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Fireplace Fitter Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire (ST1): Re-opening up an unused fireplace or putting in a new one is an excellent way to add a touch of character to any room in your property in Stoke-on-Trent. If you decide to combine your fireplace with a back boiler, you can not only take pleasure in the warmth and ambience of an open fire or stove during the nippy winter evenings, you'll also be provided with a plentiful supply of hot water.

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There are a few essential considerations you must bear in mind if you are to finish up with a safe and efficient fireplace, before you commence bashing down the walls of a bricked-up fireplace. Any work that's undertaken on your fireplace, flue lining, hearth and chimney breast must conform to the UK's building regs, Part J for heat producing appliances. If your property is a listed building you'll also need to ascertain if planning permission is necessary from the local authorities before any work can commence.

Fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire (ST1)


If you have the skills that are necessary, and are good at DIY you might be capable of doing some of the remodeling work to a pre-existing fireplace, but the help of a tradesperson may be required if structural issues arise during the process. It may be your good fortune when you pull back the covering from a disused fireplace to uncover a hidden gem that needs nothing more than a good clear out and a check from a chimney sweep to get a fire roaring once again. However, a flue that is blocked and old, crumbling brickwork that needs structural reinforcement is what you're most likely to find.

Hiring a professional fireplace fitter in Stoke-on-Trent is generally recommended, as a fireplace that's wrongly installed can can cause a fire risk and respiratory problems. According to the Building Regulations, a room that has a fireplace installed in it must have adequate airflow and oxygen for the fire to burn properly and efficiently. Dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can soon build up from an inefficiently burning fire in a poorly ventilated room.

A competent fireplace installation engineer will consider the situation and get over this challenge to ensure a sufficient air flow for the fireplace to burn efficiently and safely, by installing vents around the room, or underneath the flooring. Condensing air can easily get trapped inside blocked or unused chimney flues which might also need to have air vents installed, to avoid problems with damp and staining inside the chimney breast.

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Having a fireplace opened up can cause large amounts of soot and muck to enter your house. It is sensible to remove any rugs, carpets and furniture from a room where you're going to expose an old fireplace, to prevent them being damaged by dirt, soot and dust that will be stirred up during the fireplace installation works. Opening up a fireplace ought to be one of the first things that you tackle, if it's a part of a larger refurbishment project. This will help to prevent any damage by soot and other chimney dirt to any completed renovation work.


With your fireplace now open, it's time to determine what can be restored and to give the hearth and chimney a good cleaning. You now need to speak to your chimney sweep, if you've not already done this, to come and clean the old chimney and fireplace. A professional chimney sweep will first of all clean the flue and whilst doing this will be able to check the structural condition of the chimney and provide guidance on whether you need a new flue lining.

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Construction work may be needed to reinforce the original breast and chimney, and a new flue lining might also have to be fitted. All this work must adhere to the all important UK Building Regulations which are there for you and your loved one's safety. These are projects that require a capable craftsman with a good understanding of the appropriate regulations and sound construction skills.

In an older building a new concrete lintel may be necessary to adapt the opening, if it's discovered that the revealed fireplace is too big. As soon as your new concrete lintel is safely in position you can now get on with the installation, repair and updating of the fireplace hearth. The current Building Regulations for the UK demand that the fireplace hearth is set at least 12.5mm above the normal floor level, although once upon a time it would have been sunk into a void in the floor. You can get tailor-made solutions to fit any style and size of fireplace, or you can pick from a variety of common size and shape hearths to match your decor.

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Due to the huge selection of different fireplace styles and designs, choosing the right one might not be that simple. You can check out what's available by visiting your nearest fireplace outlet or by going online. You should follow the advice of the fireplace company when it comes to which fireplaces will be appropriate for your chimney, flue and air flow situation, because some of them won't be.

Your current decor, the overall style you're trying to create and perhaps even, the age of your home in Stoke-on-Trent, will affect whether you go for a multi-fuel stove, an open fireplace or a wood burner. A wood burning stove for instance, will look awesome when set into an inglenook fireplace, which deflects any heat that's generated back into the room and perfectly highlights its charm and elegance.

You've still got options for a feature fireplace by by having a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner installed, even if your Stoke-on-Trent property does not have a chimney breast. It is possible to take a stainless steel flue straight from the top or rear of the stove and out through an external wall, therefore a chimney structure is not a requirement.


If your situation does not allow for the installation of a natural fireplace, what are all the possible options?

Gas Fireplaces - Gas fireplaces are better than wood burner stoves when it comes to thermal efficiency, and you will find a variety of sizes and styles to complement any home in Stoke-on-Trent. Have to be professionally maintained and installed by a Gas Safe registered tradesman.

Open Fireplaces - This is the timeless fireplace, creating a stunning focal point for any room, and can be used to burn a number of different fuels, such as coalite nuts, briquettes, smokeless coal and wood. In the old days an open fire might have been associated with being inefficient, draughty and smoky, but a skillfully installed fireplace is a joy to behold while lounging in the warm glow it provides.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - To establish a focal point in your living space, these can be used with an assortment of fuels, such as gas, coal, wood or oil. The AGA range is well known as being able to provide heat for an entire house, a constant hot water supply and an oven and hob for cooking all in one unit.

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Wood Burning Stoves - These devices can be freestanding, and there is a wide array to complement any period of dwelling in Stoke-on-Trent. They are able to provide piping hot water to heat radiators or for other use around the home, if combined with a back boiler.

Electric Fireplaces - An obvious choice for many property owners in Stoke-on-Trent, these fireplaces can be installed by pretty much any competent individual, in a safe and easy manner. An electric fire can be successfully installed in your house, even if you have a regular fireplace, and some of them look pretty much like a "real" fire with dancing flames and even crackling sound effects.

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Fireplace fitters can be found in the Stoke-on-Trent area, as well as in: Fulford, Wolstanton, Ubberley, Barlaston, Trent Vale, Boothen, Penkhull, Bucknall, Springfields, Dresden, Clayton, Mount Pleasant, May Bank, Blurton, Shelton, Etruria, Trentham, in addition to these postcode areas: ST1 1LA, ST1 1JY, ST1 1EF, ST1 1JB, ST1 1NS, ST1 1PF, ST1 2LF, ST1 2HP, ST1 2DB, and ST1 1HG. Locally based Stoke-on-Trent fireplace installers will most likely have the postcode ST1 and the phone code 01782. This is naturally something to confirm if you prefer to hire a locally based fireplace company. Stoke-on-Trent home and business owners are spoilt for choice when trying to find fireplace contractors. You can simply click on the "QUOTE" form or banner to get more details on fireplace installation in the area.

Chimney Sweep Stoke-on-Trent

It is imperative that you have the chimney swept frequently, no matter whether you've got an open fire or a stove. Chimneys need to be swept and cleaned at least once per year to keep them in a safe state.

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It is always better to call in a specialist Stoke-on-Trent chimney sweep if you want to get this done correctly. Not only does this mean that you chimney is kept clean, the chimney sweep will be on hand to highlight any issues with you chimney.

If you do not continually sweep your chimney in Stoke-on-Trent, the resulting build-up of ash, soot and wood tar can quite easily lead to a chimney fire. Another hazardous situation that you want to avoid is carbon monoxide fumes being drawn back into your home, which can also be caused by a blocked chimney.

This all adds up to the fact that you should always employ a professional Stoke-on-Trent chimney sweep, and one who has decent public liability cover in case of any accidents or damages. To book your chimney sweep in Stoke-on-Trent CLICK HERE. chimney sweeps are also available in nearby villages and towns.

Improve the Cost-Efficiency of Your Open Fireplace in Stoke-on-Trent

The classic fireplace may have lost a certain amount of of its allure because of environmental worries but it's still favoured by many in Stoke-on-Trent. Sitting beside the heat of a fireplace, revives many treasured memories for a lot of people. There are many benefits to having a fireplace however there are several drawbacks that could possibly need to be taken care of. With power costs increasing so quickly nowadays, your fireplace needs to be a reliable source of heat, not one of inefficiency. When you've got a fire going in the fireplace, it can literally extract warm air out from the room, making your heat source work harder. In the event you don't have a fire, the damper is supposed to keep heat in. The thing is, fireplace dampers can often be inefficient in keeping warm air in the dwelling and cold air out.

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Many householders in Stoke-on-Trent who have fireplaces do not realise how it can affect the cost of heating. As opposed to saving resources, and heating costs, it's typically adding hundreds of pounds of energy expenditure. Just consider that it's not all hopeless because there are options for making your fireplace much more economical. Pretty much all you need to do is basically four basic things boost the performance of your fireplace. You will recognize that these tips will help make your fireplace create quality heat and your heating bill lower.

The first tip is to replace your fireplace damper with a top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is set up at the top end of your chimney which in turn also doubles as a storm door. It helps prevent the outside air from coming in, and the internal air from getting out, and functions in cold or hot weather. It is not that tricky to install and can be easily bought on the internet. A second thing that can be done would be to fit a fire-back at the back of your fireplace. It's made of cast iron and is used to improve the overall look of your fireplace whilst shielding the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back gets warmed up by the open fire and sends the heat back into the room, hence improving the fireplace's efficiency.

Another cost saver is a fireplace heater/fan, which heats the room by pulling the air into a chamber and returning the air back into the room. These gadgets are created as closed systems in order that they do not emit any smoke, but are effective in keeping your house warm. And finally, putting in glass doors, while a bit on the pricey side, can be helpful in making your fireplace more cost-efficient. If you do your homework, you can actually get a great deal on glass doors and they're not that challenging to put in yourself. These doors form a buffer between the fireplace and living space, not only making the area less for the fire to heat, but also offering protection.

The advice we've just given isn't that challenging to put into action, and most of the items you need can be readily purchased on the internet. Try your very best to make sure your fireplace is efficient and see your heating bill plummet.

Chimney Repair Stoke-on-Trent

Both commercial and home chimney systems in Stoke-on-Trent need regular chimney repair to ensure safety, efficiency and functionality. Over the years, chimneys can be subjected to wear and tear due to exposure to weather elements, temperature fluctuations, and the byproducts of combustion. These factors can cause a number of issues that require the attention of a competent professional as soon as possible.

Chimney Repairs Stoke-on-Trent

Chimney repair is often necessary due to the development of cracks in the chimney structure. Moisture ingress can be increased by such cracks, which can lead to additional damage and compromise the structural integrity of the chimney. Moreover, serious health hazards to any occupants can be caused by the escape of dangerous gases, including carbon monoxide, from cracks in the chimney.

The chimney flue can often become clogged with debris and creosote, which is another issue. Creosote accumulation can both reduce chimney efficiency and increase the potential for fires. Routine chimney cleaning as part of the repair procedure is essential for reducing fire hazards and ensuring adequate airflow, as it removes debris, soot and creosote.

Through the chimney repair process, issues like leaks in the chimney can be sorted out. Rusting, deterioration and damage of the chimney liner can be the outcomes of water leaking into the chimney system. A consequence of this can be further structural problems and decreased efficiency. Addressing repairs appropriately involves identifying the leak's source, sealing openings, and using waterproofing treatments to deter future leaks.

For comprehensive and safe chimney maintenance, consider using a professional. DIY repairs are high-risk and could miss important underlying issues. Hiring chimney repair specialists is key, guaranteeing work that meets industry standards. Accredited technicians boast the know-how to assess damage, propose the most beneficial repairs, and implement solutions that guarantee both the longevity and safety of your entire chimney system.

Prompt repairs and regular inspections also contribute to extending the life expectancy of the chimney. Early detection and repair keeps chimney repair costs down in the long term. Neglecting necessary repairs can lead to further damage, compromising the functionality of the chimney and increasing the risk of safety hazards.

To summarise, effective chimney maintenance goes beyond mere cleaning. Repairs for leaks, creosote accumulation, cracks, and all-round structural integrity are equally vital. Don't skimp on on chimney safety or performance. Professional repair services ensure both, whilst keeping your chimney compliant with industry regulations and standards. By conducting regular inspections, addressing issues promptly, and seeking professional expertise, homeowners in Stoke-on-Trent can enjoy the benefits of a properly maintained chimney system that provides efficient heating and contributes to the comfort and safety of their areas. (39607 - Chimney Repairs Stoke-on-Trent)

Stoke-on-Trent Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Stoke-on-Trent

Your local Stoke-on-Trent fireplace installer can deliver an extensive assortment of tasks, and in addition to what's already been covered they should be able to do chimney sweeping, designer fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent, fireplace removal, contemporary fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent, Victorian fireplaces, cheap fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent, fireplace suites, corner fireplaces, tiled fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent, fake fireplaces, fireplace replacement Stoke-on-Trent, wood burning fireplaces, multifuel & wood burning stoves, reclaimed fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent, cast fireplace installation, the installation of Victorian fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent, stone fireplace installations, fireplacerates, gas fireplaces, gas fireplace installations Stoke-on-Trent, electric fire suites, chimney strengthening in Stoke-on-Trent, fireplace cleaning, fireplace packages, period fireplaces, fire grate conversions in Stoke-on-Trent, inglenook fireplaces, fireplace hearths Stoke-on-Trent, fireplaces, Regency fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent, outdoor fireplace installations in Stoke-on-Trent, fireplace surrounds in Stoke-on-Trent, inset stove installation, elm fireplaces Stoke-on-Trent, Victorian fireplace installation, to mention a few. You can always go to this QUOTE FORM and fill out your details, if you have additional Stoke-on-Trent fireplace requirements that you need but cannot find here.

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Also find: Springfields fireplace installers, Shelton fireplace installers, Trent Vale fireplace installers, Barlaston fireplace installers, Ubberley fireplace installers, May Bank fireplace installers, Trentham fireplace installers, Fulford fireplace installers, Wolstanton fireplace installers, Dresden fireplace installers, Bucknall fireplace installers, Boothen fireplace installers, Etruria fireplace installers, Clayton fireplace installers, Blurton fireplace installers, Mount Pleasant fireplace installers, Penkhull fireplace installers and more. All of these villages and towns are covered by people who install fireplaces. These tradesmen, with their expertise and knowledge, are well-equipped to perform precise fireplace installations in your home. The assistance and help of these dedicated specialists allows residents to enjoy the warmth, comfort, and inviting atmosphere of a fireplace in their living areas. To obtain quotations for fireplace installation, local property owners can simply click here. Need a new fireplace? Get a quote today, and don't delay!

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