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Fireplace Fitter Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire (MK1): A great way to add a bit of character, charm and a cozy feel to any dwelling in Milton Keynes, is to re-open an old fireplace to install a wood burner, open or multi-fuel fire. If you decide to combine a new fireplace with a back boiler, not only can you enjoy the ambience and warmth of an open fire during the nippy winters' evenings, you will also be supplied with a plentiful supply of steaming hot water.

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But before you begin smashing down the walls of a boarded over fireplace there are some crucial things to consider if you are to wind up with a safe and efficient fireplace. To start with, Part J of the UK's Building Regulations will have to be adhered to in regards to the construction and installation of any flue linings, chimney breasts, fireplaces and hearths that are an integral part of a heating appliance in your premises in Milton Keynes. Planning permission may also have to be sought before work commences if your home is in a conservation area or is a listed building.

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If you have the ability to do so, and are good at DIY you might be able to do some of the renovation work to an old or existing fireplace, but professional assistance may be required if structural or safety issues arise during the process. When you uncover the old fireplace, you could be fortunate and discover that to get a roaring fire once more, it needs nothing more than a decent chimney sweep and a quick clean out of the hearth. What you'll likely discover is a patch of old bricks that hides issues such as a blocked chimney or a lintel that requires replacement.

If a fireplace is installed in your house in Milton Keynes and it's not fitted correctly, there is not only a serious risk of fire, but also of respiratory health problems. Therefore, using a certified fireplace fitter is widely recommended. A key part of the Building Regulations for fireplaces is that enough oxygen is available in a room for a fire to burn efficiently and properly. A build-up of poisonous carbon monoxide can be the result in a space where there's inadequate airflow, and death or serious injury is possible when a fire is burning inefficiently.

It might be necessary to fit airflow vents in walls and floors to allow the fireplace to receive ample oxygen to burn efficiently and safely at all times. To avoid condensed air from becoming trapped in unused chimney flues and causing damp spots and staining, flue vents may need to be fitted by the fireplace installation team to introduce more airflow.

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Opening up an old fireplace can create large amounts of dust and soot. So that your belongings do not get damaged by the soot, muck and dust that's discharged during works by a fireplace installer, removing any furniture, rugs and carpets beforehand is strongly recommended. The opening up of an old fireplace ought to be one of the initial tasks that you do, if it's part of a more extensive refurbishment project. This prevents any staining damage to any renovated work you may have already finished.


You'll have a greater understanding of the refurbishment work that is needed, when you have exposed the old fireplace. You'll also be in a position to get the chimney swept and clean any of the hearth that has survived. This would be the perfect time to contact a professional Milton Keynes chimney sweep to find out whether they are able to come and have a look at your chimney and fireplace. Apart from cleaning and sweeping the chimney and flue, they will also assess the condition of your flue liner and chimney and tell you about any section of the flue and chimney structure that needs to be replaced.

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After an examination by a professional Milton Keynes chimney sweep, and observing the Building Regulations (Part J), work to install a new flue lining and/or strengthen the chimney breast could be needed. These are tasks that require an experienced tradesman with knowledge of the appropriate regulations and sound construction skills.

If the dimensions of the existing fireplace are larger than your requirements, a concrete or steel lintel will need to be installed. As soon as you have supported the fireplace with your lintel it will then be time to update or renovate the hearth. If the current hearth is sunken into the floor you'll need to raise it to observe the most recent UK Building Regulations. There are bespoke solutions to fit virtually any size and design of fireplace, or you can pick from a variety of common sized hearths to fit in with your decor.

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Deciding on your choice of fireplace can be tricky amongst the various sizes, shapes and styles that are available from an online store or fireplace showroom. The advice and recommendations from your installation team, which will be specific to your requirements, will help you to choose a fireplace that is both appropriate for your chimney and flue, as well as for your decor.

Your existing decor, the all round look that you're attempting to create and perhaps, the age of your home in Milton Keynes, will to some extent determine if you opt for a wood burner, a multi-fuel stove or an open fireplace. For instance, the perfect backdrop to a cast iron wood burning stove is an inglenook fireplace, which not only perfectly emphasises its charm and elegance but is also effective in deflecting the heat back into the room.

It's still possible to put in a wood burner stove, even if there's no chimney breast in your Milton Keynes home. As a stainless steel flue can be routed through an external wall and does not require a chimney breast, it is still quite possible to install this kind of fireplace.


A crackling fire on a cold, dark evening creates an ambience and charm that simply can't be beaten, but what other options are available to install in your brand new fireplace in Milton Keynes?

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Wood Burning Stoves - Available in many different styles and sizes which can be a free standing feature if required, these ever-popular stoves can be used in rooms of any size. They can provide hot water for radiators or for other use around the house, if combined with a back boiler.

Gas Fireplaces - There are an array of styles to complement any house in Milton Keynes, and as they provide "instantaneous" heat, they're more efficient (thermally) than multi-fuel stoves or wood burners in general. The maintenance and installation of gas fireplaces should only be conducted by a registered Gas Safe contractor in Milton Keynes.

Electric Fireplaces - Electric fireplaces can be fitted quickly and safely by any competent individual and there are designs and styles that are suitable for just about any room and house in Milton Keynes. Modern electric fires can deliver "real" looking flame effects and even the crackling sound of wood to mimic an open fire when inset into an old fashioned fireplace.

Open Fireplaces - This is the traditional fireplace, creating a focal point for a room or space, and can use different fuels, such as briquettes, wood, anthracite nuts nuts and coal. Today's fireplaces are not the inefficient, smoky and draughty features that they used to be, and an open fire creates a cosy and warm environment for the enjoyment of its occupants.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - As you'll likely assume from the name, these stoves can run on various different fuels, including wood, gas, smokeless coal or oil, and not only that, they can also become a focal point for your home in Milton Keynes. These can be utilised not merely for heating an individual room, but some designs like the AGA collection, can provide useful cooking areas, supply hot water and can be employed for heating the complete home if they are plumbed into a network of radiators.

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Fireplace installation companies can be accessed in the Milton Keynes area, together with: Wavendon, Wolverton, Old Stratford, Woburn Sands, Bow Brickhill, Willen, Olney, Buckingham, Old Farm Park, Beachampton, Cranfield, Stoke Hammond, Stoney Stratford, Bradwell, Caldecotte, Great Horwood, Cosgrove, Newton Longville, Blakelands, Tongham, Bletchley, Loughton, in addition to these postcode areas: MK9 2PS, MK9 1FG, MK9 2FB, MK9 2AZ, MK9 1BP, MK9 2HG, MK6 2TS, MK9 1ED, MK9 1GW, MK10 1TF. Two pointers which indicate that a fireplace service hails in the Milton Keynes area is if they've got the telephone code 01908 and the postcode MK1. This information is useful if you want to confirm that you are dealing with a locally based fireplace builder.

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The traditional open fireplace seems to have lost a certain amount of of its allure because of environmental worries but it's still favoured by many in Milton Keynes. The natural warmth of a fireplace stimulates very special memories for those who've got them. Having a fireplace has its perks but there are also a couple of drawbacks which could have an impact on its usefulness. Because of energy costs going up so rapidly these days, your fireplace must be a sound source of heat, and not an inefficient one. When a fire is burning, it may possibly warm up those who are standing immediately in front of it, but it can actually pull warm air out of your room, making your heat source work even harder. When there is no fire, a damper should control the airflow. The thing is, fireplace dampers are generally very inefficient in keeping warm air in the home and cold air out.

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Many house owners that possess fireplaces in their home in Milton Keynes do not realize how the fireplace can have an effect on their energy bill. Instead of saving resources, and heating costs, it can often be adding 100s of pounds of energy costs. Just consider that it's not all gloom and doom because there are techniques for making your fireplace far more cost-efficient. There are at least 4 simple elements that you are able to do to fix up your fireplace. These will certainly make your current fireplace more effective, and lower your heating bills.

The very first thing that has to be done is to replace the existing damper with a top sealing damper. This type of damper is set up at the top of the chimney, and acts like a storm door. It does a superb job of preserving warm air in the house during winter and cool air from getting out in the warmer months. This doesn't take a lot of time to fit and you can acquire one online. A second thing which can be done is to place a fire-back at the back of your fireplace. It is produced from cast iron and it is used to help the appearance of your fireplace while protecting the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back gets warmed up by the fire and sends the heat back into a room, thus improving the overall efficiency of the fireplace.

The next thing that can help is a fireplace heater, which heats the room air which is being circulated through a chamber, and blows it back towards the room. These devices don't release any smoke and can be very successful in keeping your family home warm. Last but not least, you may fit glass doors which could be the costliest. If you do your homework, you can certainly get an excellent deal on glass doors and they're not that difficult to put in yourself. Glass fireplace doors can keep the air in your house from escaping and also help to safeguard your pets and children from accidentally falling into the fire.

These suggestions aren't very hard to do and you should be able to purchase everything you need online. Just do your best to keep your fireplace efficient and see your heating bills go down.

Flue Linings

Fitted to boost the safety and efficiency of your chimney structure, a chimney liner or flu liner is crucial and shouldn't be overlooked in any circumstances. Transporting toxic fumes to the outside of a building, a flue liner runs the complete length of a chimney, and can be made from a number of materials including stainless steel, ceramics or clay. Some chimneys in older structures in Milton Keynes might not even be fitted with a lining, or if the existing lining is compromised, may need to be re-lined.

As a fire is burning, some dangerous gases and fumes are the result, and the flue of your chimney can be eaten away and impaired and impaired by these gases. Your flue lining must be frequently inspected for potential problems and damage each time it's being swept. The harmful gases that are generated by a burning fire, can potentially seep into your property if a flue is defective. Excessive heat can also be allowed to pass into the chimney's structure, creating the potential for fires. (Tags: Flue Liners Milton Keynes, Chimney Liners Milton Keynes, Flue Lining Milton Keynes).

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To increase draft and help to stop back-up, a chimney cowl is a hood-shaped cap for your chimney. It's generally produced from galvanised iron and fits on top of the chimney pot to keep the wind from blowing smoke back down. It can be bought in a hardware shop or on the internet. Whether you prefer to invest in a new one or make an existing one work better, a chimney cowl will keep your fireplace or stove working properly.

A chimney cowl can also help protect your home and keep you safe. There are several types of chimney cowls available on the market, each designed to address different issues. Before you purchase one, consider a few aspects to ensure you get one that will help protect your home. Once you know what you need, you can then choose a chimney cowl based on your budget and needs.

You can also find chimney cowls made from everyday objects, like a stainless steel colander or steel bucket. Chicken wire can also be used to make a cowl. Clay flower pots also make good chimney cowls. These covers can be purchased at a local hardware store or online.

One of the most common types of chimney cowls is the H-style. This style is the most effective at stabilizing the draft and allows your fireplace to function more efficiently. It is made from a series of H-shaped pipes that isolate the combustion gases from down drafts. It originally served marine applications but has become popular among homeowners due to its energy-saving functionality.

Another type is the Aerodyne cowl. It works by drawing air into the chimney cowl and reducing downdraught. It is available in a variety of colours. Its venturi shape draws air into the chimney cowl, creating a drop in air pressure that draws air upward from the stove.

Chimney cowls are a simple way to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in Milton Keynes. They are inexpensive and easy to install. You should make sure you have easy access to the area above the chimney to install one. It can also prevent debris from accumulating inside the chimney.

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The array of services and tasks that can be carried out by your local fireplace fitter are varied and wide, and will include stuff like fireplace inserts Milton Keynes, marble fireplace installations, the installation of outdoor fireplaces, fireplace removal Milton Keynes, corner fireplaces Milton Keynes, elm fireplaces Milton Keynes, Regency fireplaces Milton Keynes, fireplace surrounds, chimney modifications, Victorian fireplaces Milton Keynes, double-sided stove installation, oak beam fireplaces Milton Keynes, outdoor fireplaces Milton Keynes, fire grate conversions, open fireplaces in Milton Keynes, classic fireplaces Milton Keynes, bespoke fireplaces, fireplace fitting, inset stove installation, chimney strengthening, marble fireplaces, fake fireplace installations, fireplace installation, hearth fireplaces Milton Keynes, Victorian fireplace installations, fireplace hearths, freestanding stoves in Milton Keynes, brick fireplace installation, wood burning fireplace installations, contemporary fireplaces Milton Keynes, fireplace repairs, fireplace design, chimney sweeping, electric fireplaces, tiled fireplaces Milton Keynes, and others not mentioned. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what is offered by a local fireplace installer.

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More Milton Keynes Tradespeople: When your Milton Keynes property needs improvements or refurbishing, a number of different craftsmen may be needed to finish the project, and even though your present search is for fireplace installers in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, you may also need the expertise of a general builder in Milton Keynes, a painter/decorator in Milton Keynes, a carpet fitter in Milton Keynes, a roofer in Milton Keynes, a damp proofer in Milton Keynes, a plumber in Milton Keynes, a bricklayer in Milton Keynes, a carpenter in Milton Keynes, a plasterer in Milton Keynes, a chimney sweep in Milton Keynes, SKIP HIRE in Milton Keynes, waste removal in Milton Keynes, a stonemason in Milton Keynes, metalworkers in Milton Keynes, an odd job man in Milton Keynes, an electrician in Milton Keynes, a cleaner in Milton Keynes, and perhaps others.

Fireplaces Around Milton Keynes: Fireplace Installation has recently been required in the following Milton Keynes areas - Denbigh Hall, Turnberry Close, Dalvina Place, St Georges Road, Brook Way, Calamus Court, Bridgeturn Avenue, Chadds Lane, Carolus Creek, Temple Close, The Elms, Tyne Square, St Nicholas Close, Stockdale, Cockerell Grove, Archford Croft, Appleton Mews, Sherwood Drive, Trevone Court, Annes Grove, Cornbury Crescent, Chepstow Drive, Bascote, Stainton Drive, Copes Haven, Chatsworth, Tudor Gardens, Bedford Road, The Meadway, as well as the following local Milton Keynes postcodes: MK9 2PS, MK9 1FG, MK9 2FB, MK9 2AZ, MK9 1BP, MK9 2HG, MK6 2TS, MK9 1ED, MK9 1GW, MK10 1TF. Work was achieved in these places by local installers of fireplaces. Milton Keynes business and home owners enjoyed the benefits of professional and dependable fireplace services in every case.

Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire: The large town of Milton Keynes is found in the county of Buckinghamshire in the South Eastern region of England. Milton Keynes is about 22 miles from Aylesbury and 13 miles from Buckingham, neighbouring towns and villages include Bletchley, Newton Longville, Bow Brickhill, Bradwell, Beachampton, Olney, Woburn Sands and Buckingham. Milton Keynes has a population of around 230,000, has the dialling code 01908 and is in the postcode district MK1 - MK15. Milton Keynes is a new town which came into existence in 1967. (Tags: Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes England, Milton Keynes Bucks, Milton Keynes UK)

Fireplace installation in MK1 area, telephone code 01908.

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