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Fireplace Fitter Longtown Cumbria (CA6): Opening up a disused fireplace to put in a wood burner, multi fuel or open fire is a splendid way to add a homely feel and some character to your Longtown property. Adding an open fire or multi-fuel stove for those chilly winter evenings can even prove cheaper than a regular central heating system, as long as you've got a regular source of timber. If combined with a back boiler it can supply you with plentiful steaming hot water in the process.

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If you're going to create a safe, efficient and attractive fireplace in your home in Longtown, there are vital considerations you must think of before any work gets under way. To start with, Part J of the UK Building Regulations will need to be followed in relation to the installation and construction of any flue linings, hearths, chimney breasts and fireplaces that are an integral part of a combustible appliance in your house in Longtown.

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You might be able to do some of the renovation work on an existing fireplace if you have the ability to do so, but there is always a problem in finding structural and safety problems that need to be resolved by a professional tradesman. You might be lucky and discover that the hearth, lintel and chimney breast are in good working order, when you've exposed the old fireplace, and the hidden treasure that lies beneath needs nothing more than a clean by a chimney sweep. It is much more likely that you'll discover old brickwork that requires structural modifications and a stopped up flue.

Because of the acute fire risk and health problems that can be caused by an improperly fitted or restored fireplace, it's best to draw on the knowledge and experience of a professional fireplace fitter in Longtown. As stated in the Building Regulations for fireplaces, the airflow in a room must be adequate where there's a fireplace, because in order for it to burn properly and efficiently, the right volume of oxygen is necessary. If the airflow is not good enough then it's quite possible that a fire will burn inefficiently and cause carbon monoxide to build up, which can be deadly.

A specialist fireplace installation engineer will consider the situation at hand and get over this problem and ensure a satisfactory airflow for the fireplace to burn safely and efficiently, by fitting vents in locations around the room, or under the flooring. Condensing air can frequently get trapped within blocked or unused chimney flues which could also require improved ventilation, to avoid issues with dampness on the chimney breast.

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Chimneys are notorious for the volume of dust and soot that can build-up inside of them, thus when you set out to open up a fireplace for refurbishing you should expect it to be an incredibly messy enterprise. It is a good idea when possible to remove any woven floor coverings and furniture from the area before the commencement of any work, although a fireplace installer will bring dust sheets to protect for your home furnishings. If you're installing a fireplace as part of an overall renovation then it should be one of the first things to be completed after you've taken the room back to bare floors and walls. This should help to avoid any harm by soot and other chimney dirt to any completed work.


You will be able to clean and sweep the chimney and hearth and determine what can be refurbished, once the opening up of the fireplace has been done. One of the very first items on your to-do-list should be to phone a local chimney sweep who works in and around Longtown. They'll not only make certain your chimney and flue are nice and clean, but they can additionally investigate the state of the chimney and flue liner and provide guidance about whether you need to replace any section of the chimney and flu, such as the flue liner.

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If you need to install a new flue liner or strengthen the chimney all current Building Regulations must be adhered to. This sort of work must be done by a competent craftsman who is acquainted with the Building Regulations and good working practices.

It's by no means a given that the size of the uncovered fireplace will match the layout that you have planned, which means that it may be necessary to lay a steel or concrete lintel. As soon as this is complete the next step of your Longtown fireplace installation will be to update the existing hearth. The current building regs demand that the hearth is set above floor level, although once upon a time it would often have been sunk into a void in the floor. You can select from a range of popular sized hearths to match the decor of your home, or there are bespoke solutions to fit almost any style and size of fireplace.

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A trip to a fireplace showroom or a browse online will show the choices that are available for the different fireplace styles and designs. Every fireplace may not be appropriate for your chimney and flue therefore it is wise to accept any guidance and advice from your fireplace installers in relation to your particular circumstances.

An open fireplace option will be perfect for some rooms and properties in Longtown, while a multi-fuel or wood burning stove will be a better choice for others. If you have an old-fashioned inglenook fireplace, a cast iron wood burner can look stunning set within it, which also has the benefit of reflecting heat back into the room from the brick or stone walls surrounding the stove.

A cast iron wood burner is also an effective choice if your Longtown home does not have a chimney breast. This style of fireplace can be fitted with its own flue that is channeled through an outside wall and does not require a chimney, to be installed safely.


The charm and look of a log fire can't be beaten, but what options are out there if this style of fireplace isn't possible within your Longtown property?

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fires are a lot better than wood burners in relation to their thermal efficiency, and there are an assortment of sizes and styles to suit any house in Longtown. Any gas fireplace put into your Longtown home must be installed and maintained by a Gas Safe technician.

Open Fireplaces - Being able to burn almost any solid fuel on the market, the open fireplace can provide a roaring fire as a good focal point for a room or living space. Today's fireplaces are not the draughty, inefficient and smoky features that they once were, and an open fire creates a cosy and warm environment for the occupants to enjoy.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you will doubtless assume from the name, these kinds of stoves can be fed various different fuels, including gas, smokeless coal, wood or oil, and not just that, they can also become a great focal point for your home in Longtown. If connected to your radiators or central heating system, some of the multi-fuel stoves (such as the AGA range) can provide heat for the whole house, in addition to hot water, cooking facilities and even outdoor barbecues.

Electric Fireplaces - These can be fitted easily and safely by anybody who is reasonable competent and there are varieties and styles that are suitable for almost any room and property in Longtown. Even if your property has a traditional fireplace, an electric fire that seems almost like a "real" fire can be fitted.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Available in an array of styles and sizes which can be a freestanding feature when necessary, these versatile stoves can be used in rooms both large and small. A back boiler is an added benefit and can provide steaming hot water for use around the home, or for heating in another area via a radiator.

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Fireplace installers can be located in the Longtown area, as well as in: Mossband, Barclose, Brackenhill, Scaleby, Gretna, Gaitle, Crofthead, Todhills, Netherby, Gretna Green, Rockliffe, Blackford, Easton, Scalebyhill, Kirklinton, Smithfield, Carwinley, plus places with postcodes like: CA6 5UP, CA6 5BF, CA6 5FB, CA6 5UF, CA6 5XS, CA6 5TJ, CA6 5XA, CA6 5UX, CA6 5NR, CA6 5UQ. Fireplace companies from Longtown will typically have the postcode CA6 and the phone code 01228.

Stone Fireplaces Longtown

Why not bring the outdoors inside and build a spectacular looking natural stone fireplace? It may well be that your home's exterior already boasts some natural stone features, such as stone boundary walls or a stone facade. Why don't you match those features indoors?

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There are 2 ways in which a natural stone fireplace can be built, and depending on your personal taste and how much money you are prepared to spend, you can choose from full-depth stone or the thinner stone cladding option. The sorts of stone that can be used for fireplaces are numerous. Select from marble, sandstone, granite, limestone, quartz or slate.

Your finished fireplace's appearance will depend on the individuality of the craftsman or stonemason who builds it, the type of stone that's used and the style of building (dry stone or mortar built). Gather together some photographs and discuss these with your fireplace installer before they start work, if you've got an understanding of just what you want.

As it's got such a striking appearance and can dominate the look of a room, stone isn't always a suitable material for a contemporary home. But, dramatic and spectacular might be just what you have in mind - and at the end of the day, the choice is yours!

Chimney Sweep

It is imperative that you have your chimney swept on a regular basis, no matter whether you have a wood burning stove or an open fire. Chimneys should be swept and cleaned at least once yearly, if not more.

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It is invariably better to bring in a professional Longtown chimney sweep if you want to get this done correctly. If there are any problems or safety issues with your chimney, the chimney sweep will be able to identify them and advise you accordingly.

Routine sweeping helps prevent a build-up of ash, soot and creosote, a common cause of chimney fires. Another hazardous situation that you want to avoid is poisonous carbon monoxide fumes flowing back into your property, which can also be caused by a blocked chimney.

Check that your chosen chimney sweep in Longtown is adequately covered by public liability insurance, and is skilled in this field. CLICK HERE to get a chimney sweeps quote in Longtown. chimney sweeping services are also available in Mossband, Barclose, Brackenhill, Scaleby, Gretna, Gaitle, Crofthead, Todhills, Netherby, Gretna Green, Rockliffe, Blackford, Easton, Scalebyhill, Kirklinton, Smithfield, Carwinley, and and of course in Longtown.

Brick Fireplaces Longtown

Brick fireplaces have long been a staple in interior design. They provide charm, character and warmth to any room. While traditional brick fireplaces were mainly used for heating purposes, they've been reinvented as a statement piece in many modern homes. Here are a few things to take into account if you are considering a brick fireplace for your house in Longtown.

Firstly, you'll need to decide on the style of fireplace you prefer. Traditional brick fireplaces commonly feature a simple design with a mantel and hearth. However, you could also opt for a more modern design with clean lines and a sleek finish.

Brick fireplaces can be built with an assortment of different kinds of brick, each with its own unique texture and colour. You'll want to pick a brick that fits in with the style of your property and matches the overall aesthetic you are trying to create.

Finally, consider the practical aspects of a brick fireplace. Ensure that the fireplace is properly vented and that you have a functioning chimney. If you intend to use the fireplace for heating, think about installing a fireplace insert or glass doors to improve efficiency and safety.

To summarise, a brick fireplace can add charm and warmth to any room. With correct consideration and planning, you can create a functional and beautiful brick fireplace that will enhance your home's design and provide a cosy environment.

Fireplace Installers Longtown

Fireplace installers are professionals who have specific knowledge and skills in the installation and maintenance of fireplaces. Skilled technicians have the expertise to install and repair different kinds of fireplaces, including electric, wood-burning and gas fireplaces. Construction companies or fireplace manufacturers are the usual employers of these experts, though some may work on their own.

To install a fireplace properly, careful planning, preparation, and execution are required. To ensure the fireplace installation meets all relevant standards and is safe, fireplace installers must have knowledge of local building codes and regulations. In addition, they need to be familiar with the various materials and tools necessary for the job.

Fireplace installers make sure that the fireplace is in good working order by offering maintenance services. Services provided for fireplace maintenance include replacement of damaged parts, cleaning the chimney, and inspection for potential safety hazards.

To work in the specialised field of fireplace installation, one must have extensive training and experience. Hiring a certified and trustworthy fireplace installer is imperative to ensure the task is carried out safely and to the highest possible standards. In creating comfortable and functional living spaces, fireplace installers play a pivotal role. Their expertise and skill make it possible for residents in Longtown to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fireplace without any concerns or worries. READ MORE HERE: FIREPLACE INSTALLERS

Fireplace Inserts Longtown

Fireplace inserts have become a popular choice among householders in Longtown who wish to upgrade their conventional fireplaces. These inserts have been specifically created to maximise the efficiency of a fireplace by increasing heat output into the room and reducing heat loss. These inserts provide a more practical and safer alternative to old-fashioned wood-burning fireplaces, making it more convenient to enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a fire.

Fireplace inserts are offered in an array of sizes and designs, including electric, gas and wood-burning models. With minimal maintenance required, gas fireplace inserts are easy to use, while electric inserts offer adaptability and convenience with their adjustable settings and remote control. For homeowners seeking an authentic crackling fire and the fragrance of burning wood, wood-burning inserts make the perfect choice.

Besides their convenience and efficiency, fireplace inserts are also helpful to the environment. They decrease the amount of air pollution caused by conventional fireplaces by producing fewer emissions and burning fuel more efficiently.

Safe and correct installation of a fireplace insert can only be ensured with a professional installation. Fireplace inserts are an excellent investment for homeowners looking to enhance the convenience, comfort, and value of their property, offering numerous benefits. It is crucial to consider that various kinds of fireplace inserts may require different methods of venting. To determine the most appropriate venting system for their specific fireplace insert, as well as to ensure proper installation and safety, homeowners in Longtown should seek professional advice.

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Fireplace Related Tasks Longtown

Your local fireplace installer can perform an extensive array of services and tasks including Victorian fireplaces Longtown, electric fireplace installations in Longtown, chimney lining, electric fire baskets in Longtown, fire grate conversions, carbon monoxide detector installation, open fireplaces, marble fireplace surrounds, tiled fireplaces Longtown, fireplace services, fake fireplace installations, cast fireplaces, chimney sweeping in Longtown, inset stove installations, limestone fireplace installations Longtown, outdoor fireplaces Longtown, cheap fireplaces, period fireplaces, stone fireplaces, brick fireplace installations, the installation of chimney cowls in Longtown, corner fireplaces, the installation of modern fireplaces Longtown, contemporary fireplaces Longtown, fireplace installation, fireplace surrounds, fireplace refurbishment, freestanding stoves Longtown, designer fireplaces, modern gas fires, gas fireplaces, marble fireplaces, fireplace suites in Longtown, inglenook fireplace installation, stone fireplace installations, and others. Listed are just some of the tasks that are conducted by a locally based fireplace fitter. You could perhaps go to this QUOTE FORM and enter your details, if there are additional Longtown fireplace requirements that you need but cannot find here.

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Latest Cumbria fireplace enquiries: Jaiden Sheppard was trying to find a specialist fireplace installer near Burgh By Sands, Cumbria. Lacie Saunders in Warwick Bridge, Cumbria was looking for someone to install an elm fireplace in her house. Mr and Mrs Farr recently asked for a quote for installing a multi fuel stove in Dalton in Furness. Gabrielle Farrell and Jenson Farrell recently enquired about getting a price for installing an electric fireplace in a cottage in Urswick, Cumbria. Mr and Mrs Knott recently requested a quotation for the installation of a wood burning stove in Westward, Cumbria. Elle Holden from Kirkby Ireleth asked the question "are there any good fireplace fitters near me?". Kevin Marsden was trying to find someone who can fit a log burner fireplace in Alston. Yasmin Darcy was searching for local fireplace fitters in the Thursby, Cumbria area.

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A few years back, people used to look in the Yellow Pages or local free paper to find businesses nearby, currently they're much more likely to browse reviews online, which are becoming more and more popular. If you're pleased about the performance of someone you have used, why not take some time to thank them by leaving a positive review. In this way you can benefit both the fireplace company itself and its potential future clients, by relating your first hand knowledge. If negative or positive reviews helped you to decide on the best person to use for your project, you will surely appreciate how this can be useful. Even when you considered a company with an impressive looking website, you may have looked elsewhere if these promising signs weren't backed up by some favourable reviews.

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But, when you're actually on a company's own website, how can you trust the customer reviews? Are these glowing reviews written by real customers who were happy with the services they were given, or were they composed by a company employee?

Instead of relying on these, you can check out the reviews on Google My Business listings, where you'll find more genuine and sincere reviews on businesses in Longtown. This is the review website that is trusted by millions of people to determine company reputations, and can impact on their ranking in the search engines too. The 2nd largest review area for local businesses in Longtown is Bing Places for Business, and this is undoubtedly the big competitor of Google My Business. You can help to raise the profile of a company that successfully worked on your fireplace project by posting a good review here, and while doing so create a rundown of the reliability and standards that they provided.

Some folks would rather post feedback for a company on Facebook and Twitter pages, which are just as effective. A leading part of any small company's marketing and promotion strategies will include the use of these social media giants. Your reviews can help strengthen their sales message, and if you have offered recommendations to friends and neighbours who are interested in services of a similar nature, this will give them a starting point for their hunt for the perfect tradesman.

Those of you who would rather go 'old school' can of course send in a hand-drafted thankyou letter instead. These can be compiled to create a review portfolio which is beneficial in face to face meetings with potential clients, mounted in a frame for display in receptions, or photographed and published on the company website. It's an incredible feeling knowing that you may have helped a small local business, regardless of how you created your review.

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