8DW, BT8 8DA, BT8 8BT, BT8 8DP, BT8 8PB, BT8 8FL, BT8 8HZ, BT8 8NX. Work was undertaken in these locations by local installers of fireplaces. Carryduff householders were given trusted and dependable fireplace services on every occasion.

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