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Fireplace Fitter Hadleigh Essex (SS7): Re-opening a disused fireplace to fit an open fire, a gas fire or a wood burner is an effective way to add a homely feel and some charm to any Hadleigh home. Cold evenings in winter can become enjoyable as you sit in front of your new fireplace listening to the crackling of firewood, and if your fire is used in combination with a back boiler you can also enjoy free hot water to boot.

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There are some vital things you must think about before you start any work, if you are to establish an attractive, safe and efficient fireplace in your house. To start with, Part J of the UK's Building Regulations will need to be adhered to in relation to the construction and installation of any hearths, chimney breasts, fireplaces and flue linings which are part of a heat producing appliance in your premises in Hadleigh.

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You might be capable of doing some of the work in renovating a pre-existing fireplace if you've got the ability to do so, but there is always a problem in finding safety and structural issues which need to be resolved by a professional. When you reveal the old fireplace, you may be lucky and discover that to get a roaring fire once again, it needs little more than a decent chimney sweep and a quick clean out of the hearth. It is much more likely however, that you will find a blocked flue and an area of old brickwork that will need structural reinforcement to ensure that it's safe.

It is usually best to benefit from the experience and knowledge of a specialist fireplace fitter in Hadleigh, because of the severe fire and health risk problems associated with an improperly installed or renovated fireplace. There always has to be a decent air flow into a room or space where a fireplace is installed to ensure sufficient amounts of oxygen allow the fire to burn properly. A fire will not burn properly if there's not enough oxygen, and death or serious injury could occur if there is a build-up of carbon monoxide fumes.

To guarantee a sufficient amount of air flow for the fire to burn safely and efficiently, an experienced fireplace installation technician will evaluate the situation at hand and place vents around the room, or beneath the floors, thus solving this issue. Moist, condensed air can easily get trapped in blocked or unused chimney flues which may also need to have flue vents installed to improve air circulation, and prevent problems with damp inside the chimney breast.

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When you're re-opening an unused fireplace for a refurbishment project, you may be amazed at the quantity of dust and soot that has accumulated there. A decent Hadleigh fireplace fitter will bring dust sheets to cover up your home furnishings and provide a bit of protection, however it's sensible where possible to remove carpets and furniture from the area before work starts. If it's just part of a more substantial renovation project, the opening up of a fireplace ought to be one of the first tasks that you tackle, because of the mess that is involved. This should help to prevent damage to other stages of your remodelling project (i.e. newly painted walls or fresh plaster), by dirt and chimney soot that is emitted.


When the fireplace has been successfully opened up, you will have a far clearer picture of the kind of refurbishment work that is necessary. You can then also proceed with sweeping the chimney and cleaning any repairable parts of the hearth and back panel. The first job on your to-do list will be to contact a proper Hadleigh chimney sweep. They will not only ensure that your chimney and flue are nice and clean, but they can also check the condition of the chimney and flue liner and provide guidance about whether you need to upgrade any section of the chimney and flu, such as the flue lining.

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Construction work may be needed to reinforce the original chimney and breast, and a new flue liner might also need to be put in. All this repair work must comply with the current Building Regulations which are of course there for your own safety. This type of work must be accomplished by a skilled person with experience of the current Building Regulations and good construction practices.

It's possible that a new concrete lintel will have to be installed, if the revealed fireplace is of a size that is bigger than your requirements. When you've successfully supported the fireplace with your lintel it will then be necessary to renovate or update the hearth. The present regulations state that the fireplace hearth must be set at least 12.5mm above the normal floor level, although in days past it would often have been sunken into the floor. To achieve this, there are pre-formed options in slate, stone or marble, or you may choose a bespoke, custom-made hearth to match the design and layout of your room, which your fireplace builder in Hadleigh should be happy to help with.

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Because of the wide variety of different fireplace styles, shapes and sizes, selecting the best one won't always be easy. You can find out what's available by going on the internet or by visiting your nearest fireplace dealership. It usually pays to follow the advice of the salespeople and the installation team when it comes to which fireplaces will be suited to your specific flue, chimney and airflow conditions, because some won't be.

Whether you go for an open fireplace, a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner will be based on the overall look you're trying to establish, your existing decor and perhaps, your property's age. If you've got an attractive inglenook fireplace, a cast iron wood burner can look stunning in this surrounding, and also has the benefit of deflecting the heat into the room from the brick or stone walls that surround the stove.

A wood-burning stove is also a splendid choice if your Hadleigh property hasn't got a chimney breast. Given that a stainless steel flue can be taken through an exterior wall and doesn't need an existing chimney, it is still feasible to install this style of fireplace.


You cannot really beat a crackling fire on a cold winter's evening, to create a charm and atmosphere in your Hadleigh property, but what other options exist?

Electric Fireplaces - These can be fitted safely and quickly by anybody who is reasonable competent and there are varieties and styles which are suitable for just about any room and house in Hadleigh. Today's electric fires can be successfully installed in your home, even if you've got a conventional fireplace, and some of them look pretty much like a "real" fire with dancing flames and even crackling sound effects.

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Wood Burning Stoves - Even the tiniest room in Hadleigh can be improved by the installation of a wood burning stove, which come in an array of designs, and can even be fitted as a freestanding feature. They are able to provide steaming hot water to heat radiators or for use in your home, if combined with a back boiler.

Open Fireplaces - This is the timeless fireplace, that can establish an eye-catching focal point for a room, and can use a number of different fuels, such as anthracite nuts nuts, wood, smokeless coal and briquettes. In the past an open fire may have had the associations with being draughty, smoky and inefficient, but a skillfully installed fireplace is wonderful to watch while basking in the warm glow it provides.

Multi-Fuel Stoves - Running on a selection of fuels such as oil, wood, gas or coal, a multi-fuel stove can be made into a focal point in your living space. One of the most well known brands of multi-fuel stoves is AGA, and these products can not only provide you with cost-effective heating for the whole property, but also cooking facilities and hot water.

Gas Fireplaces - Their efficiency to warm up a room is better than wood burning or multi-fuel stoves, and there countless styles to suit all property types. Have to be professionally maintained and fitted by Gas Safe certified (replaced CORGI register in 2009) engineer.

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Fireplace installation services can be found in the Hadleigh area, and in: Manor Trading Estate, Nevendon, Daws Heath, North Benfleet, Bowers Gifford, Two Tree Island, Marine Estate, Kingsleigh Park Homes, Stroud Green, Chalkwell, plus places with postcodes like: IP7 5DE, IP7 5AY, IP7 6FF, IP7 5EW, IP7 5NE, IP7 6BS, IP7 6AJ, IP7 5SH, IP7 5BQ, IP7 5HD. If they've got the postcode SS7 and the dialling code 01702, it is most likely that they hail from Hadleigh or somewhere close by.


A flue liner (or chimney liner) is a crucial part of the chimney structure on your home, allowing it to operate far more efficiently than it would otherwise, and improving the overall safety of your home. Flue liners are conduits made of metal, clay or ceramic material which are fitted to the inside of chimneys to carry fumes outside. There's a pretty good possibility that if your home in Hadleigh is really old, the chimney might not even have a flue liner, and even if it does it will probably need to be replaced.

The flue of your chimney can easily be damaged and eaten away and impaired by the hazardous gases that develop as a fire is burning in your grate. Your flue lining must be frequently assessed for damage and potential issues whenever it is being swept. Rather than venting those harmful gases outside, a compromised flue lining can enable them to seep into your home's interior. There is an added hazard with impaired flues, in that they can allow extreme heat to penetrate the chimney's structure, which may cause fires.

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Sparked by concerns over the environment, the classic fireplace is missing some of its appeal, but it's still a favourite with many householders in Hadleigh. There's nothing quite like feeling the natural warmth of an open fireplace during a freezing winter's evening. There are countless good things about having an open fireplace although there are also a few drawbacks that might need to be taken care of. Due to power costs elevating so swiftly nowadays, your fireplace should be a good source of heat, and not an inefficient one. When a fire is burning, it might warm up those standing close to it, but it can actually pull warm air out of your room, making your heater work even more. The hearth damper is supposed to keep cold air from coming in to your home when you haven't got a fire going in the fireplace. Nevertheless, dampers are usually not particularly effective seals, consequently all the warm air escapes and allows cold air to enter the room.

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What most householders in Hadleigh tend not to know about their fireplace is that it does not do precisely what they assume it's doing. Rather than keeping the cost of heating down, it can actually do the complete reverse if one is not careful. But it is not all gloom and doom as there are techniques for making your fireplace much more economical. There are at least 4 basic things that you could certainly do to improve your fireplace. All of these is going to make your fireplace very affordable and very efficient.

The initial step is to take away your damper and replace it with a new top sealing damper. A top sealing damper is set up right at the top end of your chimney that also doubles as a storm door. It helps prevent the internal air from coming out, and the outside air from coming into the house, and performs in cold or hot weather. The seal is straightforward to install, and can be obtained online. One more thing you will be able to do is place a fire-back in the back part of your fireplace. It's made of cast iron and it is used to help the look of your fireplace while at the same time protecting the back wall from heat damage. The fire-back reflects the heat from a fire, and radiates it back into the room, enhancing the overall performance of the fireplace.

Another option is to obtain a fireplace heater/fan, which draws cool air in and warms it up. These devices are put in place as closed systems to make sure they don't produce any smoke, but they are effective at keeping your house warm. The last thing that you can do is to fit glass doors, which may be the most expensive option. Browsing around, you ought to be able to locate a good deal, and with clear instructions, you can put them in yourself. These glass doors form a buffer between the hearth and living space, not only making the area less for the fire to heat, but also providing protection to the inhabitants.

All of these suggestions are easy to implement, and the products can be found on the internet. Keep your current fireplace and decrease heating costs by making it more efficient.

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Householders in Hadleigh who want to enhance their traditional fireplaces often prefer to install fireplace inserts. These inserts have been specifically created to maximise the efficiency of a fireplace by increasing heat output into the room and reducing heat loss. Alongside a safer and more secure experience, these inserts offer a simpler and more convenient way to enjoy the atmosphere of a fire, without the mess and hassle of old-fashioned wood-burning fireplaces.

From gas to electric and wood-burning, fireplace inserts are available in various designs and sizes. Gas fireplace inserts provide a low-maintenance and effortless solution, while electric inserts offer flexibility and convenience with their remote control and adjustable settings. Ideal for property owners who desire an authentic experience of a crackling fire and the aroma of burning wood are wood-burning inserts.

Fireplace inserts are environmentally friendly, in addition to their convenience and efficiency. They reduce the amount of air pollution caused by traditional fireplaces by producing fewer emissions and burning fuel more efficiently.

Professional installation is important to guarantee a correct and safe installation of a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts are a wise investment for property owners looking to increase the convenience, comfort, and value of their home, thanks to their numerous benefits. It is important to consider the possibility of different methods of venting being required for various types of fireplace inserts. It is important for householders to receive professional consultation regarding the best venting option for their specific fireplace insert, as well as for proper installation and safety.

Hadleigh Fireplace Related Tasks

Fireplace Related Tasks Hadleigh

Your local fireplace company can accomplish an extensive array of tasks and services including fake fireplace installations, marble fireplace surrounds in Hadleigh, chimney modifications, fireplace replacement, the installation of Regency fireplaces, fireplace design Hadleigh, Victorian fireplaces Hadleigh, made-to-measure fireplaces Hadleigh, electric fireplaces in Hadleigh, cast iron fireplaces Hadleigh, marble fireplaces in Hadleigh, carbon monoxide detector installation, electric fireplace installations, three-sided fireplaces Hadleigh, elm fireplaces Hadleigh, marble fireplace installation, fire grate conversions Hadleigh, corner fireplaces, traditional electric fires, fireplacerates in Hadleigh, the installation of chimney cowls Hadleigh, freestanding stoves in Hadleigh, traditional fireplaces Hadleigh, contemporary fireplaces Hadleigh, open fireplaces, oak beam fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces Hadleigh, fireplace inserts in Hadleigh, Victorian fireplace installations, chimney strengthening Hadleigh, gas fireplace installations Hadleigh, cheap fireplace installation, chimney sweeping, stone fireplace installation, 2-sided fireplaces, and more. This is just a sample of what can be expected from your local fireplace fitter. If there are different Hadleigh fireplace requirements that you want but can't see here, you can give them a mention on the QUOTE FORM provided.

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Fireplaces Around Hadleigh: In the last twelve months fireplaces were fitted in the following Hadleigh streets: Pykenham Way, Barnes Close, Yeoman Way, Stockton Close, Churchill Avenue, Brett Avenue, Raven Way, Frog Hall Lane, Cranworth Road, Silk Mill Close, Little Lumpkid, Muriel Close, Stone Street, Bradfield Avenue, Church Street, Lady Lane, Toppesfield Close, Buckenham Road, Ivytree Lane, Edwin Panks Road, Betts Close, Hook Lane, Malyon Road, Gallows Hill, Castle Rise, George Street, and in these Essex postcodes: IP7 5DE, IP7 5AY, IP7 6FF, IP7 5EW, IP7 5NE, IP7 6BS, IP7 6AJ, IP7 5SH, IP7 5BQ, IP7 5HD. Work was achieved in these areas by installers of fireplaces. Hadleigh property owners benefited from dependable and high quality fireplace services in every case.

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